NEXT | Festive Shop Window Design

Feeling Stylish Blog are currently hosting an amazing competition where you have to design a festive window for Next. I love Next and buy most of my clothes, homeware, and my children's clothes from there due to their quality and style and because of this, I had to jump on board and enter. 

If you have followed my blog you will know I like pieces that are transferable and classic, pieces that are stylish but can be used outside of say, the Christmas period. You will see from my shop window that I have decided to opt for the romantic setting and backdrop but teamed the delicate sheer whites and grey tones with the bold Burgundy's and Pine green for a real festive atmosphere. 

Clothes wise I wanted to show how you could go from day to night but still keeping to a chosen colour scheme, I love the cozy oatmeal stag print jumper and teaming this outfit with the slight sparkle and mini heel still leaves the outfit feminine and festive. 

And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the decorations and home comforts would it? Again I feel burgundy is such a sumptuous and warm colour that it can't leave you feeling warm, cozy and safe in your surroundings can it? Teaming the bold burgundy prints with the shabby chic colour pallet with the grey mirror and metal heart ornaments leaves it warm but not too oppressive. Again all of these items can be used outwith the Christmas period. 

Here are the links for all of the items pictured in my Next window mood board. (All of the items are from Next), pictured above: 

Night-time Casual 
Stud Dippy Hem Dress in Grey £55
Black Sequin Corner Frame Clutch £22
Berry Ostrich Cardigan £38
Black & Pewter Platforms £60

Daytime Cosy
Sparkle Slab Heel Shoes £30
Oatmeal Stag Sweater £24
Red Skinny Trousers £26

Bell Heart Decorations £10
Glass Light Tree's £20
Love Cushion by Kirstie Cordel in Red £20
Grey Heart Mirror £12

What would you think if you were to see these items in the Next shop window? Let me know your thoughts and if you haven't already entered this competition then please head over to Feeling Stylish now 

Hugs and Mistletoe Kisses

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Xmas is coming: Perfect Computer Game

This is an entry to the Perfect GAME competition for the chance to win a Wii U from GAME

11 Sleeps to Christmas!!! 

I am super excited and cannot wait to see what my sons faces are like, Have you all done your shopping or are you a last minute shopper? As someone who is freakishly organised I feel now that all of the shopping and hussle and bussle have been done that I can finally relax and take care of the smaller details of the day such as Christmas baking, wrapping and getting back to regular blog updating.  

I was asked if I wanted to enter the Pefect GAME competition that GAME are currently holding and of course I had to enter. I have put some considerable thought into what I would like to see in a game and what would keep me interested. I then asked my sons what they thought of my game idea and of course the response I received wasn't too positive.  I'm sure most teenagers and little girls [and older ladies] will love this game. 

Dream Game 

I love games such as Gourmet Chef (FB) and The Sims where you can really get in and design but I am always put off by the 'do you want to buy cash' ad's that tend to pop up or force you to add people or put things on your wall. If I could choose I would take the design aspects from these games. 

I love platform games like Spyro, Sonic and Super Mario Worlds (showing my age) and like most other ladies [or magpies] I love things that are pretty, look nice, easy to follow and aren't too severe so I would take the platform game aspect from these games. 

Mystery levels, mystery items and awards are all exciting so again I would add these as they keep me determined and interested. 

My game would be a world where you run your own businesses and run a town. You can build your own homes, shops, roads and you had to hold events to get the public interest up. (like concerts, build cinema's, sports events and various forms of entertainment). 

When you build your world to get some of the higher quality items like plush pads, boutique shops and better shop products you have to enter into a platform game level where you have to collect X amount of coins/tickets/magic stars and if you do you can earn hearts. Hearts can be used for purchasing the high quality items and allow you to progress further in the game. 

To keep you involved like Gourmet Chef and The Sims you will have to go and make sure the shops are stocked, the houses are being tended too and the events are going to plan, you earn coins for doing these daily tasks and if you don't then the shops will go bankrupt and the events will be cancelled (which is not good). 

