Review || Mini Gycro Zoomer Helicopter

The cutest little 'copter around. 

The mini remote control helicopter from Paramount Zone is  only 11 cm long and will fit comfortably in palm of your hand. It is really light but I found after a few attempts that it is very sturdy. This mini helicopter is so much fun so and as soon as Mr Postman delivered this beauty I had to *smiles* give it a go right there and then.  One of the features I loved was the multicoloured lights and I know that kids love the lights too, at night time the are amazing! 

Pretty Lights

I know many might be thinking that it will be easily broken or gosh that must be hard to navigate with as those where the initial thoughts I had before trying it out and to be honest, this is so much easier to use than the average remote control car (bumped table legs anyone?) Although the age is 14 years upwards my five and six-year-old sons were able to control the gyro helicopter with ease and on their own.   

The mini remote control helicopters are made from a 'crash-resistant' material and it comes with spare back propellers and main blade so if you do need to make a repair you can do so straight away. So far, we haven't had any major crashes and haven't had to use the spare parts. I think it's an excellent idea to have these parts and this is one of the features that impressed me. 

The Gyro Zoomer Helicopter can be charged via USB (20 minutes) also which again makes playing with it so easy as you don't need to hunt around for batteries, with Christmas coming up there is nothing worse than kiddies getting a new toy and not having any batteries. The gyro helicopter in my opinion, is a heap of fun for all ages, is sturdy and innovative and is something that will make a wonderful gift for all ages.

You can check this out and lots of other cool gadgets (for less than £20 may I add) over on the Paramount Zone website. 

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Review | October Joliebox Review

Yay, Joliebox time again and like before Joliebox again has impressed me. For those who haven't heard of Joliebox I'll start by telling you that they are a beauty box company similar to  Glossybox and Amarya. It costs £10 per month to subscribe to Joliebox and there is no tie in's or contracts so you really can treat yourself to one month or more if you fancy. 

I have so far tried all of the beauty boxes and many of the other companies have let me down. Even the good boxes still made me think 'are they really worth it' that is until I started with Joliebox. Want to see what goodies I received....? 

Contents included: 

Balance Me, balancing facial moisturiser (trial sized)
I was happy with this because I have become a bit partial to Balance me as a brand. I have noticed a difference in my under eye area with their eye cream and their hand cream works a treat. I will update you with the review on this product. 

Ritessens Exfoliant (full sized)
Ritessens is a French brand that uses Moroccan argan oil and natural plant extracts as their ingredients. I was eager to try this product due to it containing argan oil and my skin becoming quite dry and sensitive to this rubbish weather. The product reminds me somewhat or Apri exfoliator as it also is creamy with little grains in it and has a slight fruity scent. The application was easy and the grains are the right size for exfoliating into the nooks and crannies of the face. After washing off my skin felt clean but moisturised rather than dry, red and sore. 

Had this not been in the Joliebox I doubt I would have purchased it as the packaging doesn't 'wow' but you can tell it is a luxury product due to the additional fancy box the tube comes in. (rubbish brands don't bother with additional fancy packaging). 

Moa The Green Balm (trial) 
I love The Green Balm and did so prior to getting this little trial sized in my box. Moa balm is great for anything from dry chapped lips, dry elbows, under-eye moisturiser, cuticle balm, stray hair fixed to eyebrow taming. It really is a multi-use product that isn't packed with any nasty ingredients. 

LOV Organic 
You might think it's strange that Joliebox would put tea in a beauty box and I know some bloggers thought just that, I believe that tea is a great beauty product due to it being packed with Zinc and antioxidants as well as keeping you hydrated and your skin perky. If you're not a big tea lover why not make some tea and use it as a hair rinse for ultra glossy locks or even use it to soothe puffy eyes or use as a toner? I also awarded LOVE Organics points for their adorable packaging. 

Jason Bee Healthier Lip Balm Stick 
I so wanted to love this product but as soon as I took it out of my box I was in a huff with it, why you ask? firstly the labelling wasn't fully stuck on to the product which is petty I know but it gave the product as less than professional look, secondly, the labelling is so boring and didn't make me eager to try it out. I love to make my own cosmetics and lip balms and because I love my own handmade balm I have become a lip balm snob.  Jason lip balms are 70% organic (not hugely impressive either) but I decided to try the little stick out, it has a strong peppermint oil flavouring which tingles upon application, the balm is moisturising but it has a huge novice fail! the balm itself is grainy. 

Grainy balms are caused when you're making a product containing Shea butter and beeswax. Beeswax needs high heat to melt and, Shea butter has a lower melting point. A novice would melt them together and then pour once melted but someone in the 'know' would know that you melt the beeswax and then take off the heat adding the Shea butter at that point stirring until melted. Shea butter will melt at a lower heat due to the beeswax being hot, this stops the balm from turning grainy once cooled. 

With Jason lip balms being a professional company I was slightly worried that if they could make a simple mistake like grainy balm what other mistakes could they make? 

