22 Aug 2014

Illamasqua // Once Collection

Illamasqua are launching their Once collection at the end of this month, the collection has a vintage romance theme going on and it was actually inspired by old romantic novels. Those novels with photos of women wearing 1800's pouffe dresses teamed with rosy cheeks and soft lips. 
Illamasqua's Creative Director Alex Box has a really romantic and poetic explanation of the collection, if you have a rubbish imagination then this may sound a tad cringe-worthy but here goes... 

'Once the beauty of the burnished, eroded and erudite. A palette inspired by the gentle and exquisite  point when a flower starts to fade and becomes impossibly beautiful in its complex decline... She is an incandescent moment, a poem alive and a light within a pallet of decaying decadence.' 

Chances are you read decaying and shuddered *smiles* what I will say is looking at the collections images it's fair to say this is going to be spectacular. Illamasqua have an excellent reputation in the makeup field and I've always found their formula, pigmentation and lasting power to be far superior to most other brands. I think personally this collections exciting me so much is because the colours are so wearable, Illamasqua are leaders in creating bright makeup but as a thirty something I can't pull those shades off - this collection I know I could absolutely wear everything day in day out and a cost per wear calculation means this would be excellent value for money *hoorah* 

Vintage Metallix Eye Shadow (£16.50) / Long lasting, metallic cream-gel texture with smudge resistant finish that provides an intense shimmer finish. Shades available are Courtier (deep rose), Bibelot (golden teal) and Embellish (rich cocoa). 
Sheer Lipgloss (£16.50) / Lightly pigmented lip gloss with a sheer colour finish. Shades include Exquisite (pink oyster) and Opulent (rainbow multi-tonal beige). 

Powder Blusher (£21.50) / Available in Naked Rose. This is a highly pigmented fine powder designed to brighten and enhance the skin tone. 

Nail Varnish (£14.50) / Melange is an antique teal varnish with antique gold sparkles that's long lasting and chip resistant. 

The collection launches on August 29th at Selfridges. I would love to know your thoughts on this line up? 

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21 Aug 2014

Longer Lash // Does It Live Up To It's Name?

I'm starting off this post with a huge *SIGH* and here's why. 

I have the stubbiest eyelashes that fall out really easily, normally when I apply mascara they aren't very visible. I received Longer Lash Growth Solution to test and was so excited because I really didn't want to have to consider eyelash extensions but, I was very close to booking an appointment. 

Basically you apply this solution in the same way you do a liquid liner but it contains a clear solution that has no scent and doesn't hurt to brush on. You're suppose to use this for around six to eight weeks and apparently some people see results within three weeks. Firstly the three weeks didn't seem really right because the eye lash has a twenty one day life cycle, to see results you'd basically have to have a miraculous growth within days of using it - that just didn't ring true to me somehow but I still put my all into reviewing this and applied it twice a day for the eight weeks. 

I received this product way before I used Rapidlash and Rapidbrow so my expectations were pretty non-existent at that point but even so I found the solution to be really oily and I struggled to get it to apply on to my lash line or lashes. In the tube it looks like a gel (similar to brow gel) but it just slid off my lashes - I ended up having to wipe it on myself with my fingers just to ensure the product applied correctly. 

Over the weeks I noticed no difference in growth, strength, length or fall out. I actually disliked having to apply it each night which is a huge disappointment because who wants to apply something that leaves them feeling gross? My eyelids felt really oil-slicked and the oil didn't absorb well, it felt very thick and emollient like. Beneficially this doesn't contain parabens or fragrance and may work for some but just not me. Since reviewing this I have tried Rapidlash, Rapidbrow and Revitalash - the only growth serum I've had amazing (or any results) from was the Rapidlash and Rapidbrow which you can read my reviews on here

If you fancied giving it a try however Longer Lash costs around £45 and can be purchased from Green Esthetics

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20 Aug 2014

Zoya // AW14 Ignite & Entice Collections

Two utterly gorgeous collections from Zoya heading our way this September. Each collection consists of six autumn shades that are so gorgeous in their own rights however each collection is slightly different.  

The Ignite collection is filled with warming shades that have a multidimensional shimmer to them. Zoya describes this collection as being bold liquid metallics but I really think they're something 'more' because these shades have so many layers of colours that pop in certain lights. 

Shades include: 

Autumn // Varnished Copper. 
India // Deep Red & Gold. 
Remy // Indigo with Copper & Gold. 
Sansa // Deepest Aubergine with Gold. 
Teigen // Violet Plum with Copper. 
Yuna // Grey with Copper & Gold. 

The Entice collection is my favourite because it's filled with creamy full coverage, glossy shades that look like molten chocolate and berries *yum* 

Shades include: 

Claire // Rich Burgundy. 
Genevieve // Leather Grey. 
Margo // Red Plum. 
Nyssa // Milk Chocolate. 
Ryan // Classic Indigo. 
Veronica // Brilliant Wine. 

These will cost around £11 each and you'll most probably be able to pick these up from Nail Polish Direct for a discounted price (as always, I do love a good bargain) once they're officially released. 

