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Normally I stick to brands such as Clinique but I decided to stop being so prissy and test the whole water. I'd heard good things about Nivea DNAge Eye Cream and while I don't normally veer towards the Nivea brand I decided to throw caution to the wind and purchase a little pot. 

I just ordered the small 15ml pot from Ebay which only cost £3.50 - bargain. The packaging stated that it contains folic acid to reduce wrinkles and puffiness, I've never really considered folic acid products outside of being pregnant but what the hell eh. 

The cream is quite fluid so you need to get your dab on pretty quickly. I've been applying it twice a day for the last three weeks and while I've not noticed any major changes I can definitely say it soothes tired eyes. I'm not sure if I'd notice major differences even with the best product in the world as I've only got crows feet and delicate fine lines, however it may be stopping more from popping up - who knows really. 

I do know that the delicate eye area does need hydrating more so than the rest of the face, fine lines can appear when your skin gets dehydrated and I don't care to test out that theory if I'm being honest. I'd recommend this for those looking to add another step into their skincare regime. I doubt it would do much for those who have more visible wrinkles and crows feet as it's too fluid, if they'd made it with a thicker formula or even thinned it out to a serum then it would be fantastic but I suppose you get what you pay for don't you. 

The little pot surprisingly lasts a while, it's not scented at all and if you fancy getting your mitts on your own pot you can get it from the normal stores such as Boots and Superdrug

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