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Long-Term Changes For Improved Wellbeing

Leading a healthy lifestyle is tough. 

People who maintain regular fitness routines and consistently healthy diets often make it look so effortless, but it doesn’t usually feel that way for the rest of us. You might try working out at your local gym but find the exercise tedious or simply feel overwhelmed by the other people in there with bodybuilder physiques. And perhaps you’ve tried eating healthily but found a lot of the food options uninspiring. It might be time for a new approach. 

The points mentioned in this post could help you to start making long-term changes to your wellbeing.

Start home-cooking nutritious meals.

The first step to making a long-term change to your wellbeing is to improve your diet. 
Many people struggle with this aspect of healthy living. Perhaps you’ve tried eating healthy meals before but found them uninspiring. The important thing to remember, however, is that there are plenty of nutritious food options available in the world. Nyxie's Nook writes about this exact topic, I recommend checking out her post on Mental Health Can Impact Gut Health it discusses exactly why nutrition should be at the forefront of your wellbeing journey. 

Home-cooking nutritious meals could help you out. Once you start making the food yourself, you’ll know exactly what you’re including in your diet. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to try out different recipes and mix together food you like without any of the things you don’t like.

You might dislike all types of salad other than cucumber, for example. Rather than settling for premade meals or restaurants meals that never quite satisfy your taste preferences, you can call the shots. You just need to be adventurous and try different types of food until you find healthy options you enjoy. 

You could even take one of your favourite meals and turn them into something healthier. Perhaps you love beef lasagna, for instance. Maybe you could try making a lentil lasagna. This plant-based alternative is just as delicious (some would say it’s more delicious), it’s still a great source of protein, and it’s better for your heart than meat.

Focus on your emotional state.

If you want to make a positive long-term change to your wellbeing, you should focus on your emotional state. Many people focus on their physical health because it’s easy to notice problems with your body. 

Mental health problems, on the other hand, are more easily concealed. It might be time to address issues such as stress, anxiety, or depression if you think your emotional wellbeing is suffering. Perhaps you could do some research on horoscopes if you want to find a spiritual path to better health. 

You might want a Halloween psychic reading to give you an idea of your future. This could help you to heal and move forwards if you’re struggling in life at the moment. Being able to open up about your feelings to others is another important way to improve your emotional state. Having a strong support network is so beneficial to your long-term wellbeing.

Keep your body physically active every day.

Another important way to make long-term changes to your wellbeing is to start exercising. As mentioned in the introduction, it’s hard to just snap your fingers and make a change like that. You might not have the motivation to start working out. Instead of viewing physical activity as a chore, however, you might want to simply set yourself the goal of moving your body every day. Obviously, you already do that, but you should gradually try to become more and more active every day. 

Perhaps you could cycle to work from time to time. Perhaps you could go for a walk or even a light jog on your lunch break. Maybe you could start walking to your local shop instead of taking the car. Physical activity doesn’t have to be boring or strenuous. You could even set challenges for yourself. Start tracking your steps with an app on your phone or a Fitbit. 

If you see it as your mission to hit 10,000 steps every day, you might feel more determined to achieve that goal.


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Coin Metro | The New Exchange on The Block

It's been ages since I've written an article about cryptocurrency and it's very rare that anything catches my eye in the whole crypto-sphere. Sieving your way through all of the crap-coins and scams can really become a full-time job, but really knowing and understanding what you are investing in is absolutely crucial - lest you lose all of your money.

When you think about cryptocurrency exchange platforms you probably think about Binance. Since the crypto boom of 2018, Binance has been one of the biggest and most successful exchange platforms out there. In 2019, they achieved a daily average trading volume of over $2.8billion with 15million users worldwide, so it's easy to see exactly why they're the current top dog.

Personally, I've tried lots of different exchanges, and most, if not all, are ugly over-complicated messes. I like my UI's to be user friendly and easy to read. Clutter and over-complicated page design is a huge turn off for me when selecting where to trade. I want an exchange that offers accurate, clear and concise information without all of the unnecessary crap. 

Back in 2018, I joined an ICO (Initial coin offering) that looked promising. In all honesty, I forgot about it mainly because after the bull run of late 2017, early 2018, everything kind of went stale. Recently though, across my social's, I noticed that the project was not only up and running, but had a lot of things in the works. Roadmap, goals being completed, frequent updates from the team and no-nonsense info - my interest was certainly piqued once again. You see, this isn't the approach that most companies take and it was refreshing seeing a company be so blunt and real. 

