23 Jul 2014

Weekend Haul // My Latest Goodies

We headed to the high street at the weekend for a random shopping session with the boys. We don't tend to do this a lot because it can become expensive - the young boys do not know the meaning of thrifty and the price of toys *oosha* I on the other hand am more of a functional shopper, I adore little things as they tend to get used and as you guessed I did buy lots of lovely [random] products that left me with a huge grin on my face all day long. 

We hit 'Tiger' first because hubster knows how much I adore that shop. We don't have one locally so I only really get to visit it when we go to Dunfermline high street. Tiger reminds me of a small Ikea but just with the little cool things - crafting items, home wares, kawaii pretty things such as rubbers, journals, hanging decor, wrap, kids retro toys etc. The prices are amazing with most things running only a few pound and the items they sell you really can't find elsewhere. 

The second store was Primark because let's be fair, who can actually walk past a Primark when they're visiting a high street with one that's not local (we don't have a local one). The prices are definitely gone up and I find I'm super picky when purchasing, before I could easily drop a hundred onwards but now I tend to buy a few things at most. I'd say the prices are on-par with George, Tesco and on occasion H&M. 

Here's some of my random purchases, expect more of these as hubsters off next week and we have home items (plus a home makeover) as well as gifts that are being purchased for late in the year (we won't officially name that holiday ''yet'') and the back to school shop... 

I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson // I follow Sarah's blog (here) and the I Quit Sugar blog (here) so I was always going to buy this book from ASDA's but I just kept forgetting. As someone who suffers from autoimmune conditions which include physical symptoms I wanted to get her book because I figured it would help to have everything to hand. I never follow diet or lifestyle books to the tee as I choose to mix and match information that I've learnt and apply it to my own situation. I will be following most of this book because it's taught me so much on the processes of sugar and how the body uses it as well as includes some pretty awesome recipes. I'll keep you posted on whether I see any positive or negative changes once I officially start. 

Miniature Kilner Type Jars // These were two for £1.50 or something super low priced. They're teeny and I plan to pop in my homemade creams, suncreams, deodorants, exfoliators etc... you get the drift. 

Heart Tea Strainer // My current strainer has gaps and it stresses me out to no-end. This is as tight as can be and it's a heart shape. The best thing is it only cost £1. 

Triangle Colouring Pencils // I purchased two packs of these because I also purchased a mandala colouring book - I adore mandala's and actually find colouring really therapeutic. The second pack is for my five year old who's starting school next month, the triangular shape makes gripping the pencils far easier. These were also £1 each. 

Boho Bracelets // These were from Primark and cost £2 for six dinky bracelets. You know how much I adore bracelets and these were small enough to be stacked up boho style. 

Skull Rubbers // Three sons at school so three skull rubbers, it was a match made in heaven. These were £1 from Tiger. 

Beetle Decorations // You know these were totally unnecessary but look so cool. Yes it's a shame they killed innocent beetles to make this home decor item but I've managed to teach my sons so much about them which makes this a really worthwhile purchase. These cost £1 each. 

Fly Bookmarks // I hate fly's but really liked these, they make excellent book marks for my I Quit Sugar book and are really sturdy which was a surprise. I did think they were going to be flimsy as they only cost a pound or so. 

Arrow Magnetic Bookmarks // Another pack of book marks but this time coloured arrows. I These allow you to pop something in-between the front and the back (of course) but I found they were great for putting my sons pictures in between and then popping them on the fridge as they're fully magnetised. 

Superglue // Recently I've needed superglue for lots of things, in the summer holidays the boys always want to craft and make things or they break toys and we never have any glue, I picked this up so I'm armed for the future - ironically I bet nothing breaks now. 

Nail Decoration Wheels // £1 each from Primark these nail wheels actually contain the cutest, but teeniest little decorations for your nails or other crafty things. I bought a few of these for putting away for crimbo. 

