Challenge // Little Beauty Shelves.

My little beauty shelf 

I have so many products building up on my 2013 wish list that I decided to get out my huge stash of products and really start getting to grips with them all. I am one of those who tries a product then it sits in the back of my cupboard if a new one comes along.  Most of my products I love and it's for that reason that they still live in my stash so I decided to pick out a small selection and re-house them on my little beauty shelf, that way I would be forced to use them up instead of letting them gather dust or go out of date. (ewwww) 

I have a tendency to forget what products I have unless they are blatantly laid out in front of me so this idea was quite good for me as I really can't forget. So far so good as I have tidied up my fingers and toes as well as giving myself a lovely facial today and I'm only on day 1. 

Some of the products I have here are (from top to bottom): 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 613 'Lemon' (this is green however)

Crabtree & Evelyn Perfume in Iris
Lancome La Vie Est Belle Perfume 
Elie Saab Perfume
The Body Shop Love Etc...
Stella McCartney L.I.L.L.Y Perfume
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume (Adore this) 
Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Perfume
The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Perfume 
Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume
Burberry Body Perfume 
4711 Perfume (but an awesome spot treatment due to the alcohol percentage)
Illamasqua eyeshadows in Moonflower, Drama and Elektrum
L'Oreal glam shine glossy stain in Romy 
Moa the green balm 

Nails Inc Polishes in Holly Walk, Callow Street, Belsize Avenue, Belsize Park, London, Hoxton Crackle, Hampstead Gardens, Prince of Wales Drive, St James, Shoreditch, Henley Regatta, South Molton Street, Victoria & Albert.
Bourjois 1 seconde in greige
Bourjois So laque in rose vamp
Bourjois So laque in bleu violet
Barry M Jewel Britannia (limited edition)
Sally Hansen polishes in Teal-y fast, Grape Escape, Presto Pewter, sacred scarlet, beaming, 
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Pink Rose Diamonds and Ruby Sapphire, Hard as wraps,
Maybelline in Rouge Passion and Red Alert, Denim Dash, 
Nailgirls in pink #1
Revlon in Black Star 880, Gold Coin, Royal 605, Lilac Pastelle 031 and Sunshine Sparkle 042
OPI in Lincoln Park After Dark 
W7 Limited Edition black crackle 
Rimmel Lasting Pro in Midnight Blue 420
Illamasqua Jan & Rampage 
Essie in Brazilliant, Super Bossa Nova & Smooth Sailing
Rimmel I love Fruities in 025 Strawberry Fizz (this one is scented) 
Etude VIP Girl in PK012
Primark 4 metallics
Oriflame in blue nail graffiti crackle and silver
Next in oh so! biscuit
Rimmel 60 Seconds Clear Top Coat
Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle cream 

Burt's Bees citrus & ginger root body wash
Mini-paingone pen
Soap & Glory Flake Away
FCUK Polished Sugar Scrub 
Peachface Shine On Facial Scrub 
Peachface Honeybee Moisturiser
Olay Regenerating Night Cream
Soins Experts Hydra Expert Moisturiser
Wayvebands Bracelets
REN T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid 
Clinique Turnaround Radiance Moisturiser 
Burt's Bees Naturally Ageless Eye Cream
Smith's Rosebud & Co Minter Rose Lipbalm 
Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Self-Tan
Nivea Primer Hydrating Moisturiser 
Le Teint YSL Touche Eclat in BR20 (really light)
Forest Secrets iRejuvenate Cream of Wonders 
Dead Sea Spa Magik Gentle Facial Wash 
Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion 
Cocoa Skin Therapy Oil 
Laqa & Co Polish Pads 
REN Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel 
Peachface Sweet Blossom Face Cleanser 
Oxygen Blemish/Acne Gel 
Oxygen Revitalising Moisturiser 
Skinetica Anti Blemish Cleanser 

Along Came Betty Body Butter 
TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray
Paula's Choice Gentle Touch Make-Up Remover
Nicky Clark Leave In Conditioner
Tresemme Heat Defence Spray 
Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Skin Refiner 
Burt's Bees Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash 
Aveda Pure Abundance Clay Conditioner
Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo 
REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask 

So as you can see there is a fair bit that needs used and this is only a teeny tiny portion of my cosmetics, skincare and beauty products. I will keep you updated on what's used and what's not and also reviews. There are a few items I am dreading using such as the L'Oreal Touche Magique and the Tresemme Hair Defence Spray as they are not that fab *groans* 

So here's to empty bottles and lots of new exciting products taking the empties place on my little beauty shelves. 

