Joliebox September 2012 || Review

This is my first Joliebox and won't be my last, for those who have read my reviews of other boxes such as the Amitee, She Said Beauty and Amarya you will have noticed that although I liked them, they didn't wow me. I love to be wowed and to be fair I probably am quick hard to impress. 

This little box of goodness was delivered last week and I was firstly impressed with the box! the top part is red and the bottom is forest green with a mustard yellow panel at the front. It felt as though it had been inspired by Autumn and the heritage fashion trend that sweeping the catwalks and stores at the moment. 

When I lifted the lid I didn't know what to expect to be honest, was it going to be wrapped in pretty tissue paper like She Said Beauty or was it going to be snuggled into some eco wood bits like Amarya and Amitee? Well, Joliebox chose neither option backing up my thoughts on this box being different from all of the rest. 

Joliebox items are not only packaged in a wonderfully coloured box [that is reusable] but they are bedded in a pull tie black bag with the Joliebox Paris being printed in white along the side. This felt much more like luxury in comparison to the other beauty box companies out there. I know you are all probably eager to find out what goodies I got so here goes: 

Balmi Lip Balm in Blackcurrant

This is a full sized product and is very much the same as EOS Lipbalm spheres, however, I found Balmi much easier to open, easier to apply, much more moisturising than the EOS, which is surprising given that EOS is made of much more natural ingredients. 

To use Balmi you simply twist the top and the bottom of the sphere, inside you will find a semi-sphere of natural balm which you rub over your lips as you would any other lip balm product. Balmi however, is unusual in that it's spherical and you can actually get usage of all of the product due to the packaging shape. 

Balmi also can be used on key rings or mobiles as it has a handy little keyring string attached which I think is innovative. I noticed that some people are not too keen on the blackberry flavour but I found it to be nice and it smells gorgeous. You can really smell the blackcurrant as soon as you take it out of its little box. The full sized product is 10.5g and it also comes in other flavours such as Mint with a little tingle, Coconut, Strawberry and Raspberry. 

Twistbands - Hair Ties. 

Again these are full sized products and Joliebox added 2 in to the box. I 'think' I received the Army Green and Banana because the two I received where a shimmery green coloured one a shimmery yellow colour. Your probably wondering what these are? Twistbands are new hair ties and hair bands that you can use to keep your hairstyle in tact which still looking stylish. I know some bloggers have been wondering what the purpose the product has but I instantly loved these and here's why. 

Normal hairbands can pull, snap and damage the hair through rubbing, catching on elastic parts and metal components. I have naturally fine hair that stresses the living daylights out of me, I have tried the bands that have no metal parts [and they snap easily], I have tried the fabric scrunchies [but they look ridiculous] and I have tried using Kirby's and clips [my fine hair slips through the grips], none have really wowed me until now. 

At first, I thought surely these will un-knot at some point, but having since tested them both out rigorously I am a convert, these held my hair securely, looked chic and when I wasn't wearing them I secured them on my wrist and my college friends thought it was a new accessory like friendship bracelets. Having taken a peek on their website I can see that you can design your own as well as choose from a huge range of styles and colours. 

Thumbs up for Twistbands!  

Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion

This is a 30ml sized lotion product that you apply to damp hair and then dry to get straight, healthy and protected locks. I haven't tried this product yet but I am a big fan of Redkens products in general. I don't think I have come across a product that I didn't like in any of their ranges. This product does have a scent which reminds me of talcum powder and delicate white florals, I will be happy to have hair that smells this pretty. I will update you on the outcome of this once I try it. 

I LOVE... Face Mask

I hadn't heard of 'I Love...' before receiving this in my Joliebox so decided to Google them and found that they are stocked mostly in Superdrugs. This product was a 15ml sachet of Coconut face mask and is also a full sized product. The sachet says 'moisturising and reviving with yummy fruit extracts' and says it's suitable for all skin types. Generally, I tend to stay away from Coconut scents due to them smelling too chemical and synthetic but I will give this a go and report back to you all on whether it is any good. 

and finally, Joliebox added in some extra samples of Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant. I loved these as you use them on dry skin, gently massage in circles and then rinse your face with warm tepid water. My skin felt wonderful after using this product, an hour after use it didn't feel tight and I didn't break out [some products do cause me to breakout especially when it's creamy]. The exfoliants in the Dr Bragi were so minuscule that I really did feel like my pores got cleaned thoroughly. 