I think it would be awesome because it would satisfy my need to design, to progress and I am a tad pig headed when it comes to things like this because I know I should just give up but I get so determined that I 'must' continue.

Sound wise anything some modern girly music would be fantastic, I do like it when computers give you the option of choosing the music and possibly adding in an aspect where you get to choose better songs if you plan an event or open up higher levels or specialist items. Anything by Justin Beiber, Girls Aloud, P!nk, Example, Taylor Swift or Kei$ha are a must. They maybe cheesy but for some reason I just don't get fed up of their cheesy tunes. 

I may try to draw my game inspiration (don't laugh) If I manage it without chucking something out of the window I will upload it. 

What would your perfect computer game be and why?

Betrousse: Pretty Beauty Box

This is a bit later than I wanted to post but you have all probably had the winter bug that's going about as did my little monsters. However during my short 'holiday' I have been testing out my Betrousse Pretty Beauty Box goodies. 

This particular box was a real mixed bag for me, not that I disliked it or the products contained inside but mainly because it felt all over the place with the types of products and the product styles. 
The pretty box however was stuffed full with lots of lovely products such as eyeshadow, lip-gloss, nail varnish, cleansing gel and cupcake cream (read more on that later) and more. 

This Betrousse beauty has 9 full sized products which is absolutely amazing if you consider it's competitors that have on average five products with only 1 or 2 being full sized or large sample sized. Currently Betrousse main competitors are Amarya, Glossybox, She Said Beauty and Joliebox. There are others but I feel these ones are the main one's within the U.K. 

So what did I receive in my box? 

* Papier Poudre blotting papers three pack - Costs £7.95. Each of these books of blotting papers holds 65 sheets. I absolutely love the Papier Poudre blotting papers having tried them from another beauty box previously,  I tend to keep one in my handbag, one at work and one at home as I can't go through the day without my lunchtime blot. I use to hate having shiny skin and these papers take away the extra sebum and leave me with super soft skin. What's not to love about that?

* Yves Rocher Organic Refreshing Cleanser - Costs £11 for a 200ml bottle and was wonderful at cleaning my skin at the end of the day without stripping it or leaving it feeling greasy or on the other end of the scale tight. 

*Yves Rocher Sexy Plump Volume Gloss - Costs £13.90 and it's the red gloss you see in the picture. This gloss was the right amount of pretty but glamorous and was suitable for both day and nightwear. It's easy to apply and has a non sticky texture that 'plump's up your lights slightly. Personally I didn't notice a difference with the lip plumping but I was really impressed with how nice this was on and how it didn't leave my hair sticking to my lips when I went outside. 

* Vera Valenti Eyeshadow Palette - Costs £2 I know some people received a pink version and some received the grey lilac version. I wasn't too impressed with this at all and personally I feel it may have been this eyeshadow palette that brought the tone of the box down a peg or two. The packaging is very flimsy and my eyeshadow palette came off a hinge when I first opened it. The colours are nice and have a slight metallic shine to them but the colours don't transfer on to the eyelid very well and you are left with a faded bland look to the eye. This is possibly a good palette for younger teens or those starting out with make-up. 

*Saffron Black Crackle Nail Polish - Costs 75p. One word No! No! No! I did try this out and it cracked well but scratched off far too easily and within the hour my nails looked like a cracked mess. I was so hoping that  this little 75p nail polish was going to be my amazing find, the polish to really wow me and the one that I would tell everyone about but it wasn't to me unfortunately. 

 Essyta Cosmetics body moisturising lotion for dry skin.- Costs £13.50 for a 250ml bottle. This lotion was a godsend as it's super cold, the central heating is on more and my skin was really suffering from the winter blues. After having my relaxing bath I decided to try this out and applied it to my legs and feet. I personally found the herbal scent of the lotion too much and had to wash it off but that was me personally. I tried it again the next night on my feet and it really did moisturise them and take away that horrible dry feeling, the scent is something I think I will grow to like but I doubt I would repurchase this once it's finished. 

