19 Apr 2014

Sleek // i.Divine Del Mar Vol 1 Palette

This is my second i-Divine palette from Sleek Cosmetics, my last being the i-Divine Candy Collection (review here) which was incredible so I honestly had no doubts that the Del Mar Vol 1 palette would be anything other than incredible also. 

If you not heard of the Sleek i-Divine palettes before then they're basically these incredible eyeshadow palettes which contain twelve varied shades typically in varied formulations, with the exception of the Ultra Matte V1 palette which is er, ultra matte. What I will say is that regardless of which palette you purchase you are promised that each shade is absolutely jam packed with pigmentation - most brands promise to offer highly pigmented eyeshadows but fall flat upon application, Sleek on the other hand always follow through with that promise. 

Take a peek at the Del Mar V1...

Ta-da! beautiful springtime shades aren't they. It was Balearic Beat that stood out and absolutly sold this palette for me personally. 

Lounge Lovers // This is a warm shimmery gold that's delicate but can be built up easily. 
Poolside // This looks like it's light blue but it's actually darker on that it looks. Matte finish. 
Sunset Strip // Orange! incredibly wearable orange however. 
Ambience // This is the deeper purple out of the palette and is more of a satin finish also. 
Chilled Out // A satin shimmery white. 
Blue Marlin // Deep blue matte - it's incredible, especially for a smoky eye. 

Opening Party // This has the teeniest amount of shimmer but is a bold purple. 
On The Rocks // This is a coral-orange with a shimmery finish. 
Talamanca // Matte nude-beige. 
Feel Euphoric // A satin coral-pink with a teeny amount of shimmer. 
Balearic Beat // Full packed matte lime - it's lush! 
Paradise // Matte lilac - very pigmented. 

These swatches were just lightly applied swatches, I shall upload wet swatches to Instagram this weekend for sure so keep your eyes peeled on that. 

I love that these palettes carry a theme, most brands seem to pick a name and a colour palette that doesn't have any sort of link between them, this does. I absolutely see the sun, sea and sand theme from this and the link between that and the title 'Del Mar' which means 'of the sea.' I love that these colours as much as they are bright are all absolutely wearable either as eyeshadows or as eyeliners, or both. 

These palettes cost £7.99 which is incredible because the formulation of these is even far superior than my Dior eyeshadows. The pigmentation is akin to premium brands, honestly I know I'd be silly to pay three times that price or more for any other brand. I think the problem with some beauty lovers is that they view Sleek as being in the same category as MUA or Elf which are both fab but the pigmentation just doesn't compare. 

You can check out the many i-Divine palettes Sleek have on offer as well as their other products (I've yet to find a bad one) over on the Sleek website

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Childs Farm // Hand & Body Lotion

Having previously blogged about Childs Farm products (review here and here) and loved them, the kind peeps at Childs Farm kindly asked if the kiddos wanted to put their hand & body lotion to the test; my response? HECK YES! 

I adore skincare and I am one of those parents that whips out the creams and the balms at the first sight of dry skin or skin that goes bumpy (as kids arms tend to do don't they?) I do it so much that my sons now come to me when they're feeling a bit dry or if they see me applying creams to my own arms and legs - honestly they just love rubbing it in themselves and getting covered in cream, Cooper my middle son just looking like WWE's Sheamus! Google him you'll see what I mean and why he resembles him with cream on. 

When it comes to my sons however I take a lot of persuading when it comes to what I actually apply to their little bodies, they are after all my pride and joy and being an over protective mumma bear I absolutely go conspiracy cray-cray when it comes to parabens and carcinogens and would absolutely never take the risk with anything that has an ingredients list as long as my arm. If I use it and it reacts in any way shape or form the boys will never have it applied; regardless of how child friendly it claims to be (yes Johnson's & Johnson's I'm looking at you!). 

So long story short I did use this myself and yes it also passed my rigorous mumma bear testing, so much so the boys have been using it for weeks, daily. They love that they can get the cream out themselves because you simply press down the pump just as they do with hand wash. The cream itself is a lotion but is absolutely more hydrating and nourishing than typical lotions, it absorbs into the skin but the soft silky feeling that comes from applying this cream lasts longer than most high street brands also. 

The scent is delicate but fresh as the fragrance is created with organic tea tree oil and organic grapefruit essential oils. Personally I can't smell the tea tree but the grapefruit certainly smells zingy but with an edge - a good edge which I'm guessing is the tea tree. For those that love natural and beneficial oils grapefruit and tea tree are both amazing antibacterial oils that also reduces mental confusion and improves mental clarity. I do love grapefruit and tea tree and use them as pure oils in my sinks and as antibacterial sprays (homemade), the boys are so use to tea tree now from me adding some to spray bottles as homemade hair sprays to stop any nits from making home (so far so good) and I use those oils as bathroom cleaners and a ton of other things. 

