Desktop Cup Warmer || Hot Coffee While You Work

Look what Mr Postman brought me.... 

I am a huge coffee fan but as a mum and business woman, I find that I rarely get to enjoy a nice warm cuppa unless I head out to Starbucks. My friends are all grossed out when I go to drink my coffee that's been sitting since 9 am at 3 pm but to me it's completely normal, right? 

As much as I enjoy the cold taste of coffee beans and sugar I would prefer to drink it warm and this is where the desktop cup warmer saves the day. It's a simple little gadget that really helps get me through the day and it also saves me a heap of money as I no longer head off to Starbucks. 

To use the desktop cup warmer you simple connect the warmer to your laptop or computer via the USB and the warm plate that your cup sits on keeps your brew toasty and warm and also stops your table being ruined as the warm plate acts as a coaster. 

The desktop cup warmer costs £4.99 and delivery is free over on the Paramount Zone website. I love this little gadget so much, no-one else in my family is getting their hands on it. *hehe* 
Who else wants a brew? I'll go put the kettle on...

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