1 Aug 2014

Vintage Adverts // Are They a Feminists Worst Nightmare?

You may have noticed the surge in 'feminist' type posts across the internet and social media recently. Everyone and their 'female' dog feels that they should define what it means forgetting that the concept, and most major concepts in life vary from person to person.

The thing is so many people these days feel they have to state their point on certain subjects yet don't have the mentality of compromising. After all we all learn and grow from listening, viewing and reading about other peoples lives don't we? What feminism meant in the sixties is very different these days and I expect in the next thirty years onwards the posts will shift again. Why do we feel that we need to have a box around a concept and anyone who veers outside of that box is wrong and deserves to be ripped apart online? why do we feel the need to post huge stonking online letters, statuses and posts telling the world why they're right and everyone else is so blatantly wrong? is it ego? 

So to take out the seriousness of the issue, because let's be fair we understand what feminism is and if you want to take action you very much can do so at any point - I decided to post some sexist but thought provoking vintage adverts for you to ponder over. Personally I love the concept of seeing the brands do their historical magic, I love the artwork and nostalgia, especially since many of these products I would actually probably by today if they re-launched. 

If you are of strongly feminist views I apologise right now as these may get your back up a little, the post isn't intended to get anyone riled up but to show just how far we (and feminism) have come over the years.  

Maybelline Magic Mascara, it never really changed as we still have the waterproof, darkens, separates and curls aspect to our current mascara's. I also actually really like the tag line 'Maybelline... devoted exclusively to the art of eye beauty!

Max Factor Pink-A-Pades is one of those ads that I was talking about - If they re-launched this same advert and products I would absolutely purchase them, chances are they'd be a sell out don't you think? 

Tangee the vintage equivalent to the green P.H lippies you see today. I just can't believe they named a shade 'gay red' imagine how cray-cray the modern day sensors would go with that if it was to be re-launched? Theatrical red is today's standard red so imagine what they'd name the OCC Lip Tars or similarly bright lipstick colours? 

Wow Palmolive way to make young ladies insecure. 

And again - now words! 

Funny how the tables have turned. There's so many features written all over that say 'this is a real woman' showing ladies from the thirties to the sixties with their womanly curves - the thing is those ladies also had their own body struggles and actually felt insecure if they were skinny. Basically we're always going to have body issues as long as marketing is alive. 

Actually it's a very real body shape and a very sexy body shape. 

Heck no! I find it so painful looking and the fact that it was created to find minute flaws so that 'makeup men' could fix those with cosmetics is just so surprising. This was of course because ladies weren't suppose to work. 

Who knew my deodorant made me so ugly? did you guys know this? *sniggers*

Tangee again, the lipstick that promises you'll get more kisses. 

Kudos to her for being a woman inventor in that period but seriously? I can't imagine this would work. 

'For that ''natural'' look men look for... Seventeen' wowzers. 

I feel like smashing my laptop screen. I love her nails and lipstick though. 

Stuff buying all of these expensive lotions, potions and oils when I can cure my middle aged skin with a bar of Palmolive. 

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31 Jul 2014

The Blogmopolitan Quiz // Getting Personal

I found this quiz over on Two Thirds Hazel's blog and a ton of other blogs that I regularly read so, I figured I'd also feature this quiz as a way of updating you on who I am, the person behind the blog sort of thing. 

Some of the questions were really hard and I struggled either narrowing down my answers or even finding one, the spaces were quite small so I figured I'd go over some of them in further details. In my 'home' life I get called mummy all of the time, even hubster calls me mummy or he calls me 'Chelle' that's because my name is Michelle Elyse - in the blogging world and to everyone else other than old school friends and family I go buy Elyse - I go by this name because I've always hated the Michelle part of my name *sorry to any Michelle's out there* 

In the car or when I'm cooking or writing I listen to music, I adore music and my tastes are so random - at the moment I can't get enough of these songs: 

Weird facts wise I do have webbed toes, not hugely noticeable unless you pull them apart and I suppose they're kinda like Ashton Kutcher's but prettier *haha* I'm also germ phobic but not to the extent where I wash my hands all the time, granted I do antibac' the house if my neighbours throw up (I can hear them) and I don't let people visit if they've been ill and as soon as someone maybe ill I have to find out if it's just from their own un-doing (bad foods or alcohol etc) or if it's a bug - I'm working on my issues though because I'm very aware they're cray-cray. 