*Cupcake Organic Frankincense and Orange day cream, - Costs £16ml for a 30ml. I was so excited to read 'cupcake' I had thought it would be sweet smelling or contain some sweet ingredient or be in an equally pretty pot made of cupcake yellows and oranges like it's super cute box, this wasn't the case and while the bright orange (excellent quality) pot was nice and unusual it didn't seem to register as having anything to do with what I perceived as being cupcake or cake like at all? The scent also was herbal and I disliked it but that maybe due to my sheer love and passion for anything cupcake-y. My cousin tried it and found it was fantastic.  

*  Kesari Radieuse Anti-Age cream - Costs £47 for 30ml. Wow what a price tag I love anything anti-ageing as I really believe that no-one is too young or too old to treat the signs of ageing naturally. It has great reviews and comes in a cute lilac pump tube. I am going to review this product separately after Christmas because I really want to give it a fair shot and be able to give you the full facts on how well this product does. 

Arganti 100% Pure Argan Oil. - Costs £10 for 60 ml. There has been alot of hype about natural oils and Argan oils in particular, I love natural oils but to be honest I was terrified of them before trying them out. This product can be used on both your hair, skin and cuticles and while it doesn't look exciting or smell gorgeous the products itself really improves your hair and skin noticeably. 

The Betrousse Pretty Beauty Box costs only £19 in which you receive goods to the value of £122 which is an amazing bargain. So far I have no doubts that Betrousse are way ahead of it's competitors and their customer service is especially worthy of noting for being so awesome. 

Betrousse's next box is the Christmas box but you can still purchase the Pretty box HERE  on their website or why not drop them a visit over on Facebook HERE 

Did you receive your Betrousse Beauty Box? What did you think about it's contents. 

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Bassbuds: Music for my heart and sparkles for my ears

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and I decided to start the Christmas countdown a little bit early so you can be super organised. First on my must have list are Bassbuds and they are especially fantastic for music lovers of all ages, I received these new pink  Bassbuds  from the classics collection at the weekend and I have to say I still have a huge grin on my face. 

Here's the important stuff about Bassbuds. 

*Bassbuds come in 20 colours, colour is important to me personally and I love how Bassbuds have taken into account the tastes of their customers. I love the pink but I am also coveting the Harmony buds from the 2012 fashion collection.  which are red and pink and so very Cath Kidston. 

*They include Crystaltronic technology which ensures Bassbuds give out a high performance sound quality. 

*They come with a range of accessories such as a protective case, 6 pairs of silicone tips and 3 pairs of memory foam tips which make listening super comfortable. 

*They are made of aluminium and are very lightweight. 

*Anti tangle double wrapped cord because we know your pocket thinks it's a boy scout and tries to make all of those super difficult to mend knots. 

*They are compatible with all smartphones. 

*Bassbuds are only a fraction of the price of their competitors but with the same or better quality and performance. 

Having tested these babies out I can genuinely say they do meet all of the claims above and then some.  They fitted my Galaxy Note and my husbands Iphone easily and look so sleek and expensive. I know that if you buy these for a lucky someone for Christmas, they are going to be amazed how how much you spent on them (just let them think that, I won't tell if you don't) and how great your taste is. 

As many of you know I love music and I love fashion so these really ticked many boxes for me personally, I initially thought that Crystaltronic technology was just going to be a fancy word that was used to try and sell the product but I noticed the difference in sound quality straight away, previously I would have had to turn up my volume just to try and hear the words clearly to my Rihanna or Katy Perry ( don't judge), normally some songs sound muffled or fuzzy but the Bassbuds gave off sound that was clear and smooth if that makes any sense, it really is the only words I can use to describe them.

and then there is the Swarovski crystals which is simply stunning, they really shine and are so much more amazing in person than what they look like from the picture above. Any females recipients will adore these sparkly buds straight away, I promise you that. 

