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Keira From Miss Make Up 96 Blog 
Fifth blogger spotlight! Next up is the lovely Keira from Miss Make Up 96 blog. Keira's blog is a mix of skincare, beauty and pink, pink, PINK! 

I love Keira's style of writing, I love her choice of topics and her all round level headed personality. I hope you enjoy her interview too. Well, to be honest I know you're going to love it! 


My first name's keira and I have been really looking forward to doing this interview. 

★ Can you tell us some things about yourself? 
I am 16 years old will be 17 in September. I will be hopefully starting college in September where I will be studying beauty. My dream is to become a make-up artist.

★ What led you to start blogging? 
I loved reading blogs and I was just really ill in bed one day so I decided to start my blog, to give me something to do while I was off school. I am so pleased that I took the leap and started as it is a massive part of my life, I would never change it.

★ What tips would you give to anyone starting it out?
Just be yourself and stick to it. You won't gain lots of followers overnight and it takes a lot of time and effort. But if you stick to it then you will do well.

 If you were a colour what would you be?
Pink because it's girly like me.

 Let's talk celebrity crushes, who is yours and why? 
Peter Andre, Hot body, nice face, great with children. He is just beautiful.

★ What are your blogging bug bears?
When people fake their posts and opinions. They write a review but they are just praising it so much that it just seems fake. Or when they just lie about what their opinions, it's distrustful. 

Thank you Keira, I can totally see why you would get annoyed by those bug bears and your interview has been fantastic! Thank you for being our fifth blogger lovely. 

You can visit Keira on the links below. 

 Twitter Blog ★ 

Edit: It seems Kiera's moved blogs. Why not Tweet her to find out what the link is. 
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