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Did you remember to turn your clocks back an hour? If not go do it right now, I hate this time of year when it turns into Winter, although I love winter fashions such as warm slouchy boots, gorgeous soft layered knitwear and fluffy hats and mittens I cannot bear the chilly edge in the mornings. 

I actually have Reynaud's disease which is a condition that leaves you super cold because the blood doesn't circulate well enough and year after year I purchase hand warmers, you know the ones you pop the metal disc and they slowly heat up and then cool down. I find that when they heat up they are oh-so-wonderful but minutes later you're back to being your chilly old self.  

Well, Paramount Zone sell hand warmers (pictured above) but they are reusable! yes, you heard that right these babies are reusable. There are a few design options I chose the water bottle design but you can get more risque designs over on the website. They only cost £2.99 and come with free delivery which is a fantastic price don't you think? 

To use the hand warmers, you snap the metal disc inside the warmer and the pack will slowly start to get warm section by section as the liquid crystallises. The warmer stays warm for thirty minutes so pop them into your mittens or pockets and head out into the cold. To further reuse these (sigh, I love how these are reusable) you place them into a jug of boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes until the liquid goes soft again and the warmer can be used when it becomes cool enough to use. 

Yay for warm hands. If you want to purchase these you can head to the Paramount Zone website. 

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