Wayveband // A Wristed Development

Look at my pretty custom bands!...

Wayveband are a company who offer fashionable wristbands that are unique, creative and most importantly stylish. As more and more celebrities were pictured having their own wristband arm parties us non-celebrities wanted to join in with this fashion and Wayveband allow us to do this at an affordable price.  

If you head to their website you will options for pre-designed bands as well as custom bands that can be designed with words, quotes or photo's in your own colour choice. The uses for these bands are endless and other than the obvious fashion accessory option these can be used for party bags, VIP invites, charity advertising, gifts for a new mum or even wedding favours. 

Everyone likes to party so I couldn't wait to receive my Wayvebands so I could get my own arm party started initially I found it difficult deciding what to choose, the pre- designed wristbands are gorgeous and I love quotes and words so wasn't sure if I should go for a custom photo or printed quote. Having decided to go for one of each I'm so happy to have received them today. 

I also wanted to firstly point out that I am hugely impressed by the customer service offered by Wayveband, after ordering I was kept informed every step of the way and when we had bad snow I was emailed to basically apologise if they were held up even though this was through no fault of Wayveband, they weren't actually held up but this showed me that Wayveband are a company who care about their customers and not just the sale. 

Receiving them today I am even more impressed by the sheer quality and detail on each of them, the leather strap is thick and clearly is made out of quality goods, the printing is secure, sturdy and exactly as I requested with no printing faults and the fastener is actually an adjustable screwed in pop stopper type of closure which you pop into the varied holes and also has a leather thong to make the wristband even more secure and stylish. 

I opted for the 'tribal' band and you can see just how amazing the colours are, I feel the colours are more beautiful and complimentary in person than they are on the website (colours will vary from screen to screen). This design only costs an affordable £5!!

The second wristband is the green custom printed design, I personally chose the background colour, text colour, font and printed quote which really makes this band unique. The quote I opted for was; 

' Quis nos animadverto pendeo pelagus in guis nos requiro' 

Which means 'What we see depends mainly on what we look for' this quote makes me stop and consider the world around me, taking into account others feelings, those in need of help or someone who is needing some attention and it makes me feel a sense of calm whenever I think of it, this wristband is a daily reminder to stop and do something good selflessly daily.  Can you believe this band only cost £7? 

I already have a tonne of ideas for more bands to add to my eclectic collection such as the yellow animal print band, a plain peach and a plain baby pink as well as another custom quote, the hard part is deciding what quote..... 

Wayveband are kindly offering you guys an amazing 20% off if you use code: SEB20  
before March 30th. 

If you want to start your own arm party then pop over and visit Wayveband on the links below, remember to use your 20% off code also. Visit Wayveband over on Facebook. 

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Cocoa Boutique | Luxury Artisan Chocolate Club

I love chocolate, need I go on? 

Most people I know love chocolate but, there is chocolate and then there is CHOCOLATE! Cocoa Boutique sell the later form. Chocolate at it's finest and chocolate that just melts in the mouth and surprisingly doesn't make me guilty about partaking in a chocolate fest. 

So who's Cocoa Boutique and why are they so fandabbydosey? 

Cocoa Boutique are a company that have numerous awards, worked with Mcvities to help create the Royal Wedding cake as well as making the Queen Mother's birthday cake and have the most delightful, Moorish and affordable chocolate selection...ever. If it's good enough for royalty it's good enough for me. 

How gorgeous does this selection look? 

These were the chocolate's that I kindly received from Cocoa Boutique to review *swoon* with my honest opinion. 

The chocolates in the box are: 

♥ Pink Champagne Truffle
This was so smooth, not cloying unlike other branded white chocolate and these were decorated with real dried raspberry pieces. 

 White Strawberry Cream 
Absolutely adored this chocolate, I am not a huge fan of white chocolate but the white chocolate and the strawberry really balanced out the sweetness. The 'strawberry cream' reminded me of a fresh strawberry milkshake and was a huge happy surprise. 

♥ Raspberry with a hint of orange
This is made with 30% cocoa solids, you can taste the difference between high street chocolate and 'real' chocolate when eating this chocolate, it really is a great balance. 

♥ Milk Chocolate almond praline 
I love nuts, I love praline. Combine the two and you have a very happy Elyse. I think that this chocolate is the absolute best chocolate and the best almond praline I have tried yet. 

♥ Milk Chocolate Buttons 
Again these are made with 30% solids and taste velvety smooth and melt on the tongue. 

♥ White Chocolate buttons
My son placed his claim on these as soon as the box arrived, I did manage to sneak 1 (o.k 2) and these were just as smooth and creamy as the milk chocolate without being sickly sweet like other white chocolate brands. 

 ♥ Pamela
This is the chocolate that stood out as far as presentation, while the rest are beautifully presented this had (I think) a chocolate transfer on it and was so smooth and level. The filling was unusual but one I would love to try again, 70% dark chocolate encased a smooth cassis-pear ganache that really was to die for. 

