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For such a young relationship, my fiancĂ© and I have gone through a lot – most people are together for years and years before the first big hiccup in life comes along, but for us – we did it the opposite way around. Normally this would break a relationship, especially as we were both damaged from our histories – however:

♥ We had hiccup and hiccup after hiccup right from the start, but you know - he stuck around.
♥ While I was battling and fighting, and depressed and anxious and ugly crying and trying to remain positive with everything at that time – he stuck around.
♥ When he would tell me that I was beautiful, and I would brush him off – he stuck around.
♥ When he looked at me intently and I would hide my face because I wasn’t good at one-to-one contact – he stuck around.
♥ When I got sad about my body and hid it away – he stuck around.
♥ When I had no money and nothing to offer – he stuck around.
♥ When my confidence was at an all-time low – he stuck around.
♥ When I felt like I was punishing him just for being with him and that this gorgeous and loving man could do so much better - he stuck around.
♥ When my sons entered his life with their million and one questions and an amazing quest for life and bags and bags of energy – he stuck around.
♥ When his dream of travelling and discovering the world never came because of my real-life issues – he stuck around.
♥ When I miscarried our baby – he stuck around.
♥ When I miscarried three more – he stuck around.
♥ When I tried to push him away for his own good – he stuck around.
♥ When I lost faith in myself – he stuck around.

And the crazy thing is, he loved me more for it. Not once did he view anything as mine or his. My problems were his problems, my issues were his issues and that’s how he’s been right from the start. He believed that he was the lucky one for being with me. He believed that he was not good enough looking for me – that he had nothing to offer our future – that his lack of life skills would end our relationship. And you know what even after all our ups and downs when we disagreed about things and had the normal relationship ‘’tiffs’’ did I ever consider leaving this man.

While he believes he is not handsome enough or good looking or that I could do better all I see is someone who is oh so handsome. When I see him every day I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him in my life. I look at him and think ‘he’s so sexy’ and I genuinely feel like the luckiest lady in the world. When I see him with my sons, and their conversations or him inspiring them to be independent or to try new things – I can’t help but think how lucky we all are to have this man in our lives. Not once has he complained, not once has he ever moaned or grumbled, and truth be told, he misses them just as much as I do when they go back to their dads.

When we miscarried, my heart broke for what could have been, to then have three further
miscarriages and to lose one on Christmas Day broke me, and it broke him. My heart broke once again because of the hurt he felt, but as a man, he felt like he needed to be the strong one in the relationship. Down the line we have gone through so much and have come out stronger than ever before – we’ll go through a whole lot more I’m sure, but I can safely say that I feel confident we will get through everything that life throws at us. What I came to realise once I had Connor in my life was that the best partners bring out the best in you, they really do. While I was so negative and ashamed of my own skin and what I could offer him as a person, he never once doubted it. He believed I was the prettiest and sexiest lady out there and over time my confidence arose, with this I became happier with my own self, I became a happier and better mum for it too.

Similarly, Connor has grown too, where he was once anxious and unconfident, he has become a funny, caring, loving and sexy fiancĂ© as well as the perfect step-dad addition to my son's lives. He’s more confident, he has his head screwed on and while I’m still working on him believing that he is absolutely sex on legs, we’ll continue working on it. I didn’t change him though, I just helped him to see the person that I saw – the one no-one else got to see as it was hidden behind his anxieties.

As for the life stuff – well, we have appointments to go to for the recurring miscarriages. The
travelling we haven’t put on the back burner, it’s still on the cards and you never know, we may go travelling around the world like a bunch of hippies late into our sixties – see nothing is impossible when you find your king.

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Can Tech Geeks Get Fit? Appsolutely!

Hands up if you’re a member of a gym. Okay, great. Keep your hand up if you actually go. Okay, not bad. Now, keep your hand up if you go as often as you promised yourself you would at the start of the year. Yeah, thought so. There are some for whom the slightly aggressive, testosterone-infused and needlessly competitive environment of the gym just isn’t the right place to pursue our fitness goals.

