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I'm noticing fine lines more now and to be quite frank, I don't like it! It scares the bee-Jesus out of me but ironically I don't mind getting older. To put a slight slant on Buzz Lightyear's saying 'It's not getting older, it's ageing with style' (or something along those lines), can you tell it's Easter holidays and I've watched too much Toy Story. 

Anyhoo, so the lines around the eyes have always bothered me that is one of the reasons I am fantastical about skin care and beauty, I find that I look in the mirror each day and yip they're there, I can see them. I then wake up, look in the mirror on another random day to find BOOM! they have suddenly grown a lot more visible and a lot deeper. It's this sudden visible growth that scares me. 

So what's a wrinkled girl to do? do I spend more money on products that clearly aren't freezing my looks (as if that could ever happen) or do I spend a moderate amount on products that will keep the lines at bay until the next growth spurt takes place? 

My answer to that is NEITHER! I don't do either of those options and instead, I hit the hard stuff... hard! (a lot of exclamation points in this post but they are so en-point worthy I just had to). I don't hit the salicylic acid, I don't hit the retinol or co-enzymes. Oh no, these aren't good enough for my peepers. Instead, I hit the snake venom. 

Since purchasing this (yes I did purchase this myself), I have noticed an influx of companies all jumping on this Syn-ake bandwagon and snake venom waggon. Products such as the Rodial Snake Serum Pen will set you back a mighty £78, Syence Skin Venom Memory Cream is a whopping £189 and Barbaria's Snake Venom anti-wrinkle cream is a more purse friendly £24.99. 

But, even a skin care cream at £25 can feel like you're throwing away money if you don't see any results and this is what stops me from spending large amounts on a whim. While out shopping at the weekend I came across the little eye cream above and vaguely remembered reading about Gwyneth Paltrow using a snake venom skincare product, the product was dubbed 'Botox in a bottle' as it's supposed to give visible results. 

I snatched this up and headed to the tills and couldn't wait to get home to try it. The product above is made by Balance Cosmetics and is a 15ml eye cream. It contains 'Syn-Ake' and 'Eyepro 3 x ' which are the main 'wow' ingredients. 

Here's what they say about the product. 

''Syn-Ake - Is a snake venom-like neuropeptide that softens the look of wrinkles and helps reduce expression lines. EyePro 3 x - Clinically proven to reduce under-eye bags and dark circles in just 4 weeks boosting collagen production and hydration. ''

The cream is said to relax tired eyes, moisturises and illuminates and minimises under eye circles and bags. I did a spot of reading after getting home and the reviews of Syn-Ake products were amazing. I personally was a bit scared to use the product because I tend to have reactions to certain things and was sure this would be one of those products. However, I braved the fear and dotted on the cream, gently tapping it into the skin (because swiping can damage the gentle under eye skin) and waited for a few minutes.

Normally after applying a product, I wait to see if there is any difference, especially those that promise to 'plump' or temporary reduce lines or some other sale plot and normally I don't see any difference. However, this product made me run downstairs pointing at my eyes like a crazy woman. Prior to using this my under eyes were definite sunken, purple, tired looking and of course, had the visible lines. After popping this on only the once, they looked plumper (like when you've had a decent night sleep and a stress-free day) and less yuck. Imagine you had lightly put a tinted moisturiser on, they looked like that. The colour was brighter, healthier and overall my face did look less tired.

Want to know what the kicker is about this whole thing and my main reason for posting? forget the Rodial at £50-£70 and forget the Syence at over £100. This product cost a teeny tiny £1.50 from my local B&M's (bargain store) and you can find the same product, but by Aldi for a similarly low price.

Crazy huh! so my recommendation is to hotfoot it to your local store and buy their supplies of this while it's available. I also used this on those pesky lines in between my eyebrows and around my lips, not on the lips but around them, because who wants to have the pout that resembles a pooches butt when you're old?


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