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Great Interior Design Tips For The Lounge

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but many will agree that the lounge should take this title. This is where you entertain family and friends, and where you’ll do most of your relaxing at home. If your lounge is looking a bit knackered, here’s a list of some sure-fire tips to make it a comfortable, beautiful and inviting space…
Use Colour to Set the Mood

The colour scheme of your lounge is one of the key things that will affect how you and any of your guests feel in the space. Different colours can make the room feel more energised or more relaxed, depending on how warm or cool they are. If you want the lounge to have a more flexible mien, you can manipulate the tone of the colour scheme with lighting options such as these: Ledison T8 LED Dimmable Lights/Tubes - Simple & Reliable Dimming. If you’re going for a cooler scheme, then a serene combination of soft whites, greys and blues can be a great way to go. This will make the lounge feel calm and cool, making it perfect for relaxed gatherings.
Detail the Walls and the Ceilings
According to traditional conventions, the walls and ceilings of a living room should receive more elaborate or formal treatment, as this part of the home is a more public space. To ensure the room is welcoming, but also expresses your personality, take your time choosing wall treatments, and find ones that reflect your unique tastes and style. These days, a lot of people are tending towards minimalist, chic, repeating patterns. This can inject more warmth, texture and interest into the walls, all the while lending the space a tasteful look of antiquity.
Choose Pretty, but Comfortable Flooring

Keeping with the theme of a living room being a public space, you should choose a floor covering that provides comfort for your feet, and makes a powerful design statement at the same time. Don’t be afraid to go with anything more vibrant and colourful if you think it will mesh well with your furniture and decorative pieces. These can often lay a wonderful foundation for floral and stripy patterns. Alternatively, you can choose a more neutral, subtle flooring that will naturally stress any louder art and furniture. Hardwood floors with large area rugs is still a very popular combination for living rooms. If you’re going with this, read these 7 Rug Mistakes Never to Make.
Have a Focal Point
Finally, remember the all-important focal point. Focal points in a lounge will anchor the whole room, and help to draw your guests into the space. If you’ve got a fireplace, then your focal point is more or less taken care of already! In more modern homes, the television gets this spot. Whatever exists as a natural focal point in your lounge, you can accentuate it by hanging a large, interesting piece of art on the wall behind it. Make this décor piece powerful, but not too brash or extravagant.

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4 Simple Steps To Becoming The Magnetic Person You've Always Wanted To Be

When we’re children, it’s normal to look at the future and think “I’m going to be the best person I possibly can be!” It can be difficult making that a reality. Sometimes we are too anxious, fearful or simply busy to put our best foot forward all the time, and that’s completely fine. But if you feel like you’re holding yourself back habitually, you might need to embrace change.

This doesn’t mean that becoming a better you is a horrible, gruelling mountain to climb. Sometimes a few quick fixes in the way we approach the world as we step out of our front door is all we need to become a better person. This is a process, not an instant solution.

If you’ve been tired of socialising, having trouble getting to your job on time or have been worried about your alcohol intake lately, making positive life changes is just the ticket you need to get yourself out of the rut.

Address Your Appearance

It’s the old adage that’s repeated time and time again, if you look good, you feel good. This usually works in the opposite way too, but if you’ve been having trouble truly identifying why you’ve been more self-conscious lately, making the investment in a new wardrobe could be the perfect solution. Getting your hair done or improving your smile with Painless Dentistry can mean the world for how you relate to yourself and your life. Other people will be drawn to you as a result.

Be Forthright

We’re all people pleasers deep down, we want people to like us and for us to have meaningful relationships with everyone we come into contact with. Unfortunately, that’s not a possibility. People will dislike you for seemingly no reason. You will do the same. It’s part of being a flawed human, and so being honest about what you require from other people can cut through any strange lies you might have been living under.

This doesn’t mean you need to be hostile, quite the opposite. Respect yourself and those around you enough to be able to say no when you really mean it, or yes when you really desire to. Living authentically in that way is one of the healthiest changes you can make.

Assess Your Priorities: Draw Up A Life Plan

What do you want? What do you really want? Make a plan, a ‘life review’ if you will in your spare time. Leave nothing out. Use this time for self-authorship to really come to terms with who you are and what you’d like to achieve in the next decade. Having a firmer understanding of what you’re here for will bleed into every aspect of your life for the positive, and people will notice.

Try Something New

Coming home from work and watching Netflix for 6 hours? You wouldn’t be alone, but you might be missing out on a lot of beautiful happenings outside your front door. Engaging with even the seemingly ‘insignificant’ activities will connect you to the community around you as well as helping you socialise outside of your office. This will help you re-develop your social skills and become a person worth being with.

