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KIKO Ready-To-Go Nail Lacquer 

KIKO have created this clever little product that combines a base coat, colour coat and top coat into one and  although these look like nail stickers I can promise you they certainly are not. The Ready-To-Go range covers all nail preferences from opaque colours, fluorescent tones like hot pink or orange and patterns such as the Taupe Lace above or my  personal favourites, Timeless or Black Leopard! wowzers the leopards are amazing.

These are suppose to last 14 days and they cost £5.90. In each pack you will get 2 strips of 8 pre-molded patches ready to apply and shape. I know you're thinking '8? why is there 8?' this is due to the variations in nail sizes. It also allows you an extra few to get your nail art on. 

What I especially loved about these nail patches were how easy they were to apply. Unlike nail transfers, tattoo's and stickers not once did they crease or fold on themselves. The finish felt secure and so professional. 

How To Apply 

1. Prepare your nails by shaping them and applying a base coat. 
2. Select the correct size for your nail. Don't worry about the length as that's fixed at at later stage. 
3. With your chosen nail, take off the clear backing.  
4. Now take off the paper backing so you have what looks like a thick dried layer of stretchy polish. 
5. Now place this onto the nail and  smooth down with a cuticle stick or even the back of a makeup brush or cotton bud if you don't have a cuticle or orange stick. 
6.  To get rid of the excess, pull downwards over the nail so the excess comes off or...  
8. You can trim the length appropriately and to give your nail a professional finish buff the raw edge down and under. 
9. Finish with 2 coats of clear topcoat or glitter to seal the patch and protect your manicure. 

You can use this as a full manicure or as a focal nail like I did below. This hand also is the hand of my wonderful husband who is such a trooper allowing me to paint and primp him. Unfortunately, my hand is very shoddy due to a naughty puppy chewing it. 

Used Above
 KIKO Lace nail patch on index finger
Graduated nails (with similar tones) using:

Base Coat/Top Layer || Illamasqua , Jan.
Middle Layer || Nails Inc, Walton Place.
Tip/Bottom Layer || Models Own, Pastel Pink NP033.

I am thinking that these would look wonderful mixed and matched or even using these ready to go patches trimmed as a french manicure! How out there would it look with the Black Leopard with the Pink Graduated  Patch cut as a french tip!  I shall be trying this for sure over the next few days and will update the pictures over on Instagram or Twitter.  

So guys what do you think?  Hot or not? 

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