21 Sep 2014

Too Faced // Christmas Releases 2014

I'm sorry let's just get that out of the way from the get-go. Christmas is getting closer and it's definitely time to be considering what gifts you're going to pick up, I figured it's reached that point where I have to post some lovely ideas - because I love you guys and seasonal stress is not a pretty thing. So, you may have guessed from the post title but Too Faced are launching lots of gorgeous products which are all suited to gifting (or keeping), the products include palettes - the available goodies include...

Beauty Wishes & Sweet Kisses // A gorgeous palette of autumn shades - three cocoa-powder infused eye shadows from Too Faced's best-selling Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow palette, the matte Chocolate Soleil bronzer and luminous Snow Bunny bronzer - to finish the look the set also includes an exclusive deluxe version of La Creme Gloss in Naked Dolly which doesn't actually launch until spring 2015!

And the packaging once it's closed up...

La Belle Carousel // A gorgeous carousel of eye shadows, blusher, mascara and bronzer. This set includes the top selling Better Than Sex Mascara, three eyeshadow palettes with four shadows on each and 2 blush & bronze palettes which includes the Chocolate Soleil bronzer and Who's Your Poppy Blush.

Melted Kisses // Four handbag sized tubes of Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipstick in shades Nude, Peony, Berry and Fuchsia. These lipsticks give the lips an intense pop of colour with incredible gloss and staying power. 

Under the Mistletoe // Three limited edition La Creme lipsticks are included in this pretty set. Naked Dolly, Marshmallow Bunny and Spice Spice Baby shades all housed in a pretty travel glitter bag. 

What do you think of these? I have to say I do love Too Faced and I'm fairly impressed with these, especially the Under the Mistletoe set above - it's just so unconventionally for the festive period that it's so right. Once launched you'll be able to pick these up from Debenhams and most probably Boots but don't quote me on that, I shall double check and Tweet it out guys. 

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20 Sep 2014

Friday Finds // #5 Home Sweet Home

Alternative Towel Rail // This of course could be used as a jewellery hanger, curtain pole, scarf pole or basically any sort of pole/hanger thing. Team it with some of the 'S' hooks from IKEA that you can team with their kitchen poles and you're good to go! So adore this, expect to see my version very-very soon. 

Driftwood Dream Catcher // This is so beautiful, the mix between crystals, old metals, natural threads and of course the driftwood just looks too perfect. Another must try - if you prefer some colour why not paint on some coloured stripes. 

Grow Your Own Crystal // My eldest son adores crystals and has a bit of a penchant for crystal healing. He's actually got a ton of crystals on his Christmas list so I figured a crystal growing DIY would be perfect! with the October holidays coming up soon I know this is going to keep them amused for hours - any colour suggestions? 

Copper Pendant Lighting // There's nothing quite as chic as metallic lighting in your home - Copper and brass are so hot right now that you really can't go wrong as it suits all interior styles. While this pendant lighting isn't very OTD it has just the right amount of sophistication for it to be featured on this list. 

Custom Song Lyrics Cushion // I love this. The only thing is what song would you choose? 

Bohemian Pouffe // I grew up with a pouffe in our house so I have a bit of a weakness, there's nothing quite like sitting in your comfy chair and popping your feet up on a pouffe - especially if it was as awesome as this pink bohemian one. 

Clay Kitty Pot // Found on Happiness is Creating Blog - Initially I thought this was the bottom of a juice bottle cut into the cat shape and painted but then quickly realised it was clay. You could absolutely cut up an old Coke bottle and paper mache it or use it as a clay template? or just acrylic paint it and pop in your cutest cacti's or succulent plants. I will be giving this a go for sure, trying to figure out how to make a fox and an owl pot too....? 

Totally Amazingly Beautiful Teapot // I found this on NOTHS and fell in love instantly, it's no secret that I'm a huge-huge fan of tea but even if I wasn't I'd still want this as it looks so beautiful - if I hated tea I'd use it for flowers! 

