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As a mum I am pretty OCD about having photo's of my sons at each step, venue or celebration. I have amassed huge amounts of photo's of my little family so when I heard about I-pic I thought it was such a genius idea. 

I-pic are a company that allow you to create fun but functional frames to show off your photo's with style. You can either opt for one of their pre-designed frames or if you're braver you can design one yourself. 

So I will admit I am really poor at Photoshop and digital design, I wish I could master it but the truth is I simply can't but where I lack in digital design I make up in sheer design snobbery.  I knew that I had to design my own, I could see it in my mind  and due to my snobbery I actually re-designed my frame three times to make sure it was just 'so'. 

I wanted to have a light base with varied sized rectangles in pastel tones, I knew this would tie in with all of the rooms in my home and it was a palette that I would never grow bored off. I am so pleased with how it turned out and the I-pic design software made it really easy. 

Having just had photo's of my sons printed I knew I had to have the latest photo of my handsome husband with my puppy printed. I swear my husband is like a fine wine, he really does get more handsome every year where as I on the other hand... well let's not go there. 

What's genius about these frames as that you can show them off in 2 different ways, I know that I have a box of frames photo's sitting in my cupboard which no longer look good anywhere or simply didn't fit my decor, I-pic frames stop this from happening. 

Here are the display methods: 

This is the standing option, you simply pop in the lever on the back of the frame and stand it on your shelf as you would a traditional framed photo. 

Or, you can pop out the lever and just stick it to the fridge, the frame is magnetic so there is no issues with sticky marks or fiddly bits. If you change your decor you don't need to worry about standing it on a shelf as you can store it on your fridge! 

How To Design Your Frame

1. You simply choose to either use a pre-designed frame or opt to design one yourself. 
2. Choose your photo and upload it (you can crop it to suit your frame also) 
3. then add any extras such as wording or changing the finish.  

That's it. Finally you are given the option of a metallic finish which is what I opted for and then head to checkout, so how will you design yours?  

Head to I-pic HERE to start designing your own. 
I-pic are also on Twitter, you can visit them HERE

X Disclaimer : PR Sample, designed by own fair hands X

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