Company Style Blogger Awards 2013

My Plea 

It's that time of year when bloggers nicely beg readers to consider voting for them and I am unashamedly no exception. 

I have always loved fashion and beauty and had hoped I would have gotten into the fashion field but life got in the way so to speak, as the years went on and children came along my dreams and passions were placed on the back burner. I don't regret anything from my past as my life is well, amazing but now that my sons are older and at school I decided to get back into fashion and beauty by starting this blog. 

Anyone who follows my little blog will know that I try to post daily and do manage this for the most part, I love posting about style, new fashions, how to put together outfits and beauty tips, tricks, swatches and everything in between. 

I have lots of hopes and dreams for my little blog and I am so determined to achieve these not for any status, free items or money but because I want my sons to see their mummy doing something she loves so that they will be proud and I can feel happy knowing that I am doing what I love. 

I love receiving comments from you guys, I love when you ask me questions and I love helping you out any way I can. It's you guys that make this rewarding and it's you guys that keep me blogging and just want to kindly ask if you have a moment and you love my blog can you maybe vote for me? 

Even achieving the shortlist is a huge milestone for me and I would feel so proud to get that far, I promise if you guys help me out that I will bring you lots of new and exciting posts covering everything from basic tutorials to the more in depth, quirky and strange posts that get requested from time to time. 

So how can you vote? 

* Simply click the image banner above or head to HERE. 
* In the nomination form add your email then my blog url which is 
* You have the option of choosing 'personal style blog' or 'personal style blog newcomer' 
* Then of course click that it's not your blog
* Press submit and that's it! 

Good deed done for the day, think of the karmic comeback! 

If you have any questions please email me on 

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