Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection

Estee Lauder have launched their very own Mad Men inspired collection, I am loving the classic tones and the packaging W-O-W! 

Who are Mad Men you ask? Mad Men is not a who but a what, Mad Men has been growing in popularity since it began in 2007. Set in the 1960's the story is based around an advertising agency in New York city and the personal lives of each of the characters. The show has gained a heap of media attention mainly for the characters covetable fashion and styles and it's for this reason that I love Mad Men. 

Estee Lauder takes it's influence from the classic styles of this era and the show and has made 3 products to give us consumers a classic beauty look. You can clearly see the influences in these 3 products and the shades and I remember looking back at photo's of my mum who did in fact wear these colours. 

Although Mad Men fashion gives a nod to both the 1950's and the 1960's, I love how Estee Lauder have also been influenced by the more psychedelic 60's patterns which make the blusher packaging so attractive. 

The products are.... 

These are each limited editions and the packaging is in fact replica's of Estee Lauder's packaging from the 1960's! how amazing is that! 

These colours do suit most skin tones and to be quite honest you cannot really go wrong with these, they are designed to highlight your best features rather than drawing attention away from your natural beauty. 

I will for sure be getting the Rich Rich lipstick but will need to give the blusher a try before buying due to having super white skin and being a tad scared of blusher. 

Will you be buying these products? 


  1. Where would they be available? Do you know the UK release date? So wanna swatch the blush!

    1. Hi lovely,

      The collections available just now in places such as Selfridges & Co and Harrods but is also available online. The blush is lush isn't it. x


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