What I do love about Childs Farm and other 'real' kid friendly brands is that they take their no paraben policies extremely serious. Childs Farm also do not have any SLS's, mineral oils, artificial colourings or perfumes and is actually made from 98% natural ingredients - that's pretty amazing huh. So if you have sensitive skin, little bubba's or even just want to use a cream that's not going to ''possibly'' causing untoward health issues down the line then I would recommend Childs Farm; otherwise it wouldn't see the light of day on Sweet Elyse Blog if I'm being honest because I would not recommend a childs product that didn't surpass my high expectations. 

You can get your hands [and body] on this over on the Childs Farm website, oh also if you enter code EASTER14 at checkout you'll get 30% off your order until the end of Easter Monday.  

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18 Apr 2014

MAC Cosmetics // Maleficent Summer 2014

The kids movie that maybe just a tad too scary for kids apparently. Either way I adore Angelina Jolie's costume and makeup and although I've yet to see Maleficent I do plan to catch it when I can force one of my sons to come to the cinema; so far none of them are interested, they just don't understand the theatrics of it. 

It does feel like we've been waiting years on this collection, the truth being it was only last year we were told this was coming. Looking at the promo shots I lurve this collection, it's dark, sultry and absolutely wearable for both day and night. 

Here take a peek...

Beauty Powder // This comes in Natural only. 
Sculpting Powder // Also one shade which is Sculpt. 
Nail Lacquer // Three shades, Nocturnelle, Flaming Rose and Uninvited. 

Eyeshadow Palette // There's four brooding shades in this palette, those shades are Ground Brown, Concrete, Carbon and Goldmine. 
Prep + Prime Highlighter // Also one shade which is Bright Forecast. 
Lipstick // True Loves Kiss 
Pro-Longwear Lipglass // One limited edition shade which is Anthuriam. 
Pro-Longwear Lip Pencil // Also one limited edition shade in Kiss Me Quick. 
Eyebrow Pencil // This comes in Fling only. 
Penultimate Eyeliner // Rapidblack only. 
Eyelashes // These limited edition lashes come in No.30 and No.36

So what do you think? I know this maybe a little 'normal' for some crazy bright makeup lovers but I can absolutely see the possibility of natural looks and some pretty mean and sultry looks for the evening. I adore the shades and they remind me of vintage classics, very va-va-voom and womanly and I just love them - especially the reds and the chocolate browns. 

I'm not sure of the official UK release date, this collection is due to launch on May 15th in the USA so hopefully it will be around then or slightly after for the UK. Once launched you'll be able to pick these up *hopefully* on the MAC Cosmetics website. 

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17 Apr 2014

Lush // Free Error 404 Bath Bomb...?

Those crafty peeps at Lush have invented an incredibly special Easter product guys; the product in question is pictured above (it called for a mah-husive picture) and it's called the Error 404. 

Invented by Lush's Digital Director who has no doubt come across many Error 404's in his time created the bomb with the heady notes of rosewood, rose, geranium and YLANG-YLANG! Be still my beating heart, ylang ylang is one of a few notes I have a serious weakness to.  This bomb is the perfect way to end any stressful day, especially those days that make you want to literally rip your computer from the wall or your laptop from your er, lap and throw it out of the nearest window. 

Other than it's awesome ingredients this bomb is pre-tee-ee special because it's only available to those who find it this week and this week only. There are limited numbers so go and search for your FREE Error 404 bath bomb now. If you really can't find it I may have put a little clue over on my Sweet Elyse Blog Facebook Page, go check that out or just hit the Lush website straight away. If you're popping by my Facebook page come say hi if you have a moment. 

Make mistakes, have fun and get your Lush on bay-bee! I have found one already so will be posting about it as soon as it arrives *yay* 

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Competition // Win One Direction Concert Tickets!

First off this is NOT a sponsored post, an affiliated post, a paid post or well, a post that benefits me in anyway as a blogger - as a parent however yup it absolutely benefits me in the same way that it benefits any parent of a 1D fan, hence the reason for this post. 

As a parent I know a great offer when I see one, I know a great recipe for getting veggies into kiddies when I see it and I know when I'm being screwed over with the price of toys or days out. This falls into the great offer category only it's free of course. Do you have a One Direction fanatic in your family? *puts hands up* I do, I would love to win tickets to see these awesome guys perform on May 31st 2014 because, it would be incredible. Who would have ever thought they would achieve what they have huh. 