Overall I was very impressed with the products and the service from Joliebox. I have since found out that Joliebox were bought over from the American company Birchbox who are the market leaders and founders of the beauty box concept. 

Like what I received? you can get your own September box if you subscribe before September the 30th. Head to HERE to visit the Joliebox website What are your opinions on the products? 

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Beautifying & Reminiscing with Miners

I was recently graced with a gorgeous bundle of Miners cosmetics which really made me happy. Well to be honest who would be un-happy with gorgeous shades of eyeshadows? not me that's for sure.

I'm not sure if you have heard about Miners cosmetics before but Miners are one of those companies who seem to me to have been around since forever, When I was younger Miners was the go-to brand, the equivalent of today's Barry M and where an affordable but modern brand that all teenagers loved.  Miners have been going strong for 75 years! Do you remember the hair mascara craze of the nineties? and also, the blocks of mascara that resembled eye shadows that you layered up on the eyelashes with a brush? If you do then chances are you will remember Miners cosmetics, Miners where the brand (or one of the originals) that started those crazes.

As a cosmetic loving teen beauty diva I did enjoy each of those crazes, and many more *blushes* and I thank Miners for that.So I opened up my little parcel on Monday to find Trio's and Solo's in the packaging, your wondering what the heck trio's and solo's are now aren't you? Trio's and Solo's are professional eyeshadows made by Miners Cosmetics and are where only launched this Autumn.

The Trio's have been designed to enhance beauty and create depth, think about smokey eyes or duo toned peepers. Trio's come in typical eyeshadow packaging but rather than having 1 solid eyeshadow block they come in 1 block but are graduated into 3 colours.

The clever thing is that each colour has a purpose, for example if you were doing a smoky eye, you would have your base coat, darker top colour and darker again to highlight and contour. Miners have created these eyeshadow collections with the consumer in mind. Each collection has a larger sized base colour in each so that you really get the most from each eyeshadow.

Solo's I'm guessing you know are self-explanatory, they are single eyeshadows with colours that are both classic inspired and also fashionable, really allowing you to take your makeup look from day to night. I noticed however that the Miners of my youth did not look nearly as luxurious and professional as the Miners I am currently looking at. The first thing is these eyeshadows are much more pigmented, they feel much smoother on the eyelids and blend like a dream. The colours also really pop and used over a primer they really withstand the hustles and bustles of the day.

Colours available as of September 2012:
♥ Trio's £3.99 each ♥

*Stone-Washed: Taking inspiration from stone washed jeans, this collection contains blue hues and a white tone that really has a lot of depth and I feel has a slight illuminating effect on the eyelid.

*Humbug: I adore this collection. It is an ultra sexy but classic collection and the base is the illuminating white  tone with a shimmery smoky black on one side teamed with a golden bronzed cappuccino colour. This palette is really multi-tonal.

*Goddess: Really self-explanatory, this collection teams greens with golden beige's for a really Grecian goddess look.

*Safari: This collection teams bronze tones with brown tones which look great for natural day looks but glam for an alternative smoky eye. This collection really is a day to night collection.
♥ Solo's £3.49 each ♥

*Jewel: This hue has been inspired by fashion and comprises of a deep emerald green with an undertone of gold that really makes this solo multi-dimensional.

*Stardust: This is the glamorous classic solo and is the most gorgeous golden natural shade. This can be used as both base and highlighter and works fantastically in the corners of your eyes to wake up your look. Why not try using this wet for a bold golden tone for night?

*Luna: Another fantastic classic solo but in white shimmer tones. Luna can be teamed up with all of the solo's and trio's again as a base or great blender for smoky eye looks.

*Nautical: 'Ello Sailor' This hue has been inspired by the ever popular nautical look. This solo is a matte blue hue that can give you a delicate eye to a really striking pigmented deep blue tone if you layer it up on top of itself. This is a really gorgeous tone and any eye colour can wear this. (forget the old 'rules' be bold)

Fantastic aren't they! Overall I was really impressed and still have a heap of playing to do with these collections. I also want to add a heap more items to my collections such as the Phat liners which are really chubby sticks that you use for the ultimate flick eyeliner and also really want the Tin 'O' Tint again as it is fantastic for cheeks and lips.

Miners are also now available in Harrods so if you are ever our shopping be sure to take a peek (on the 4th floor) I will be adding some vlog tutorials using Miners Cosmetics this weekend so keep your eyes peeled. Please feel free to comment with vlog requests and as always I love it when you leave me comments.

