Review : Miners Colour & Kohl Eyeliners

Having run out of eyeliner I found I was lucky enough to be sent these from Miners Cosmetics, Let's just say they saved me some drama and I seriously could have hugged Miners for reading my mind. These are the new Colour & Kohl liners and this range comes in 4 colours which are black, brown, blue and gold; which are shown above. 

I like my eyeliners to glide onto my eyelids smoothly, I hate ones that crumble or make your flicks look pathetic and because of this I tend to opt for Kohl's when shopping myself. I always have a brown and a black in my arsenal for daytime and night time looks. 

If you are wondering 'what's the difference between an eye liner pencil and a kohl pencil' then let me just tell you. An eye liner pencil is made to line the lower eye lids and water line, it's a little bit harder than a kohl and gives a really defined power packing line. A kohl however is softer, more blend-able and is fab for giving softness to the eyes, it's a must have in a smokey eye look and can be used on both the upper and lower eye lids as well as on the eyebrows like I do myself. 

The Miners Colour & Kohl pencil allows you to both line your upper eyelids giving a real definition to your flicks but it also allows you to blend and smooth the lines for use on both the upper and lower lids. These only cost £1.99 and have been a huge hit with both beauty lovers and professionals and I can see why.  

This goes on smoothly, the line is the right amount of chunky and has the right amount of definition to be used on either eye lids. Look at those gorgeous colours! The only thing I would change, or add more like is that I think they should be adding silver and green pencils to this line, I would snap them up in an instant. 

If you want to take a peek at Miners Colour & Kohl pencils and their other fabulous cosmetics then click over HERE 

If it's good enough for Dancing on Ice, it's good enough for me! 

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