If you fancy taking a peek at the amazing colours or the Bassbuds range then click on over HERE

BassBuds are offering  you guys an amazing £5 discount off your purchase just enter BB38478  at the checkout. (Thank you Bassbuds). 

Which colour do you think you would choose? 

I hope that makes your Christmas buying easier as you can now tick off 1 (or 2 or 3) presents and sit back and relax with a mulled wine or two. 

Hugs & Kisses

Sweet Elyse 

Shabby Style

I love my house, in an ideal world it would be cosy, spacious and sumptuous with lots of textures, hints of pattern and pops colour slightly darker than pastel tones. 

I adore the french sophisticated type of decor embellishments such as the whites with the bold typography and I love wood, polka dots, stripes and anything that looks homemade (but made well). I have been coveting the shabby chic style since I was little but it really made a huge impact on me when I watched a TV programme with Cath Kidston and she was showing how to set a table, rather than the standard matching place mats and pretty cutlery she had mixed reds, pinks, whites, blues and yellows... I mean god forbid anyone mix red and pink right?

I was hooked from then on, I knew that mixing those colours was so very bad in the fashion world but Cath just made it so effortlessly chic and I wanted my home to be the same. Taking a look at furniture and decor items over the years there is a couple of things that stands out. 

1. They are either hugely expensive and unattainable unless you win the lottery. 
2. They are either created by people who want to make a quick buck rather than creating because they love the craft. I love shabby chic but not shabby. 

Because the phenomenon of 'make do and mend' has swept the nation there are more companies trying their hand at offering shabby products to their customer, some do it very well and some not so much. 

I came across this new company called The Shabby Est. Home (shortened variation of The Shabby Established Home) on Facebook and was sent a few pieces to review. 

Initially I found that I was drawn in with the great mix of french shabby inspired classic pieces and the colourful fun side that shabby presents a la Cath Kidston. Looking through the folders there are sizes in the descriptions but it can be hard to tell just how well made the items are or how large they are, I am rubbish with sizes so when something says 30 cm I have no idea off the top of my head how big or small that maybe. 

The items that were sent are: 

1. Hettie Rose 2 tier cake stand: This is a 2 tier ceramic cake stand and is so very much in the style of the great Cath Kidston. I adore this cake stand and have it on display on my table even when there are no cakes on it. I was thinking it would look cute also in my bedroom with the amount of accessories I have. This is only £12, I have seen other sellers selling something similar or even only 1 tier for double to triple the price. 

2. Metal Hanging Hearts : These gorgeous hearts come in 2 colours and from looking a the picture you would think they were painted wood or something quite dull. I was really surprised once these arrived because the white pattern has a flocked feel to them and they are really well made. The hearts ( I received both silver and gold). 

3.Shabby French Inspired Frame:  I was shocked by the weight of this frame, it looks very expensive and t be honest I am use to seeing cheap frames. This frame is sturdy and thick and heavy which really makes me believe it should be much more than the £7.50 price tag that The Shabby Est. Home are selling it for. I changed a picture of my sons into black and white (I just had to) and it looks amazing in this classic french inspired frame. The frame slot is 4 x 6 so fits standard photo prints easily. 

4. My Little Prince Sign:  I was asked if I wanted the boy or girl version and as a mum of boys it was the prince I opted for. This is 47 cm and costs only £8, this is again really sturdy and really well made. The sign is thick and comes with added hangers on the back to secure to your wall or door. The wood is plank size! and for only £8 I am utterly in shock at the quality. 

5. Rustic Wooden Ornaments:  These are cute at 20 cm (again they are bigger than they look in the picture) these can be used all year long with the exception of the tree of course. They are £4.50 for the three pack and they are so sturdy. The wood has a grainy effect and the ribbon just sets them off giving them the right amount of folk and Scandi homeliness. 