I would love to take one of my sons to see them, to spent some one on one mummy time with my little dude and capture his smile to look back on - cheesy it maybe but I honestly don't care because I live for those moments. So enough about me you most probably want to know how you can get your hands on these don't you? 

Here's how: 

You must be over the age of 12 and you're entry must be uploaded to your own blog or website (or your parents or family members blog I'm guessing if you don't own one or share one). 

Upload an image that depicts your love for 1D - maybe it's a selfie with the a band member? a cut out? a signature? a wall covered in posters? a collage or drawing you've created with your own fair hands or even just a mish-mash of words, images that seem to have no link to the band but stir some deep meaning to you personally. What ever YOU feel depicts your love of the band you should upload. There's no right or wrong with this. 
Feel free to write something that explains your choice also, I'd actually urge it if I'm being honest. I personally feel that words create an image in your mind and an emotion that a picture can't explain. 
So you've uploaded your image and written your post... Post your blog/website link on the National holidays website in the comments section which is found here: http://www.nationalholidays.com/blog/?p=997 the full terms and conditions can also be found over on the link. 
The competition closes on May 9th so be sure you've got your entry in before then and that you are able to attend the Etihad Stadium in Manchester on May 31st 2014 incase you win. Now I'm off to get creative with my little dude to get my entry in. 

Good luck everyone!! 

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16 Apr 2014

Grow Wild // Official Launch

In keeping with the bohemian theme here on Sweet Elyse Blog I wanted to introduce you to Grow Wild - an organisation that transforms community spaces by sowing gorgeous wild flowers, with the help of local youth groups and the local communities of course. I love that they're making use of defunct and derelict areas of land while educating this generation in a fun and lively manner.  

Grow Wild's mission is a positive one for sure and they plan to spread their message and get more people involved over the coming year so please share this post, their website or even the video above with everyone you know *big smile* They've had help from the Big Lottery Fund and plan to send out free wildflower seed-sowing kits to communities and youth groups across the UK, if you feel you can get involved or want to help out I'd urge you to definitely look into it, I know I will be. 

The wildflowers that are sown, while they are beautiful (I adore wildflowers, especially poppies, thistles and chamomile) they also help to repopulate the area with birds, butterflies, bees and insects making the community far more sustainable and diverse than it is currently; ensuring that further generations will benefit, especially from the pollination aspect. I absolutely believe in taking care of your community and regularly sow wild flowers and vegetables with my sons nursery so love this, I'll be mentioning it to the nursery and school tomorrow, why don't you do the same? By taking part or spreading the Grow Wild word  you're actively securing the future for further generations of family and friends. 

Look how beautiful just some of these wildflowers are...

Let's make the UK a far more beautiful place to live in, if we can't have unicorns and glitter and rainbows everyday to brighten up the place then wildflowers are just as good in my opinion. Check out the video above and the website which can be found at www.growwilduk.com if you fancied taking a peek. 

The Body Shop // Early Harvest Raspberry Collection

Another exciting new collection by The Body Shop hit stores yesterday - Early Harvest Raspberry Collection consists of five amazeballs (ugh hate the word but it describes this oh so well) products for your body. 

I maybe slightly biased with this I do want to pre-warn you, it was only yesterday I was gushing about my love for perfume notes - raspberry was in that line up. I adore a true, juicy raspberry note and apparently this collection hits every single zingy, summery berry note. If you've ever tried any of the fruity products before you'll know how true they are to their real counterparts so this should be on your Summer must have products guys - you know it, I know it and The Body Shop knows it. 

Apparent from this being created with the purr-fect berry, those pretty berries were also picked earlier than normal so their antioxidant properties were kept intact - this means that your skin is going to be hit with fresh raspberry scent that actually helps to keep you looking youthful, glowing and radiant; high five to The Body Shop. 

So what's included in this line up?.....  

Raspberry Eau de Toilette // I want it! Fresh, sweet raspberries in a 30ml spray size for £8.50. 

Raspberry Shower Gel // Low cost and affordable, what a treat for all of the family and at 250ml for £4 it's not going to break the bank. 

Raspberry Body Butter // This is suppose to smell of fresh summery raspberries, I hope it does because it would be incredible especially for this lovely heat wave we're having huh. £13 for 200ml 

Raspberry Body Scrub // Having tried the blueberry scrub I can only imagine how amazing this is going to be. The blueberry is very zingy and lathers nicely, this raspberry version also costs £12.50 for 200ml.  

Raspberry Body Lotion // Lightweight and easily absorbed, this body lotion comes in a 250ml size for £8

Oh there's also a coupon code so you can save £10 if you spend £25+ *yay* simply enter code 14673 at checkout on The Body Shop website peeps. Which one are you going to purchase first? Me it's the EDT and the body butter for sures. 

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