As for the things you'll never see me doing question I popped down 'showing my stomach' because you'll never see me showing my stomach or too much of my body to be honest - my body was really affected by pregnancy, because I was so petite prior to falling pregnant and then suffered from gestational diabetes (huge uncontrollable weight gain) and then pre-eclampsia (huge weight gain due to severe swelling) which was bordering eclampsia, overall my body grew a total of 7.5 stone!!  my skin stretched so far it went completely numb from the belly button down, this never snapped back and I just couldn't show it right now. I was offered a tummy tuck but rejected it because I didn't want to risk my life for a cosmetic procedure when I had to be alive for my kids (tachycardic during every operation and a titanium allergy doesn't bode well, anything cosmetic is not worth the risk). To be honest even before my pregnancies I just never felt comfortable showing too much skin purely because I hated the attention it would draw - I much preferred hiding in the shadows and me doing the chasing (prior to getting married of course). 

When I have no meetings, school runs or outside appointments I'm usually found in lounge wear or PJ's - I'm definitely a bra off and I'm in for the night type of woman. The alcohol thing is purely because I'm a good girl *winks* nah, it's due to medications and I'm really strict with my health so I don't drink, smoke or do any illegal drugs. I don't miss it though because I still have my 'treats' which tend to be a yummy cuppa or some fancy cake or some premium food or drink (normally ordered online - I'll need to do a post on those). 

Let's discuss the tips my mum gave me, there were a few she gave me growing up ironically all around the same time that left me red faced. My mum was a no-holds barred type of mum who would go full steam into an argument if someone disrespected her - she believed in fitted clothing, working as a secretary and that boys were b-aaa-d news! Her tips were ' don't shave off your butt hairs, because you'll get itchy' ' don't tweeze above your eyebrows - tweeze from the bottom,' and finally 'don't mess around with boys' - You know I secretly think my mum was a genius! 

As if that wasn't enough there's a part two to this quiz, here's my responses...

This was my favourite quiz so far, it felt easy to fill in and was more fun that the others. The name thing is something I feel strongly about, I've long thought about legally dropping the Michelle and just going by Elyse but adding Kelly - I wanted to add that in because it was my surname before I got married and by adding it as a middle name I'll be carrying on that part of my family. My youngest son has my dad's mum's 'nee' surname which was Kane as his middle name and of course if he was a girl it would have been Kelly. What do you think? have you legally changed your name? 

And then there's also a part three! wow let's be BFF's!! who's getting in the chocolate??? 

As it gets closer to autumn and more especially Halloween you'll quickly realise it's my all-time-favourite-holiday! I adore it. The darker nights, the mystery and I suppose the romantic qualities of that season, it's still warm enough to be able to wear pretty clothing too. Expect lots of spooky tutorials, party tips and tricks and product reviews. 

I know I've been super cheesy with some of my responses but my life revolves around my three little buddies - Cole, Cooper and Rome. My sons really are my everything even when they drive me up the wall, after all it's just karma doing it's work for the nonsense I pulled as a child with my mum and dad *sigh*.  If you want to take part you can download the Blogmopolitan Quiz directly from www.twothirdshazel.com blog. Link up in the comments if you publish yours. 

30 Jul 2014

Viking // Stationery Haul

The Scotland summer holidays started weeks ago so I did what any normal stationery loving, forward planning mummy would do - I went stationery, window shopping. For me journals, notebooks, pens and little organisational bits and bobs have always been my weakness. I actually remember asking hubster to get me a journal, diary and some cute paperclips once for my birthday but he just scoffed at me, it actually hurt my feelings *haha* I've grown up since then but my pen habits only grown. 