6. Live The Life You Love Sign: This sign only costs £9 and it is a gorgeous sturdy and surprisingly large 35 cm sign. I have hung this in my hallway so I see it every morning before I and my sons leave the house. They know what the sign means and it has become something of a family rules saying in our household. This really is worth at least double the price I would say. 

7. Bear Necessities bear with bird ornament:  If you love Willow Tree ornaments you will love these adorable bears. There are a few in the collection and they are so well made, they really do look as though they were made by the same creator as Willow Tree, I mean who could turn down that cute little bear face? This little fella only costs £6.60! and is a great size also of 13 cm. 

8. Tin & Twine hanging heart:  A must have in any shabby home, tin hanging hearts. These are 32 cm apparently but for those who are equally as silly with measurements they are a good length, they look cute hanging from walls, doors and drawer nobs as well as Christmas tree's (which I will be purchasing more for). They are only would you believe a measly £1.50! I was thinking they would be great for adding to gift parcels also for an expensive looking present. 

The recurring things I noticed about all of the products was that each of them were made of far better materials than I imagined they would be from looking at the pictures, the products were all very luxurious and were not products I would have easily sourced via the high street. If I was to find them on the high street they would have been in higher end department stores such as Debenhams but for at least triple the price. 

The Shabby Est. Home have taken a leaf out of Modcloth's books and add products to a couple of pre-order folders on their Facebook. They have advised that they like their followers to comment or like the products they would like to see The Shabby Est. Home providing, I think this is an excellent way of engaging customers and really offering customers the chance to shop at a business that cares about it's customers. 

If you wish to take a peek at The Shabby Est. Home you can do so by heading HERE
they do deliver worldwide and send all purchases via courier delivery which only costs £3.00 regardless of how much you purchase! 

Be quick because the big jolly man will be visiting soon and Christmas deliveries will be closing soon. 

Hope you had a fabby shabby weekend. 
Hugs & Kisses

WIN: Week Supply of Little Miracles Tea Drink


Little Miracle Drinks come in 3 flavours and are really delicious, each of the flavours contains panax ginseng which boosts flagging energy levels and boosts your health and immune systems. 

If you're not a fan of drinking tea you need not worry as these don't taste like tea at all, Little Miracle drinks are refreshing and taste like an adult juice drink see the flavours below. 

Green Tea & Ginseng, Pomegranate & Acai
White Tea &  Ginseng, Cherry & Acai
Black Tea & Ginseng, Peach & Acai

What Can I Win? 

We will be drawing 3 winners on November the 4th at midday (Sunday, UK time) and runners up prizes will be draw on Monday. 

The winners will receive a weeks supply which is 36 bottles of Little Miracle Tea in a variety of the 3 flavours. 

How to enter

♥ Head to our Facebook Page Sweet Elyse Blog HERE and 'like' the page (up the top, like the page not the post) We will be checking all likes against entries. 

♥ Find the WIN post on our Facebook page and 'like' and share it. 

♥ Once you have liked our Facebook page, liked the win post and shared please comment to say you have liked and shared.  

Additional Entries

Gain an additional entry for tweeting about the competition. Please copy & paste the tweet below: 

WIN:Week Supply Of Little Miracles Drink, Head to to enter Ends Nov 4th @sweetelyseuk @OrganicMiracles x

Blog about the giveaway for an additional 10 entries - Please comment below or on Facebook with your blog post link. 

