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Triy It Sampling Box | My First Ever Box

I had heard of a new beta sampling box called Triy It over on a few Facebook Groups I'm in and figured ah, I'll sign up after all I liked what the company stood for and could see how it would work. The company are paid to promote a range of products and in term the general public get to benefit from trying new products and giving their real and honest opinion of them - it's really a win-win.

As stated this box didn't cost anything. You sing up and it's random as to who is sent a box, usually you're notified via the email you sign up. After a week or two you're send a follow up email asking you to give your opinions on the products in the box and that's it. There are other ways you can enter to win competitions by sharing your images on social media but, you aren't asked to do those things, they're only if you chose to enter.

So here's what I got in my first ever box:

I got my box sent to my work so it was a lovely surprise seeing this bright orange (heavy) box arrive. Everyone kept asking 'ooh what's in it' but I had no idea until I got home.

Inside was a range of drinks and snacks. I hadn't heard of any of these brands except Graze and Vita Coco.

Vita Coco, Coconut Water | This brand do many variations of coconut water, even lattes and flavoured versions. This was the pressed coconut with coconut bits. It surprised the life out of Connor who loves coconut water but never expected the big chunks. You absolutely need to shake this up and it works really well with smoothies.
Personally I cannot tolerate coconut water, coconut milk-yes, coconut in any form-yes, but the water, ugh it really makes me shudder.
Overall a huge hit from Connor who thinks that it is a versatile drink as it can be used in cooking, desserts, smoothies and more.

TENZING | Again energy drinks are not my typical go-to mostly because they all taste like Red Bull. With the exception of the purple Monster I just dislike them all. Connor is pretty much the same, however Tenzing promises to provide natural energy but only through use of plants. The drink itself is gluten free, vegan friendly and has around fifty-five calories per can.
So what's the overall consensus? Both Connor and I adore this one. It doesn't taste like energy juice or Red Bull. It simply tastes like a nice refreshing drink and one we both would happily purchase again.
Oh and they donate 5% of their profits to various environmental projects. How awesome is that?
Nix and Kix | Not a huge fan of the name however I went into this taste test with an open mind and a real love of their can design. The colours just work don't they (I admit I'm a bit of a packaging whore). Like the Tenzing, Nix and Kix promises to provide a drink that's made with natural ingredients, it's vegan friendly and has no added sugars, at fifty calories per can it's kind to the waste line also.
We both love this, and I mean really love this. We were discussing so many ways we could enjoy this over 2019 and that tells me that we were both feeling the cayenne spicy passion about this mango and ginger drink.
Now hear us out, you can absolutely drink this alone. However, we suggest pairing it with gin, vodka or rum (obviously if you're not pregnant), add it to a slushy machine, make herself a Nix and Kix ice-cream float and well even ice-pops. 
Nix and Kix you have our heart!

Well and Truly Snacks | Smokey paprika flavoured crisp snacks made from baked corn. 40% less fat than other snacks (no idea which ones) and they're gluten free. We both couldn't wait to try this as we'd never heard of the brand. They initially reminded us both of Nik Naks Crisps.

The overall opinion was they're good, we loved that they're made with natural ingredients but for me, and maybe it's my pregnancy taste buds, they felt a little chewier than their non natural counterpart (Nik Naks), sort of like when crisps are nearing their sell-by-date. Taste was good though and I do feel these would be great choices for any kiddies who want to snack and parents who want healthier snacks. For me, I'm not sure if I got a bad bag or, if they are just chewier. Connor however loved them.

These are available at both Tesco and Sainsburys if you fancied trying these out.

Graze Superfood Oat Bites High in fibre, wholegrain oats, they're vegan friendly and contain no artificial colours or preservatives. The version we got to try was the Cocoa and Orange, I steered clear as they do contain Rapeseed Oil which makes my liver and itching worse.

Connor however loves Graze in all of its forms and couldn't wait to try this during the work day. He said it tastes great, it's fab for those eleven am moments where you're starving and it's just too early for lunch. He said it kept him growing past lunchtime with no hunger pangs whatsoever.