Tweety Pie T-Shirt // This was £6 from Primark and is a loose fit roll sleeve t-shirt. I sized up so it was roomy and you know what it's super comfy, I adore it. 

Marvel T-Shirt // We're huge fans of Marvel, all of us now have Marvel t-shirts. This is similar to the Tweety t-shirt but the neckline's tighter for some reason, as I was putting it on I was thinking there's no way girls with big heads are going to get it on and that's with me sizing up. This was also £6 from Primark. 

Roll of Wrap // My grandad was Hungarian and this roll of wrapping paper reminds me of the Hungarian flower patterns, I adore this style of design and had to pick up this wrap. I normally use a lot of wrap, for crafting, framing and well, wrapping. This cost £1 and there's loads of really cool designs. 

Here's the close up of the design... 

I also purchased some pink glow-in-the-dark nail polish, ton of beads, some for the kids and some for me as well as some neon velvet ribbon that I forgot to photograph, I'll be using those in a project so you'll see them soon. They cost £1 to £1.50 for two packets which is amazing. Overall I'm really chuffed with this haul, it's so random but so very 'me'. 

21 Jul 2014

Zoya // Naturel Deux 2 Collection

I covered the Zoya Naturel Collection back in December 2013 (here) how time flies huh, the collection was featured because it was a created with creamy, wearable tones of yummy polish goodness. It suits everyone and even now I just can't get over how pretty it is but simplistic at the same time. I adore collections that are wearable for more than a few months at a time - Zoya have decided to tack on the Zoya Naturel Deux 2 Collection on the back of the original collection to make this great all year round as well as offering something for those days that call for a darker shade. 

The collection consists of six full coverage, cream polishes in creamy burgundies and rich brown shades. Perfectly acceptable as daytime polishes but they really come alive in the night or in the darker months by being the perfect bridge between spring and summer on to autumn winter.  

Look at that line up, does it not make the thought that we'll be transitioning into autumn soon that little bit easier? 

The line up includes: 

Spencer // Camel cream. 
Chanelle // Toasted almond. 
Emilia // Dark chocolate. 
Marnie // Deep warm plum. 
Aubrey // Medium mauve cream. 
Madeline // Muted rose. 

Spencer and Madeline are the stand outs for me. I think I naturally veer towards warm natural tones, as much as I love the darker shades as a busy mum and work-a-holic I just don't have time for the upkeep - is anyone the opposite or do you all feel the same with this? 

The collection is due to launch in the US around July 21st so keep your eyes peeled for it arriving here shortly after that, my go-to place for place is Nail polish Direct

20 Jul 2014

Tutorial // Framed Fishtail Loom Bands (Pic Heavy)

Another week another DIY guys. Have you fallen hook-line-and-sinker for the loom band craze yet? I'd like to think that my tutorials are quite easy to follow so please let me know if you feel I should be simplifying them further. 

Last time I published the tutorial for the 'no loom fishtail' (here) this time it's going one step further and we're making a framed fishtail - honestly I prefer this to the original styles because it's that bit more chunky and adult suitable (hee-hee). Gather your crafty bits and bobs and let's get looming... 

You will need
  • Loom || A small loom (Monster Tail) or a small amount of wood with some hammered nails in it (as a DIY loom). 
  • Closures || one closure clip (C or S is suitable)
  • Tool || A crochet or loom hook ( as shown above in yellow)
  • Bands || A selection of loom bands

1. To start with you have a short end (shown vertically) and a long end (horizontally). Pop on your first band in a figure of 8 twist as shown above on the two shorter ends. 

2. Now you want to add your second band (blue) popping it onto the longest pegs with no twist. There will be no more twists from here on out. 

3. Now you add another band (pink) once again onto the two shorter ends, it will sit above your initial beginner orange twist band. 

4. Repeat step 2. Add another band onto the two longest pegs. 

5. Repeat step 3. Adding another band on to the shortest pegs. Now you should have 3 bands placed on the shortest pegs (up and down) and 2 bands on the longest pegs (left and right). 