If there is any products listed that you want me to review or to do a little YouTube video on please let me know as I'm happy to do so. 

ONE DAY OFFER // 7 Nails Inc Polishes for £18!

I love Nails Inc especially when they hold ridiculously cheap sales and special offers. Normally I don't bother posting these types of offers as I kinda figured you would all know about it but this one is too good not to tell you about. 

You may have noticed my last post about the 5 Nails inc polishes for less than £20, I thought that was amazing and I adore all of those colours, however, this is even better because Nails Inc have a... 


Pick and mix offer on. You can now get 7 polishes for only £18. 

You can choose 7 glossy polishes, 7 metallic polishes or 7 special effects polishes. 

I chose the special effects only because I have enough glossy polishes to start a shop and I'm not a huge fan of metallic polishes. The special effects include special colours such as the neon's, metallic, glitters, magnetics and matte finishes normally these are slightly more expensive that the standard colours. 

I am all for saving a pretty penny and still buying quality and I will for sure be posting my selection as soon as they arrive. Don't all rush at once now. 

Edit: Offer closed now. 

Illamasqua // Eyes & Nails Mystery Selection

I have always loved the look of Illamasqua products, I love their vibrancy but couldn't justify the prices. I tend to have bad luck with make-up and them not living up to my high standards so hadn't ever purchased Illamasqua for fear of wasting the best part of £15 onwards. 

While browsing the Debenhams website I came across this 'mystery box,' it states that the contents would be worth around £92.50 if purchased separately but they were selling at the amazingly bargainous (yep it is now a word) price of £35 and are only available at Debenhams. 

The box guarantee that you will get 6 products. 2 of them are shown on the front and are the precision ink eyeliner and the liquid metal cream eyeshadow, the other 4 products would be 2 nail polishes and 2 eye shadows but the colours are what makes this box a mystery. 

Having read the reviews I know a lot of people were receiving the vibrant purple and neon yellow eye shadows and I was secretly hoping that I would get these colours while most hated them I really need some vibrant pigmented eye shadows for SS13. 

Here's what I found upon opening my black box of goodies. 

bundled up in a bed of black shredded tissue paper like little baby make-up birdies. Although I am so impressed with the contents I thought it looked a little bit strange that they put these items in such a large box, it did look like there should have been so much more inside.  (Can only hope I suppose)

Contents included 

'Jan' nail polish (worth £13.00)which is a mauve purple colour and I applied this straight away (swatches to follow) it applied easily and left a glossy professional finish and still hasn't chipped days later. 

The green polish is ' Rampage ' (worth £13.50) this does need 2 coats to give an even colour but it is such a vibrant glossy green that it really looks good with any style. 

The eyeshadows (worth £15.50 each) were Lestat and Shiver and they are complete opposites, Lestat is a grey smog shade that could be built up to give the sexiest smokey eye look and the white being a heavenly shimmery highlighting white that would look amazing coupled with the black. 

The liquid metal (worth £17.50) is a gorgeous antique gold colour and is named Electrum. I was surprised to find this was heavily covered in condensation but having swatched it found that it was OK. 

Finally, my favourite of the lot is the precision ink eyeliner in  'Glister' (worth £17.00) . I know a lot of other bloggers just didn't get the shade or thought it was too 'out there' but for me and my preferences, this is an amazing natural day liner. At first, this looks natural but upon closer inspection you can see hints of iridescent mauve, it looks amazing on and doesn't smudge or fade throughout the day. I am seriously in love with this eyeliner! I have also heard that some use this as a nail art pen and I can see why as it has some seriously tough staying power. 

Swatch time! (from left to right): Lestat, Shiver, liquid metal & Glister liner. 

Metallic eyes! It looks amazing and I was so impressed by the sheer amount of pigmentation in the cream, it applied smoothly, easily and gave so much coverage with so little product. I was so happy and went upstairs to show off my shiny peepers to my husband but then this happened .....

dun, dun dun......

The dreaded creases happened within 20 minutes of applying the cream eye shadow. I was so disappointed having built up this metallic eyeshadow, especially since I literally applied the eye shadow and the went upstairs and came back down again to find it had creased so badly. You can hardly tell that there was anything on my eyelids. 

Overall I am completely in love with the Illamasqua brand and they have lived up to my exceedingly high standards with the exception of the liquid metal which I'll probably just use as a liner. For the price, I feel very happy with my thrifty make-up bargain. 

