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York | The Scenery & Architecture

We went to York. I mention it again because it was utterly fabulous and we are so desperate to return as soon as is possibly feasible. We've travelled to a few places over the last year and York has to be one of the best because of the design of the buildings, the history, the things to do, see and eat and, the people. 
Let me show you some of the views that sucked us in and captured our heart. 

* Taking a Sunday stroll you'll find so many gorgeous designed buildings and architecture that you won't realise where the time has gone. There's always so much to see in York.

* The Shambles is an absolutely beautifully quaint shopping area with cute private and big brand stores all housed in these cobbled lanes. It really felt like I was shopping at Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. My absolutely favourite shop was The House of Trembling Madness which stocks every single spirit, beer or liquor that you could ever want or need. The staff are totally awesome also! Excellent product, amazing (down to earth) service.

* Pubs, restaurants and inns galore. If you don't fancy any of those then there seems to always be food markets and food-based events on also on the high street. So many foods, so little time to eat them all.

* If you're fond of the water you can go and get a tour on one of those cute boats. Connor and I are not water loving types so we just enjoyed a nice drink and stroll beside the water.

* The Ministry is the centre of everything within York. It has the most picturesque architecture and history, however there are majorly long waiting times if you want to go in to view the place, go to a service or climb the tower. We didn't do this due to the wait but it's definitely on our to do list.

* There is a good nightlife in York. Again we never went out pubbing and clubbing but its certainly an option if you fancied it. There are specialised bars with themes, there's hipster bars, food and drink events and possibly one hundred other types of alcohol laden places to go to at night.

* We took a walking ghost tour that met at the Roman pillar outside of York Minster at 7pm. The host was absolutely amazing! He really gets you involved and doesn't overpromise. Even if you don't see a spectre or two the information this host provides is really interesting. Funnily enough, it had been roasting when we went to York (hence Connor in his shorts and t-shirt) but once on the tour it poured! We were soaked. It was great fun.

We're hoping to return as this place has stolen our hearts. There's the Jorvik Viking Centre that we have on our must visit list and we're hoping to head back to Jamie's Italian again as it was absolutely incredible, the place is really down to earth, the food is fresh and *sigh* it's making my mouth water all over again.

I will be posting separately about what we ate, so watch out for that but read on a full stomach or face getting the munchies. If you've been to York what did you love about the place and are there any specific places we missed?

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Flamingo Candles | Pink Ribbon Boob Collection

I'm always for brands that try to make a difference and one brand that's doing just that is Flamingo Candles. The brand is well known for their use of pretty organic, soy bean waxes housed in jars with laser cut shapes such as glittery flamingos, neon shapes and other kitsch branding additions. 
The brand has decided to support the Pink Ribbon Foundation with their limited and special ''Boobs'' collection. Just take a peek at the awesome boob print packaging below...

The Boob collection also includes a scent melt (not pictured) as well as the jar and tumbler candles, the good thing is if you can't afford to donate money (and typically most people are asked to donate to so much at this time of year) or you don't want to go and buy a large or expensive product just because it 'donates money' then why not opt for something smaller such as the scent melt? 
Purchasing something lovely like these candles not only helps out the charity but you as a consumer are getting something for your money. Destress while helping out Pink Ribbon? Well, count me in. 
Bright Pink & Pastel Gold Boob Candles | £12
Jar Boob Candles | £10
Scent Melt | £2
The scent is the Flaming Candles exclusive Pink Ribbon scent so you don't have to worry about picking and choosing fragrances. The scent itself is described as: 
''Pink Ribbon is a rich, cranberry accord dominated by top notes of sweet cranberry blended with prune juice, complimented by a fruity floral heart of summer strawberry, sun ripened raspberry and citrus orange with sweet honey and rose notes. On dry down, the base is woody, powdery with notes of cedarwood and vanilla with a hint of raspberry''
If you fancy buying one or two of these then you can pick these up now as they only launched on September 4th however you can currently buy the melt and a different jar candle (in the usual Flamingo Candle style with the Pink Ribbon scent) just now over on the Flamingo Candles website. 

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