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Bedroom Décor Ideas To Help You Sleep

There are lots of things that can affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep. The décor of your bedroom is just one factor that can make a difference – by making a few small improvements, you could turn your bedroom into the perfect sleep environment. Here are just several décor ideas to help you sleep.

Choose calming colours

Certain colours have a more calming effect than others. The most classic example of a calming colour is blue – it reminds many people of the sky and the sea and so has a peaceful feel to it. Violet, green, grey and tan are other calming hues. Selecting such a paint scheme could help you to fall asleep more easily. Warm colours like yellow, orange and especially red should be avoided as they tend to make us feel more energetic.

Keep the sunlight out

Keeping the sunlight out could help you to lie in longer in the mornings. Blackout curtains or blackout blinds can be a great option for keeping the sunlight out. For something a little more stylish, you could even consider installing shutters as found at sites like The Shutter Store. Curtains, blinds, and shutters can be found in all shapes and sizes to fit all types of windows.

Cull the clutter

Too much clutter can stress out the brain, which in turn can make it harder to get comfortable and fall asleep. Make sure that your bedroom isn’t a complete mess and that loose objects have a home. Rather than piling belonging such as jewellery, brushes, and make-up onto your dresser, buy separate containers to keep these items in. Sites like Stackers have a wide range of stylish containers to choose from.

Grow houseplants

Houseplants can be a great addition to the bedroom. They can help to provide a fresh source of oxygen and they may be able to help purify and dehumidify the air, making your bedroom less study. Certain plants may even produce sleep-inducing scents such as jasmine and lavender. You can buy houseplants at sites like Bloom & Wild.

Upgrade your bed/bedding

Changing your bed and bedding is the most practical change you can make to your bedroom when it comes to improving the way you sleep. This can often come down to personal preference. Some people like a nice sturdy bed and a firm mattress, whilst others may prefer something softer and springier. Similarly, when it comes to sheets, some people sweat a lot and prefer cooler and more absorbent materials like bamboo linen, whilst others get cold easily and may prefer thick materials like wool flannel. There may also be other features to consider such as the size of your bed and whether it has a headboard and footboard (some people find these restrictive, whilst others may find that it prevent slipping up or down the bed).


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Magners Rosé Cider | Just Launched

Growing up cider was one of those drinks I either enjoyed [albeit with blackcurrent] or hated [Merrydown you ruined me]. I soon figured out it was the strength versus how dry the cider was that resulted in me either loving it or hating it. Fast forward many years and I still prefer sweeter drinks than their dry counterparts. 

Magners Irish Cider in general falls on the dry-medium strength and challenges my delicate palette somewhat, even their hugely popular Magners Dark Fruits is just too strong for me to enjoy personally however, the brand may have just created an Irish cider to rule all ciders - meet Magners Rose Cider

Did you know there are 1.2 million more fruit cider drinkers in the UK than classic apple cider drinks? It's clear Magners have done their research on what the public want, rather than pushing an old horse in attempting to get dry cider down the throats of the UK public. Fruity and alternative ciders tend to be lower abv which I suppose can be either fantastic or terrible - growing up we downed Merrydown, Vodka and MD 20/20 [boys if you're reading this I was absolutely eighteen and over] I still feel those drinks were way too high for a newbie alcohol drinker and the high abv may have contributed to many younger drinkers having alcohol based problems down the line. But, the lower abv that we're now seeing may result in young drinkers drinking more... who knows?  In your opinion what is the worst demon - Slow and steady or full force? What are your thoughts on this? 

I digress...

Magners Rose is supposed to be an upmarket addition to their brand collection with 4% abv and is described as ''semi-sweet and bursting with apple flavour'' and is self-acclaimed to be a Dark Fruits competitor. However can't they both live in harmony? Dark Fruits for the more dry palette and Rose for the sweeter palette? Or if you want to view it seasonally, Rose is more akin to the Summer season and Dark Fruits to Autumn onwards? No? 

Funnily enough, you'd be forgiven for presuming that this is simply Magners Cider and Rose Wine combined - but you'd be wrong. The ''rose'' term simply comes from the blush pink colour of the cider and not from any addition of wine whatsoever. The new flavour was created using seventeen apple variations 

I can absolutely see myself sipping a cold Magners Rose out in the sun, or even turning these babies into an alcoholic slushy. I really can see it, but that's if the Scottish weather plays nice. 

What are your thoughts on brands taking that foray into the pink alcoholic genre? Too much pink or do you see it as a forward progression? 


Brand: Magners
ABV: 4%
Calories: 125 per bottle
Packaging: 330ml Glass Bottles 
Launching: July 2019


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Rekorderlig | Blackberries, Violet & Juniper Cider

Rekorderlig and Kopparberg are leaders in flavoured ciders, you'd be pushed to find competitors as large or innovative as this pair, however, I've found in my personal opinion Rekorderlig have upped their game - immensely. The Swedish Cider brand has launched a new addition within their Botanical portfolio and continues to create new flavours based on trends and customer demand far more regular than Kopparberg - Kopparberg get with the plan, you need to make new flavours!

Well, Rekorderlig has done it again with a new addition to their Botanicals range - Blackberry, Violet and Juniper flavour. Sold exclusively at Tesco (online and offline) this flavour will take you back to your childhood. While reminiscent of Parma Violet sweets, I do feel that some brands have hopped onto that bandwagon too literally. The sweets are great, don't get me wrong, but they're small sweets that are tolerable in small sweet size doses, not in glass after glass of gin or cider. 

But, Rekorderlig must feel that way also (I'm just going to believe this is the case) and that's why they've teamed the flavour combination this way - violets giving the drink a sweet botanical hit with the blackberries curbing any cloyingly false tastes with some super tart berry notes. It really should work in harmony. I've yet to taste this flavour but, I will eat my hat if this pairing doesn't work. 

The drink is also vegan and gluten-free friendly. Hurrah! I'm so fed up of swelling up like a puffer fish so, at £2 per bottle, it's a nice adult treat. I find the Botanical ciders are far gentler on my conditions and taste lovely, the Rhubarb, lemon and mint is my current favourite from the collection. 

Other flavours in the collection include: 

Grapefruit and Rosemary
Peach and Basic
Rhubarb, Lemon and Mint 

What are your thoughts on brands launching ''premium'' collections? For me personally, I'm all for it if they really are going above and beyond, in this case, I feel Rekorderlig are doing just that - making their collections suitable for both celiacs and vegans is huge - now if they could remove the sulphites that would be superb. You can find these and many other latest launches on Tesco online


Brand: Rekorderlig
ABV: 4%
Calories:  170 per bottle
Packaging: 330ml Glass Bottles 
Launching: June 2019


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