♥ Cocoa dusted dark chocolate salted caramels
A year ago I would have shuddered at the thought of salt being mixed with sweet caramel until I really sat and considered it. We like sweet and sour food so bringing this concept to sweet treats was worth investigating. Previously I had tried the salted caramel Lindt bar and some Etsy handmade salted caramels so I knew what the bar was as far as what was considered good. I was nervous to try these because they were dusted in cocoa powder and having greedily stuck my fingers in a tub of cocoa as a child I knew how horrifying it tasted. I bravely popped this in my mouth and the cocoa became chocolaty, no harsh face pulling tastes going on here, then the smoothness and the the caramel with the hint of salt which really brought out the richness of the chocolate......heaven! 

 Milk chocolate truffle 
A classic chocolate truffle but made with the finest chocolate, you can really taste the 30% fine cocoa solids in Cocoa Boutique chocolate which make one hell of a difference in comparison to other brands. 

♥ Rum cafe cream
This was another one I was hesitant about trying, while I adore coffee ad 'cafe' flavours like a mad woman I really dislike alcohol chocolates. This was the second last one I tried and I was surprised that it didn't have the sharp alcohol taste like normal rum chocolates had. This made the chocolate so delightful and I had wished there was more of this little cafe delight in the box. 

♥ Dark chocolate brandy truffle
Another alcohol chocolate that caused me to re-consider trying but like the rum cafe cream this didn't have the nasty alcohol bitter taste that other branded boxed chocolates have. This was smooth, sexy and really tasty. 

♥ Drunken Irish vanilla
Honestly, I didn't taste any alcohol with this chocolate but the Irish cream and vanilla sweetness mixed encased in the sexy deep milk chocolate half circle casing stopped this from becoming too sweet. 

♥ 70% Ecuador dark chocolate buttons
Who doesn't like chocolate buttons? at 70% dark Ecuador chocolates these really kept my taste buds going throughout the day and coupled with a few espresso's lets say I got a heap of work done. 

♥ Milk chocolate honeycomb
These were so yummy and so nostalgic for me, my dad used to buy me the old fashioned style honeycomb bars which I loved but don't see around anymore. These reminded me of those bars so much and coated in chocolate these managed to pop into my mouth very quickly. 

♥ Dark chocolate coffee beans
I'm a huge fan of chocolate coffee beans period. I use to purchase Holland & Barrett's chocolate coffee beans that is until they stopped selling them in my local store (cue the tears) These are 65% rich dark chocolate and crunchy whole coffee beans and the differences between the smooth chocolate and the crunch are soooo good. (Yes that called for that many ooo's) 

Normally the 'Best of the best' selection costs £34.95 and the if you want to continue with a tasting subscription further boxes cost £19.95  BUT you can get the best of the best selection for a walloping £25 discount for the next 46 hours! that's only £9.95 people's! (including delivery) Not into chocolates? why not surprise your loved ones with Valentine's day just round the corner, for less than £10 I'm sure your loved one will be so surprised and grateful for these. 

To visit Cocoa Boutiques Facebook and read about their many happy customer experiences over on Facebook. To visit Cocoa Boutique's website to read their FAQ's and oogle their chocolates head to their website. 

Edit: It seems Cocoa Boutique are no longer in business. 

Coast || Valentine's Day Entry

Ballet Wear
Coast Dania Dress £115 | Coast Louise Shoes £85 | Coast Tatum Teardrop Earrings £20 | Coast  Milly Metalic Wrap £38 | Coast Premila Beaded Clutch £60 

Coast's Valentine's Day Outfit Competition Entry

Coast are currently holding a competition where you can win some lovely vouchers to spend on their glamorous wares. This is my entry into that competition and to be honest, I will be keeping my fingers crossed until the competition closes on February the 9th 2013.

Growing up I always felt like an old soul trapped in a young woman's body, as though I really should have been born around the 1920-1930's similar to how some wish they could go back to the swinging sixties or even the Victorian era.

I love the simplicity of old age glamour from that period, a swipe of red tint or lipstick, a little blush and an inner confidence that you get from looking good in what you are wearing. I get this feeling every time I buy a new dress or new pair of shoes but growing up my inner glamazon didn't always feel so confident.

My Faux-Pas

As a young glamazon wannabee I would use any chance I had to get my dress and pretty shoes on, even at 2 years old my mum would stick me in my trust red and navy jogging bottoms and matching jumper so I could go get dirty digging in the garden, although my outfit was less than ideal for a little lady I never failed to ensure I had on my patent tbar shoes. Yes that's right I wore a red and navy clashing jogging suit and patent girly shoes and I am proud that I stuck to my likes even at that age.

My fashion faux pas came at around 15 years and I am blaming everyone else for this boo boo. Underage club nights had got popular in my little town so it was a big deal every week picking out what we would wear to get the guy or to make sure our dates went well. You can probably guess but one week I decided I wanted to show off my killer curves ( I am now at one with my womanly hips) in a mandarin neck full length flocked dress, the dress was gorgeous and even now it's still gorgeous. One side had a huge slit to the thigh and I teamed my dress with my black 2 strap heels and went with a simple up do and barely there make-up.

While there was nothing wrong with my outfit and to be honest, I would probably still rock that outfit if I had the chance when I went to the club walking in feeling like a million dollars everyone stared. Rather than staring for the right reasons they were staring because I was over-done ( as if there is ever an overdone).

