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Top Considerations when Buying a Mattress Online

A growing number of mattresses are conveniently available online. Among the benefits that buyers can enjoy with shopping online are being able to browse without a salesperson watching them and getting it delivered right to your doorstep. Here are the main considerations when buying a mattress online, with the goal to get you the best one for your sleep needs.

Type of Mattress

When you first start shopping around for a new mattress, the number of choices can be overwhelming. But understanding the main types available, and the differences between them will help you to determine which one you are likely to enjoy the best.

The major mattress types are:

Foam – Layers of memory foam provide pressure relief for aching joints and muscles. Gel-infused foam is also available in some mattresses for a cooler sleep experience; this feature is one that those who tend to sleep hot appreciate having in their mattress.

Innerspring – Featuring steel coils at its core, the innerspring mattress absorbs the body’s weight for a relaxing sleep. This type will appeal to you if you like firmness with a soft pillow top.

Hybrid – A combination of foam and innerspring, this mattress type is increasingly popular. It appeals to those who want both pressure-relieving foam and the sturdy comfort of an innerspring. As this type has a lot of bounce, it is great for those who like that feature.

In addition to choosing the type of mattress, you’ll also want to practice healthy sleep habits to ensure a better rest tonight. For example, don’t play energetic games with the dog right before bedtime as it is likely to keep you both awake!

Mattress Size

Another top consideration when mattress shopping is what size to get. The most popular sizes are:

 Twin XL
 California King

The size you prefer will depend on many factors, including whether you sleep alone or have a partner or pets. If you share the bed, then you will want to get one that has a larger width, such as the Queen or King sizes.

For couples, the Queen, King, and Cali King are all ones that allow you to sleep beside one another snuggle without feeling like there isn’t enough room. The Kingsize has a wider width than the Queen.

Meanwhile, Twin and Twin XL mattresses are great for guestrooms or college dorm rooms. The Twin XL is longer than the Twin size, which makes it a suitable option for those who are taller or simply like more legroom.

The Full-size mattress is a popular choice for teens who are looking for a bigger bed than the Twin, while their parents want to keep the price affordable. A full mattress can then be moved into a guest room when the teen eventually moves out.

These different mattress sizes and types are available from leading brands. When you buy from a recognized brand, you’re more likely to get quality products and excellent customer service, typically.

Mattress heights also differ, so be sure to consider that when choosing one if you want a lower bed. Getting in and out of it can be difficult for some people at a higher level, while it does not bother others.

Your Sleep Position

You’ll also want to choose the best mattress for your sleep position. You might be a:

♥ Stomach Sleeper
♥ Side Sleeper
♥ Back Sleeper
♥ Combination of the above

Back sleepers are common. A good thing about resting on the back does not put excess pressure on the neck or spine, and the spine keeps its alignment. Make sure not to get a mattress that is too soft; instead, looking for a memory foam or hybrid type with contouring properties.

Those who sleep on their stomach regularly risk straining their neck and pushing the spine out of alignment, as well. They put pressure on the lungs and chest too with this sleep style. Thus, the most comfortable mattress typically is an innerspring one that keeps your chest from sinking lower than the rest of the body.

Side sleepers, on the other hand, can benefit from a hybrid mattress that cushions the spine neck, waist, and back, while providing support at the same time. The top memory foam layer offers extra support.

Look for Sales

Staying within your budget is important, especially when it is a bigger item like a mattress. So, set a budget and stick with it. Find sale mattresses on Payday Deals to get a low price on a leading mattress. A variety of mattress types and sizes are available there, and you can easily filter by price. Getting a comfortable mattress at a good price is possible. Look for the mattress you like; you deserve to get an uninterrupted sleep.

Check Return Policies and Warranties

Always check what the details are before making this big purchase. A growing number of online mattress companies provide a “sleep trial,” which is a certain number of nights you can sleep on the mattress and return it if you are unsatisfied with it. Common examples are 90 nights or 120 nights. While some manufacturers ask you to pay for the return shipping costs, others do not.

As for warranties, they are typically between 10 and 25 years. Ensure that the product contains a warranty as it will safeguard against any manufacturing defects. It also often covers sagging that can happen over time; always read the specific wording to determine what is included as it can differ between brands.
Getting a New Mattress Online

Once you order your mattress online, you can look forward to enjoying the nights ahead of rest. The slumber you get will help you wake up the next day feeling great. You’ll be less likely to wake up feeling sore like you might have with your old mattress too.

Start now to clear space for the new mattress that is coming to your home. You might decide to redesign the bedroom or change the wall color. Create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages sleep.

Enjoy the mattress that you are likely to have for years to come. You deserve quality sleep!


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Old Fashioned Money Advice

Old Fashioned advice that can help you save you money

Making a cup of tea for my gran the other day, in her preferred fashion of dipping her tea bag in the mug for just a few seconds so you can make two cups with one bag, I was reminded of the curious wisdom of our nans. It’s easy to scoff at that kind of extreme frugality, but it reveals a worldview focused on saving and getting the most mileage you can out of your things. Today, when it’s so easy to be distracted by the endless barrage of lovely things, is a better time than ever to turn to our nans for financial wisdom. As they say, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

There are a ton of budgeting apps out there designed to streamline your online banking to help budget, but nothing beats the tried and tested envelope system used by many of our grandparents. It’s practical, but basically a super simple budgeting system. After covering bills and expenses, set aside your spending money for the week in different corresponding envelopes, for example, food shops, clothes and entertainment. If like our grandparents, you literally stick your cash in an envelope, you can’t go over budget and spend more than you need to if you’re diligent.

