The Best Films About Life You Will Ever See

We have compiled a list of the best life changing films of all time.  These are movies which might make you think a little differently about life and could give you a new way of looking at a situation you are in, so sit back, open the popcorn and enjoy!

Richard Kelly’s cult classic Donnie Darko stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a troubled, sleep-walking teen who insists on challenging authority and who is often visited by Frank, a monstrous rabbit that urges Donnie to perform dangerous and destructive pranks.

This is a haunting work and focusses on the human desire for companionship.  Mixed with 80’s nostalgia and a little bit of science fiction mythology Donnie Darko is a film you need to see.

What makes Donnie Darko especially fascinating is its take on multiple realities and universes. The film explores concepts of imploding universes, black holes, and alternate timelines, leaving most scratching their heads and itching for an immediate second viewing. Richard Kelly stated that the film has varying interpretations, which is why it remains the object of analysis and debate to this day.

If you Download ShowBox APK then you can stream these movies for free, alternatively you can find them on itunes.  The next film is one of the most groundbreaking films of all time.  The Matrix.  To understand it you need to watch it, we think this film will go down in history as one of the all time greats.

A smartly crafted combination of stimulating action and mind-bending philosophy, The Matrix is a film that casts doubt on our perception of reality. The film’s premise finds Neo (Keanu Reeves), an office worker by day, computer hacker by night, suddenly stripped of “the grand illusion.” That is, the idea that life as we know it is false, a simulated and constructed reality in which mankind is unknowingly imprisoned.

The film is an allegory for the concept of a spiritual awakening. Neo is woken up to the fact that he’s been enslaved to the system, the matrix, his entire life. He is re-taught about his unlimited potential as a creator-being, and stands up against the dark forces that hold humanity captive. Amazing in every sense, The Matrix has a lot to offer, with the potential to change the way you understand the world in which we live.

Our last film is sad but romantic and might make you think twice before your next conversation with Siri

Her follows Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely, introverted middle-aged man who hears of the new OS1, the world’s first artificial intelligent operating system. When Theodore meets Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), the charming female voice of his OS1, he soon finds himself drawn to her romantically. As he becomes closer to Samantha, Theodore must decipher where his desire to be with her is really coming from.

There are many themes in Her that parallel the issues of our current technology-obsessed culture. We’ve become so attached to our phones, laptops, and tablets that we’ve begun to lose touch with an essential aspect of life, authentic human interaction. Her reveals how technology is propelling isolation and loneliness to a frightening degree, something we all should consider.

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The 5 Golden Rules For Decorating Living Rooms


Time for a change in your living room? For most families, this is the busiest room in the entire house and is where everyone comes together to relax and hang out. It’s no wonder that a room so busy will suffer from a lot of wear and tear, and will need to be decorated every few years.

When you are wondering about the style and decor for your new living room, it’s important to consider the golden rules of decorating this kind of room. They will help you create a space that is both stylish and comfortable. There’s only five, so there aren’t too many that you need to remember!

Be Confident

First and foremost, you need to always be confident about your design ideas. If you have an idea but aren’t too sure whether or not you will be able to pass it off, fill yourself with plenty of confidence. Great design is always confident and striking. If you decorate half-heartedly, then you might not complete the room to your desired standard, and it could end up looking like a half-baked idea!

Create Contrast With Colours

Contrasting colours in a decor are always signs of a well thought through design. That doesn’t mean you have to go over the top and clash reds with green, though! In fact, one of the best colours to use is white. This will go great with absolutely any other colour. Think about burnt orange and white to add some warmth to your living room, which will create a relaxing ambiance.

Use Interesting Textures

Keep your room interesting by using completely different textures. The leather of a Chesterfield sofa will work well against the fluffiness of a shagpile rug. Dark woods can often look very stylish when placed near metallics. There are lots of different ways you can mix and match your textures; one of the easiest is with your furnishings.

Use Both Old And New

Many people think that you need to stick to either a vintage or modernist theme when you decorate a room. That’s not the case anymore, and a mixture of old and new influences in a room are now considered tres chic. You might even have some old, inherited pieces of furniture that you can repurpose or alter to give them a new lease of life. These would then look great when combined with a vintage colour scheme.

Don’t Ignore Lighting

When we think of decorating a room, most of us only consider the colour scheme and items of furniture. However, it is also very important to also think about the way lighting will impact a room. Good lighting can illuminate soft and neutral decor ideas, which can add a whole new dimension to the room. Generally speaking, you should always use lots of lights to ensure that your rooms don’t ever feel dark and dingy.

These five golden rules should even help those who get nervous about interior style design an interesting and stylish living room. They’ll also help you to enjoy the whole process of design!