What do you think about the October Joliebox?  What goodies have you been getting recently? I love to hear your comments so please link your posts below and leave me a comment or two, I always reply. 

Edit: Joliebox is now called Birchbox. 

Funzee || The Fight Against Jack Frost

We are all feeling the nip from Jack Frost here in Scotland and to be honest, I hate it! especially this morning. I woke up and darling Mr Sweet Elyse had put on the heating to warm up the house but it was still far too cold and that was even with my fluffy spot socks. ( I know I am so cool). I find when the cold hits fashion sort of goes out of the window, it becomes more about keeping warm and wearing fantastic textures such as boucle, warm cotton, wools and cashmere. 

So this morning I got up in my cool garb, I sat on the couch with 2 cushions snuggled around me and my house coat wrapped around me and I was still feeling that nasty icy nip so I started thinking what the heck could I put on just so I could get the courage to go and get dressed.  Then, it started to rain! so that was that it was decided that today was going to be  work from home, craft and play with the little princes and get up to date with everything sort of day. This still didn't help my predicament of what to do to keep warm until..... 

I remembered my Funzee! all hail for the Funzee! You're probably wondering what the heck a funzee is so I thought I would put up a pic of what it is. It can also be described as a 'onesie' and is a one-piece suit made of soft, fluffy material that closes with a zip from the naval to the neck. 

This baby is super soft and is a fleece material. My Funzee is white with the blue cuffs and is super warm and cosy. No frost gets into nip my skin 

I got my Funzee from here I chose the white as I tend to go for classic colours, as much as I love patterns I get bored easily and classic colours never go out of style.  Funzee offer the Onesie in a range of colours and patterns such as stripes, due coloured, hooded and ones with no hoods, wizard print and also leopard print. 

The onesie's are made of either 100% polar fleece (which is what mine is made of) or 100% cotton so if you're typically hot all the time I'd advise to go for the 100% cotton. The polar fleece is super soft, the cuffs are also well made and give the onesie great shape. 

I was also surprised because at 5ft 1 I tend to find that most onesie's are too long, they drag on the floor or they become baggy around the crotch and bottom area, this was different in that the sizes are specifically made for heights rather than sizes and therefore, fitted me as though it had been custom made. 

I will put up pics of Little prince wearing the Funzee later on as they wanted to prove to me how it would fit them as they wanted to steal it once it arrived! let's just say there was a grumpy little prince when it became clear it was too long for them. 

The Funzee onesie's cost £26.95 and I will be buying my mum one for Christmas, I'm thinking the leopard print as I know she will adore it.  

Which Funzee onesie would you choose? 

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Etsy // Unique Fashion Statements

Normally I post fashions and styles that are readily available online and in the high streets while there is nothing wrong with those fashions I wanted to focus on fashion and individuality for this post.  I'm finding that fashion lovers are going to more extremes to be individuals, some of it works and some of it well, really doesn't. Outside of fashion and beauty I love the whole handmade, make do and mend craft movement and try to dabble as much as possible. I feel that many of the accessories and personal unique points that you can have in your style can be achieved by crafting something with items you have.

If you don't feel brave enough to give crafting a go, why not look outside of the box and go for handmade clothing and accessories. With handmade you can be sure that those local to you won't be wearing the same pieces. With each purchase, you will be buying the time and effort of the creator and supporting local and small business's put food in their families bellies.

So taking my own advice I have tried to make these changes, I have also chosen 4 outfits from Etsy creators that can be mixed and matched with high street items to achieve a really individual style. Which of the 4 outfits would you wear?

















Do you buy handmade? Do you make handmade clothing or accessories? If you do please link up below with your blog posts, pictures and links.I've chosen 4 different styles that you cannot purchase on the high street. Which look is your favourite? Hope you're all having a fantastic, crafty and stylish weekend,

Kitchen Beauty || Whipping up some beauty treats

As much as I love cosmetics (and I do love them oh so much) sometimes I wish that I could be more 'natural' in my approach to what I use. I have researched many companies, many ingredients and the good, the bad and the ugly regarding the process and end results of many of our favourite beauty brands. The problem is, we don't all have the time to continually research. So, what do you do? turn to your kitchen that's what. 

I know it might sound daft, boring and dull to some reading this but I can assure you that these tips do work and have all been fully tried, tested and loved by little old me. I am pretty tough when it comes to impressing so I urge you to give these tips a go, you might find that you are equally impressed with the performance, quickness and the savings you will see on your bank balance. 

Teeth Whitening
Strawberries! delicious, juicy strawberries are fantastic for whitening your toothy pegs. Simply mash up some of the strawberries (why not use the ones that have become discoloured) mixing optionally with some sodium of bicarb. Dip in your toothbrush and get brushing. How do they whiten your teeth you ask? Strawberries contain malic acid which is a natural bleach which rids your teeth of pesky discolouration. 