6. Let's get looming. Starting with your shortest pegs (up and down), take your crochet hook and hook the bottom band over the two above. Once you've flipped over the two bottom bands it will resemble the image on the right. 

7. You're going to repeat step 6 but for the longer sides, this time however you will end up with an end that looks larger (as shown on the above right hand side image) and a really tight end. 

8. To fix the irregularities from step 7 (and everytime you do this step from here on out) you want to take your hook, catch the shorter end and gently pull it so it's even with the other side. Now push your bands down to tighten up your design. 

9. Now add another band to the long pegs (show in clear glitter above) and add another band on to the two shorter pegs. Once again you will have 3 bands on your short ends and 2 on each long end. 

10. Now repeat steps 6 to 9 until you get your desired length. Remember to even up those long ends and push down your design before re-adding your bands. 

11. When you reach your desired length you want to stop adding new bands to each length. To finish your design you want to flip your bottom bands so your left with 1 band on each peg (long and short pegs). 

12. Unhook one short end and pop it over to the other short end, unhook one long end and hook it over to the other sides long end so you're bracelet looks like the image above. 

13. Flip over the bottom bands so you're now left with one band (short end) and one band (long end). Now take one of those ends, pop it on to the peg with the other end and attach a closure clip. I used a sturdy 'C' clip as this bracelet is quite chunky. 

Once the closure clip is attached you can take your bracelet off your loom and wear it. Try changing up your colours, remembering that the 'long ends' will be your framed part of the bracelet and your 'short' ends are your inner fishtail design (hence the 3 bands at all times). 

19 Jul 2014

Nailpolish.co.uk // The Most Perfect Sage Green (Essie) & Topper Ever!

When Nailpolish.Co.UK asked if I fancied choosing a polish or two to review I really didn't have to think about it, after all most people use nail polish or nail care products don't they? After having a look at their website I was fairly impressed as they stocked products that I actually had on my wishlist and had previously blogged about wanting.

The brands that you'll find include Essie, China Glaze, Tanya Burr, Rimmel and even OPI. The website is fairly new so I didn't know what to expect but after checking their credentials everything seemed above par - the hardest part was choosing two polishes, the winning two are...

China Glaze's Don't Be A Flake which is from the Surprise Collection and Essie's Navigate Her which is from the 2012 collection of the same name. 

I blogged about wanting the Surprise Collection prior to it's launch (here) and the need to own at least one of those glittery beauties never faded, Don't Be A Flake was a winner because I rarely find a chunky glitter that has black particles in it and the sensible me was thinking about it's Autumn suitability (it ticked every box by the way). Don't Be A Flake has large hexagonal black and pink glitter pieces with large matte turquoise pieces - it's so pretty, the contrast is striking worn either alone or over other polishes. 

Navigate Her was a different story because I literally have a love-hate relationship with green polishes, I want to love them so badly because my maiden name was Kelly and you know there's a green shade called Kelly Green! with family from Ireland also and my light colour tone and green eyes, green should absolutely work for me - but it doesn't. The issue seems to be the 'tone' of the green, if it's metallic, pearl, too forestry toned, too yellow toned or too warm (yup there are warm greens) then it looks horrible on me - ageing even. I have never been able to find the perfect green that-is-until-now. 

There's no metallic, no dual tones and no pearl in this formula, it's simply an ubber glossy, creamy light sage-pistachio toned green with, I suppose a grey undertone to it, it's the type of green that will work on all skin tones in all seasons. I decided to go for it with the Navigate Her because I already own the A Crewed Interest which is in the same collection, that shade is a gorgeous creamy peach-nude. 

