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H&M Conscious 
Exclusive Collection 

When the email about H&M Conscious Exclusive collection dropped into my inbox I couldn't not post about it, I love fashion and I especially love high end fashion at affordable prices. Give me a Chloe sale or Jeffrey Campbell's at half the price and I'm sold. 

Clicking over straight away to take a peek at the exclusives myself I wanted to get my shop on straight away only stopping from clicking the 'add to cart' button when I remembered I will be starting my month spending ban, I don't think purchasing more clothes merely days before is the right attitude to take. I did notice that some items are sold out all ready and rightly so they are absolutely freaking gorgeous! I am not sure if these items will be re-stocked but fingers crossed they are and fingers crossed they are available after my spending ban is up. 

Here is a peek at the collections. 

H&M Exclusive Collection

H&M Exclusives

Personally I am in love with this embroidered dress but it was one of the sold outs. You can find it over here

So what is H&M Conscious Exclusive? Here's what H&M say: 

' Hollywood glamour comes to H&M this spring with conscious Exclusive, a party wear collection made from more sustainable materials. Materials used in the collection include organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and TENCEL.'

Want to take a peek at this gorgeous collection you can head over to H&M on the link below. 

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