Free The Vagina || Let's Talk Lady Parts

Happy Valentine's Day guys. Let's celebrate it by talking about the vagina on the day of acceptance, romance and love. The day that most folk expect a bit of a fumble with their body parts. 

V-a-g-i-n-a, it's not a dirty word, it's not one that makes me snigger uncontrollably after saying it out loud and it's not one that's said with any embarrassment. There's too many people who are so ashamed by this word and what it portrays and you know, that kinda makes me sad. I'm not on the rampage here to change everyone's opinions on this taboo topic but, I am here to write about my opinions, give you some facts in hope that it increases your acceptance - if it inspires the inner feminist in you then even better (both male and females). 

Let's chat about those lady parts. 

What is a vagina? It's officially described as the ''muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus in women and female mammals''. Nothing grotty or disgusting with that is there? So there's been quite a bit of vagina shaming over the years and on the same hand there's been quite a growth in vagina warriors. 

The latest major shaming was Celebrity Big Brother where the housemates blatantly shamed Stephanie Davies about her discharge while sorting through the housemates undies. The terms used for this discharge was shocking, immature and downright infuriating as a woman and someone with common sense. It's this sort of behaviour that leads younger ladies to feel shame and embarrassment about their natural lady parts and that just makes me so sad. 

While it's easy for us to switch off a show but it was the shaming that came from the general public, social media and even celebrities after the episode had gone live that further propagated the idea that Stephanie's discharge was a shameful and hideously disgusting thing. I seriously thought that those spouting unnecessary hatred over that period had been hit with a stupidity stick. Maybe they had. 

So here's the down low on lady parts.... 

Discharge. It's normal for the bodies of girls of all ages to make discharge. Even girls who have yet to start their menstrual cycle can have discharge. Discharge amounts vary almost daily but the average amount of daily discharge released by the vagina is around a teaspoon (4ml apparently, like who seriously has the job of measuring the discharge for scientific value?). In the lead up to ovulation the consistency and volume increases and can include watery discharge and thicker stringy discharge which will vary in colour, and this can increase to thirty times more after ovulation as your body prepares to hold a baby or start a cycle. 

The colour of discharge can vary too. It can go from thin, watery and almost transparent, to a stringy egg yolk consistency to thick, white, lumpy or yellow tinged. Of course nearer the cycle or at the end of a woman's cycle this can become pink, red or almost brown as normal discharge becomes tinged with fresh and old blood. All of these colours are totally normal colours though! 

Vaginal discharge is made up of bacteria-both friendly lactobacillus bacteria, vaginal cells, proteins, amino acids, normal vaginal mucus which is released from the bartholin and skene glands to keep the vagina from drying up. You know it would actually be more worrying if a woman who was of menstrual age had no discharge. This would mean that the cervix and uterus wasn't cleaning itself, the vagina wasn't removing what it was supposed to and that the lady would probably be having a lot of pain down there due to vaginal dryness, thinned skin, cuts and tears, fissures, cysts and of course the inability to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy. 

So why is the vagina such a taboo topic? I just don't get it? 

The worrying thing is that more brands are targeting these worries and creating unnecessary health and beauty products aimed at cleaning, deodorising (which makes me so mad), spritzing, tightening, bleaching, fragrance, grooming and even dying down there. One of my ultimate bug bears is that Always sanitary protection have added fragrance to their towels. 

Yes someone did say to me that I should buy ''unscented towels'' after I write the Vagina Flowers post but, here's the thing, I checked all of my local supermarkets and none of them had any unscented Always towels. I checked on Amazon and yes they have them but you're talking about £28.60 for two packs of 20 (this was the minimum price by the way) which is over seven times more than the normal cost of £2 for 18. It's so unfair. There's no way I was forking out that price either even when it would mean I could suffer through my cycle without vagina pain caused by an intolerance to the fragrance. 

I wonder if it was a male product if they would add fragrance to hide the natural scent of a penis? Hmm.... 

And you know what, don't even get me started on the miracle of birth, I mean a full baby being pushed out of a body part. I know that people talk about having a mangled vagina afterwards but seriously, the look of it doesn't really differ that much. Yes some people can get stitches, it does take a while to tighten up your pelvic floor but come on. A human baby comes out of the vagina. You came out of a vagina. Are you embarrassed by your house? The place that keeps you safe, warm and comforted? No? Then why be embarrassed by the word vagina and what it entails. 

Five random facts: 

Apple will let you engrave the word 'penis' or 'dick' on an iPad but not the word 'vagina'. 
There are many ladies who will go through life never having orgasm's during sex but can through masturbation. Again that's totally normal as statistics show that only 30% of ladies will orgasm through penetrative sex. 
There is still a tax on tampons which means that tampons are deemed less necessary in comparison to shelled nuts, cold takeaway food and bingo. The
The vagina will let you know when there's something not right but changing the colour, consistency or smell of your discharge. It will also tell you when you're fertile too. 
The vagina can expand up to two hundreds times the size during childbirth. 

