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I love my house, in an ideal world it would be cosy, spacious and sumptuous with lots of textures, hints of pattern and pops colour slightly darker than pastel tones. 

I adore the french sophisticated type of decor embellishments such as the whites with the bold typography and I love wood, polka dots, stripes and anything that looks homemade (but made well). I have been coveting the shabby chic style since I was little but it really made a huge impact on me when I watched a TV programme with Cath Kidston and she was showing how to set a table, rather than the standard matching place mats and pretty cutlery she had mixed reds, pinks, whites, blues and yellows... I mean god forbid anyone mix red and pink right?

I was hooked from then on, I knew that mixing those colours was so very bad in the fashion world but Cath just made it so effortlessly chic and I wanted my home to be the same. Taking a look at furniture and decor items over the years there is a couple of things that stands out. 

1. They are either hugely expensive and unattainable unless you win the lottery. 
2. They are either created by people who want to make a quick buck rather than creating because they love the craft. I love shabby chic but not shabby. 

Because the phenomenon of 'make do and mend' has swept the nation there are more companies trying their hand at offering shabby products to their customer, some do it very well and some not so much. 

I came across this new company called The Shabby Est. Home (shortened variation of The Shabby Established Home) on Facebook and was sent a few pieces to review. 

Initially I found that I was drawn in with the great mix of french shabby inspired classic pieces and the colourful fun side that shabby presents a la Cath Kidston. Looking through the folders there are sizes in the descriptions but it can be hard to tell just how well made the items are or how large they are, I am rubbish with sizes so when something says 30 cm I have no idea off the top of my head how big or small that maybe. 

The items that were sent are: 

1. Hettie Rose 2 tier cake stand: This is a 2 tier ceramic cake stand and is so very much in the style of the great Cath Kidston. I adore this cake stand and have it on display on my table even when there are no cakes on it. I was thinking it would look cute also in my bedroom with the amount of accessories I have. This is only £12, I have seen other sellers selling something similar or even only 1 tier for double to triple the price. 

2. Metal Hanging Hearts : These gorgeous hearts come in 2 colours and from looking a the picture you would think they were painted wood or something quite dull. I was really surprised once these arrived because the white pattern has a flocked feel to them and they are really well made. The hearts ( I received both silver and gold). 

3.Shabby French Inspired Frame:  I was shocked by the weight of this frame, it looks very expensive and t be honest I am use to seeing cheap frames. This frame is sturdy and thick and heavy which really makes me believe it should be much more than the £7.50 price tag that The Shabby Est. Home are selling it for. I changed a picture of my sons into black and white (I just had to) and it looks amazing in this classic french inspired frame. The frame slot is 4 x 6 so fits standard photo prints easily. 

4. My Little Prince Sign:  I was asked if I wanted the boy or girl version and as a mum of boys it was the prince I opted for. This is 47 cm and costs only £8, this is again really sturdy and really well made. The sign is thick and comes with added hangers on the back to secure to your wall or door. The wood is plank size! and for only £8 I am utterly in shock at the quality. 

5. Rustic Wooden Ornaments:  These are cute at 20 cm (again they are bigger than they look in the picture) these can be used all year long with the exception of the tree of course. They are £4.50 for the three pack and they are so sturdy. The wood has a grainy effect and the ribbon just sets them off giving them the right amount of folk and Scandi homeliness. 

6. Live The Life You Love Sign: This sign only costs £9 and it is a gorgeous sturdy and surprisingly large 35 cm sign. I have hung this in my hallway so I see it every morning before I and my sons leave the house. They know what the sign means and it has become something of a family rules saying in our household. This really is worth at least double the price I would say. 

7. Bear Necessities bear with bird ornament:  If you love Willow Tree ornaments you will love these adorable bears. There are a few in the collection and they are so well made, they really do look as though they were made by the same creator as Willow Tree, I mean who could turn down that cute little bear face? This little fella only costs £6.60! and is a great size also of 13 cm. 

8. Tin & Twine hanging heart:  A must have in any shabby home, tin hanging hearts. These are 32 cm apparently but for those who are equally as silly with measurements they are a good length, they look cute hanging from walls, doors and drawer nobs as well as Christmas tree's (which I will be purchasing more for). They are only would you believe a measly £1.50! I was thinking they would be great for adding to gift parcels also for an expensive looking present. 

The recurring things I noticed about all of the products was that each of them were made of far better materials than I imagined they would be from looking at the pictures, the products were all very luxurious and were not products I would have easily sourced via the high street. If I was to find them on the high street they would have been in higher end department stores such as Debenhams but for at least triple the price. 

The Shabby Est. Home have taken a leaf out of Modcloth's books and add products to a couple of pre-order folders on their Facebook. They have advised that they like their followers to comment or like the products they would like to see The Shabby Est. Home providing, I think this is an excellent way of engaging customers and really offering customers the chance to shop at a business that cares about it's customers. 

If you wish to take a peek at The Shabby Est. Home you can do so by heading HERE
they do deliver worldwide and send all purchases via courier delivery which only costs £3.00 regardless of how much you purchase! 

Be quick because the big jolly man will be visiting soon and Christmas deliveries will be closing soon. 

Hope you had a fabby shabby weekend. 
Hugs & Kisses

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