L'Oreal // Glam Shine Water Splash Stain

'New Glam Shine Stain Splash it's a gloss that acts like a stain' 

This is how L'Oreal describe the new stain splash but in reality I would describe it more as a stain that attempts to act like a gloss, while this sounds negative my experience of this product is surprisingly positive. Having heard a lot about the new stain, gloss, whatsamacall it I couldn't wait for mine to arrive to get my test on. 

The design of the stain ( I will call it a stain to make this easier to follow) is sleek and chic and the tube is a bullet type shape in a high mirror gloss, there is a small window area that let's you see what colour the stain is. The widest part of the packaging is where you will find the applicator, I know some find this unusual as the if you're someone who likes to stand your products up you will have to stand this upside down.

My colour looks like a solid bubblegum pink it is actually really sheer on the lips due to it's stain formulation, the applicator wand is fantastic at applying the product and you'll see the little line in the centre, this is where the colour collects and then seeps through to your lips making it non messy and easy to apply. 

While I adore lip balms, glosses and lip sticks they each have the positives and negatives. Gloss tends to not have a ton of colour and it's so frustrating when your hair sticks to your lips when you're outside, lipsticks especially matte versions can make your lips look lined, furrowed and can feel awkward, as well as the fading after your eat or drink. 

The new stain feels to me as though L'Oreal have put their heads together and considered the negatives of each type of lip colour considered how to improve the negatives and then came up with the stain splash as a final result. And what a result it is! 

The stain is a 30% water based stain and this water based formulation really makes this feel like you are wearing colourful air on your lips. Once it has been applied it feels natural and so easy to wear, overall I felt comfortable and as a mummy there is nothing worse than having to take time out to re-apply every 20 minutes or so. 

The formulation of this product is also unique, having tested stains before by a variety of brands I found this stain to be the most natural on my lips, It also stays put for around 6 hours as promised. While the colour shows as quite pigmented in the tube I do have to say that it's quite sheer on the lips but you can build it up by adding further layers of stain. 

This is a one layer swatch of the 102 Romy shade. My skin is quite fair and see through so it is pinker in person than it looks here but the shade is no way near as pink as it looks in the tube. 

This is my lipage before application. My lips are unusual as they look as though I have a constant line of dark pink lip liner on when in fact it's just whiter pigmentation in the centre of my lips. I have had this since I was a teenager and I hate it because without lipstick or gloss or stain I do look washed out. 

This is my lipage with one coat of the L'Oreal stain splash. You can see that they are now an even colour and while it's natural I could have added another layer to build up the colour. Also while this is a stain you can see that it does look glossy just as it promises to be and it doesn't dry out your lips. I think that it may look more colourful on people who have an even tone to their lips as most of the colour is used to even out my super light lips. 

I love this product so much to be honest that I am all ready dreaming about owning the rest of the shades. Currently, I am coveting the 103 Marilyn which is a bright pink neon stain and is so current for SS13 also 200 Princess which is an orange based stain and finally 300 Juliet which is a pink-red colour and is so pretty. 

The L'Oreal glossy stain splash costs around £7.99 and you can purchase this in a variety of stores such as Superdrug and Boots 

Baker Days // Cake Cake Wonderful Cake

Just for me but what is it? It's a Baker Days Letterbox cake! 

Have you ever considered, or even purchased a birthday cake just for yourself when it wasn't your birthday?  I know I adore the thick white icing, the soft fluffy vanilla sponge and the right amount of buttercream and jam. Even the thought of cake as I type leaves me salivating and although I personally haven't bought a birthday cake just for the sake of eating I have really wanted to. 

I recently came across Baker Days on Facebook and was so inspired by their concept, I rarely add cake pages to Facebook only because I can't justify some of the crazy prices and the ones I am really inspired by are based too far away, but the Baker Days letterbox cake concept intrigued me.  This is why Baker Days stands out from a crowd, they allow you to purchase a cake [celebration or otherwise] and have it posted, damage free! they literally have a design for any occasion from shabby chic floral designs and modern prints that cover the whole cake to cakes that are covered with your own prized photo's. 

You can also choose your own flavours from standard [but yummy] vanilla, carrot cake, chocolate chip and fruit cake to the considerate gluten and wheat free flavour. Size wise you can opt for the small cake which is around 4-5 portions to the larger 50-60 portion cake. 

Anyhow enough about the cakes, do you want to see my one... 

