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Creating A Warmer Home

Your home should be your haven, somewhere that you can retreat to after a difficult day. But these days, we are bound by numerous constraints. Perhaps you rent your home, or you cannot afford to turn it into the place that you really want it to be. With this in mind, we need to make our home more homely, but what are the best ways to do this? Is it about making massive changes, or can we go down a simpler route?
Filling Your Home With Memories

When it comes to decorating a space, you don't necessarily need to go overboard. Creating a homely sensation isn't always about the things that you put in it, but rather, the memories that it evokes. And there are simple ways in which to do this; you could get wall decor frames that hold precious pictures and memories, or have a couple of touchstones that remind you of the past. Perhaps a family heirloom can take pride of place in the living room, or a nod to times gone by in the bedroom. Creating a homelier space means that it has to evoke that warmth.

Go For The Softness

Creating a cozy room means turning it into a softer space. By having a variety of soft furnishings, you can instantly transform the space into something a lot more comfortable. Not just something like knitted throws or rugs, but you can go for a softer atmosphere by using soft, relaxing lighting that can help to transform the space into a more softer environment. Especially with the upcoming winter months when the nights are drawing in, you need to stay away from the harsh overhead lights that are in abundance.

Use Plants

Greatly underrated, but plants can automatically bring life into a dull space. You might not find you've got enough room to make it homelier, but by having a couple of houseplants to help you enjoy the colder months, adds a bit of light and variety. In addition to this, it helps to clear the air of toxins, oxygenating the room, and adding more humidity to the area.


If you want to make a home feel more welcoming, decluttering is one of the best methods. If you feel that, as soon as you come home, you feel stressed, and everything is haphazard, decluttering should be one of the primary practices. It helps to get rid of unwanted items but also helps you to embrace a bit more of that minimalist ideal. Because space can feel overwhelmed due to the abundance of items, getting into the habit of decluttering every six months or so helps you to prioritise the space. As well as this, think about investing in storage solutions, like baskets or furniture that can double up.

It's about how you feel in the space because if you don't feel relaxed you aren't going to enjoy your home. Ensuring that you know how to create a homelier home isn't about finding one method and sticking to it because everybody changes. Creating a homelier home is about evoking that warmth from within.

What tips do you advise that I've missed out on? 



4 Out of The Box Date Ideas

Date night, the one night of the week, month or year that couples get overly soppy and spend their time declaring their love for each other. Or at least that's how it should be, right?  

Spending intimate time together as adults, enjoying conversation and each others company is a must when it comes to keeping the romance alive, so many couples stop giving each other valuable time and then lose sight of who each other are, don't make your relationship one of those. The easy way to combat drifting is to allocate time to each other, away from normal life, away from the children and family and friends.  

Can't think of what to do? Does the idea of a dinner and a movie make you want to yawn? 

How many times have you gone out and ordered exactly the same thing off the menu out of habit? How much did you want to see that movie knowing that your significant other will enjoy it far less than you? Well, here are some ways you can change that. 

These date night ideas will take you beyond ‘Netflix and chill’ in hope of keeping the intimacy alive in your relationship. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Netflix and chill, you can absolutely add that in if that's what you both need *wink* 

Test Drive

Go on a test drive of a car you have absolutely no intention of buying. Or, go and look at houses in an area you’d never think of buying. 

Create characters for yourself and your partner and challenge each other to pretend to salespeople that you have the money to buy these luxury items (even if you don’t!). 

Fantasising and dreaming of the future together in a hilarious way. Why not set up a few days of tests and invent different characters per viewing? 

New Foods

That new Ethiopian vegan place in town might be a far cry from your usual steakhouse haunt, but why not give it a go? Trying new foods together is an adventure, particularly if both of you haven’t previously tried it. 

Why not go the extra mile and try a wholly different experience? Belly dancers and Greek food may be an unusual combination, as might swing singers at a curry house, but, who knows what you might actually enjoy? Take a look at Trip Advisor and list all of the places you want to eat in together. 

Go on, be adventurous! 

Make Something Together

We’ve all seen that scene in ‘Ghost’ with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze getting up close and personal with a pottery wheel, right? Why not try to recreate that? Although keep it legal folks...

Not your thing? Then maybe try something less steamy or tragic for your date. Even making that flat pack that’s been lying in the corner collecting dust could be something you both work on or make some home decorations that you can both be proud of, or laugh at together. 

Either way, get creative and learn about each other’s skills that way. 

Recreate Your First Date 

Everybody comes out of particular situations kicking themselves and wishing they had said or done something differently. So, do it! 

Say your first date was a Turkish restaurant where you loved the food, but you both would rather be at home in your comfy clothes. Do that. Get creative. Play the same music, create the same atmosphere? But with both of you in your Jammie's. 

Enjoyed the shisha? Well, at home you can even get shisha pens for vaping. Recreate the whole environment from the comfort of your own home! Date nights that keep the relationship alive don’t have to be expensive or repetitive. 

Think outside the box and have all of the fun with your beau.


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Savvy Tips for Getting Married

According to research, the average wedding costs somewhere in the region of £25,000 - an astonishing amount of money in anyone’s book. And of course, there will be plenty of people who feel it is worth every penny. After all, you shouldn’t be scrimping and saving on the most important and special day in your life, right?

The trouble is, a lot of those costs are completely unnecessary - and could end up putting you in debt for many years to come, especially if you go to a non-reputable lender. If you are looking to open up a credit line (up to £2000) from a company that offers trusted lending options then Polar Credit is a great option, they offer a fast, no-fuss and easy service.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can save on the costs of your wedding - read on to find out more!

 Save on the engagement

According to tradition, your engagement ring should cost anything between one and three month’s wages, but let’s be honest - is it really worth it? Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but did you know that the whole diamond engagement ring thing is an entirely commercial construct? And given that some engagement rings could cost you a five-figure sum, why not put the vast majority of that cash towards your wedding day? You can always buy a temporary, cheaper ring which can be replaced a later date - your tenth anniversary, for example, when you can better afford it. 

♥ The weekday wedding

Get married on a Saturday, and you will pay a premium for everything, from room hire to pay for the marriage directors. In many cases, you can shave off a couple of thousand just by getting married midweek - and in some cases, up to 50 percent. It really does make that much of a difference. Yes, you will be asking your guests to make a commitment to take some time off work, but ultimately, it’s just a couple of days, and most people will be happy for the break! 

Don’t mention the wedding!

OK, so it’s going to be hard to book a venue and arrange catering without mentioning the W-word. But the simple truth is that everything, from your hair appointment to your cake, will cost you a lot more if the vendor knows you are getting married. If you are prepared to tell some little white lies, you can avoid this ‘wedding tax’ altogether. 

 Go social 

Instead of requesting gifts or money from your guests, why not ask them to help you out? Lots of people love getting involved in the weddings of their friends, and if you know a great cake baker, a DJ or band, or someone who owns a flower shop, why not call in some favours? 

 Take your time

The shorter the time between your engagement, the more your wedding will cost - it’s that simple. Giving yourself a long time to plan means you can take advantage of more sales, plan your finances properly. Ultimately, if a fast, whirlwind marriage hits all of the right romantic notes, your financial future is something you also have to consider.


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