The project is called CoinMetro, and if you follow some of my social platforms you will have no doubt seen me posting about it. CoinMetro is a trading platform that not only looks pretty but also functions. It's easy on the eye UX (User experience), in-built live-chat support (24 hours!), and the big one - FIAT to crypto deposits (tangible Government money into cryptocurrency). 

CoinMetro is fully regulated, that means it is licensed to provide crypto and FIAT wallet services. This is important because, in the future, it is very likely that cryptocurrency will be heavily regulated. Just like Binance and their BNB token, CoinMetro has a native currency called XCM. All of the services on the platform are paid with this token, such as trading.

The company is based in Estonia, which is one, of very few countries that offer clear legislation when it comes to cryptocurrency licenses. CoinMetro makes use of KYC (know your customer), which is something that you will be familiar with if you have registered on any exchange previously, applied for any UK based job or opened an account in a UK financial establishment. For those not in the know, it basically provides proof that you are who you say you are to the company requesting it. It helps protect you, as a client and the company as well. They will ask for things like photographic identification, such as a driving license or passport, proof of address documents, such as utility bills or credit card statements.  Getting verified provides you with the benefit of being protected from legal risks and you will receive a better level of service.

Overall, I'm very excited to see what happens with CoinMetro. It's one of the projects I'm keeping an eye on, which is only strengthed with the level of updates and progress achieved by the team.

If you'd like to sign up and start trading on this new, user-friendly platform, you can sign up on their website.

For those of you who are beginners and would like to know more about cryptocurrency in general, the CEO of CoinMetro, Kevin Murcko, has a series on Youtube called "Kevin Explains Crypto", where, you guessed it, talks about the ins and outs of cryptocurrency.

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First Foray into CBD | Is it Any Good?

My experiences of CBD before 2020 were nil. It wasn't something I was particularly interested in mostly due to everyone I know who had tried it, had reported that they used it for 'pain' and to get a better 'sleep'. For me sleep isn't an issue, energy is and the fight to stay awake. For this reason alone I vowed I wouldn't be taking the CBD route. 

But like most things, I always backtrack and reassess my understanding. I realised over 2020 that the supplements I took, affected me differently from others, that the typical energy products had no effect therefore maybe, just maybe, products that had no energy aim would affect me positively. Backward thinking but it led me to where I am today. 

I started off looking and questioning the products in Holland & Barrett but would leave empty-handed as I wasn't sure what was a marketing ploy and what actually worked. I read many blogs but I found Nixie's Nook - The benefits of CBD blog post to be really resourceful and changed my perception but most CBD products can be expensive and I hate to waste money. Literally, at the same time as my research kicked up a gear, I was isolated and working from home and Synerva contacted me to ask if I wanted to try any of their CBD products. 

This was a hard yes on my part. I really wanted to see what the results were and if they were worth the money. 

After discussing with the folks at Synerva what my needs were, we agreed that the 5% CBD oil was going to be the best bet for me. In this bottle alone there are 200 drops of healing power housed in an [reusable] amber dropped bottle. 

So what is 'CBD'? 

CBD is short for 'Cannabidiol' and does not have an intoxicating effect. Instead, it works on the endocannabinoid system has many functions including the regulation of the central nervous system, our mood, physiological and cognitive health and many other important functions. 

Is it legal? 

Yes! In the UK CBD products are legally allowed to be sold as long as they don't purport medicinal benefits however much like food, I assess everything I inject and apply for their overall effects on my wellbeing as a whole. For this reason, I have assessed the Synerva CBD oil in the same way. 

My experience

I could go into the long list of ailments and conditions that could benefit from CBD or at least, would be recommended to give it a try but I won't. All I will say is that if you are feeling off-kilter, or have symptoms then CBD may be a more natural option. 

I went into testing the drops with no expectations, I suppose I didn't think I would notice a difference and much like many of the supplements I take, I presumed it would take a few months to notice any change or improvement. At the time of starting, we were in the middle of lockdown, an old whiplash pain injury had flared up and I wasn't sleeping all too well due to the tightness and pain. 

No amount of painkillers, heat packs, massages from the hairy boy, warming creams, pain creams and supplements were making a difference. I was fed up of being in pain. Fed-up of not sleeping too well and it impacting me negatively. I figured I had nothing to lose at the point of taking the CBD. 

Opening the bottle it smells earthy and hemp like. I really love the smell of hemp but I wasn't sure how it was going to taste but I gave it a try. I applied one dropper of CBD under my tongue and held it there sublingually. I then swallowed and waited. There was no nausea (which is awesome as many make me nauseous), there was no weird feeling or negative side effects. 