Everyone else had jeans, shorts and simple outfits on were ladled with obviously branded clothes to show just how cool (or uncool) they were.After that point I became a little more reserved at least until I had left school, my love of all things, pretty, shoes and dresses has never left and that is why I adore Coasts collections.

My Valentine's Day Outfit

My husband and I are hoping to go to the ballet, I love ballet so there is no better chance to really dress up than on Valentines day at the ballet.

This outfit was my top choice because it teams the simple pieces together to create a gorgeous understated but fashionable outfit. Monochromes are huge again and this outfit ticks all of the boxes.
I love that although the outfit is mainly black the hints of silver and the grey tones from the shrug really break it up, this outfit also can be used for so many other events or even day to day wear.

I would team the outfit with a simple loose bun up do and glossy barely there make-up but with vampy blackcurrant pigmented lip gloss and my nails would have a french manicure but in black with silver tips. Vampy but glamorous.

After Valentine's day I would easily wear the shoes and wrap with a pair of skinny denims and a plain black t-shirt or rock the dress with some super chunky tights black cowboy boots and a leather jacket and Geo styled ring.

The Premila beaded clutch will literally go with anything from jeans and heels to a gorgeous day or evening dress as will the teardrop earrings which are bang on trend with their glitzy but simple design, work, rest or play I'm sure these will make anyone feel like a goddess, at only £20 these are a must have for SS13.If you want to take a peek at these items over on Coast's website then click on over (here).

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Review || Forest Secrets iRejuvenate Cream

I received this gorgeous bundle of yumminess from Forest Secret Skincare just before Christmas and prior to receiving this, I honestly hadn't heard of the brand before. Now you all know how much I love my beauty and skincare and I feel that creams, lotions and general moisture for the body is the first and most important step in all skincare regimes.

Initially upon receiving the bundle I was w-o-w-e-d by the attention to detail that went into the packaging alone, the box is a forest green, they have included the information on the brand and product (which I love, because I really want to know what I am using and if it is ethical in the first place) and even the little card says:

'Merry Christmas We are all stars and we all deserve to twinkle...Marilyn Monroe'.  

They had also glued little crystals to the address section on the outside of the packaging which was so unique and really made me smile when it arrived...... Thank you Forest Secret Skincare, you guys are awesome! 

I adore creams and never ever go without applying twice a day, night and morning. When I was younger and so inexperienced (but believed I knew it all as we do) I didn't use cream at all, I believed it was the worst thing you could do when you had oily skin and there was no way I was taking chances on making any pimples or spots worse. Little did I know or understand that without moisture (in the form of creams, oils,serums etc) the body will over produce oil which is called sebum to keep the skin and hair healthy and to stop it drying out this can really imbalance your oil production and the result is greasy, oily and pimple prone skin. 

Recently I have had to endure months of trying out new foods and health and body products not because I want to but because my body is forcing me to take a new approach, see I suffer from a variety of illness which results in my body and I fighting, I have since become allergic (not sensitive but medically allergic) to a host of ingredients such as gluten, aspartame, sodium, sulphates, sulfites, certain E numbers and preservatives which has left my diet somewhat raw and natural (healthy but non-inspiring). My skincare had to also change as I also became allergic to many ingredients found in products that I had previously loved. 

So as you can imagine Forest Secrets Skincare and in particular, their iRejuvenate cream couldn't have come at a better time as I was eager for a cream that didn't cause any reactions, itching or burning but was still powerful enough to really moisturise my skin. 

The cream is an anti aging body cream but I do use it both on my face and body, the scent reminds me of herbal purity, very natural but the herbal botanical scent comes from active botanicals that not only smell great but help your skin regenerate collagen (which keeps it nice and plump and young looking) and improve skin elasticity. 

The packaging is unique and you simply twist the top so the cream can come out, it reminds me somewhat of the TIGI shampoo bottle method and ensures that you only use what you really need to.  The cream is a delicate pink colour and absorbs well into the skin leaving you with a non-sticky, comfortable and moisturised body. I have noticed that my skin is smoother, less shiny throughout the day and is definitely less oily in the T-Zone since applying the cream. 

My sons love this and always come up to smell mummy once I've applied it after my night time bath, not sure if they are implying I smell bad prior to applying this and my husband has also stolen some on occasion after shaving, he says he likes the smell but wishes the cream wasn't pink. (men huh,)

The second best thing about the iRejuvenate cream is that it contains no nasties such as parabens, silicone's, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours or PEGs and it is also BUAV approved meaning that all of you vegan chicks and dudes can enjoy Forest Secret Skincare with peace of mind. 

My personal opinion is that you should upgrade your current skincare routine for 2013, want to care more for your health and your body or how you look then drink more water and use a skincare brand that cares more about your skin than it's pockets. I thoroughly recommend this product and will be purchasing more once my current lot has run out. 

The iRejuvenate cream costs £25 for 125ml but you can purchase the 20ml for the try me price of £6. You can visit the Forest Secrets website if you want to take a look or find out some more. 

Hugs and New Year Kisses 

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