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19 Aug 2014

FOM Cosmetics // Revitalising Eye Care Balm

If you've not heard about or tried FOM Cosmetics yet then you really should. FOM stands for 'Freshness of the Morning' and the brand create products that are not only premium quality but are  created with 100% natural plant based, nontoxic ingredients that work wonders for all ages and skin types. I've been looking for a good eye cream for a while and I've definitely gone more green beauty over the last year than ever before, it was this search that lead to me finding the Revitalising Eye Care Balm pictured above. 

When deciding if a product is good it's my skin that becomes the deciding factor because it breaks out so easily, even with some organic, green and 'natural' products which upon closer inspection clearly have some taboo or iffy products on the ingredients list. I was attracted to FOM because they have great reviews, their products contains lovely ingredients and of course their list of things that won't be included is simply perfect for my very snobbish skin *wags finger at naughty skin* The main deciding factor however would be if the cream worked and if it would cause any breaks outs... 

When the product arrived I was surprised to find the bottle was made of glass and it was topped with a pump applicator which is great because no product goes to waste as you decide how much comes out. The packaging ticks many boxes straight away because I'm not a huge fan of plastic and I do feel glass and other 'heavy' packaging automatically looks and feels more luxurious than their plastic counterparts. The bottle is a 25ml size which is slightly larger than what most brands offer but I do feel it's the perfect size because I would have worried about the product spoiling or becoming less effective if it was larger - like most do over a long period of time. 

The eye balm itself isn't very balmy so I did feel that was slightly misleading however, the cream is lovely and rich but not greasy, when you pump out your cream it holds it's shape and a little goes a really long way. Once applied the cream absorbs really well and my skin felt velvety soft where I'd applied the cream. I definitely feel it relaxed some of my finger lines and I would definitely repurchase this once it's finished.  

There's lots of active ingredients in the ingredient line up, some include: 
  • Carrot Extract // Rich in Beta-carotene which is a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin K and Vitamin C are also prominent in this ingredient. 
  • Eyebright // Antibacterial, anti-microbial, nourishes and protects the skin while healing and infusing the skin with lots of Vitamin A and Zinc. 
  • Gotu Kola // Restores elasticity and tones the skin. 
  • Green Tea // Rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. 
  • Lupine Proteins // Restructures and regenerates the skin, prevents collagen and elastic breakdown, aids hydration and improves skins' elasticity while promoting cellular regeneration.
  • Neroli Water // Protects dry skin, improves circulation and helps to rejuvenate. Orange blossom flower water smells gorgeous and reminds me of a delicate flowery mandarin.  
  • Olive Squalane // 100% pure olive squalane softens the skin, reduces signs of ageing and boosts cell regeneration. 
  • Rosehip // Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. 
  • Rose Water // soothes and cools sensitive and irritated skin, natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, balances combination skin types and beautifies the skin by giving you a glow. 
  • Vitamins // A,B,C, E and Omega 3 and 6 are all included in this product. 
Overall I'm so happy with this cream, I doubt I'll even look elsewhere and that's huge for me because I'm always looking for the next best thing. I can also gladly say there were no breakouts, lumps, bumps or cysts at all when using this product and you have no idea how pleased that made me. 

FOM products do not contains animal derivatives (vegan friendly), parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, EDTA, silicons or alcohol. Everything is created, packaged and shipped from the UK to ensure you're receiving a fresh, luxurious product, you can find their product line up over on the FOM Cosmetics website. I would absolutely recommend this as an eye cream but also as a facial cream, I have combination skin and I really think the formula of this works at hydrating my drier areas without making it greasy and easing the oil production in my oilier t-zone. 

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18 Aug 2014

Christian Louboutin // Malangeli Shoe

Christian Louboutin have collaborated with Angelina Jolie, designing three colours of shoe called the 'Malangeli.' The Malangeli shoe marks the release of Disney's Maleficent. Angelina;s known for her charity work so it should come as no surprise that profits from the sale of this shoe will be benefiting SOS Children's Villages which is one of the largest organisations that help orphaned and abandoned children. 
There will be two colour options - black patent and red patent. There are images with Angelina wearing a white pair but it seems that black and red will only be available; the White shoes were possibly created solely for Angelina. 

Here's the red ones...

The overall design is inspired by Angelina's role as Maleficent and I can definitely see the Maleficent costume design coming out in the shoe, especially her pointed neck parts on her cloak. The sides of the shoe were created with nude mesh to give the shoe the illusion of magic  but the reality is this is still going to be very visible unless you have a similar skin tone to the mesh. The wedge heel is definitely the main focus of the shoe and is what sets it apart from every other wedge heel on the market, the artistic tendril is suppose to resemble smoke.

Personally I do love the theatrics of the shoe but the reality is I'd be laughed at if I wore these out. I like them but don't love them and while they look good on Angelina, I do think they veer ever-so-slightly on the tacky border? I just can't put my finger on what it is that turns me off these - I dislike the red even more so which is strange because it's my favourite colour? How do you guys feel about these? 

If you have fallen in love you will find these in flagship boutiques from October 20th and are set to go on sale for a whopping £950 (may change). So, is it a like or loathe? 

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