Terms & Conditions

1.All entries who have not liked and shared the posts will be disqualified. 
2. All entries who have not followed Sweet Elyse Blog over on Facebook will be disqualified. 
3. All entries who do not have the shared post on their page at the time of delivering the winners prize will also be disqualified. 
4. This competition is in no way run by or held by Facebook and Facebook are not liable in any way shape or form. 
5. Elyse Silver will choose the flavour mix, you will get at least 1 of each flavour  and each prize will contain  a mixture of all 3 flavours up to a maximum of 36 bottles. 
6. This competition is open to worldwide entries. 
7. This competition is kindly run in association with Little Miracles Tea. Little Miracles Tea have donated the prize but are in no way shape or form liable for any prizes or the running of this competition. 

Review || Mini Gycro Zoomer Helicopter

The cutest little 'copter around. 

The mini remote control helicopter from Paramount Zone is  only 11 cm long and will fit comfortably in palm of your hand. It is really light but I found after a few attempts that it is very sturdy. This mini helicopter is so much fun so and as soon as Mr Postman delivered this beauty I had to *smiles* give it a go right there and then.  One of the features I loved was the multicoloured lights and I know that kids love the lights too, at night time the are amazing! 

Pretty Lights

I know many might be thinking that it will be easily broken or gosh that must be hard to navigate with as those where the initial thoughts I had before trying it out and to be honest, this is so much easier to use than the average remote control car (bumped table legs anyone?) Although the age is 14 years upwards my five and six-year-old sons were able to control the gyro helicopter with ease and on their own.   

The mini remote control helicopters are made from a 'crash-resistant' material and it comes with spare back propellers and main blade so if you do need to make a repair you can do so straight away. So far, we haven't had any major crashes and haven't had to use the spare parts. I think it's an excellent idea to have these parts and this is one of the features that impressed me. 

The Gyro Zoomer Helicopter can be charged via USB (20 minutes) also which again makes playing with it so easy as you don't need to hunt around for batteries, with Christmas coming up there is nothing worse than kiddies getting a new toy and not having any batteries. The gyro helicopter in my opinion, is a heap of fun for all ages, is sturdy and innovative and is something that will make a wonderful gift for all ages.

You can check this out and lots of other cool gadgets (for less than £20 may I add) over on the Paramount Zone website. 

 photo NEW.png

Desktop Cup Warmer || Hot Coffee While You Work

Look what Mr Postman brought me.... 

I am a huge coffee fan but as a mum and business woman, I find that I rarely get to enjoy a nice warm cuppa unless I head out to Starbucks. My friends are all grossed out when I go to drink my coffee that's been sitting since 9 am at 3 pm but to me it's completely normal, right? 

As much as I enjoy the cold taste of coffee beans and sugar I would prefer to drink it warm and this is where the desktop cup warmer saves the day. It's a simple little gadget that really helps get me through the day and it also saves me a heap of money as I no longer head off to Starbucks. 

To use the desktop cup warmer you simple connect the warmer to your laptop or computer via the USB and the warm plate that your cup sits on keeps your brew toasty and warm and also stops your table being ruined as the warm plate acts as a coaster. 

The desktop cup warmer costs £4.99 and delivery is free over on the Paramount Zone website. I love this little gadget so much, no-one else in my family is getting their hands on it. *hehe* 
Who else wants a brew? I'll go put the kettle on...

 photo NEW.png

Paramount Zone || Heat it up Cute Hand Warmer


Did you remember to turn your clocks back an hour? If not go do it right now, I hate this time of year when it turns into Winter, although I love winter fashions such as warm slouchy boots, gorgeous soft layered knitwear and fluffy hats and mittens I cannot bear the chilly edge in the mornings. 

I actually have Reynaud's disease which is a condition that leaves you super cold because the blood doesn't circulate well enough and year after year I purchase hand warmers, you know the ones you pop the metal disc and they slowly heat up and then cool down. I find that when they heat up they are oh-so-wonderful but minutes later you're back to being your chilly old self.  

Well, Paramount Zone sell hand warmers (pictured above) but they are reusable! yes, you heard that right these babies are reusable. There are a few design options I chose the water bottle design but you can get more risque designs over on the website. They only cost £2.99 and come with free delivery which is a fantastic price don't you think? 

