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Happy Daddy's Day

It's officially daddy's day on Sunday the 17th, this Sunday and it's one day that I love and get excited for. As a mummy to 3 little monsters, we all love to plan what to get their daddy and my husband but find that it can be hard to choose just the right thing to show just how much love you have for that special guy in our life. 

My dad is no longer with us and after my dad's passing, I found that I appreciated him more than I had when he was with us which in effect made it harder to cope not having him here. Now that I have my own little monsters I think it's important to really celebrate daddy's day.... which is why I am so excited! 

My ex-husband is a quirky dude, he doesn't drink, isn't hugely into cars, isn't into golf and doesn't have a sweet tooth, he doesn't smoke, he's fussy with his clothing and although he likes football he isn't one of those guys that like to surround themselves with football memorabilia. 

So what do you get someone who doesn't need anything or doesn't want anything (apart from a kiss and a hug from his little monsters)?

I have trawled the internet and found my top 7 items that I think show that special man just how cool, funky and special he really is. 

1. TOMS, Ash Canvas Shoes. These go with everything, they look fashionable, easy to wear and help the environment and charity all in one. 

2. Yellow Owl Workshop bicycle pendant. Retro cool, it has black, bikes and retro-ness, what's not to love?

3. East of India, Dad you're the best card So sweet, child-like but ultra cool. It has a Mini on it!!

4.Lego Inspired Red Silicone Notebook. Great for any geek, note taker or businessman. 

5. Hand drawn pictures. You can turn these into mugs, cushions, canvas images and more. Why not go the custom route. 

6. Diana + Camera. Get him learning a new skill so he's not stealing all of the biscuits!

7 My cape is invisible T-shirt . Because all daddies are superheroes in disguise. 

And if daddy doesn't love these gifts, you can always steal them! Just say you're being eco-friendly and that you really care about recycling. For those who aren't naturally sneaky inclined here's a script:

'Oh no darling I didn't know you wouldn't use them..... *sigh* I suppose I should just use them with the earth going down the pan.... recycling and all....*sigh*   (walks away with a b-i-g smile!) 

So what are you going to do on Sunday? Any special plans? Any amazing gifts that you have come across? 

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