Mavala That's My Colour

Mavala That's My Colour

I recently heard about a competition that Mavala was holding over on Facebook and Twitter. If for some incredible reason you don't know who Mavala are let me tell you some more. 

Mavala is a world leader in nail care and have at least 50 years under their belts. Born in 1958 to Madelaine Van Landeghem, the Mavala name comes from the first two letters of her Madelaine's name. 
The Mavala brand now offers not only nail care products but also hands, eyes, feet and eye care products, but it's their Scientifique nail hardener that remains their top selling product, having been one of their first initial proucts. 

Mavala have decided to turn to their fans to find out what colour we want to wear, they are asking everyone to Facebook or Tweet images that show the colours that you would wear on your nails, such as my Lilly image above. 

You may opt to send an image of your baby's blue eyes, your favourite ribbon, your puppy's fur, a stone that is unusual, a leaf that is weathered or well anything to be honest. 

Simply Facebook or Tweet your image followed by the #ThatsMyColour hashtag. Mavala will choose 3 entries to turn in to polish for their Autumn collection. 

If you are going to enter you can do so by heading to their direct page links below. 

I am a girly girl but as much as I love bubblegum pink, I tend to grow bored of it and sway towards the red tones. I came across a colour called carmine a number of years ago, which is a gorgeous red/pink/orange colour so I was going to go for that however, 

Flicking through my images I came across the Lilly image above, I have always loved that photo as it was the taken from the Lillie's my sons gave me for mummy's day last year. I darkened it slightly and voila I ended up with my perfect colour! 

Apparently this colour is called 'Razzmatazz' and was invented by Crayola in 1993, it's the right shade of dusky pink and reddish undertones and I would love to wear this as a fully opaque tone with no shimmer, similar to a Plastikote finish. 

So guys, that's my colour. What's yours? 

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