Every August when my sons go back to school they always tell me that their friends thought their pencil cases and rubbers etc were 'so cool' my boys just aren't that phased by cool rubbers that are shaped like skulls or smell like strawberry, or pencil cases that have hidden compartments or cool printed rulers - I'm pretty sure their actually adults in little dudes bodies because, who wouldn't love all of those cool things? 

In my last haul I picked up a few things from Viking such. Here's some of those goodies... 

This Post-It Cat Dispenser cost £7.99. Basically it's a [weighted] cat that holds Z Note Post-It's so when you pull one out another ones pops into place good and ready for those quick note taking moments. This is just so damn cute and sits in my organisation station (yes I have an area dedicated to organisation, it includes shelves, a desk and lots of cute things. I will take some images if you want guys). 

When it comes to notebooks I am fussy. I go for ones that have that little bit extra, hard crunchy pages or books that don't open up fully annoy the heck out of me. I love a nice smooth lined page (for writing) or high gsm for drawing and I love touches such as the ones in this Foray A5 Notebook (£6.29). The covering feels like a soft rubbery leather (It's not but it does feel the same), it feels thick and quite substantial - very executive like. There are 192 pages of high quality lined paper and an inner pocket on the inside page, there's also silky bookmark and a black elastic pen holder. 

It's these touches that make me feel a bit swish when I'm going about my day and you know what, spending money on the little things like this if it's going to make me feel confident and fab is so worth the money - don't you think? 

As a child I had a small circular version of this that left you with a typewriter font label. I adored it and basically everything I owned at that point was labelled to the high heavens. As an adult I had seen the Dymo label machines but never wanted to splurge that is until I saw this Dymo Letratag Label Machine at only £13.99 on the Viking website. 

Reading up about it prior to purchase I was surprised to find it can print a variety of fonts and styles and you got two label cartridges with it in blue and pink. The machine sounded easy enough and in all honesty it really is easy to use as long as you read the booklet beforehand. I printed a few quickie labels which turned out OK but didn't blow me away in all honesty. Since purchasing it I've used it once for my husbands portfolio but that's it. 

These Uni-ball Signo Gelstick pens are incredible. I adore these pens because they're so vibrant, don't leave irregular lines (which I find are so common with coloured gel pens normally) and they don't stink. Yup I really did mean to type 'stink' because most pink gel pens that I've used have a fishy scent and it's so bad, who wants to write with fish stank? These don't have anything offencive about them I promise you that. The lines are smooth, regular and equal. The pack of eight which is the size I purchased costs £10.99 but you can purchase them individually also. 

Everything was from Viking and cost less than £40 which is nothing compared to some other splurges I've had. I definitely see the benefit of stocking up and as much as hubster thinks I'm a tad cray-cray with my stationery love, he's been the one that's seen the benefit when he's suddenly needed envelopes, pens, pencils, notebooks and even paperclips *hah* to you hubster! you know my craziness is of the good type. 

29 Jul 2014

Japonesque // Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Duo

I actually purchased this last October and found this review in my drafts, with hubster now being on holidays I'm trying to sort out some reviews for those products I've loved but just not got round to writing up - for some reason I thought I had published this so my bad guys for not because this is a wonderful eyeshadow product by Japonesque. Japonesque are a premium beauty company that make the most beautiful packaging for their beauty products. I mean take a look at this eyeshadow compact for example; 

The Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Duo, I suppose, can be considered a standard sized eye compact - it is around the same size as a single Rimmel eyeshadow compact to give you an idea so the packaging really stands out because let's be fair, no brand makes this much of an effort for such a small product do they? 

Each compact consists of two eyeshadows, one being a matte formula and one being a shimmer. Each shade is highly pigmented and include a build able layer of colour so you can choose just how dark or smoky you wish your eyes to be. Honestly I use the matte nude f-aaa-r more than the deep blue purely because the shade is pretty hit or miss on me. I didn't actually mean to order the S5 compact purely because the blue doesn't always work well with my green eyes. 

The collection comprises of ten duo colour variations and going forward I'll definitely be opting more for the S9 shade which contains a cool toned silver-sage and a golden shimmer brown shade - completely wearable for every day use which is great! 