To use the hand warmers, you snap the metal disc inside the warmer and the pack will slowly start to get warm section by section as the liquid crystallises. The warmer stays warm for thirty minutes so pop them into your mittens or pockets and head out into the cold. To further reuse these (sigh, I love how these are reusable) you place them into a jug of boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes until the liquid goes soft again and the warmer can be used when it becomes cool enough to use. 

Yay for warm hands. If you want to purchase these you can head to the Paramount Zone website. 

 photo NEW.png

Review // October Joliebox Review

Yay, Joliebox time again and like before Joliebox again has impressed me. For those who haven't heard of Joliebox I'll start by telling you that they are a beauty box company similar to  Glossybox and Amarya. It costs £10 per month to subscribe to Joliebox and there are no tie In's or contracts so you really can treat yourself for one month or more if you fancy. 

I have so far tried all of the beauty boxes and many of the other companies have let me down. Even the good boxes still made me think 'are they really worth it' that is until I started with Joliebox. Want to see what goodies I received....? 

Contents included: 

Balance Me, balancing facial moisturiser (trial sized)
I was happy with this because I have become a bit partial to Balance me as a brand. I have noticed a difference in my under eye area with their eye cream and their hand cream works a treat. I will update you with the review on this product. 

Ritessens Exfoliant (full sized)
Ritessens is a French brand that use Moroccan argan oil and natural plant extracts as their ingredients. I was eager to try this product due to it containing argan oil and my skin becoming quite dry and sensitive with this rubbish weather. The product reminds me somewhat or Apri exfoliator as it also is creamy with little grains in it and has a slight fruity scent. The application was easy and the grains are the right size for exfoliating into the nooks and cranny's of the face. After washing off my skin felt clean but moisturised rather than dry, red and sore. 
Had this not been in the Joliebox I doubt I would have purchased it as the packaging doesn't 'wow' but you can tell it is a luxury product due to the additional fancy box the tube comes in. (rubbish brands don't bother with additional fancy packaging). 

Moa The Green Balm (trial) 
I love The Green Balm and did so prior to getting this little trial sized in my box. Moa balm is great for anything from dry chapped lips, dry elbows, under eye moisturiser, cuticle balm, stray hair fixed to eyebrow taming. It really is a multi use product that isn't packed with any nasty ingredients. 

LOV Organic 
You might think it's strange that Joliebox would put tea in a beauty box and I know some bloggers thought just that, I believe that tea is a great beauty product due to it being packed with Zinc and antioxidants as well as keeping you hydrated and your skin perky. If you're not a big tea lover why not make some tea and use it as a hair rinse for ultra glossy locks or even use it to soothe puffy eyes or use as a toner? I also awarded LOVE Organics points for their adorable packaging. 

Jason Bee Healthier Lip Balm Stick 
I so wanted to love this product but as soon as I took it out of my box I was in a huff with it, why you ask? firstly the labelling wasn't fully stuck on to the product which is petty I know but it gave the product as less than professional look, secondly, the labelling is so boring and didn't make me eager to try it out. I love to make my own cosmetics and lip balms and because I love my own handmade balm I have become a lip balm snob.  Jason lip balms are 70% organic (not hugely impressive either) but I decided to try the little stick out, it has a strong peppermint oil flavouring which tingles upon application, the balm is moisturising but it has a huge novice fail! the balm itself is grainy. 

Grainy balms are caused when you're making a product containing Shea butter and beeswax. Beeswax needs high heat to melt and, Shea butter has a lower melting point. A novice would melt them together and then pour once melted but someone in the 'know' would know that you melt the beeswax and then take off the heat adding the Shea butter at that point stirring until melted. Shea butter will melt at a lower heat due to the beeswax being hot, this stops the balm from turning grainy once cooled. 

With Jason lip balms being a professional company I was slightly worried that if they could make a simple mistake like grainy balm what other mistakes could they make? 