China Glaze Don't Be A Flake costs £4.35 and Essie Navigate Her  costs £7.99, the best thing is the free shipping so you're literally only paying for your polish *hooray* I have my eyes on a few more shades now - has anyone swatched or tried OPI's The Glittering Night or China Glaze's Fairy Dust polishes

You can check out these polishes directly from the Nailpolish.co.uk website

* PR Samples *

17 Jul 2014

Lupo & Wolf // Bohemian Accessories & More

Lupo & Wolf is a new brand created in 2014 by Luca Armenia who wanted to create a brand that was both wild and dangerous (like the wolf) and gentle and elegant (like the lupo - female wolf). Luca and the his brand are also pretty awesome, not only is he an animal lover but he gives back to charity through the company by supporting 'Animal Copyright' (repaying the animals for the use of their images and names within the collections). 

I came across the brand while searching for some new accessories and did find myself clicking on through when I realised they did home parties and offered roles as consultants. I have in the past worked in these types of home based consulting roles and I love when something new comes around - this time however Lupo & Wolf really surprised me because they offered something new and their products are spend worthy! If you're not interested in being a home based consultant or holding a party you can purchase their accessories directly from their e-shop. 

So initially I started looking around to decide what items I could purchase, I've just purchased lots of new clothing because my thyroid and inflammation issues have seen my dress size rise quite rapidly from an 8 to a 12/14! of course this meant that none of my nice new clothes had accessories that fit my new image - I wanted to veer away from the childish, cheap looking accessories to more chic and bohemian pieces, you know the type that never go out of style and can team well with anything in your wardrobe. Well I ended up with a big list (you guys know what I'm like); lists-and-I-do-not-bode- well and the end result in a wish list of ten pieces and that was me being strict... 
The thing about these pieces is that some are very detailed but not so much that you absolutely could't pair them with some jeans and a plain tee, although they're coloured you can still rock them with your favourite day maxi dress - even if it's patterned and they aren't so casual that yup you guessed it, team them with your evening wear. The thing about boho and more yin and yang balanced pieces (cool metals with feminine stones, darker pieces with intricate and delicate beading) is that they really live outwith the normal style rules and in my opinion that saves so much time, stress and energy when I'm getting ready each day. It also makes it harder for me to narrow down this wish list because I know each item would go incredibly well with everything I own (which seems to be a-line, looser shirt styled dresses in cotton prints, denim and lyocell). 

You can check out more info on Lupo & Wolf's products from their website (here), their home sales consulting roles (here) and how to hold your own party (here). Expect to see a follow up (or two) of my purchases as and when I narrow this shortlist down to something a tad more affordable. 

15 Jul 2014

Anna Sui // La Vie de Boheme Perfume

I posted my Anna Sui perfume wish list from Click Fragrance a while back (here).  I did mention that I wanted to work through the list as Anna Sui is one of a few brands that I plan to someday own or at least 'try' every available fragrance. Bond No. 9 and Chloe are a few others.

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme was launched in late 2013 and I think for most people it was the amazing packaging that drew them in. The bottle itself is a real work of art and the box too is so intricate that I'd absolutely be framing that if it was large enough (ponders buying a smaller frame). 

The fragrance in my opinion is light, feminine and whimsical; I say whimsical because it's neither aquatic, floral or fruity and seems to come across as a tad ethereal, fresh air with flowers, fruits and a touch of romance. It's so hard to describe because I've never really had or tried a scent that's quite like this but it's so lovely. In this case being unique works for the fragrance and the brand as a whole. 

The company were inspired by bohemian style and spirit Anna Suit was quoted saying... 

'' The La Vie de Boheme lifestyle always evolves, but the constant remains the same. And that is always a woman who is a bit defiant, a bit romantic, a bit artistic. In essence, it's truly the modern woman. Yes, the  signature look may be mixed patterns, flowing dresses, boots, floppy hats, but every generation brings its own attitude to it, a unique expression of personal style.''

For me it hits the spirit aspect but I don't think it's deep enough or earthy enough to really fall into the bohemian fragrance category. I also don't think the packaging is bohemian at all and this would have fallen more into a fantasy or romance type category. It's a shame really that it was miss-marketed as it could have been so much more. I'd love if they released a dark version which is where they typically add some resins and woods to give it more of a sultry, evening scent *sighs* throw some moss, rosewood and some amber in this bad boy and it would be incredible! 