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Fall In Love With Your Home Again With These Hints For A Happy House

There will always be times when you look around your house and feel a bit glum about it. Perhaps the housework has got away from you? Or maybe you haven’t had a chance to paint and decorate for a couple of years? Busy lives can often get in the way of home styling. That doesn’t mean you can’t make some major changes with just a few hours at the weekend. No matter how much time you have or what size budget you can spare, there are projects big and small you can tackle. We’ve put together a list of great ideas to make your home the place you love to be the most:

Quick Colours

When you don’t have time to pull all the furniture and belongings out of a room to paint, consider adding some items to refresh the colour. Change the cushion colours, make a colourful throw, or hang some contemporary wall art. All of these things can quickly and easily lift the room. If you’re going for a fresh, new and bold colour, it can make quite a dramatic difference. For a new style, and a new look, swap out the soft furnishings!

Interior Design For Beginners

You don’t need a professional to come to your house and tell you what’s on trend for your home. There are three quick and easy places to check to see what you like and what may work for your place. First, check the property listings for your area. See what your neighbours have done to their home. You can even book a viewing appointment to see it up close! Check out great interior blogs that have good photos of furniture and designs you like. Finally, try a colour changing app like the ones from the DIY and paint manufacturers to get an idea which colours work well in your room.

Practical Applications

Homes are more than just a place to relax after work. They can be the place you hang out with your friends or your favourite place to eat. Maybe your home is where you get the best night of sleep, or where you have your happiest memories? Of course, your home can be your office, your gym, your day spa, and your movie theatre! What more do you want from your house? Home improvements aren’t just about aesthetic changes. They can turn your spaces into practical rooms for anything you want. Many of us would need secured home improvement loans for major structural changes like an extension or loft conversion. Dream big, and see what you can make your under-used space become. Leave it to the builders if you’re strapped for time.

Relax, Unwind, Rest

Your happiness is important, and most of us would say we feel most happy at home. If your home isn’t helping you relax, unwind, and rest then it’s time to make some changes. A Zen garden, a reading nook, or a meditation room can all be great ideas to help you feel rejuvenated at home. Best of all, each of these ideas require only a little space, little money, and a few hours to create. What will make your home even happier?

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Is A House Move Right For Your Family?

It’s so easy to get itchy feet when you have been in a house for a number of years. And you start to wonder if it could be a good time to move humble abode. After all, with a new property, it could mean you have a lot more space for the kids. And it’s always fun to decorate a new house and make it personal to your family. But there are many factors you need to consider before you jump into a move! After all, you don’t want to look back and think you have made a mistake down the line. Therefore, here is some things to consider when deciding whether a house move is right for your family.


One of the first things you need to consider is timing. After all, you need to make sure it’s the right time. Otherwise, you will look back with regret that you went ahead with the move. For one thing, you need to make sure you are in a solid job which is giving you a good amount of money. After all, if you or your partner have only been in a job for a couple of months, it might not be secure enough for the move. After all, you need to pay out for the mortgage and bills every single month. Also, you need to make sure the timing is right when it comes to your family. After all, if the kids have just started school, it might be a significant upheaval which could affect their school performance. Kids can be affected more than you think when you move home. After all, they are used to a specific humble abode so moving can mean their life turns upside down. Finally, when it comes to timing, you need to make sure it’s a good time for house prices in your area. After all, you want as much as possible for your humble abode. So if house prices are currently low, you might not get as much as you could potentially get if you wait until they rise again. Therefore, make sure you take an in-depth look at the area first before putting your house up for sale.


Another thing you should consider is costs. After all, you don’t want to get into debt as you couldn’t afford to move. Therefore, you need to firstly make sure you are in sound financial strength before you move. You need to make sure you have a good income coming in which will help you to cover the cost of the mortgage and bills. You also need a good savings account which has a tidy amount which can cover all the extras such as home improvements. You also need to make a list of all the moving costs before you take the leap into moving home. A lot of people forget about the additional costs like solicitors which can cost you a couple of grand. In fact, whichever conveyancing solicitors you go with, you need to make sure they give you a clear guide to costs at the beginning. For example, conveyancing solicitors, Bannister Preston, will give you a quote to ensure there are no hidden costs at the end! And make sure you consider whether the monthly mortgage cost of the new humble abode is something you can afford every month. After all, you don’t want to have to struggle every month to just afford the mortgage! Speak to a mortgage provider specialist, and they will be able to work out if it’s something you can afford with your current outgoings!


It’s also so important to think about the location before you take the leap into buying a new property. After all, you don’t want to end up moving somewhere which doesn’t fit your family’s requirements. For starters, you need to pick somewhere which has a wealth of amenities close to your doorstep. For example, a good park and shop will be perfect for your family. And if your kids need to move school, you need to pick a humble abode which has a school in the vicinity. After all, you don’t want to have to drive miles to just drop your kids off. You also need to be careful to pick a location which is in good distance to your work. After all, you don’t want a long commute as you have picked somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And, you also need a new home which is in a great area. That way, the property will rise in price over time!

Make sure you think about the decision with the whole of your family. After all, it affects you all, so everyone should get a say on the house move!

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