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20 Things || What You Need to Realise Before You're 20 & 30 Years Old

1. Jealous friends are far more dangerous than those who you consider as your enemies.

2. Don't be afraid to show people that you are smart. Smart has always been the new sexy.

3. Acting dumb, silly or Paris Hilton like gets you nowhere except being labelled as immature or childish.

4. Time doesn't heal wounds. You just learn to accept and move on.

5. Everyone lies. Just don't lie to yourself.

6. You're never too young to make good habits. Start looking after your skin, exercise, meditate and resolve any open issues as soon as you can.

7. Time is the greatest gift you can give someone. Make sure you gift it well.

8. Each day is a fresh start and new beginning so, make the most of it. Don't wait until the end of a relationship or the start of a new year to start a new path.

9. Things end. It's not always someone's fault, sometimes things end just because they have nowhere to go. Understanding this is key to moving forward.

10. You don't have to know it all. You do, however, have to be willing to keep learning after education ends.

1. You'll never have it all. Learn to take care of what you have and you'll soon learn that it's all you ever needed anyway.

2. Everyone is different. Don't try to change other people's viewpoints as you'll just be wasting your time. Learn to accept or keep schtum.

3. Stop blaming others. Being accountable for your own life is the best thing you can do for yourself.

4. No is a sentence. You don't need to justify it with an answer.

5. There will always be someone who doesn't like you or what you do or someone who makes life a little tougher - there's nothing you can do to change that. Accept it, get on with your own life happily and confidently.

6. At thirty, you'll still not have your shit together but you become better at acting as though you do.

7. You're going to be surrounded by critics, don't be your worst one.

8. Your only limitations are those in your mind and are not those set by your age.

9. You need to get over your allergy of ''exercise'' pull up your big girl panties and get it done.

10. Relationships need to be a partnership. If you're constantly complaining that your other half doesn't do x, y or z consider... do you? Is everything you do in the relationship for yourself? When was the last time you did x, y or z to help your partner just because YOU cared and didn't want something in return?


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Kraken Rum x Lapp | Kraken Mojito

Kraken Rum is a giant in the rum industry full-stop.

They've taken what is a classic spirit drink and turned it around. Now I get it, that statement sounds very pithy, however, you need to factor in the brand as a whole. Most rum brands offer what can be described as bad, good or excellent rum. That's it for the majority. 

There aren't any other brands selling their rum in the way that Kraken does. They've taken an iconic spirit, added a dark and moody back story and mythical legend to it, kept this character throughout its whole marketing and collaborated with other brands on projects that fit their character. People are literally buying the brand and not just the spirit. 

So, they have great character but what about the rum itself? 

Well, the hairy boy is a tad fussy with his rums. Most give him migraines, some just do not agree with him whatsoever, except Kraken. Kraken spiced rum while housed in its demi-john type of bottle looks black like squid ink. Notes include ginger ale, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, pepper, clove, ginger beer, galangal pepper, vanilla, and lime. It's definitely a sweet sugary molasses with a spicy hit of ginger and pepper on the finish.  

Each year they release a limited edition Wade Ceramics bottle. Now, this is the best of both worlds for us. Hairy boy loves rum. I love the Wade Ceramics. Win-win. They also collaborated in Liverpool (Constellations) offering locals black I-Screams. (Ice-cream), now they're at it again with an exclusive campaign in France at the Lafayette Galleries.  

The Lapp specialise in sorbets, but not standard sorbets - alcoholic sorbets. Kraken and the Lapp are collaborating on a range of cocktails in ice-format. Starting off with the Kraken rum Mojito. Now I don't know about you, but regardless of the rain, I'd be on-board with a few of those (if I lived in France that is) regardless of the weather. 

Thoughts? Would you try an ice cocktail? 


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Smart Ideas To Create A Healthy Home

When it comes to healthy living, we tend to focus on exercise and diet alone. However, as crucial as those factors may be, they aren’t all that you need to consider. The home also has a huge part to play. You spend a lot of time in there, after all, so the environment is bound to have an impact. There are many mistakes that people make which turn their houses into unhealthy places to live. With that in mind, here are six smart ideas to help you create a healthy home. 

Clear Out Any Clutter

Having an untidy home is a much more serious issue than never being able to find the stuff that you need. Clutter is a huge source of psychological stress, which, if ignored, could trigger several serious physical and mental health problems. Clutter also creates the perfect environment for dust and dirt to gather. To solve this, you should clear out clutter and get your house in order.

Limit Your Textile Use

The carpeting might create a cozy environment in your house, but it can also act as a magnet for all sorts of bad things, especially dust mites. For this reason, you should try switching your carpets for hardwood or stone flooring. If you opt for the latter, a stone floor cleaner will make keeping your home spotless much easier. Make sure to also limit the pillows and blankets in the house. 

Throw Out Junk Foods

We all know that cooking our own meals is healthier than eating out. However, this only works if you actually have healthy foods in your home. The more junk food you keep in your fridge and pantry, the more you will eat each day. By switching unhealthy ingredients and snacks for nutritious ones, you’ll be less tempted to eat junk and make it easier to stick to a healthy diet. 

Hide Those Gadgets Away

Technology is a constant part of everyday life. You can’t go anywhere without seeing some sort of device. The trouble is, while this technology has its benefits, excessive use can result in stress, as well as eye strain. This is why you should create a space in your home to put technology away. Taking some time away from screens will make you much happier overall. 

Adopt A Family Dog

Finding a reason to adopt a dog is never difficult. That being said, if you are searching for one, then look no further than your own health. When you have another creature’s health to consider, you will be much more motivated to exercise. Dogs also cause a number of other health benefits, including an improved mood and even a smaller risk of developing asthma. 

Set The Right Temperature

The temperature of your house needs to be just right. When you allow it to get too cold, you’ll feel uncomfortable, which can cause stress, but if you make it too warm, you create an environment within which mold and bacteria thrive. Whatever temperature you set your home, you must make sure that the bedrooms are kept slightly cooler. 

With these smart ideas, you should have no trouble creating a healthy home for your family to live. 


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