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Kellie From Beauty Ever After Blog

HHH I was so excited that our third blogger agreed to be in our spotlight. The wonderful Kellie from Beauty Ever After blog answers some of our questions for you guys. I really admire Kellie and I am slightly green with envy with just how pretty her blog is (runs off to get colour correcting powder), on a serious note though Beauty Ever After is filled with well laid out posts on beauty, lifestyle and fashion. Kellie's style of writing is so easy to follow and it shows her personality so well, I really wish I was as level headed as Kellie when I was her age. I specifically choose bloggers for the spotlight who have well managed blogs, write with ease and regularly and also show some personality and Kellie ticks each of those boxes. 

I can really see Kellie becoming a big name in beauty with a following like her idols Macbarbie 07 for example. Here is Kellie's interview for you guys to enjoy!

Hi :), 

My name is Kellie and I am the girl behind the blog  Beauty Ever After. I'm 24 years old and I live near Oxford in the UK. I love trying the latest products, trying out new makeup looks, and generally being creative with cosmetics.

So after reading beauty and fashion blogs and watching Youtube channels for the last two years, I decided to start my own blog.This is such a positive community and without all the lovely girls I've met through blogging, I don't know where I would be. 

My favourite bloggers and vloggers? 
My favourite vloggers are That's Heart, ZoellaMacbarbie07. And a couple of my favourite blogs are Birds Words, Couture Girl, and Milk Bubble Tea.

What are your top beauty and style tips? 
I would say, take inspiration from latest trends and other peoples blogs etc but don't be a copycat, only buy something or wear it if you like it. And no matter what anyone else says or thinks, be yourself and don't change your style for anyone or anything be an original, they are always worth more than copies :) 

What songs or artists can currently be found on your playlist?
I have a bit of a random playlist going on right now. I love Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson, Mirrors (live version!) by Justin Timberlake, When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars and Boys Boys Boys by Lady Gaga.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be? 

 I think I would be blue. I think it's the colour of some of the most beautiful things in the world such as the sky and the ocean, plus it's my favourite colour!

Thanks so much for the opportunity, I think interviews are such a good way to share your current favourites and discoveries with others; as well as finding new reads. I hope you enjoyed my interview. 

Lots of love, Kellie xx

Edit: It looks like Kellie isn't running the same blog anymore. 

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