Get Healthy | Quick Morello Cherry & Coconut Smoothie Recipe

I know a lot of people resolved to get healthy for 2013, some wanted to keep fit and others just want to win the lottery (and why not). Well, this quick recipe will help you stay healthy and improve your diet, it will help you keep fit but unfortunately,  it won't help you win the lottery. Most 'healthy' recipes are dull, tasteless or at times just plain disgusting I promise you this is not any of the above. 

Not only does this taste absolutely fantastic, thirst quenching and fills a gap in between meals it also contains a heap of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as:

Beta-Carotene | which helps your hair, skin, teeth and lungs.
Vitamin C which boosts your immune system as well as promotes healing and promotes stable your iron levels.
Quercetin | which is an antioxidant that is great for your cardiovascular system, heart and platelets as well as reducing your risk for high blood cholesterol and cancer.
Cyandine | which has anti-inflammatory properties.
Pectin | which is a soluble fibre that can reduce the onset of metabolic disorders and stabilises your blood sugar levels and can help manage diarrhoea. 

I know most health sites promote eating fruit and vegetables or making smoothies but don't you find that smoothies turn yuck oh so quickly? I find that unless I down the glass of smoothie they tend to separate and I personally cannot gulp down a lumpy glass of nourishment. I can guarantee that this Morello Cherry drink does not separate and can be left for a while (I left my second one for over an hour with no separation or taste changes).

This recipe is suitable for vegetarians also and if you are vegan please just omit the honey for a guilt-free drink. The frozen cherries make this icy cold and oh so tasty.

You will need: 

♥  Frozen Morello Cherries (or you can use any frozen fruit)
♥  Honey (Any type but ideally raw honey, if your vegan please omit or feel free to use Stevia) 
♥  Coconut Milk ( I used Kara which is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is dairy free)
♥  A blender

How to make this:

♥ Choose the cup you will drink from. 
♥ Fill the cup 3/4 full of frozen cherries and add to the blender. 
♥ Fill the cup with coconut milk and add to the blender. 
♥ I also added 1 tsp of honey into the blender. 
♥ Turn the power on full and blend until the mix becomes bright pink/red and has an even saturation of colour. 

Pour and enjoy!!

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  1. Oh yum this sounds delicious, I love coconut!

  2. #sweetvalentines tag
    very unusual mix of flavours might give this a try


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