Wall Tapestries // I love this particular wall tapestry although it's only available on Urban Outfitters USA (link). The UK version has some gorgeous alternatives which I'm definitely considering using as a faux head board - I love anything with a bohemian edge and if you grow board of your tapestry you can absolutely repurpose this into something else. 

Lavender & Rose Incense DIY // Gorgeous scent with a happy home go hand in hand. For those who are a bit wary of chemicals or have allergies a homemade incense or even a homemade candle is really a great option as you can be sure of what's inside. This is an easy to follow tutorial which will result in some beautiful smelling incense.  

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19 Sep 2014

MAC Cosmetics // The Matte Lip Collection

Launching on the 9th of October The Matte Lip Collection by MAC features some gorgeous new shades for cheeks and lips which are perfect for those natural beauty autumnal looks we all seem to strive for but, at times, fall short of achieving. Having thought about where it all goes wrong I do think it comes down to finish, after all the sheer tones that are glossy are suited to warmer weather. In the colder seasons shades that are highly pigmented and have some grip and staying power are exactly what's needed.  

Lipsticks // Most of the eight shades are new and limited edition and there really is a shade to suit all skin tones. 

Damn Glamorous | Bright pinky-red matte
Fashion Revival | Deep matte raspberry
Heroine | Vibrant matte violet 
Living Legend | Deep matte plum
La Vie En Rouge | Bright coral-orange matte. 
Nouvelle Vogue | Soft matte blue-pink
Pander Me | Soft peach-mocha 
Styled in Sepia | Mid-toned cement-beige. 

Pro Longwear Blush // A beautiful cheek and a vibrant cool toned lip, topped with a swish of mascara and you're really good to go. 

Fleeting Romance | Coral. 
I'm a Lover | Romantic pink. 
Make You Mine | Mid-toned salmon. 

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil // Honestly I really love a good lip pencil for all over colour.You could absolutely use these as liner or all over lip colour if you want more grip. 

Absolutely It | Soft burgundy. 
Bespoken For | Dark plum cream.
Etcetera | Creamy beige.  
Fashion Boost | Bright cream purple
Staunchly Stylish | Pink-beige. 
Trust in Red | Bright cool toned cream red. 

So... are you in or out? If you're in you'll be able to pick up these items from Debenhams (link) and MAC counters. I'm thinking I'll be in eventually once I've got my Christmas finances in order *sigh* who else is starting to feel the seasonal stress creep up? 

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18 Sep 2014

Yankee Candle // Christmas Advent Calendars 2014

It's that time of year again when most bloggers pull out their Christmas must buys and calendars - I am one of those bloggers - sorry-not-sorry. 

Featured is two of the 2014 Yankee Candle Advents which contain either tea lights or tea lights and sampler candles. The calendar pictured above contains 25 tea light candles which can be burned in their fabulous burners or you can float them - not sure if anyone floats candles anymore but they float anyhow. Either way you'll get around four to six hours of gorgeous scent per candle once lit, that's not bad is it? 

There's a range of current seasonal scents in this calendar and apparently Christmas Cookie, Snowflake Cookie, Icicles (it's gorgeous), Angels Wings (another favourite), Cranberry Ice and Christmas Garland will all make a feature behind one of those calendar doors *squee* 

Next calendar...

A 3D calendar, especially good if you've run out of Blu-Tac or pushpins which always seem to happen when you need them but when you don't you always have them to hand, stand on them (ouch) or find all of your crap sticking to some lump of Blu-Tac in a drawer?? (who's with me?) This candle is a bit more special because it contains 23 wonderfully seasonal tea lights and 1 sampler. I so wished they'd create a tart advent or a tart and sampler advent because I would be snapping that up straight away *makes memo to email Yankee owner* 

The candles included in the advent are Candy Cane Lane, Christmas Garland, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Memories, Christmas Eve Sampler, Sugared Apple, Spiced Orange and Snowflake Cookie. 