I really love Cath Kidston and this really stood out as a pattern I just had to have on my cake, I think the heart 'Just for' is so sweet. I was also hugely impressed when I opened the tin because not only did I find a gorgeous cake but also a blank gift card, 3 balloons and 2 white glittery candles I felt this was so considerate of Baker Days and really makes sure any celebration goes without a cakey hitch. 

It's my sons 7th birthday on Tuesday so we both tried this cake out as a pre-birthday treat, he adores vanilla sponge and the thick white icing so couldn't wait to get stuck in.  This cake is a 1 layer sponge cake covered in white fondant, the buttercream is actually on the bottom layer and is so moist and tasty

The sponge tastes homemade and fresh and actually tastes so much better than any shop bought cake, the sponge is not too sweet and like Goldilocks, I found this was just right. Needless to say, this was gone pretty cake and no crumb was left un-eaten. 

I'm slightly disappointed because I had ordered my son a birthday cake from a local cake lady and her cakes don't taste as good as Baker Days cakes. Had I came across Baker Days earlier I would have for sure purchased from them. 

The small cakes start from only £14.99 delivered and I love that the cute cream tin it comes in is reusable. Which pattern would you choose? 

        photo NEW.png

Grammy's // Best & Worst Dressed 2013

A lot is made of the Grammy's fashion and in all honesty I don't bother about the Grammy's, I don't bother to programme it in or watch it or even care who's playing what and when, all I care about is what was worn by who and did they look amazing or crap. 

I like it when celebrities wear something different from their normal style or wear amazing accessories or just look more glam than they normally do but there is a very fine line between glam, boring and trashy. 

My absolute favourite look of the night is Miss Kelly Osborne! wow she looked amazing, didn't she. I normally don't care for Kelly but I am inspired by her new love of fashion and her new svelte body (wowzers) and I think that she looks so much better with her feminine rockabilly vintage style as it evens out her face shape (if that makes sense). 

The worst, well there are a few who looked like dogs dinners, Nicole Kidman I feel looked so uninspiring and  her gold Vera Wang was kind of expected.  While I adore Vera Wang I felt that this dress was the wrong shade of gold and looked like gold lame window netting. 

Katy Perry was another celebrity that surprised me as I normally adore Katy's quirky style but her dress was pretty but that's about it, If I was at the Grammy's I would have had a quiet word telling Katy, 'You're a gorgeous girl with amazing curves and ma-hoosive boobies but do you really need to flaunt it all?' 
Apparently it was first worn by another actress called Bingbing Li who I feel looked one hundred times better, what do you guys think? 

So these are my top pics of Grammy fashion, loved because of their ability to enhance the celebrities beauty, they look elegant, fashionable and are accessorised perfectly. 

The Good 

And here are my worst offenders chosen because, well it's pretty obvious to see I feel. 

The Bad

Who was your favourite Grammy celebrity? 

Whittards // Time For Tea & Cake

It's a British thing is it not to love tea so much you have cravings for it? I love tea so much that I can literally spend ages in the tea aisles and browsing for the latest tea's my husband is a non-tea drinker and just doesn't get it, he says it all smells and looks the same to him. I just look at him like he's crazy. 

Recently I received this Whittards Mini Green Tea gift set  from Age UK who are a  charity that offer a range of insurance's such as travel insurance. It's fair to say I may have squeed a little at the thought of drinking this. This set contains 3 tins of 25g of loose tea, this set is the green tea set but you can also get a similar set in black tea and classic tea set which also are £9. 

Whittards of Chelsea are well known throughout Britain, they were named after Walter H. Whittard who was born in 1861 in London, who begrudgingly joined the family business of trading and importing tea, adding coffee's and chocolate over time and to be honest I am thankful that he did otherwise I wouldn't have had the chance to sample these fine teas. 

If you dislike tea then Whittards also sell hot chocolate, treats such as pure butter shortbread that come in a Cath Kidston inspired floral tube and also coffee and equipment. Personally, I would adore any of their products for a gifts and I'm guessing so would any coffee or tea lover. 

This particular set contains 3 flavours of tea, the first was ...

Gunpowder Green Leaf Tea
 These are named gunpowder only because they were rolled into pearls and use to be mistaken for gunpowder in the 16th century, I can promise you that this tea taste's nothing like gunpowder (not that I have tasted gunpowder). This tea is lighter than the rest when made and is a fantastic sweet but smoky flavour and I loved this far more than I expected to. 

Moroccan Mint Green Leaf Tea
This tea is named after the tea that is brewed on Morocco's streets, this is a full bodied tea sweetened by the sweet spearmint. This was refreshing and would taste amazing as an iced tea. 

