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So you've seen the furry fashions that have suddenly become popular right? If not furry-ness has taken on a style of it's own and has embellished everything from skirts to footwear. Manicures are no exception and you can even buy specialist kits to get your furry mani urges under control. 

I say don't spend a heap of money on those kits.... especially when you can do it yourself, and here's how. 

You Will Need

♥ Either a base coat or clear coat nail polish. Ideally one you won't be using again. I've opted to use my Rimmel clear coat. 

♥ Coloured flocking powders. Again you can get these quite cheaply from Ebay (which is where mine are from, I purchased THESE ones which were a mere £1.99 delivered for 12 varied pots) or you can buy flocking powder from beauty stores. 

♥ Tweezers or some form of pincher. Again try to not use the one's you regularly use as you will end up with fuzzy eyebrows. 

♥ A brush, possibly an old make-up brush to brush the excess away. 

♥ Paper to catch the excess fuzz. 

How To Get Fuzzy
♥ Decide firstly what colours you will be using (if you have more than one colour) and also what design you will be doing, you can go for the full nail mani, french fuzzy tip or highlight pre-designed nail art such as polka dots, the insides of leopard print or even stripes. 

♥ Open up your flocking powder container and have everything to hand. 

♥ Paint on your base coat/clear coat on to the nails but only on the areas you want to stay fuzzy. Tips for french mani, full nail for full fuzz, dots etc... 

♥ Quickly pinch the flocking powder and lump it right over the nail so that it's fully covered, if doing a full nail design remember to get the sides of your nails. 

♥ Gently pat the flocking powder down to ensure it's really sticking on to your chosen areas. 

♥ Wait... you need your base/clear coat to become dry or you risk having a squint or uneven design (as shown with the green flocking powder nail in the images) 

♥ Once your nail is dry (or you think it should be dry) tap your finger against the tub to get the excess off and brush the sides of your finger with the old make-up brush . 

♥ If there are area's that look patchy, add some more clear coat to the areas that have gaps and re-apply the flocking powder as you did before. 

♥ Tip the rest of your flocking powder back in to the container until next time. 

See how simple was that! You are now a fuzzy follower of [nail] fashion. So if you're anything like me and won't be opting for the furry shoes or dresses you can still stay at the top of the fash pack with your furry nails. 

The green shows what can happen if you don't leave it to dry. The pink on the other hand was left to dry for the right amount of time. 

How awesome would this look in rainbow stripes or even with some cosmetic fine glitter added in before adding! I feel a cosmetic glitter spending spree coming on. 

So will you guys be flocking your nails? 

X Disclaimer: I purchased everything myself X

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  1. I started off the same as you Hannah but figured furry nails was the safer 'furry' option for the fur fashion trend. I can confirm that the nails do stay put and dry super quick once they get wet :)

    Happy Sunday,
    Elyse X


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