These are apparently selling out and pre-orders are selling out and it's all going a bit Yankee advent crazy apparently. If anyone remembers it was exactly the same last year so if you fancy picking one of these calendars up I recommend you do it asap. Having a scan of the Internets the 3D limited edition calendar is around £21 on Amazon right now (amazing bargain!) and the normal shaped advent is around £26 on Amazon, both are so much cheaper than the RRP's and I've seen others selling the normal shaped one for £35+ already on Ebay - I think I may go purchase the 3D advent? Who's with me/ 

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17 Sep 2014

Christmas // Benefit Sweet Shoppe Christmas Collection

Over the next month you will see Benefit launch sixteen festive gift sets all suited to gifting or treating yourself (and why shouldn't you). The gift set products vary and you'll find both full sized and miniature products across the beauty and fragrance sets. 

Advent Calendar // Due to launch around October 16th this years advent calendar contains 24 miniature products which include some non-beauty but will set you back £60 this year. Apparently the 2014 calender is set to include sticky notes, doodle pad, heart-shaped paperclips, polka dot hair band, silver hair band, elastic hair band with bow charm. The beauty minis include BADgal Lash, Ultra Plush Lip gloss in Fauxmance, That Gal, The POREfessional, Benetint, ChaCha Tint, High Beam, Stay Flawless, They're Real Mascara, It's Potent! Eye Cream, Total Moisture Facial Cream, Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in A-Lister, Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Dandelion, Stay Don't Stray in Light/Medium and Fakeup in 02 medium. 

Other gift sets that are due to launch include: 

Goodies a go-go (£19.50) // Features an eye kit with long wear powder shadow, Don't Stray mini in light and medium and my favourite which has to be the They're Real! mini mascara. 

Crescent Row (£29.50) // This is a fragrance set that features Laugh With Me LeeLee, Under My Spell Noelle, Ring My Bella and My Place or Yours Gina.

Beauty Bonbons (£39.50) // A collection of bestsellers which includes Hoola, Ultra Plush Lip Gloss mini in Hoola, They're Real! mini, POREfessional mini and High Beam. 

Sweet Tintations (£19.50) // This includes all three of the tints and the matching glosses. You could absolutely split this to gift to three separate friends if you're kind like that - no-one would blame you for keeping it all to yourself though. 

Fun Sized Flirts (£29.50) // Not entirely sure what will be in this but I'm presuming it's going to be similar to last years 'First Class Flirts' gift set which included a mini That Gal, The POREfessional, Benetint etc. 

Unfortunately I don't have the full product run-down....yet! but these are the gift sets that will be hitting stores and their website along with the prices. 

3 Scoops O'Sexy (£29.50) | Cheeky Sweet Spot (£29.50) | Sweet BADitude (£18.50) | 
Cutie Cravings (£29.50) | Sexy & Scrumptious (£29.50) | Pretty Parfait in 2 product variations (£29.50) | Complexion Confections (£39.50) | Bathina Sweet Dreamin' of You (£34.50) | Sugarglam Fairies (£44.50). 

So what do you think? will you be frantically trying to get your hands on a limited edition advent calendar this year or would you rather spend your £60 on something else? 

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16 Sep 2014

Clarks // New Autumn Footwear & Decisions

Clarks are one brand that's been consistent throughout my whole life, as a teen my mum shopped in our local store for her shoes, when we had each of our sons it was Clarks we headed too. We still have their 'first shoes' photos which Clarks seem to take for all first customers with the purchase and fitting of baby shoes and our sons even know the staff members now in Glenrothes as they're really friendly and welcoming (and we're in their like every other month). Even now we head their for their gym shoes and school shoes mostly due to the superior quality and durability and also because our eldest son has skinny ankles and a wider front foot so getting conventional shoes is a nightmare. On hubster and I's first date thirteen years ago he was wearing the iconic Clarks Wallabees (which he wants another pair of). See Clarks have been one of a few constant brands in my life, I can't say the same for many other brands unfortunately.  