Jasmine Green Leaf Tea 
This was a light, smooth and slightly fragrant tea and really made me feel relaxed and soothed after a long day, I couldn't wait to get my second cup and this tea is my favourite out of this set. Whittards pick the jasmine flowers at dusk when they are most scented and they are layered with green tea so that the tea takes in the jasmine heady scent. 

These are some of my favourite accessories that I would absolutely adore as a Valentine's or Mother's Day gift (hint hint Mr Silver) Whittard's do a range of fine bone china tea sets but these are current and unique. These are from the ...

Vintage Rose (Top left and centre) Anyone who knows me knows that I adore floral prints and the ever iconic Cath Kidston, the vintage rose and summer blossom collection give a nod to her style. Vintage rose is a fresh but modern collection.

Summer Blossom collection (bottom left) I adore the fine details on this collection, the mock lace and scalloped layers look cute and sweet. 

Alice in Wonderland (bottom right and centre) unique shaped mugs and teapots at affordable prices, I love the wonderland theme as it's not something you see every day. 

If you are going on holiday or are dreaming of drinking Moroccan tea in the sun-baked streets then you will need to check out Age UK for insurance, it's always best to be safe so head to their website to take a peek

Ideal Cases // My Custom Phone Case

Custom Designed Cases, anyone? 

I am a little bit late in doing this post *oops* I found out about Ideal Cases just before Christmas time and instantly squee with delight at the prospect of designing my own iPhone case. I tend to be hugely picky when it comes to design based items and find that because I love colours and patterns with a passion (Geeky I know) I can get bored very easily, just ask my old Bebo friends who had to bear witness to my ever changing profile skin changes (I am no longer a Bebo user). 

I loved that I could create my own case to my own spec so wanted to make sure that I filled the design space with things that I wouldn't get bored off easily, I am not a huge mobile fanatic and only really use my mobile to take photo's, check emails, organise my self while out, do business and keep on top of meetings and boring stuff so I knew that the case didn't need to wow anyone else but myself. 

Initially, I wanted to also purchase an Ipad case for my husband as he had got his beloved Ipad around October time and still hadn't got a decent case for it but as fate would have it the day after I came across Ideal Cases he comes home from work with a hard backed bright orange faux leather case, well that was my Ipad case idea pooped. 

So switching onto selfish me I decided to create a case just for little old me!  If you haven't popped over to Ideal Cases yet then I'll tell you what to expect. Some sites can baffle a consumer from the get-go but Ideal Cases website is clear and easy to follow, they give you the option of choosing your gadget and you can choose from Ipad, Kindle, iPhone, Nook, Blackberry, Samsung etc. Once you click your gadget and chosen your model you can then choose what type of case you want to start designing, again options are fullwrap or clip on but do vary depending on your gadget and model. 

My particular case cost £12.49 although I did receive this for free through Ideal Cases and Fuel My Blog but I think this is an excellent price but more on that later. 
You are given the option of adding your own photo's or images, you can further customise this by choosing your layout or even going with no specific layout template which I know has been really popular with other bloggers. 

Like I mentioned before I am a simple gal' so I know that the only thing I wouldn't tire of seeing was photo's of my sons, I had recently taken a few pics that I adored especially since my sons no longer looked like babies in them. I personally choose a simple layout and popped my photo's into the squares fixing them so you can easily see their cute little faces. I considered adding text or some cute quote but quickly deleted it for fear of being too mumsy and cute. (On those tough power tripping days I would have cringed) 

I opted for blue because it's really brought out my son's images and it's supposed to be soothing is it not? While my design is very basic and simple I could have gone wild and added images of buttons, flowers, varied colours, added text and even made it look like an ultra cool collage, part of me wishes I had done this somewhat. 

Overall I found the designing process very easy and really enjoyable, I released some of my inner design diva and was very proud of my finished design. I expected this to take around 7-10 days for delivery but this arrived in a super speedy 4 days!! and it was just before Christmas so I was very impressed. The quality was excellent and the actual case as you can see looks sleek, fits my phone model well and it looks exactly like the design I made on the computer. 

My sons felt like superstars when they saw it and decided that they also wanted to design a case so are going to design me one from Ideal Cases for my Ipad for Mothers Day (March the 10th apparently).  

Overall I love my case, I am hugely impressed with the usability of the site, the low price especially considering the price of some iPhone cases that have less of a wow factor and the delivery is second to none. Want to start designing your own Ideal Case?