Notes include Turkish rose, sparkling pear, berries and pitahaya accord. The heart notes include peony and the base is created with dry woods, sandalwood, musk and black vanilla. Initially I only get the pear and pitahaya; this is quickly followed by the peony and the berries - for me the dry woods, musk, vanilla and sandalwood don't make an appearance before it fades around the three hour mark. 

The great thing however is that this gorgeous perfume cost less than £20! It was purchased from Click Fragrance and they do stock tons of designer fragrances and cosmetics. Next on my list is Anna Sui Live Your Dream (£17.94) and Anna Sui Forbidden Dream (£17.94). I'm ultimately hoping that one of those two is dark and mysterious with a hint of sexy? has anyone tried any of these two?  

14 Jul 2014

Home // 10 Ways With Washi Tape

I'm not going to go on a long dwindled tale about the origins of washi tape or how it's the newest 'it' product because let's be fair, it really isn't. It's been hyped for so long that chances are you're reading this thinking 'oh gawd not another washi tape post' but..... hear me out! 

I've been down the washi tape route, I've purchased the cheap pretty tapes from Etsy and Ebay and in the long run, fell out with washi tape never to speak it's name again - until now. I realised that my hate for the pretty tapes were due to buying crap cheap ones that would stick for about an hour then peel right off, I being the dummy that I am would try to re-attach it only for the damn tape to fall back off. When I decided to spruce up my bookcase and to decorate my diary I splurged on some Mt washi tapes, Paperchase and the tapes from Lovely Tape, my tape habit took off because the bloomin' tape stuck and it left me with pretty items that really were upcycled for next to nothing.

Now that I'm re-doing the Silver house I really wanted to incorporate tape into the overall design of the house to give it a personalised feel rather than the run of the mill style it currently has. I came across so many awesome home projects that simply needed - tape! These were my favourites and I had to share because I know you guys will love these. 

Washi Playtime // How fun does this look and it can be created on all flooring types without any damage. With the summer holidays upon us this is a fun project for those rainy days, make it as wild or as conservative as you want - your imagination is your only limit. 

Washi Legs // I'm not suggesting you do this, especially if your sofa has teeny legs but I love the concept, if you have any legged furniture (tables or stools especially) then upgrade them with this washi tape detail! if you hate it, simply take it back off with no marks or damage. 

Washi Trinket Dish // This is so simply and you could even punch out shapes (circles), create patterns or just add lines of tape to your trinket dishes and dressing table bits and bobs. 

Washi Tacs // Ah, so cute. These really need no explanation do they? 

Washi Door Art // I LOVE this!! I am envisioning this with metallic gold and silver (or rose gold.... oooh!) tapes on our doors. (No idea of the original source, if you know it please do let me know so I can link it up). 

Washi Lighting // Ceiling lights, lamp shades or even light bases can be upgraded. I love that they've mixed up the colours with this ceiling fan/light. 

Washi Striped Walls // Created by the awesomeness that is Anne Kelle. If you plan to do this then definitely don't scrimp on the 10 for £2 tapes *laughs* re-applying them will drive you nuts. 

Washi White Goods // 'ahhhhhhhhh' (chorus choir type singing) - You know I would sell a kidney just to buy a fridge freezer with this pattern, I really would. However, let's be fair I need all of my body parts so tape will have to do - just have to get hubster under the thumb a little. 

Washi Vases // *favourite blogger alert* How About Orange has always been one of my favourite blogs and you can see why, they continually post fun projects and are a barrel of laughs. This project seems so cool and has retro appeal. 

Washi Wall Decoration // Great if you're temporary renting or aren't allowed to re-decorate or are watching your pennies, stripes or random diagonals absolutely work, especially in smaller rooms. 

What do you think guys? Have I converted you to tape-addiction yet? 

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