What's the time wild thing...?

Like my new baby? I love my accessories and bangles and necklaces, they really are a weakness alongside nail varnish and cool PJ's (We all have our faults don't we). For a long time, I went without a watch, using my mobile to read the time or asking my friends which was a real pain in the bahookey. 

So when I was contacted asking which watch I would choose out of a range of watches over at Watch A Gift I instantly fell in love with this baby. 

Growing up my dad used to spoil me with rose gold jewellery rather than the standard silver or yellow gold, I think the first ring I had was one of those twist ones with silver, rose gold and yellow gold. Although this watch looks like a yellow gold tone it is actually a rose gold tone and is utterly gorgeous. 

It's fancy softech pillow - oo errr

Easy to pop on and off with one hand, all I need to do is squeeze the two side bits and it pops open and the safety latch ensures it doesn't fall off. 

Want to see my beautiful watch? 

Can you tell how in love I am? I love leopard prints but, when done well. I find that some prints look too 'chavvy' and some look too fake but I feel that this Watch A Gift Softech watch has just the right amount of leopard. It was like I've said in other posts about mixing the male and female. 

This watch mixes the male chunkiness and masculine feel of the metals with the female silvery highlights in the leopard centre and the rose in the gold. Mixing the two counterparts really balance this out and it's due to this that I feel it's one of those accessories that can be dressed up or down. 

If you fancy grabbing one yourself then you should know that they ONLY cost £25! they are very sturdy and have all of the aspects of a hugely expensive watch ( My last watch was a Dior). This particular watch has a 12-month guarantee and is waterproof to 30 metres. 

The delivery was super quick, the product was packaged nice and safe and I genuinely have nothing that I can fault Watch A Gift for. 

They also stock a range of watches to suit all tastes and If you have a favourite designer, chances are you will find a similar and equally expensive looking watch over at Watch A Gift. Everyone comments on my new watch and because I am so used to having designer watches, many of my acquaintances, friends and family all think this is also designer. *hehe* I'll keep it under wraps for now that it's now. 

Hope your weekend goes great everyone. 


  1. omg that looks lovely! soooo tempted to get one for myself!

    awesome blog btw, following you now :)

    - Gia http://www.lovelyserendipity.com

  2. Hi Gia,

    Thank you or your lovely comment I'll pop over to your blog and take a peek. If you fancy getting a watch, I fully recommend this one, it makes me so happy (easily amused lol)

    Elyse x


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