Hugs & Kisses

Style | Fall 2012 Trends

I love Autumn, it is by far my favourite season due to the gorgeous colours, the day gets darker quicker and the fashion gets so much more appealing and textural in my honest opinion.  As soon As August hits I start to see that those around me have a buzz of excitement around them, maybe it's due to Christmas preparations starting for some and maybe it's due to Halloween? whatever it is it's nice. 

When you think of Autumn what do you think of straight away? Pumpkins, leaves, woollen jumpers and hot cider? maybe you think about the autumn parties and what you will wear? Fashion for Autumn/Winter 2012 has completely blown me away taking for example, some of the recent and up and coming trends: 

Dolce Gabbana necklace 

Baroque is all about real opulent glamour, Golds mixed with amazing textural fabrics. It can look really over the top but for this season the less is more approach will look so much more chic. If you not a big fan of the baroque styles then why not try teaming a baroque-style necklace with your favourite dress or jeans and top? 

Wallpaper Prints


I love, love, love the current wallpaper print trend If you  think that it is only young teenagers who can get away with patterned trousers then think again. Wallpaper prints take the much-loved designs from your home into your wardrobe. Blossoms, flowers, scrolls and more you can't go wrong. Clashing prints in one tone look amazing as do these 'Greta' jeans from Boohoo. Try teaming your wallpaper print jeans with a pair of booties and a tunic top, pop over a leather biker jacket and some baroque jewels and you are the face of A/W fashion. 


Alice Olivia skirt
Leather is one of those Marmite trends, you either love it or hate it. This season why not give it a go? You can opt for mixing a few of this seasons trends such as the pleats and leather like this Alice Olivia skirt does or if you would like to keep the leather to a minimum why not try items that have hints of leather such as blazers or tops with leather binding? either way adding some leather in to your style will always give you an edge. 

Fair Isle

 A real Autumn/Winter staple trend for the last few years, rather than sticking to the generic Fair Isle pattern this year things have been mixed up with the Fair Isle designers mixing Fair Isle in to more glamorous pieces. Take for example this People Tree dress. People Tree have created this wonderful jacquard dress ticking the boxes for not only Fair Isle but also the baroque patterned dresses. 

Glitter & Sparkle 

H M dress

Glitter and Sparkle can be in any form your perceive it, from lurex materials to sequins and glitter. Colours however are best kept to the darker more autumnal shades such as this amazing H&M green glitter dress at only £40! I have actually purchased this because I know it is going to last me well in to the season and beyond. Does glitter ever go out of fashion? 



Pleats and pintucks are very in and again it's one of those trends that never fully leaves the hearts of fashion followers. Take for example this Romwe coat which ticks the autumn shade box as well as the decorative buttons being very baroque. This coat has very cleverly used pleats to enhance the figure of the wearer, no more dowdy coats this winter. 

As you can see you don't have to be a fashion victim to stay on trend this autumn winter, if there is a trend that your not too sure of, or not quite brave enough to wear fully then try teaming your capsule wardrobes with hints such as lace edgings, leather accessories, Aztec and wallpaper print bags and even bringing in some  Autumnal colours via your cosmetics and nail polish. 

These are the colours you should be aiming for, of course blacks, browns, silvers and golds are always going to be suitable. 

Fall colour pallet by Sweet Elyse. 

What colours are your fall favourites? Have you planned out your seasonal wardrobes yet? Have you been making anything for Autumn yet? Here's what I've been doing to get into the Autumnal mood.....

Toasting American Marshmallows

Since I live in the U.K and it is so wet, we don't tend to have many camp fires to toast our marshmallows on. I went on a standard trip to the supermarket yesterday which is now starting to stock many American brands such as Reece's and Hershey's and came across this bag of Rocky Mountain marshmallows. Upon closer inspection I freaked when I realised why the bag was so damn heavy, these mallows are HUGE! 

See on the left the mallow beside the 10p piece it completely overshadows it and in all honesty, this mallow is slightly smaller than my own hand! So me being me, I set off on a mission to find out how I could toast this monster and the only (but effective) solution was to toast it over a tea light. It took an age but it was sooooo yummy that it really was worth it! 

Have you tried these mallows? 

So I'll leave you just now but wanted to say an early Happy Fall to all of my readers. 

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