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Row by row left to right: 

♥ Vanilla Flake Cupcakes made by my adorable husband who then went on to make homemade  sweet popcorn. I'm one Lucky girl./ KIKO & gradient manicure also done on my wonderful husband / Hailstones in Spring / The Good and the Dirty face cleanser and berry mask. 

♥ My Etat Pur Goodies- Review coming soon / My Pink hair streak / Healthy dinner of noodles and melon slice / Oriflame lip swatch / Oriflame lip swatch / 

♥ The Oriflame Giordani Gold Lippy's / My fashion icon Jeannie Mai / Homemade berry ice with coconut / Peace man! mood ring / My Little Pony Mystery Bags

♥ Marc Jacobs watch - I need this in my life / Senna gold lipgloss / Healthy cheese baked potatoes to shift this excess but fat / Makeup goodies / My youngest son Rome engrossed in Jimmy Neutron /

♥ Naughty puppy scratches / Dyed dark hair when I was poorly ill / Before picture as I'm ready to tone this body up / Jameela gold face masks / I am a unicorn...fact! 

♥ Nail Polish Swatches galore / Battle of the yellow polishes / Beauty Sale packaged up and ready to go / Holland & Barrett Sleeping beauty box / New Jeffrey Campbell 'Brooklyns'

♥ Snake eye cream / Urban Outfitters Illuminati top / Lip Boom swatch / Wonderful colours for Spring / MUA makeup haul. 

I swear I am addicted to Instagram. If you're on Instagram pop over and visit me over HERE 

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