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Best Summer Vacations in the US

Whether you already live in the US and you’re looking for a staycation, or you’re planning on traveling to the US for the holiday of a lifetime, there’s no time like Summer to go. There are so many beautiful attractions not to be missed and the further you go, the more you’ll find. So, where are the best places to visit during the Summer?

New York
The city that never sleeps certainly rings true during the Summer months. Arguably, one of the best and most famous places to visit at any time of year. However, there’s nothing quite like a stroll through Central Park at the height of the Summer. Everyone is in a good mood, the nightlife is fantastic and the days are so much longer than any other time of year. You can really make the most of your trip to New York in the Summer, so why not take advantage of it?

If you’ve got kids, Florida is probably right at the top of your list. That’s because it’s jam-packed full of kid-friendly activities. You’ll find Disney World and Universal Studios, not to mention Sea World too. You may need to set aside a week to see the theme parks in all their glory, but it’s certainly worth it. You have the benefit of exquisite hotels, like Marriott Westshore and you can even rent your own villa so you get to do everything on your own time. When you’re done with the theme parks, you’ve got your pick of beautiful beaches and tons of water sports. What’s not to love?

New Orleans
If you’re looking for a bit of culture and difference, New Orleans will not disappoint. Although it’s not usually recommended as a children’s holiday, it’s a fantastic place for couples or friends to visit. Walk through the French Quarter and get seduced by the fantastic jazz playing from the bars, dine in any of the restaurants you come across and enjoy real delicious Southern food, and join in the many festivals and parades that take place through the streets. It’s certainly a place for letting go of your worries and having a good time.

Las Vegas
There are better choices when it comes to family-friendly vacations, but Las Vegas is one of those places you have to put on your bucket list. The lights, the excitement, the thrill – it’s all part and parcel of what Las Vegas can offer. You don’t have to be a gambler to enjoy Las Vegas in the Summer. The area is full of fun outdoor activities and there are plenty of fantastic shows to watch in the evenings. If you’re looking for somewhere to get dressed to nines and experience first class service all day, every day, Las Vegas is where you need to be. Just don’t get so drunk that you end up married to a complete stranger by the time you leave!

America has so much to offer, it’s difficult to narrow down where to explore first!

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Scandi Style Decor | Home Style Dreams

Connor and I are finally starting to attempt to get our life in order. There’s been a lot happening lately (I’ll cover it all in a separate post) but one of the main stresses for me at present is our home.

For me personally I feel like it’s a cash drain – we’re in private rented housing and while the location and size is perfect, the old structure and heating and insulation drives me round the bend as we're having to use so much gas and electric trying to warm the place up. The electrics blow all the time leaving us with the added expense of light bulbs (which aren't cheap since they changed the watt and old style bulbs). Overall I'm just frustrated by it all.  

I personally feel when my house is in order my mind works so much clearer, I’m de-stressed, I resolve issues quicker and I’m all round happier person. I like a home to reflect the personality of the person staying in it, I love visuals and colours and overall like it to feel like a sanctuary. At the moment I just don’t want to decorate the house were in mostly because, its not ours.

Its been stressing me out for a while and its got to a point where Connor has said – let’s work on the house (to make me happier, happy wife, happy life and all that) and I suppose I’m excited about changing it up, but, I think a good happy medium is to do so with the furniture and furnishings rather than wallpaper and carpeting and paints. I can’t take those things with me when we move, but I can take the furniture and furnishings.

I like wood. I don’t really go for dark tones and prefer classic with a modern twist. I came across these pieces in the Scandinavian collection over on Hampton's Furniture and I’ve fallen in love.

The solidly made frames, the medium wood, the bright colours mixed with the finishing touches of the rug, the deer head and the rug. Pop in some awesome lighting and some finishing touches and photo’s and I know for a fact I’m going to be a happy lady.

If I could carry this theme throughout our house I would be in heaven. It meets my need for classic with a modern twist and Connor loves modern with an older style – country home sort of look. The deer head and rustic wood are perfect for his décor tastes mixed with my own.
If we can pull this off the house truly will be a perfect blend of both of our personalities under the one roof - that's what a home is all about isn't it? 
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