The taste wasn't too great I will admit that. It reminded me of the taste of miso for some reason. But, if the benefits outweighed the taste I was all in. I repeated this for the rest of the week, my whiplash injury wasn't improving all that much but I was sleeping better. 

After having a dream about the Synerva oil (I know, so strange right) I woke up and decided to copy it. I took the oil, put two droppers full onto my neck and shoulder and rubbed it into the affected area and I kid you not, the pain dissipated!! Genuinely at this point, I knew this was a wonderful product. I had no other equal benefits from any other products at that point. 

The pain started to return around four hours later so once again I added half a dropper full to the area as a top-up and again the pain dissipated. I started to decrease the amount and today, I have no pain. I am still stiff and achy but the pain which was affecting my life in all areas has gone. I doubt I will ever be without the CBD oil because if it returns this will be my first port of call in treating and healing it. 

I am someone who can handle pain well, I'm not a complainer and tend to get on with things so when the pain affects my life and I find someone that helps in the way this did I want to shout about it from the rooftops. I'm also guessing that this may help most tissue or tendon aches and pains. I'd definitely recommend you try this if nothing else seems to be working. 

You can buy this and many other strengths over on the Synerva CBD Oils website. 


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3 Ideas When You're Stuck in the Financial Mud

Whether you're short on funds or you find yourself in a constant loop of paying off debt, it can feel like you're spinning your wheels and unable to get free from financial mud. This can have some severe repercussions for your health and happiness. While it feels tricky to break free, it isn't impossible, and although this isn't ideal, there are some steps that everyone, regardless of financial know-how or stability can do to give them a push in the right direction. 

Fix Your Credit Score

A credit score is not something you learn about at school, but it's arguably one of the most critical factors that can affect your financial well being and can feel like a quagmire that is impossible to pry yourself from. 

Bad credit means bad times. It disqualifies you from a wide range of things, including phone contracts, car financing, or even renting a property or buying a house, which can hinder your opportunities. 

It may be that you have nonexistent credit, rather than merely bad credit, especially if you're young. The good news here is there is plenty of time for you to improve it. You might want to avoid credit cards as much as possible, but using them for essential purchases, like food shopping, can help boost your credit score.

Ask For Assistance

It's almost impossible to get out of financial trouble all by yourself. It will make you overwhelmed, increase your stress levels, and lead to really bad times for you.  No one wants to ask for assistance when it comes to money troubles, but speaking with friends and family to help lighten the load or even explaining your situation to them to justify why you've not been around so often can help them understand and sympathise. 

A financial planner is also a good idea, but as these come with fees, you might not find it beneficial right now. 

Get a Quick Loan

Getting a loan when you're already in financial strife doesn't seem like a fantastic idea. However, options like Guarantor Loans from Buddy Loans can help ease financial burdens more rapidly and often come with immediate results. Naturally, all quick loans come with varied T&C's so please read these before deciding whether to go forward with a loan. 

With this, you have one less thing to think about, whether a debt or a payment, and you can start working out a way to balance your finances more effectively. You will need to pay this loan back, of course, but with enough discipline, you'll be able to do so while maintaining a secure and stable financial position. 

For many, a loan is the last resort but is something to consider when you don't know where else to turn. 

Breaking Free

Breaking free of financial worries and burdens is not easy, and it will take a great deal of discipline and determination. You can always get a little help from others to ensure you can navigate your financial troubles with more confidence, and once you get through to the other side, you can start to think about ways that you can change your relationship with money. While it is crucial for living and gives us a way to do the things we love to do, it can also cause some legitimate issues when considering our mental wellbeing.


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Home Decor | Feminine Style

When the hairy boy and I first moved in together we both have varied ideas about home décor styles. I loved modern simplistic designs that have a country cottage edge, the hairy boy just downright out liked antique and dark styles. Clearly, there was a clash of ideas but by talking it out I realised he didn’t understand home décor in the same way I did and couldn’t imaging specific concepts. In his mind, anything light wood, cream, white or light grey was ‘’ modern and unliveable’’ however, over time we found he also likes the country-chic style also.

In our second home, we made changes based on what we'd learnt over the years - cream carpets are nice but unrealistic for the long term and if you have babies or children you're throwing money down the drain; instead, we opted for a rugged wood type flooring and chocolate carpets. Walls we chose light grey and modernised it with some sunshine, white and teal pops of colour. The overall look was very fitting with the two of us.