I'm kicking myself for not swatching this either, I will do so and update it on my Instagram for those that want a peek at it, I found that you get more vibrancy when you wear it wet and as a liner (the blue) is incredible along the waterline. As for lasting power It does keep up with a hectic lifestyle, doesn't slide into your wrinkles and creases and still pops by home time, for £18 you would hope it would huh. 

I purchased this when I went on a splurge spree and £18 I was happy to test the waters although normally that price for an eyeshadow would have me running for the hills. I'd researched Japonesque for a long time and it had been sitting on the top of my wishlist, I'm glad I purchased this and not once did I have shoppers guilt over this or my other splurges because they really are incredible. 

I hate when you buy a premium or designer product only to find it works a little better than a normal high street brand. This however, does work exceptionally well - I'm just kicking myself that it's the wrong shade for me. You can check out the shades on the John Lewis website  (which seems to be cheaper than elsewhere for this product). 

27 Jul 2014

Balance Me // Beauty Voyage

Balance me currently have a summer campaign on called Beauty Voyage which will be running until August over on their Twitter and Facebook pages. The brand are asking you to take snaps of your favourite Balance Me products in various places - if you're going abroad with your mini's for example, take a snap and then post that snap on either of their social sites tagging #BalanceMeAway. Similarly if you're not going away you can take a snap in the garden, on a picnic or even camping or glamping but you would tag your snap with #BalanceMeHome. The brand will be choosing their favourites each week to win Balance Me prizes *hoo-ra

I've been a long time fan of Balance Me Products to them being more caring on my skin, having tried all of the mini products, rose products and a few lip products my love for the brand has never faltered,  I've always had excellent results and it's the one brand that I still purchase to this day. With so many brands in this field it's rare that I stick with one for the long haul, there's a few that will always remain under my beauty belt those being Clinique, Salcura, Balance Me and JASON. 

I just received my new tinted lip salve, to be honest in this sweltering head I've not much time for lipsticks but still wanted some colour. I've previously owned the Rose Otto lip salve which was incredible as well as the nude tinted lip balm, this naturally lead to me going for the rose blush shade as I was hoping it would give me a 'hint' of colour that was still totally wearable throughout the day - I figured the formula would be moisturising so I wasn't too worried about that especially since it wasn't made with petroleum's which I really hate due to their ability to dry out my lips making me resemble a dried prune. 

Hubster's holidays started last weekend and we bought the boys a new paddling pool because the sun has been so gorgeous. Of course my new lip salve has to take a little swim to cool down - I wanted to snap my product in that setting because it's all we've done since (except earlier where it was thunder and lightening) and probably will do all weekend. 

In the tube this looks pretty average but the magic really happens when you apply it. What you can't see from the image above is it's made with fairy magic - ah, well not really but it does look like it has fairy dust in it; see what I mean...

There's particles in every shade from silver, purple, blue, lilac, gold and probably everything in between. This is a super close up which doesn't show all of the shimmery shades as they really only pop in certain lights - the great thing is this doesn't look glittery on the lips either. Each of these shimmery shades reflects in natural light giving you a pumped up look. Unlike so many other brands that may 'look' similar, this salve has a hidden secret that really sets it so far above it's competitors that it blows dust in their faces; the secret weapon being it's gorgeous ingredients! 

Most ingredients are organic where possible and gluten free (suitable for wheat allergy and coeliac) the list include sweet almond oil, virgin coconut oil, shea butter, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, mango seed butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E (from non-gluten sources), peppermint oil, spearmint oil, mandarin oil and lanolin. No nasties or chemicals here and you can really feel and taste the difference - this salve tastes like natural juicy oranges (which must be the mandarin oil). 

You can purchase the same tinted lip balm here or visit the Balance Me website for lots of other goodness - I thoroughly recommend their 

26 Jul 2014

China Glaze // All Aboard Collection

It's that time of year when you expect to find a ton of polish posts, this is when brands transition into autumn-winter collections and so far the up and coming fall launches look so-good! Ugh, terrible image I know but it's the only decent res of the full collection at this moment and I figured you would want to get a peek albeit a rubbish peek at the collection *sorry* The collection is inspired by vintage steam travel and is filled with lots of awesome colours in creme's, shimmers and glitter formulas. 

