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I've seen a lot of talks recently about lip scrubs, especially over on Twitter. As someone who suffers from dry lips constantly (damn you Scottish weather), products that leave me with soft kissable lips are always on the top of my to buy list. 

I first purchased lip scrubs way back when Lush released their bubblegum scrub but had previously made my own DIY versions (I swear I should have marketed it way back in 2005). Of course, before the DIY version, I did use other tricks such as lip softening products and soft toothbrushes. I wanted to try the Lush version as I really wanted to see if it would be a wonder product, I wished and I still do wish that I could go a week without having a dreaded uneven lip tone and dry patches. 

I know there are a lot of people who are starting to purchase lip scrub products, you may think that you have are limited to possibly two or three scrub type products. The most well know to be Lush and Sarah Happ's scrubs. This post is really just to show you the lip scrub options available to you so you can find the 'right' one for your needs. 

The mood board shows my top picks of scrubby products. These are all available over on Amazon and cover a range of prices, from £5 to £35; you should be able to find a product to suit your budget. 

You would think that most scrubs would be similar in texture wouldn't you? Caster sugar type grains with some oil to help it stick however, there is a range of textures ranging from very dry (Lush) to smoother textures with smaller grains (Sarah Happ). There are even ones that are shaped like lipsticks such as the Korres lemon lip scrub and also E.L.F does a lipstick shaped one that sells out faster than I can blink. I am personally desperate to try the Korres one but the £17 price tag puts me off. 

If you aren't sure if lip scrub is the way to go, you can always make your own. Here's the recipe I use. 


1 tablespoon sugar // You can mix your sugar types or even add sugar and salt for a sweet and sour taste.
1 tablespoon oil // Again you can mix, there are so many types but olive, safflower, apricot, jojoba or castor oils are good options.
1 tablespoon sweetener (optional) // Try Stevia, honey, caramel or syrup.
1 tablespoon butter/fat (optional) // Again you can mix types. Coconut, Shea, cocoa, mango or even chocolate.
Container // Why not try using an old mini jam pot or pill box? you can also purchase them from a variety of places online, I always use Plush Folly as their range is wide and affordable. 
Flavouring (optional) // If you want a unique flavour like Lush or Sarah Happ's scrubs, try using cosmetic grade flavouring. Lip balm flavouring or candy flavouring (LorAnn's candy flavours are ah-mazing) are the best.  You can always use natural flavourings or pure (safe) essential oils too. 

How To Make Lip Scrub 

1 // Gently heat the oil. It's best to boil the kettle, fill a cup and place a small bowl over the top, this makes sure you don't overheat the oil or butter which will result in a grainy product.

2 // Add your butter or fat to the oil, stirring until it's fully melted. 

3 // Once the butter melted add your flavouring and sweetener, stirring until mixed. Depending on your flavouring type it may not mix well if it's water based, don't worry too much at this stage. 

4 // Add in your sugar and mix it all thoroughly, if you find it's not wet enough at this stage you can add more oil. Similarly, if it's too wet add some more sugar. 

5 // Add to pots and use as needed. 

I found that Lush's scrub was too tough and scrubby and actually scrubbed off fresh skin. It was definitely an eye-watering moment, to say the least, I haven't since used the brands scrub. I do regularly use a soft baby toothbrush which I swear plumps my lips too. Will you be making your own or buying any of the ones in my top picks? 


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