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Christmas Self-Care Wishlist

It's nearly Christmas and that means rest, spending time with loved ones and just slowing things down. Christmas is both an enjoyment and a ball buster for us, my anxiety tends to increase around this time as the financial implications of 'Christmas' are just so tough. It leads me to feel so dejected and sad. 

This year I've made it my aim to put self-care at the forefront, in all honesty, I've sucked pretty badly at it, so it's one of my goals for 2020. So, being the forever organised person that I am, I created a wishlist showing items 'I' would love to receive either from others or from myself, it's never too late in the year to reassess your needs and to be that little bit selfish. 

Do you ever find that you will quite easily buy for others but not yourself? If you do, then maybe, just maybe you need more self-care. I find it especially difficult to put myself first, feelings of guilt creep in but they really shouldn't because you can't care for others if you don't take care of yourself. So if you also suffer from guilt when you put yourself first, I thoroughly recommend you make yourself a few priorities, make some wishlists, spoil yourself. It all counts towards normalising self-importance. 

Most of my picks were chosen purely because they instilled happiness. These are items that are very much me but range from crafts to decor, to pretty dresses. Each and every item would make my home feel like a haven, my mind calm - crafting tends to do that for me, especially sewing or embroidery and would give me confidence by revigorating my style. 

Sometimes it's just one simple thing that can make a difference. 

You can check out my Happy Xmas to Me wishlist. Hopefully, it gives you all some great ideas for this Christmas and beyond. 

What do you have on your self-care wishlist this year, if you need some suggestions why not check out these Etsy Gift Guides

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The Strawberry & Lime Kopparkeg | Honest Opinion

I finally got my hands on one of the so-called "Kopparkegs" after calling up to reserve one from Morrisons (they are literally flying off the shelves) as every visit beforehand proved to be a waste of time!

Price and Availablity

Priced at £18 per keg, the 5Litre keg is offered in two flavours; Strawberry and Lime, and the new for this year, Mixed fruits. I got the Strawberry and lime flavour, and I absolutely love it. Originally released last year, the keg was hugely popular, so a re-release was obviously needed. I'm not sure how many more kegs are available in the UK, but I have heard that Kopparberg is considering on releasing it again later on in the year, so if you miss out this time you can always try to get one during the relaunch. 

The keg saves you about £3.70 when comparing it to the price of the equivalent in bottles (which are £2.17 each in Morrisons), so it's a good alternative.

The Taste

A lot of people I have spoken to really enjoy the taste of Kopparberg, and they often pass comment on the naturally sweet taste when drinking their products. I agree with this as the notes within certain products are sweeter than others.
The Kopparkeg, however, is slightly different. Yes, it is sweet but this is due to the addition of strawberry and lime ''juices'' which are naturally sweet, rather than the addition of chemical flavourings which are chemically sweet. 

I purchased the  Strawberry and Lime keg and found that the bottles are more carbonated whereas, the keg, in the same flavour, has a smooth and still mouthfeel, this definitely makes the flavours of the cider more pronounced in my opinion. If you prefer a more fizzy approach to your ciders then the bottles would be better suited to you. If you dislike the fizz then the light ciders or the keg is more up your alley.

Getting it to work

Once you have secured your keg (Lucky you!) you might be a little bit intimidated by how to prime it so it's ready to use. It's really quite simple, actually. So, once you have set up the keg., pull the black spout tab out, then twist the red cap to the left until you hear it click. Now you are ready to pour, you can do this by pulling up the black trigger to release your cider, just remember to place your glass under it! ha-ha!

Are you a cider drinker and do you like Kopparberg? If you do then I fully recommend you try to get your hands on one of these beauties as they taste smooth, fresh and are great to share! You can pick these up in Morrisons, ASDA and Tesco's but they are going really fast). 

Elyse & Connor

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Have Yourself an Environmentally Friendlier Christmas

Its that time of year again where everyone appears to go shopping mad! Black Friday, Cyber Monday and we haven’t got to Christmas yet...then after Christmas day we are then welcoming in the Boxing Day and January sales - yowzers! Now I am not one who is ever down on shopping, I blooming love it but I’ve recently been taking note of ways that I splurge and enjoy the gift-giving season whilst also being nicer to the environment. 

How I hear you cry? Well, it’s pretty easy when you think out of the (gift) box - see what I did there? 

Fabulous environmentally friendly Fashion

If you are a fashion queen like me then you will certainly be aware that sometimes fast fashion lasts as long as it takes to make it. There has been a noticeable change in recent years in the shopping habits of all types of consumers interested in fashion. I mean you only have to look at figures such as Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney who have been advocating sustainable fashion. 

If you want to be even more a sustainable fashionista there are sites such as eBay and high fashion sites such as vestiaire collective or rebelle which allow you to purchase second luxury items with none of the environmental implications that can usually come with being style royalty. 

Looking fabulous never felt so good! 

Review refurbish tech 

We all love our gadgets and there has been something of a zeitgeist in the people's views of refurbished tech. Sites such as apple even offer great deals on their own refurbished products. And for your gaming needs, GAME offers secondhand games and consoles at a great price. Companies like giffgaff are taking it a step further at their pop up store on Black Friday - located in Seven Dials, Covent Garden, with a big difference. Nothing is for sale. To enter, people must pay with a pledge and commit to choosing refurbished wherever possible. Using the most commercial moment in the calendar, giffgaff are highlighting that refurbished is a sustainable and savvy choice especially when it comes to phones.

but worry not if you can’t get to the site as you can take the pledge over on their website and if you socially share it you can even be gifted one of ten refurbished phones which they are offering to those who take the pledge. 

Unwrap your gifts 

It isn’t all about buying but also about the wrapping, did you know that Brits are set to use this festive season around  72,312,300 roll of wrapping paper? That’s a lot of trees! Especially when you consider that many of these rolls of wrapping won’t even get recycled...I know, crazy right? But what isn’t crazy are campaigns such as cut the wrap inspiring people to go naked this Christmas and not get their gifts wrapped in paper - after reading those stats I am in total agreement. 

So what about you? Are you going to take the pledge and buy refurbished this Christmas? Or are you gonna get your sustainability on and be rethink your gifts and their wrapping? If so we want to know, let us know below or continue the conversation on our social channels. 


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