Beauty Blunders || Top 20 List of 2012

I was reading a list of beauty's biggest blunders compiled by The Daily Mail and it got me thinking about beauty mishaps and just make-up went bad. Some of the items on the list I feel was very unfair and other items I suppose looking bad are ghastly but were in at the time. 

Daily Mail's Top 25 Beauty Blunders

1. Heavily penciled eyebrows (Scouse Brow) 
2. Foundation marks around the chin
3. Trout pouts
4. Over-plucking of eyebrows
5. Dark lip-liner with pale lipstick
6. Palms of hands going orange from not washing after applying tan
7. Monobrow
8. Greasy hair
9. Hairy Legs
10. Lipstick on teeth
11. Too much make-up
12. Yellow teeth
13. Too much blusher
14. Yellow hard skin on feet
15. Gems stuck onto your tooth
16. Lip liner outside the edge of the lips
17. Bad hair extensions
18. Clumpy mascara
19. Gelling hair to your face in swirls
20. Pierced fingernails
21. Fake beauty spots
22. Sunburn
23. Roots showing 
24. Panda eyes from sunbathing in sunglasses
25.  Wearing make-up in bed

The 'Scouse brow' or heavily penciled eyebrows was in at the time but it's not something I personally have done. The reports seem to think Kate Middleton has a 'Scouse brow' which is complete nonsense!  I didn't think it was fair also the yellow teeth as some people don't plan to have yellow teeth nor do they have money to whiten their teeth. 

The Make-up in bed was just silly as who really sees you? I don't wear make-up in bed but still think that really does it need to be on a list? So this list got me thinking about what I would perceive as being a beauty no-no. 

 Being as ruthless as the Daily Mail here is my list. 

1. Orange Fake Tan
2. Streaky or flaky fake tan. 
3. Foundation tide marks
4. Too much blusher. 
5. Missing teeth ( I realise this comes into a not everyone fault category) 
6. Excessive false lashes - Why? 
7. Acrylic nails with huge cabochon and diamant√©. How do you wipe? enough said really. 
8. A foundation that is far too light and makes the wearer look like a geisha. 
9. Chipped nail varnish. 
10. Dirty fingernails (unless you work somewhere that it's unavoidable.)
11. Mascara that leaves your lashes looking like spiders. 
12. Dual toned lip liner. 
13. White eyes from sunbathing. 
14. Monobrows.
15.Too much hair product.
16. Blonde hair that has turned yellow. 
17. Excessively greasy hair
18. Fake face tattoo's 
19. Hairy legs/armpits
20. Heavily Bitten nails. 

What would your list look like? 


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