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Winter Wanderlusting | End of Year Travel Wish List

There is no more ‘Winter is Coming’ it’s finally hit and it’s here for a long while yet. I don’t know about you but I’m someone who can’t handle the cold, and I can’t handle the heat. Somewhere intermediate is my ideal and living in Scotland pretty much fits my ideal. Connor, on the other hand, adores the Winter snow, although he will complain about it being cold.

Needless to say, we both have plenty of countries and areas that we want to visit in our future together. When the icy coldness hits (like today for example) I can’t stop myself from dreaming about travelling. To get out of the icy coldness and mundane routine and head towards somewhere new and exciting. Somewhere that you can fully devour and enjoy. We both absolutely love heritage sites, medieval villages and quaint little towns, regardless of what country they’re located in. We both travel for food and drink – for the scenery and architecture and I suppose, if I had to go somewhere icy cold to enjoy that – I would.

Our current wish list consists of:

⭕️  Rothenberg, Germany | This reminds us of a larger York and we both adore York! There’s also the food, the architecture (believe it or not) and the wall, just to walk along the wall and see the sights is enough for us.

⭕️  Giglio Islands, Tyrrhenian Sea | Tasting authentic Panficato is a must – you can only get it on this island and its said to be a medieval based sweet treat. Because this is a medieval island, I think this would be a walking holiday, simply taking in the sights, the architecture, the old town and eating great food while taking in everything around us.

⭕️  Osaka, Japan | The food, the night markets and the beautiful (and super clean looking) streets. We both love the idea of the little hideaway food places which are located just off the main streets.

⭕️  Ponza, Pontine Islands, Archipelago | Not only does Ponza look breathtakingly beautiful but we love the idea of taking boat trips around the older parts of the island.

⭕️  Budapest, Hungary |I am ¼ Magyar. My grandad was from Budapest so its only natural that this place holds dear to my heart. Not only does it boast great scenery but the food is to die for. If you dislike paprika, it may not be the place for you.

⭕️  Pantelleria, Sicily | Again this will be ideal for us due to the location, the gorgeous scenery and the food tours. The food looks so fresh and inviting and I’ve never craved a tomato and cheese salad as much as I do when looking at the foods from Pantelleria.

⭕️  Reykjavik, Iceland | The city of Iceland although cold, is one place we both want to go to as its suppose to be breath-taking and the people are supposed to be some of the nicest in the world. The Blue Lagoon would definitely be on the cards and we’d love to go during the Viking Festival or Winter Lights festival – those would be really memorable I think.

⭕️  Prague, Czech Republic | Don’t judge us but we really want to do the whole tourist thing, so visiting the old landmarks, especially the astronomical clock, we also want to spend a bit of time in the Old Square taking in the culture.

⭕️  Split, Croatia | Day trips are a must, visiting the old Roman ruins in Solin, taking a course to cook like a Dalmatian – I especially want to book Brujet which is a spicy fish stew, and again there’s the option of Old Town.

⭕️  Normandy & Dunkirk, South of France | Breton cooking, Joan of Arc and wonderful views and historical scenery. Dunkirk is a biggie for Connor who adores everything relating to the war although we do think it would be a great place to visit but it will be really emotional.

So after New Year has been and gone, I think we’re going to have to look into booking somewhere and getting started on our ever-growing wanderlust list. For the Mediterranean locations, we will probably go via https://www.ok-ferry.com/ as they specialise in Mediterranean ferry crossings.

For the others, I think there are so many bargains to be had we’d probably just go via Quidco and use one of the Europe based flight and hotel booking websites – I think that’s the best way of tackling this ever-growing wander-list.  

What places do you have on your dream travel list? Do you also dream of places further afield when the weather or season turns? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cheese Posties | #21 Smokehouse

There are so many companies these days jumping on the subscription box and post box products and while some are absolutely awesome, some fall flat.

See it takes more than just shoving products inside a letterbox friendly box and hoping for the best. The best subscriptions come from brands who are creative, think out of the box and offer us, the consumer, something different. See I don't know about you but I tend to throw my money at things I could never think of or buy or do myself.

Well, Cheese Posties is one of those things.

Inside each box you get bread (obviously), and the ingredients needed to re-create the recipe on the card. I love how they've styled the recipe cards like Top Trumps cards. The recipe I received was the Smokehouse recipe which suits me just fine because I LOVE barbeque.

Inside the box was Kerrygold butter (real butter), barbeque sauce, smoked cheese, white bread and bacon bits. And not just fake bacon bits - I mean these were genuine bacon bits, I take my bacon very seriously, can you tell?

Cooking up the recipe was a doddle, you simply butter the bread (as normal) and place each item on the bread. When you're arranged all of the goodies onto the bread you pop the whole thing into the toaster bag that comes provided. Stick it into the toaster and wait...

Now, I like my toast well done - as you can see from the image, but you can choose to have your toast lighter. Or, you can grill it, toastie machine it or fry it. You can really choose your own cooking method.

I took one half up to Connor who normally isn't a toast fan or a barbeque fan and he loved it! (see I secretly know him better than he knows himself). The savoury cheese with the salty bacon coupled with the oozing barbeque sauce was absolutely perfect and, left me craving way more Cheese Posties.

Having a look on their website they have lots of recipes but the following ones are what tickle-my-fancy:

* The Canadian | Cheddar, bacon bits and maple syrup.  
* Apple Pie | Red Leicester, apple sauce and cinnamon.
* Blueberry Smoothie | Cream cheese, blueberry jam and mint.
* S'Mores | Mascarpone, chocolate and marshmallows.
* The Number 25 | Monterey Jack, teriyaki sauce and wasabi.

Do any of them stand out to you? I bet your mouth is watering or, you maybe on the other side of the fence feeling utterly horrified at the sweet and cheesy options but I'll just say two things - chocolate croissants and cheesecake.

You can check out the company and what they offer on the Cheese Posties website.

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