I'll not keep this rant going but keep in mind vagina's are self cleaning. Don't use those heavily marketed products because they will throw off your PH and cause thrush. Keep in mind the vagina is an incredible and logical body part, it does amazing things guys. 

Free the vagina! 

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Tips || Improve Your Natural Health & Beauty

There’s never a bad time to improve your health, whatever your reasons may be. Although, you don’t want to end up taking medication for it, like so many people do. They have a headache, they take medication. They have a cold, they take medication. Everybody turns to medications before trying out natural remedies. Here are some of the most natural ways to improve your health to help you. 

Stay Hydrated All Day

Staying hydrated throughout the day is key to improving your health. You can’t drink lots of water one day and then neglect to the next. Carry a bottle of water with you and remember to drink from it, even when you’re not thirsty. 

Drink Herbal Teas and Green Teas

Herbal teas and green teas are perfect for improving health. They contain a ton of antioxidants, and can promote healthy sleep, weight loss, and even reduce risk of diseases like cancer. Matcha green tea from Kiss Me Organics is 10 times stronger than regular green tea!

Cut Out Rubbish in Favour of Vegetables

Take a look at your diet and cut out the rubbish. Take it slow if you need to, but don’t kid yourself into thinking you eat healthily if you don’t. Having lots of vegetables each day will help you to improve your health. Try to find healthy alternatives to your favourite unhealthy foods. 

Find an Activity You Can Stick to

Getting active will help you to improve your health, but you need to be sure you can stick to it. Make sure you really like it! Try lots of different types until you find something you know you can stick to.

Make Time to Pamper Yourself

Make sure you make time to pamper and treat yourself. If you’re always rushing around working hard for others, you’ll exhaust yourself! Take a nice bath, paint your nails, do something to make yourself feel good. It’ll be good for your overall well being. 

Get Lots of Sleep and Rest

Sleep and rest are two very important things. You need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night, This will vary from person to person. If you exercise quite a bit, make sure you rest in between sessions and have a few rest days a week. There is such a thing as overtraining

Monitor Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Make sure you monitor it so you know how you’re doing. Check in with yourself. How do you feel? What’s bothering you? What can you do to feel better? If you’re thinking lots of negative thoughts, this isn’t going to help any situations. Learning to think positively will change your whole outlook on life. 

Use these natural ways to improve your health and you’ll barely need medication for anything at all. Curing yourself with these methods will always make you feel better, and make you realise medication isn’t all it's cracked up to be. Most things can be cured with a healthy diet, exercise, and a clear mind!
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Make Your Eyes Pop In Less Than 5 Minutes

As a mother of young children, you have to accept that there will be times when you go out looking like the walking dead. It’s par for the course; I’m afraid. All those sleepless nights soon add up, and it can have a significant effect. Are there any mums out there that have never been out without makeup or that guarantee they always put matching shoes on? If so, I’d love to know how you do it!

Anyway, there are some occasions when you just have to reach for the makeup bag. You might be going out, or someone could pop around at an inopportune moment. So, what you need is a quick and easy way of sprucing up your personal appearance in as little time as possible. Today, I thought I would concentrate on the eyes. They are, of course, the window to the soul. But, after a tough day with the kids, I don’t think I would ever want to inflict my soul onto read on to find out more!

Eye drops

First of all, let’s attack those bloodshot eyes. As sure as eggs are eggs, you can guarantee that on your big night out the kids will have kept you awake all night long beforehand. My go-to tool for this is the Optrex eye drops for bloodshot eyes. I just haven’t found anything else that does the job as well. I’m open to suggestions, though, so let me know if you have any knowledge nuggets!


When you have to wake up every five minutes throughout the night - for weeks on end - it’s going to take its toll. Those sparkly eyes you had in your late teens and early twenties? They are but a distant memory. So, why not make use of modern technology and cheat? If you’re a contact lens wearer, try these Freshlook Colorblends. They will give your eyes an instant lift and add that little bit of life that has been missing since your first child was born! 

Prime your lids

Next, get some primer on there - something like NYX HD Eyeshadow will work a treat. You don't’ have to do this, of course - and you can skip this part if you are only popping to the shops. But, if you are going out for the day or evening, it will help keep the rest of your makeup in place.Shadow

A quick brush of your favourite shadow will do the trick. I would go for just a shade darker than your natural colouring as it will show up less of a mess if you are really in a rush. Then, add a darker hue to the crease and corners, and you’re done - all in about 90 seconds.

Liner and mascara

I can draw eyeliner on quicker than the time it took Billy the Kid to draw a pistol. It’s worth practicing if you get the chance, as a good liner can make up for many mistakes elsewhere. Regarding products, again, it’s a case of finding something that you can use with ease. Little short dashes rather than long lines will help you get the job complete quicker - and it will look just as good. At least, it does to me! As for mascara - it’s up to you. To be honest, I will happily leave it if there is no time, as it can be tricky to do when you are in a rush. Or, if you must, just add it to your top lashes only.

And that, ladies, is how to make your eyes pop in less than five minutes. Enjoy!

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