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I love Autumn, it is by far my favourite season due to the gorgeous colours, the day gets darker quicker and the fashion gets so much more appealing and textural in my honest opinion.  As soon As August hits I start to see that those around me have a buzz of excitement around them, maybe it's due to Christmas preparations starting for some and maybe it's due to Halloween? whatever it is it's nice. 

When you think of Autumn what do you think of straight away? Pumpkins, leaves, woollen jumpers and hot cider? maybe you think about the autumn parties and what you will wear? Fashion for Autumn/Winter 2012 has completely blown me away taking for example, some of the recent and up and coming trends: 

Dolce Gabbana necklace 

Baroque is all about real opulent glamour, Golds mixed with amazing textural fabrics. It can look really over the top but for this season the less is more approach will look so much more chic. If you not a big fan of the baroque styles then why not try teaming a baroque-style necklace with your favourite dress or jeans and top? 

Wallpaper Prints


I love, love, love the current wallpaper print trend If you  think that it is only young teenagers who can get away with patterned trousers then think again. Wallpaper prints take the much-loved designs from your home into your wardrobe. Blossoms, flowers, scrolls and more you can't go wrong. Clashing prints in one tone look amazing as do these 'Greta' jeans from Boohoo. Try teaming your wallpaper print jeans with a pair of booties and a tunic top, pop over a leather biker jacket and some baroque jewels and you are the face of A/W fashion. 


Alice Olivia skirt
Leather is one of those Marmite trends, you either love it or hate it. This season why not give it a go? You can opt for mixing a few of this seasons trends such as the pleats and leather like this Alice Olivia skirt does or if you would like to keep the leather to a minimum why not try items that have hints of leather such as blazers or tops with leather binding? either way adding some leather in to your style will always give you an edge. 

Fair Isle

 A real Autumn/Winter staple trend for the last few years, rather than sticking to the generic Fair Isle pattern this year things have been mixed up with the Fair Isle designers mixing Fair Isle in to more glamorous pieces. Take for example this People Tree dress. People Tree have created this wonderful jacquard dress ticking the boxes for not only Fair Isle but also the baroque patterned dresses. 

Glitter & Sparkle 

H M dress

Glitter and Sparkle can be in any form your perceive it, from lurex materials to sequins and glitter. Colours however are best kept to the darker more autumnal shades such as this amazing H&M green glitter dress at only £40! I have actually purchased this because I know it is going to last me well in to the season and beyond. Does glitter ever go out of fashion? 



Pleats and pintucks are very in and again it's one of those trends that never fully leaves the hearts of fashion followers. Take for example this Romwe coat which ticks the autumn shade box as well as the decorative buttons being very baroque. This coat has very cleverly used pleats to enhance the figure of the wearer, no more dowdy coats this winter. 

As you can see you don't have to be a fashion victim to stay on trend this autumn winter, if there is a trend that your not too sure of, or not quite brave enough to wear fully then try teaming your capsule wardrobes with hints such as lace edgings, leather accessories, Aztec and wallpaper print bags and even bringing in some  Autumnal colours via your cosmetics and nail polish. 

These are the colours you should be aiming for, of course blacks, browns, silvers and golds are always going to be suitable. 

Fall colour pallet by Sweet Elyse. 

What colours are your fall favourites? Have you planned out your seasonal wardrobes yet? Have you been making anything for Autumn yet? Here's what I've been doing to get into the Autumnal mood.....

Toasting American Marshmallows

Since I live in the U.K and it is so wet, we don't tend to have many camp fires to toast our marshmallows on. I went on a standard trip to the supermarket yesterday which is now starting to stock many American brands such as Reece's and Hershey's and came across this bag of Rocky Mountain marshmallows. Upon closer inspection I freaked when I realised why the bag was so damn heavy, these mallows are HUGE! 

See on the left the mallow beside the 10p piece it completely overshadows it and in all honesty, this mallow is slightly smaller than my own hand! So me being me, I set off on a mission to find out how I could toast this monster and the only (but effective) solution was to toast it over a tea light. It took an age but it was sooooo yummy that it really was worth it! 

Have you tried these mallows? 

So I'll leave you just now but wanted to say an early Happy Fall to all of my readers. 

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