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Have you heard about Glamglow? 

I hadn't heard of Glamglow until late last year, if you don't know about this amazing brand then let me tell you some more. Glamglow is a mud mask that is loved by celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Nina Dobrev and Miley Cyrus to name a few. 

I firstly wanted to point out that this is not a sponsored post and I started off thinking probably what your thinking just now, 'is this another hyped celebrity product' it was this mentality that lead me to sample the product to really see if it lived up to its claims and was it worth its price tag. 

Initially the Glamglow product packs a glamorous punch with it's black and silver packaging, it's universal, classic and unisex so it ticked major boxes for me straight away ( I adore nice packaging) Glamglow claims to be a '10 minute facial in a jar' I opened the product and spread a thin layer onto my skin as directed and waited for the 'tingle'.   At first, I thought maybe my skin was a little bit sensitive but then realised this sensation was supposed to be happening.  

Glamglow contains heaps of gorgeous ingredients such as green tea leaves, volcanic minerals, French sea clay, purified clay, micro volcanic rock, chamomile, green tea and magnolia extracts as well as a variety of additional extracts and natures goodness. Glamglow claims to clean all skin types and skin problems without stripping it of its natural oils, the extracts and natural additives certainly do this and the volcanic rock absorbs all of the nastiness. 

The photos are up next, I wanted to point out that I have no make-up, concealer, foundation or any sort on my skin and also I hadn't done my hair so I do apologise for 'naked' face photos. This is an image of the mud mask starting to dry, you can see from my nose area that the pore matrix causes your icky bits to turn black. This mask was my second application within the week and I noticed a huge improvement just after 1 application. The first application showed really dark larger pores. 

This photo shows the mask with the green tea leaves (the darker areas contain larger leaves.) I couldn't smile at this point as the mask was deliciously tight. I really felt like I was 16 again. 

Just after washing off the mask. I did have a big red spot on my forehead, as you can see the redness has gone and it has shrunken tremendously. My skin looks even and has no tight or dry areas like most products that I have used before. 

I am so glad that Glamglow did live up to its reputation and to be honest I feel it may be one of a few products that work extremely well. I can completely justify the price tag and I know that the pot of Glamglow will last for ages. I love the fresh, clean feeling I get from using this product and the nice scrubby texture of the volcanic rock. 

Afterwards, my skin felt 'primed' without actually using a shop bought primer, my makeup stayed on and didn't need reapplying by midday and even 2 days later I noticed my t-zone felt less oily. 

If you want to try Glamglow and see the benefits for yourself I would advise you to do so, your skin will thank you for it. You can purchase a 7ml trial size Glamglow youth mud for only £4.99 by heading to GlamglowThe 15ml Youth mud costs £22.50 and the 50ml costs £49.99 you can save 15% if you sign up for their newsletter. 

Money Saving Idea 

Although to be honest it would make more sense to save money by buying three trial sized samples for £14.97 and you then have 21ml or buy seven 7ml trials sized for £35 which will give you a whopping 49ml. 

This means more product and parting with fewer pennies = happy days. Although if your a packaging and pot lover go for the full priced option. 
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  1. This looks good,
    i ususally just use the boots mudd mask but i noticed its starting to really cause me grief.
    this could be my next best thing! x

    1. I can promise you Noir you will not regret it, they do a 7ml tester which will last for ages for only £4.99 which is a bargain. I have had many professional facials that haven't given as good results as Glamglow has.

      Elyse xx

  2. #sweetvalentines LOL I had a little giggle there seeing your photos - I'm thinking - If I was to use this mask, I would make sure I was in on my own and no one was expected to visit! Last time I put on a facemask, my new pup wimpered and hid! Great reviewthough and I think I will try it! I have not seem a mask that shows where your problem areas are and it is fab that you can see over time how your skin is improving. I have tried lots of masks - from peel off to heated, clay etc so willing to give this one a try! Thank you!

  3. I am using this mask and totally loving the results. This is a God sent product <3


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