There's twelve shades in this line up and here they are due to launch at the end of the month, here's the shades... 

Mind The Gap // Olive shimmer. 

Stop That Train // Rust red shimmer. 

Loco-Motive // Gunmetal and red glitter. 

One Track Mind // Navy blue creme. 

Well Trained // Dark turquoise creme. 

What Are You A-Freight Of // Brown creme. 

Lug Your Designer Baggage // Brown creme with gold flecks. 

Conduct Yourself // Oxblood creme. 

Nice Caboose // Raspberry glitter. 

All Aboard // Purple creme.  

Choo-Choo Choose You // Purple-grey smoky shimmer. 

Don't Get Derailed // Elephant grey creme. 

There's also two collections of six polishes, the first is the Loco-Motive which seems to be the brighter of the two and the second is the All Aboard collection, which is darker and more dreamy in my opinion.  
These are retailing at £13 although my favourite polish place Nail Polish Direct has them for £3.99 on pre-order if any takes your fancy. I'm not hugely bothered by any one colour in all honesty but if I had to choose it would be Loco-Motive for sure as I can't get enough of glitter polishes. 

25 Jul 2014

Christian Louboutin // Rouge Nail Enamel Collection

Christian Louboutin are known for their iconic red soles which have been seen on the tootsies of nearly every celebrity, starlet and wannabe as well as those who have been lucky enough to save HARD for those bad boys - so many ladies would sell an arm or a leg to get their hands feet on a pair and I was in that position a while back; Louboutin for me was a brand I felt I had to own but I never have, the need to own something of theirs has since gone and I'm happy coveting from afar. Honestly some of their shoes are so damn sexy but I have been put off by the sheer amount of fakes on the market - I remember this happened with Burberry and Gucci, as soon as the market got saturated with fakes I was just put off. 

Even though there are so many fakes and other companies have tried [and failed] to copy the coloured sole, Louboutin still have that 'oooh' factor that no other brand can compete with. I think it's that ooh factor that makes this latest launch all that more exciting - this launch isn't about shoes and their red soles, it's about nail polish *hoo-ra* 

You maybe thinking it's strange that a footwear brand would be branching out to polish. Christian Louboutin (creator) back in 1992 made his shoes but felt they lacked that 'je ne sais quoi' he felt they needed a pop of colour, snatching a bottle of red nail polish from his assistant (who was none too happy) and painted the soles red - this was the birth of the 'red sole' I honestly would have felt like punching him for rudely snatching the polish, I hope the assistant received some shoes to replace that polish. 


This line consists of thirty lacquer shades and will cost a shocking $50! Let's be frank here $50 is pretty shocking yet I'm guessing their going to be huge - people will just purchase this to say they own some 'Louboutin' 

There's been a lot of thought and consideration into this collection, Louboutin who has always been inspired by architecture wanted to transfer this passion into his polishes - the collection which will be called The Rouge Nail Enamel Collection will be marketed in windows with an imaginary town called 'Louiville' The polish bottles themselves have had an equal amount of consideration put into the design as the cap is inspired by a calligraphy pen - although I'd say it should really be akin to a stiletto heel, don't you think? 

The line will boast a Louboutin necessary care kit as well as shades in three colour ways; pop, nude and noir and a special edition in red. Each sixteen sided faceted bottle has had it's edges smoothed by hand and they each take twenty two weeks to create! Louboutin said he wanted the polish to resemble colour frozen in glass and looking at the initial pictures I do think he's achieved that. 

This has initially launched at Saks in the US and it's due to launch in US stores on August the 6th and will arrive in Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and  Harrods on August 14th . Would you drop the UK equivalent of $50 on a teeny bottle of polish? 

I don't think I will anytime soon although the idea of a bottle that takes twenty two weeks to create and a lacquer that boasts of being created with the highest amounts of pigmentation certainly intrigues me. Oh there's whispers that the next line will be lipsticks *wink* 

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