There are some men who feel intimidated (it’s okay to admit it) by all the meatheads flexing at each other, calling each other “bruh”, discussing peptides and invading your personal space when you’re on the Smith’s machine. Likewise, there are some women who become exasperated by the petite waifs who turn up to the gym with a full face of makeup, spend 45 minutes reading Grazia on an exercise bike and somehow burn 2000 calories without breaking a sweat. Moreover, unless you fork out for costly overheads like Personal Training sessions it can be hard to really get your money’s worth out of joining the gym. Thus, many of us don’t spend our time at the gym as productively as we could; plodding from the treadmill to bench to machine hoping that nobody points an accusing finger at us and yells “FRAUD!”.

In the digital age, however, it seems like we may be moving towards a post-gym era of fitness. The combination of expert advice freely available on the internet as well as the technology to help us exercise as well as effectively tracking and monitoring our progress has rendered a gym membership useful… but not essential. Indeed, with the right hardware and apps, tech geeks can scratch their technological itch while getting closer than ever to achieving their fitness goals. Here are some essential pieces of hardware and apps that could be more productive than slogging away aimlessly at the gym…

Smart shoes

Dave Lister once predicted the rise of the smart shoe in an early episode of Red Dwarf but while he envisaged a shoe that would successfully navigate their way home no matter how squiffy their wearer got, today’s smart shoes allow their wearers to track their fitness without the risk of losing strapped on wearable technology.

Under Armour’s Gemini 3 smart shoes are not only great looking running shoes, they have a fitness tracker built right into the sole. They record all your running metrics then save it all to a companion app via Bluetooth.

Heart rate Headphones

Sick of doubling up on your wearable fitness technology? No problem! Under Armour have teamed with audio brand JBL to create a pair of headphones with their own built-in heart rate monitor. While the pair isn’t the first to offer heart monitoring technology in their headphones (Jabra and Bose have also tried their hand at it), few manufacturers are able to get the synthesis this right. The UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones allow you to track your progress by keeping insanely detailed workout data via their free companion app. These puppies even give you audio updates of your distance, pace and heart rate zones to allow you to improve on previous workouts.

The Apple watch / Fitbit debate

While there are now many smartwatches on the market with fitness applications it usually tends to come down to these two titans. The debate over which is actually better continues to rage. Both Fitbit and Apple watch bands offer opportunities for customisation (and plenty of options so that your bands don’t get all sweaty-yuk!). Both now offer a range of functionality without your needing to needing to carry your smartphone around with you. Both offer great heart rate monitoring by monitoring blood volume and capillary size changes under pressure. Both offer user-friendly solutions to track your fitness progress and both have a huge range of compatible apps, although the Apple watch has more options in terms of third-party apps. Ultimately while the Fitbit has the slight edge purely in terms of fitness applications, the Apple watch has a broader range of functions.

But of course, even the best hardware cannot achieve its full potential without the right software behind it. Here are some of the best apps for health and fitness…

My Fitness Pal

Everyone knows that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, and one of the hardest elements of any health and fitness regimen is tracking your consumption of calories and micro and macronutrients to achieve your goals. Tracking your daily intake of food and drink is essential in making sure you’re on target every day for every meal. My Fitness Pal makes this insanely easy. Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly enabling you to scan the barcodes of the foods you eat in order to accurately measure your intake of calories and nutrients.

Workout Trainer

Oh to have a free personal trainer who sits quietly in your pocket when not immediately of use. Fortunately, Workout Trainer allows you to do exactly that. What’s great about Workout Trainer is its versatility. It offers detailed video and audio instructions on an incredible range of exercises to enable you to piece together your own routine in order to achieve your own personal fitness goals. Best of all, it’s completely free!


The proliferation of heart monitoring technology has understandably skewed fitness hardware and apps towards cardiovascular activities. While most of us can always stand to do more cardiovascular exercise, JEFIT offers something special for those who want to rely exclusively on strength training. It has an exhaustive database of thousands of exercises which users can navigate by searching by body part, enabling you to create a workout that’s uniquely tailored to your goals. If you have your own weights, JEFIT can be the only personal trainer you ever need. If you can tolerate the presence of adverts there is a free version or you can upgrade to an advert free version that offers slightly more exercises.

In today’s technologically led era where the kind of consumer tech that would have been the stuff of science fiction just a couple of decades ago is readily available and affordable, getting in shape is easier and more enjoyable than ever!

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