Denim Days

Denim Days

Denim Days by sweetelyse featuring jeans

I was made a featured trendsetter over on Shopcade not too long ago, I absolutely love Shopcade because it houses every brand I could ever want and allows everyone to earn back money if and when you spend. I personally haven't used it for that purpose and it's not my main focus. 

I love it because I get to make mood boards, I suppose it's similar in some ways to Pinterest where you can make boards and fill it with your favourite items. Most of mine are fashion inspired including my board called ' SS13 Denim by Elyse S'. You can find it HERE

Denim is one of those fashions that never goes out of style, it gets remade and re-worked to some degree every season but Milan fashion week turned this must have item into a fashion MUST HAVE! even stating that double denim is a go again. I personally don't think I will be going for the typical double denim look of jacket and jeans or shirt and jeans especially in the one colour, but I may take my black jeans and combine it with an ombre denim shirt, bag or shoes with a hint of denim such as the ones in this image. 

Each of these items are my top picks from my Shopcade board and I tried to combine the best of the best for those who adore denim to those who are denim wary. If you dislike denims you can still keep on trend by adding in hints of denim or even denim inspired make up such as the eye palette by Nars. 

So will you be rocking denims this season? If so who's at the top of your list brand-wise? 

X Dislosure: I do not get paid in any way shape or form for posting this or via Shopcade X


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    1. Hi Nessa,
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