What do you think about the October Joliebox?  What goodies have you been getting recently? I love to hear your comments so please link your posts below and leave me a comment or two, I always reply. 

Edit: Joliebox is now called Birchbox. 

Funzee || The Fight Against Jack Frost

We are all feeling the nip from Jack Frost here in Scotland and to be honest, I hate it! especially this morning. I woke up and darling Mr Sweet Elyse had put on the heating to warm up the house but it was still far too cold and that was even with my fluffy spot socks. ( I know I am so cool). I find when the cold hits fashion sort of goes out of the window, it becomes more about keeping warm and wearing fantastic textures such as boucle, warm cotton, wools and cashmere. 

So this morning I got up in my cool garb, I sat on the couch with 2 cushions snuggled around me and my house coat wrapped around me and I was still feeling that nasty icy nip so I started thinking what the heck could I put on just so I could get the courage to go and get dressed.  Then, it started to rain! so that was that it was decided that today was going to be  work from home, craft and play with the little princes and get up to date with everything sort of day. This still didn't help my predicament of what to do to keep warm until..... 

I remembered my Funzee! all hail for the Funzee! You're probably wondering what the heck a funzee is so I thought I would put up a pic of what it is. It can also be described as a 'onesie' and is a one-piece suit made of soft, fluffy material that closes with a zip from the naval to the neck. 

This baby is super soft and is a fleece material. My Funzee is white with the blue cuffs and is super warm and cosy. No frost gets into nip my skin 

I got my Funzee from here I chose the white as I tend to go for classic colours, as much as I love patterns I get bored easily and classic colours never go out of style.  Funzee offer the Onesie in a range of colours and patterns such as stripes, due coloured, hooded and ones with no hoods, wizard print and also leopard print. 

The onesie's are made of either 100% polar fleece (which is what mine is made of) or 100% cotton so if you're typically hot all the time I'd advise to go for the 100% cotton. The polar fleece is super soft, the cuffs are also well made and give the onesie great shape. 

I was also surprised because at 5ft 1 I tend to find that most onesie's are too long, they drag on the floor or they become baggy around the crotch and bottom area, this was different in that the sizes are specifically made for heights rather than sizes and therefore, fitted me as though it had been custom made. 

I will put up pics of Little prince wearing the Funzee later on as they wanted to prove to me how it would fit them as they wanted to steal it once it arrived! let's just say there was a grumpy little prince when it became clear it was too long for them. 

The Funzee onesie's cost £26.95 and I will be buying my mum one for Christmas, I'm thinking the leopard print as I know she will adore it.  

Which Funzee onesie would you choose? 

 photo NEW.png

Etsy // Unique Fashion Statements

Normally I post fashions and styles that are readily available online and in the high streets while there is nothing wrong with those fashions I wanted to focus on fashion and individuality for this post.  I'm finding that fashion lovers are going to more extremes to be individuals, some of it works and some of it well, really doesn't. Outside of fashion and beauty I love the whole handmade, make do and mend craft movement and try to dabble as much as possible. I feel that many of the accessories and personal unique points that you can have in your style can be achieved by crafting something with items you have.

If you don't feel brave enough to give crafting a go, why not look outside of the box and go for handmade clothing and accessories. With handmade you can be sure that those local to you won't be wearing the same pieces. With each purchase, you will be buying the time and effort of the creator and supporting local and small business's put food in their families bellies.

So taking my own advice I have tried to make these changes, I have also chosen 4 outfits from Etsy creators that can be mixed and matched with high street items to achieve a really individual style. Which of the 4 outfits would you wear?

















Do you buy handmade? Do you make handmade clothing or accessories? If you do please link up below with your blog posts, pictures and links.I've chosen 4 different styles that you cannot purchase on the high street. Which look is your favourite? Hope you're all having a fantastic, crafty and stylish weekend,