Over the years, I realised I do love good lived in, but, organised design. Your house is an extension of your personality so rather than doing the ‘trendy thing’ why not opt to showcase your favourite items and your own style but remember to consider those who also live with you. You can do a whole host of things when it comes to creating a home infused with luxury! For the other areas in my home, I wanted to feminise it, after all, I live with men and boys. Nothing feminine about that so there had to be some balance. I've always loved colours, prints and feminine designs - so much so at one point I craved prints, pastels and glitter everything but like my wardrobe, I realise those younger girl decors are gorgeous but not suited to a thirty-something. Taking a step back to reconsider my options I realised there's a fine line between having a grown-up, feminine style and a younger feminine style. 

So, younger girls feminine decor typically consists of pink - lots of pink tones, fluffy textures, bold tones, heart and pretty furniture, gold, leopard and chandeliers. The grown-up decor looks take those aspects and dials it down, a lot. So, what's the difference? 


Both styles may feature one very feminine colour - pink. The difference between the younger and the more grown-up room relates to how the colour is used. The younger room design has pink covering more walls space, it's bold, pink and monotone. The more adult styles partner their bold tones with cooler neutral walls or wall prints.

Clean colours always look chic and set a great base for all rooms, the key to keeping it grown up, however, is to take your base and then add layers - a layer in the form of textiles, another layer in the form of lighting and another layer in the form of accessories. Each layer should be in a variation of colours and textures rather than just one or two colours in the paintbox. 


Feminine looks are all about soft textiles typically, in younger rooms, you tend to see fluffy carpets, cute shaped rugs, bright plastic lighting, accessories in sequins, glitter or fluffy boucle pillows, blankets and throws. Prints wise there tends to be less print but when you do it tends to be leopard print, hearts, animals, characters, polka dots or cute quotes. Again, the lack of colour and the huge dose of cute is too young for grown-ups. 

The more mature rooms have variations in the tones of colours, flooring tends to be neutral or wood, including wood effects. Cushions are normally in a variation of sizes and materials and it's best to clash your prints to get a personal feel for who you are and what you like. As for bedding you want to work your yin and yang - if you have bold accessories it's best to opt for more neutral-toned bedding, don't be shy about going for textures or prints as long as it's a neutral-toned set; this also works in the opposite way, if you have bold bedding you can opt for more neutral textures or a lighter palette for your textile accessories. 

Factor in your flooring, your headboard, any light shades or curtain treatments. Mixing light curtain voile's with heavier cotton curtains, mixing wooden flooring with tightly woven rectangular or circular rugs and soft faux cashmere or boucle blankets draped over a chair or the bed so not to take up too much of the bedroom's overall look. Glass, plastic, brushed textures, raw-looking Hessian's, nude canvas or wrought iron, beaten up metals, silks, satins, faux furs, leather, suede's and vintage woods or wood effects all look great together - yes you really can go all out on the amount of textural materials in your room, just consider the colours. 

Setting the Room 

Once you have your base down and you've decided what colour palette you're going for it's now time to set the atmosphere of the room. Children tend to set the room with toys, fun gadgets and computers - as an adult you want to steer away from lots of gadgets on show if you can. Photos and pictures in frames are a great way to add personality;  vases with flowers (faux or real) like these ones I found on LionsHome or, trays with your favourite bits and pieces, hooks to hang your favourite jewellery and shelving which showcases your favourite books and items.

Tip: If there's a dress, you adore why not make it a focal piece - hang it from a beautiful hanger on a hook so it takes pride of place on your wall. If it's a gorgeous outfit that your baby wore, why not frame it and hang it on the wall?


The last thing to consider is a home fragrance. The scent of a room can really instil a specific emotion so considering the scent in your bedroom is key to setting the mood. Reed diffusers, candles, drawer liners and even burners are all excellent choices. I know you may be thinking, drawer liners - Is she crazy? I swear I'm not crazy and scented drawer liners are so perfect for adding that little bit of scent to your undies and knitwear (and junk) as well as protecting your drawers, they're even better in junk drawers and makeup drawers as you don't need to deal with scrubbing stains and marks off the base. You can get so many cute liners too these days. 

As for candles, there's nothing better than a heavily scented one that releases scent even when it's not lit - Yankee Candles, Hunter London, Diptyque and Jo Malone are all luxurious options which can be reused for storage once burnt, reed diffusers can be refilled and just left to envelop your room and burners can look chic but of course, are also the riskiest.

Tip: If picking more than one scent to try to consider how they'll smell layered up such as baby powder, white floral and amber scents smell amazing together, berries scents go with everything and floral notes tend to smell terrible with food types of scent. 

You can find basically everything you need for a décor overhaul over on LionsHome So, who's going to start their room re-plan for Summer?


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