Eczema/Dry/Sensitive Skin types
I understand how difficult it can be for those who have sensitive skin types, as a mother and wife to sufferers I can hand on my heart promise this really does work and is safe for all including babies. For babies especially take a small amount of fabric, (an old tea towel, cloth, muslin etc) and place a few teaspoons of oats into the centre of the cloth, now close the cloth securing with an elastic band or some thread so that it looks like an upside down ghost. When your running a bath pop this into the bath so that the oats soothing qualities enter your bath water. (ideally, hang under the hot tap for more oomph). You can also rub this on the affected areas for a more directed approach. 

You can use oats also as a face mask and exfoliator. Oats are naturally scrubby and can slough away dead skin cells gently. Oats are a natural anti-inflammatory which is great for fine lines and wrinkles. (Did you know inflammation is a major cause of wrinkles) also and promote healing within the skin cells. If you choose to use as a face mask, you can team the oats again with milk, honey or yogurt or even mashed avocado or banana.

Get rid of dull facial skin
Egg whites are the way to go, egg whites contain vitamins and minerals, such as selenium and b complex and are packed with proteins that promote red blood cell development and energy distribution. This may sound like a heap of mumbo-jumbo but to explain it in simpler terms egg whites help plump the skin and help to get the blood flowing which heals. We all know plump and healthy skin leads to a more youthful appearance. To use egg whites simply separate an egg keeping only the whites. Mix so that it becomes less stringy (gross but so worth it) and apply with a cotton pad to the face. As it dries it will become very tight and you will be able to peel it off once you're done. 

There are a few ways you can give your skin some T.L.C. Firstly honey is a major ingredient that helps your skin in so many ways. Honey is a natural antiseptic, natural antifungal and natural moisturiser. Honey helps to heal and repair so is excellent for acne and pimples. Simply pop a little on the top at night to soothe any redness and help get rid of that nasty spot.  Honey also can be used as a face mask and is excellent mixed with full-fat milk or natural yogurt to soothe, repair and moisturise your face. 

Puffy eyes
Want to soothe tired and puffy eyes? tried tea bags and cucumber unsuccessfully? Potatoes help to reduce inflammation making them a great choice in soothing pesky bags. Raw potatoes contain atropine which in small doses does reduce inflammation. Simply pop a couple of slices of potatoes in the freezer to slightly chill them and pop onto the eye area, leaving for about 10 minutes. 

Whether you like or dislike coffee it is a fantastic cellulite buster. Coffee as we all know, contains caffeine which temporarily increases blood flow and speeds up the metabolism. The increased blood flow to your thighs, while using coffee scrub is fab for reducing those fatty deposits. Simply take your ground coffee and use either alone or mix with some Epsom salts (and a teaspoon of olive oil) for an excellent thigh scrub. 

Shiny Hair
We all wish we had shiny locks and while some do naturally, the rest of us have to primp and preen our hair to fake that shine. Fake no more. If you have blonde hair I do not recommend this option! fresh cranberries have been used in Spain for years apparently to give women shiny locks. Simply juice or really pulp them down if you don't have a juicer. After washing your hair as normal rinse your hair with the cranberry juice and leave for as long as you can before rinsing with water. I would advise doing this on a Sunday when your lazing about and can walk about with cling film on your head or a towel. 

If you have blonde hair then you can opt to do my this second beauty trick which is to rinse the hair with beer! yip beer. There is a protein in the malt and hops within the beer that really nourishes your hair, coating it and protecting the hair shaft, resulting in sleek and glossy locks. Again simply rinse and keep on for as long as possible. Darker hair colours and red hair can also use this tip. 

Plump Lips without the sting
I have been using this tip for many years and I'm still shocked at how much some people pay for lip plumping products (that normally fail to impress) when most contain products such as chili and cinnamon. To get plump lips there are a few ways, you can opt for the super easy method of mixing some oil like olive oil with some ground cinnamon, heating gently to get the cinnamon plumping properties in to the oil and then apply to the lips once cooled. (this can be made in large batches) and you can go for the slightly longer but more cost effective method which is doing the steps above but leave the cinnamon and oil together in a jar in a dark place. The longer you leave it the better as the cinnamon will infuse into the oil. 

Once you have your infusion you can melt a teaspoon of wax (soy, beeswax,olive wax etc) and mix a teaspoon of your oil infusion in to the melted wax and decant in to a little tub. You can also add a couple of drops of flavouring such as mint and also honey to sweeten. This lip balm mix is really worth it because you can make it in batches and give some to your friends. 

Lip stain
Want just bitten kissable lips? try a lip stain made from beetroot juice. Beetroot is a natural stain and is excellent for giving your lips that kissable just bitten tone. Simply swab some on to your lips (why not use a cotton but stick to be sure you get it in the right places) and top with some balm for a gorgeous kissable pout. Why not add some to the lip plumping balm mix above for lip plumping tinted balm. 

There are so many more wonderful tips and tricks but these ones are my ultimate favourites. If you enjoyed this post, and do want to see more of my tried and tested tips please let me know in the comments below. 
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