The funny thing is I don't mind dropping £100 to £200 on footwear for my sons but always seem to find excuses as to why I shouldn't pick up a pair for myself from Clarks. I always use the excuse 'I can get them cheaper elsewhere' or 'what if they hurt my feet' - I use the term 'excuses' because I've since been proven wrong.  To change up my shoe wardrobe I recently purchased a pair of stilettos from Next, a pair of Nike trainers from the sports shop, some booties from Primark, some tassel flats from H&M and some flats from New Look - they were all low cost (with the exception of the trainers) and looked fantastic in store. 

The thing is after wearing them for a day or so my-feet-hurt-like-hell! I've since tried to find excuses for 'not' wearing because I hate to waste money and I hate hubster knowing that I've basically wasted money on shoes or clothing even more so. I finally had to swallow my pride and tell him the truth about having no viable footwear especially since my flats weren't practical due to the wet weather, the stilettos caused scabs (not nice I know) and the Primark booties are torturous weapons! 

After finally admitting to being a cheap skate and with hubsters recommendation I decided to take care of my poor tootsies. 

Elsa Milly booties @£59.99 | Hotel Image cream brogues @ £65 | Busby Jazz monk shoes @ £69.99 | Carousel Trick flats @ £39.99 | Ciera Pier heeled brogues @ £59.99 | Material Art tan boots @£69.99

My local store is quite small so they don't stock every style from the website. What they did stock was good enough and so much so I had no idea which to try first. I saw loads of awesome brogues, boots, monk shoes and similar androgeny styles but I had to put on the sensible cap to really narrow it down. I figured I had to be able to walk for a good amount of time - that knocked out the sky scraper brogues *sigh* - I didn't want to look too mumsy - so that knocked out some of the plainer styled boots - I had to be able to wear them when the ground was wet - that knocked out the cut out monk shoes, which finally left me with these beauts....

Tan boots from their new ankle boots collection, shiny flat lace up brogues and some faux crocodile wedge booties. I felt so bad asking the Clarks boy to try them all on but I vary between a size 3, 3.5 and 4 and wanted to really check I wasn't going to waste my money on shoes that would hurt, cause me to bleed or wince in pain like I'd done so many times before.  

The tan boots - oh I loved these - the issue I had was that the size 4 was far too big and the size 3 was a bit too close for comfort. I loved the small kitten heel on these and the very slight cowboy feel they had, I would have purchased these had the size fit because these would go with everything from denim, dresses, trousers - well absolutely everything really. They would also be ideal in all weathersand I could absolutely walk in these for hours. 

I then tried on the shiny brogues, honestly I couldn't even picture these because I really felt like mutton dressed as lamb. See maybe small and from the back get mistaken for a young girl but I really do not look teenage-young anymore and I felt as though I was trying to look younger, be younger or simply look like a hipster. I love shiny anything so I did have some weird magpie attraction to them and I still love these shoes but on me - bleurghghghg! 

Finally came the booties...

Ahhhhhhhhhh *angels sing* 

These are everything. I didn't think I would love these as much as I do because I normally veer away from faux anything and especially crocodile prints but when I tried them on they completely changed, they went from being quite plain and almost ageing to being so awesome. To me these look grown up, put together and stylish without over doing it. 

The cut on the ankle is slimming and while these have a heel the wedge takes away any pressure on the foot which makes these easy to walk in and, they're as comfortable as wearing flats. The best bit, and this is what I didn't realise comes as standard in most of Clarks shoes is that the heel bit (the bit that normally hurts or rubs away the skin at the Achilles) is padded! There's absolutely no sharp edges or seams that could cause you any aches or pain and I just feel so much more calmer when out and about now because I know I don't need to pack my plasters or worry about having sore soles. Especially when I'm working all day. 

Maybe I'm professing my love for these too much but after having years of cheap but fashionable shoes I'm a convert through and through and Clarks style is so-up-to-date now that I'll have no problem only buying my footwear from here. I've since started scoping out Wallabees for hubster so we can truly be a Clarks family - happy feet - happy family I say. You can check out their ankle boot collection here (link) if you fancy it guys. 

Tip: If you're going into your local store if you ask about the email sign up they'll give you a little card to fill in with your details and email which then gets you 20% off! I got my Elsa Milly booties for £48 *hoo-rah* 

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