Guest Post: 6 Modern Day Queen's of Vintage

6 Modern Day Queens of Vintage

Read on for a look at some of the celebrities who have taken a vintage look and put it at the heart of their signature style.
Vintage clothes are hot right now and all across the country people are infusing their wardrobes with old school styles. We're going to have a look at a few of the leading lights of this fashion trend – six women who have put their stamp on the vintage look.

  1. Barbara Streisand
You might be thinking that this screen icon is a bit of an unlikely pick but this living Hollywood legend has long been one of the pioneers of vintage fashion. Throughout her career the star has never been afraid of stylistically striking, flowing dresses and sharply detailed accessories that characterised times gone by – and she's always looked great as she's done it.

  1. Kate Moss
As a star of the London fashion scene it's no surprise that Kate Moss is usually dressed beautifully at red-carpet events and exclusive parties. What's a little bit more surprising is she can often be seen picking through vintage clothes stalls at Camden and Portobello markets looking for the little items that spark off her unique look. In 2007 it was a vintage gold satin gown at the heart of a near-fashion disaster, but Kate handled it with a class and elegance that matched her look.

  1. Paloma Faith
Since singer Paloma Faith broke through to the big time a couple of years ago she's become a figurehead for fans of vintage clothing and she has gone a long way to shaping modern women's fashion. Her distinctive use of retro clothing, bright colours and a make-up scheme that brings the glamour of the fifties and sixties right up to date in a chic and positively fabulous fashion. Those vintage fashions have the perfect design to complement Paloma's hourglass figure and she carries them off perfectly.

  1. Dita von Teese
The whole celebration of burlesque dancing speaks to an earlier age when the style was a popular phenomenon in the thirties and forties. As the brightest light of a resurgent neo-burlesque fashion Dita von Teese is a real icon of vintage fashion. A lot of work goes into the risqué outfits and impeccable styling that the globe-trotting dancer sports, but never more so than when she sported nothing other than $5m worth of diamonds for an event at the New York Academy of Art.

  1. Florence Welch
This singer, from Florence and the Machine fame, has got one of the most powerful voices in pop and her wardrobe is just as commanding. Florence isn’t afraid to make a statement with her outfits and has been seen sporting a range of unique looks, from sharply cut suits covered in bold patterns to flowing gothic dresses that make her look less cutting edge music star and more pre-Raphaelite brotherhood muse.

  1. Katy Perry
With a look that screams small-town fifties America, this singing superstar, and former wife of Russell Brand, has one of the most distinctive styles in pop. Katy's hair often carries that typical fifties bounce and her cherry-red lipstick provides a flash of colour that harks right back to the decade's classic look. Katy injects this style with modern sex-appeal, although it's a push to think that many of her skin-baring outfits would have been aired much back then. Let's just say we wouldn't have seen Joanie get away with it on Happy Days. 

Written By: Joanne Reader, Freelance Writer. 


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