Remember, we all get in funks time to time! Address how you look and feel today to fully rediscover your potential.

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A Well Dressed You Is The Best You

There’s a lot that goes into determining how confident we feel when we step out into the big bad world. The mood we woke up in, how our life is generally going, and how the old hair has shaped up for the day, for example. But then there’s also the matter of how we’re dressed. This is the majority of what people see when we pass them on the streets, and if we’re not confident in what we’re wearing, then it’ll show. Here are a few tips to ensure you look and feel your best.

Dressing from the Bottom Up

Dressing is no easy art, but we can make it easier for ourselves if get the basics right. If we take care of the bottom part of our body, we’re basically already there. The upper part of your body will be what gets the most attention, but if you have shoes and the like taken care of then you’ll already have that ‘well dressed’ look going for you. Invest money in making sure you’re dressed well from the top and you’ll be on your way!

Taking Care of the Essentials

There’s nothing worse than feeling confident in what we’re showing the rest of the world, but uncomfortable in what we’re not showing the world. If you’re wearing tattered old underwear and socks, you’ll feel just slightly off. The bras & lingerie at Knicker Locker will help you feel confident from the inside out while having high quality socks will make sure you feel comfortable and secure in your shoes. In many ways, this is more important than confidence in what we’re wearing on the outside!

Your Own Flair

The beautiful thing about fashion is that it can be your piece of art. There’s no one right style that’ll make you feel comfortable; there’s only your way. This comes easier to some people than it does others, but it’s worth playing around with a few styles and picking one that you feel matches well with your personality. Even if nobody else would wear it, if it feels right to you then that’s the way you should go!

Mixing It Up

Of course, if you have an active social life then your wardrobe is going to have to be quite varied. You can’t wear the same thing on a night out on the town as you would if you were going to a BBQ, for example. When it comes to shopping for clothes, divide your buying into different occasions and take the same approach to determine what you feel confident wearing.

Being Bold

In the end, it’s easy to get bogged down in worrying about how you look to others, especially when it comes to clothing as this requires an active choice on your behalf. But know that having confidence in what you’re wearing is only for your benefit, not the benefit of others. It’s just a small projection of who you are inside, so let your inner self shine out and see where it takes you!

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Is It Possible To Actively Boost Your Chances In Love? (Psst... The Answer Is Yes)

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They say that love arrives when you least expect it, but that doesn’t make the wait any less frustrating. While you probably have nothing to worry about, there’s nothing wrong with going the extra mile in a bid to speed up the process of finding Mr or Mrs Right.   
Love is a natural thing. Still, these simple tricks can go a long way to boosting your chances of success. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.   
Appreciate Where You’ve Been Going Wrong
In many ways, love is like any other crucial aspect of modern life. So before working your way to a brighter future, you must first pinpoint the mistakes that you’ve previously made. Relationships can go wrong for a whole host of different reasons. Being aware of those problems can help you avoid falling into the pitfalls again.
Those mistakes are just as likely to come during the process of trying to attract a new partner. Whether it’s dealing with self-confidence issues or learning to read the signals doesn’t matter. Improve your understanding of the dating scene, and you’ll be in a far stronger position going forward.
Focus On Self-Improvement
Before worrying about whether someone else might love you, it’s imperative that you learn to love yourself. Let’s face it; confidence goes a long way in both dating and relationships. More importantly, it could be the key to reaching your full potential in other crucial parts of your life.
Self-improvement can take many forms. Many people will instantly think about getting fit and building a better body. It’s certainly a great option that can be followed at health.com. Becoming more ambitious in your career and embracing your creative and caring sides can be equally influential. Become the best possible version of you, and other people will soon take note.
Broaden Your Horizons
The world has evolved greatly in recent times, and taking a more open approach to finding love could make a huge impact. The realm of online dating was once a scary place, but is now a regular part of society. Embracing it might not lead you anywhere, but it could potentially be the key to happiness.   
Meanwhile, looking for inspiration in the stars at astrostyle.com could open your eyes to a new way of thinking. Ultimately, the combination of putting yourself out there and adopting an open mind can only work in your favour.
Get Involved With A Hobby
Online dating is an option. However, as far as dating in the real world is concerned, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t live a social life. OK, so you might not want to go clubbing every week. But signing up for dance classes or another hobby will enable you to meet likeminded people.   
Above all else, it’s a great way to enhance your personal life. If love grows from those situations, then that’s a bonus. After all, a relationship built on common interests will always have a better chance of success.

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