Overall our first Try It box was a huge hit. We've found some new brands we had no idea existed, we've tried some snacks that are not only better for our waistlines and health but taste just as good as their nasty counterparts and, you know we had a lot of fun taste testing these too. It's been an absolute delight, especially as the box was a freebie and came out of the blue. It's nice to get surprised at times.

Anyone can sign up to be apart of Try It testing, simply fill in your details over on their website here - Triy It

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Valentine's Day | Gift Guide

Valentine's Day has many meanings and has a history that's erm, less romantic than it is these days but none the less it has a uniqueness that no-other annual celebration has in its ability to empower couples and singles to feel love and to be in love with both themselves and others.

Growing up Valentine's Day was a pointless holiday that was in my opinion mainly beneficial to the economy rather than individuals. I wasn't romantic, I wasn't overly sweet, loving or mushy and that was my major downfall because I didn't show love and I wouldn't let myself believe any of the things that others said and that included loving comments or compliments. When someone was romantic to me I believed they were lying and that they were saying it 'because they had to'.

Fast forward to my current relationship and I am that woman who gets excited about Valentine's Day. The romance, the hearts, romance, the whole Disney-esque celebrations and the romance [and sex]. I just want to be with Connor and to spend that time feeling close to him, like we did at the start and how we still do today but minus the stresses of day-to-day living. I believe Valentine's Day is that day - its a day of excess but excess where it's needed and that is to show others how much they are loved and so that there is a closeness that is missing from the rest of the year.

On the same note, I adore how it can strengthen 'girl power' as I see so many women celebrating each other and empowering themselves to fall in love and to feel sexy in their own skins. It's an amazing thing and so far from the commercialised holiday, I used to believe it was.

When Connor and I started dating it took a long time for me to feel comfortable with compliments but he changed that and he changed my whole world - when we started dating I became comfortable in my own skin which was never the case before but he persevered and broke down my barriers. For us Valentine's Day is more than just 'date night' we do like to spoil each other because we each believe that the other deserves to be spoiled. We don't expect gifts but, I know come February I will have chosen what gift I'm getting him and he will have done the same. But along with gifts, we will spend the day together, we will enjoy good food, good drinks, good company and each other.

It doesn't have to be about the price, you can pick up something small and novel to show your better half that you still know them - that you get their personality and that you believe they are worthy of being spoiled and adored. But, if you do want to spend then I have some recommendations for you to suit all tastes...

Want to bring the passion back, then start with yourself - make yourself feel amazing and special and the confidence will flow over into your relationship. You cannot beat the lace body by Bluebella and the good thing is it will suit all body types. I've had three big babies and I hate my stomach area but you can bet your life I would feel utterly sexy wearing that!

Top it off with the Mac Versicolor lip stain and some simple but sophisticated accessories to make you feel like a million pounds. Shake your hair about and pop on some mascara and you're good to go you sexy vixen!

Likewise, spoil yourself (if you're male) or your better half on some new aftershave - Le Male Ultra EDT by Jean Paul Gaultier is a spicier version of the timeless scent. Top notes include bergamot, pear, mint, lavender, and lemon. Dry down includes caraway, cinnamon and Clary sage on a base of black vanilla husk, amber, patchouli, and cedar. Overall it's a sexy but masculine scent which will make the pheromones spike enormously.

Start the night with some tea flavoured gin and chocolate coffee beans and get your sexy on with these tight striped trunks.

What's not to like?

Not into the glitz and glam and prefer the simpler things? Why not spoil yourself with this absolutely adorable heart mug? I cannot get enough of Emma Bridgewater and her mugs have become iconic over the last few years.

Spritz on Lime and Basil Cologne to make yourself feel empowered, team it with the labradorite necklace by Missoma for a little gemstone help with transformation and burn some candles - Wild Jasmine is a great option as Jasmine helps to boost confidence as well as having a gorgeous, soft and sultry scent.

Or if you're really wanting to go all out, buy two more gifts - one for your better half and another for yourself.
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