Moreover, it might seem contradictory but broadly speaking there are huge benefits to following in our nan's footsteps, and abandoning the Monzo card in favour of going cash only when possible. Cynthia Meyer, a financial planner at financial finesse makes the case that “There's no substitute for the awareness that comes with paying in cash.” For expenses that aren’t online, take out your cash for your spending. By using cash, you have a real, material sense of what you’re spending as opposed to the casual quality of endlessly beeping your card over and over again.

Moreover, our elder’s hesitation towards embracing new online models of banking may be doing them some favours. According to data released by the US Federal Trade Commission, 40 per cent of millennials aged 20-29 had fallen victim to cybercrime as opposed to only 17 per cent of those over 70. Going against the conventional idea that seniors are constantly falling for scams, it seems that Millenials over-reliance on online banking may be costing us money.

Alongside the dryer, financial advice we can emulate, our elders our constantly dropping pearls of wisdom that we’d do well to listen to. Cultivating a sense of practicality and diligence can massively improve your spending situation, as you learn to make the most whenever you can, even if you don’t go as far as 2 mugs of tea with one tea bag. Giffgaff has even designed a ‘nan wisdom’ generator that dispenses these crucial nuggets. Sites such as Silversurfers and Saga are also very useful when looking for advice from the older generation. 

What advice was given to you by your nan that you remember? Let us know below or our social channels.


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When Wellness Goes Wrong

Millennials have been dubbed the "wellness generation." Never in history has there been a group of people so concerned with their overall physical and psychological well being. We eat avocado on brown toast, regularly go to the gym, and spend hours on blogs, reading about how we should improve our lifestyles. 

Wellness, however, can go wrong. In our pursuit for the perfect diet or the ideal body, we wind up in a far worse place than we started. And it can lead to serious distress further down the road. 

The Problem With Food

If we're honest, the vast majority of us eat a less-than-perfect diet. Ice cream has a nasty habit of making an appearance on a Friday evening when we're slobbing in front of the TV. And there's the enduring allure of the local takeaway. Sometimes we can't help ourselves. 

The recognition that the food environment, however, has led to an interest in the concept of "clean eating." This idea is fundamentally nothing new. People have been stripping their diets back to the basics ever since biblical times. But the propensity to abuse it is even greater in the modern era. 

Ideally, we should be eating something that looks like a traditional Meditterean diet - lots of veggies, whole grains and beans. And less meat, sugar and junk. When you eat that way, you invariably feel better, look healthier, and lose weight. It sounds perfect for achieving your wellness goals. 

Unfortunately, though, clean eating has a dark side. People can get so wrapped up in worrying about what's in their food that it leads to feelings of anxiety and panic. They fear that if they eat anything that might be non-organic or non-kosher, it will permanently damage their bodies in some way, even though it won't. Social occasions suddenly become a source of consternation. People find themselves reneging on attending events, just because they're worried about the food. 

You don't need an expert to tell you that this sort of approach isn't wellness promoting. Social gatherings are fundamental to personal wellbeing. Avoiding them because you're worried about the dishes that might be on the buffet is evidence that you've taken the concept too far. Clean eating is great, but only to the point where it contributes positively to your life. You want to feel healthier and more energetic. You don't want to feel worried that you might have to eat something that fails to meet ideal standards. 

Wellness, therefore, can go wrong if you obsess over every minute detail of the food you consume. Eating should feel natural and uplifting. If it is a source of panic or fear, then that's evidence that you've taken things too far. 

The Problem With Exercise

Researchers have substantial evidence that exercise is good for us. It causes changes in the body that bolster us against disease and keep us sickness-free for longer.  But, like diet, you can take exercise too far. Working out every day to the extreme eventually leaves you looking and feeling exhausted. If you take too much exercise, you don't give your body the time that it needs to recover, and you wind up with injuries and other problems. 

Even walking long distances every day to get your 10,000 steps can cause problems. Many people, for instance, get cracked heels because they don't allow their feet sufficient time to recover. 

It is important to note that the benefits of exercise come from both the intensity and the recovery. Some of the healthiest and most energetic people in the world work out just three times a week. They do this because they understand that quality is more important than quantity. The better they exercise, the more results they will see. 

Exercise can also become a source of addiction because of how it affects brain chemistry. Running, for instance, releases many of the same opiate-like substances you find in street drugs. Granted, it is better than most dependencies, but it can still lead to problems if you're always seeking that high. 

At its root, wellness is about stripping your life of the things that are holding you back and replacing them with wholesome alternatives. But there's an optimal level of intervention. You want to eat SOME healthy food, but you don't want it to dominate your life. Likewise, you want to take SOME exercise, but it shouldn't leave you feeling exhausted and drained. 

Often, sustainable wellness is about taking baby steps. Perhaps you'll commit to a twenty-minute cycle ride every other day or cut out cookies.

Whatever is it, do it in moderation.


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