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I am currently on a self imposed spending ban, which to be fair is seriously tough! I wanted to try doing this purely so I could really get to grips with my wish list and what items, I do really want and which are just faddy wants. Let's just say most of my wanted items are still firmly in place on my want wish list *sigh*. 

When E-Tail PR asked if we wanted to enter our wish list, into a competition to win £200 to spend at Chi Chi Clothing my answer was 'Hell Yeah' because 1. I love Chi Chi's pretty dresses and 2. It settles my urge to shop. Really it's a win-win for all. If you're a blogger you can find the details for the competition here (edit: no longer running). 

I knew straight away which dresses would be going on the wish list as I do pop over to the site quite regularly. While there are so many pretty dresses I know I have chosen practically. I am a mum to not one but three (big) boys. My body is never going to be the same as it was when I was 18 or even 25, but I know I can still pull off a pretty dress and rock it out!

These dresses were chosen for their shape and my body type, the details on them aren't over the top and although they have decorative aspects they can still be dressed up further with various accessories. I also added the midi black dress because it is really a classic LBD, vintage-esque and classic this type of dress really won't go out of style. 

What do you think of my choices? they are so pretty aren't they.  You can check them out over on the Chi Chi London website. 

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