Are You In The Mood? || Miners Cosmetics Mood Gloss

Anyone who has been following me over on Twitter will know that I had a sudden accessory craving for a silver mood ring. Who knows why but I did and I searched high and low looking for the right ring and eventually found it and here it is...

As a child I loved mood rings and I really did think they were magical, I still get this feeling of innocence and magic when I think of mood rings as I am transported back to being about 6 or 7 years old. When I saw that Miners were doing a mood lipgloss you can imagine the mega squee that came out of my mouth! clicked and ordered! I had to get it... right? 

So when it arrived I looked at the pretty packaging and then thought 'how the heck does a lipgloss become a mood based product?' I popped it on my lips and then was still as confused as before.. until I read the packaging correctly duh moment or what. 

So this lipgloss starts out as a basic clear gloss and after applying it the heat from your lips makes it turn pink. Magical right? I tried to photograph this but my camera is crap and It didn't really show the change correctly. 
The gloss / The Swatch 
Mood gloss at the start (it's clear but has already started to change) / See it turning pink?

The turn comes on pretty quick and it leaves a delicate pink tone to the lips, I have Fordyce markings on my lips so the inside of my lips is normally white and the outside is dark pink, this gloss has evened my lips out so on someone with no white markings will be left with pinker lips. (see the difference between the top and bottom lip, the bottom is an even pink gloss and the top is lighter and whiter). 

These glosses come in 2 flavours, this one is Glastonberry which is a play on words. It's a sweet berry flavour and is so yummy even my son wanted to try it. The second mood gloss flavour is Peace Pout and I haven't tried that yet but really want to. 

These glosses cost a mere £2.49 and are available over on Miners website.

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