OOTD : Chasing Cars

  Cardigan / Topshop | Vest / H&M | Leggings / Asos | Pump Shoes / Lacoste | Leopard Shoulder Bag / H&M | Necklaces / Sphere Of Life    

With the weather eventually behaving we have been out enjoying it all weekend. Today we headed to the Odeon to see Epic in 3D and in all corny-ness it was Epic. The kids loved it and I did also although the 3D has made me terribly ill and nauseated. 

Unfortunately today's outfit of the day was taken around about this time, we just came out and I literally was so sick. I decided to post it anyways because we can't all look like rainbows and diamonds can we? I know this is not an aspirational OOTD but, if anything it's a real one. 

I don't walk about in dresses and heels all day - although I would love to. I don't wear my hair hanging down all shiny and glossy and sometimes I use products that are so bad they literally leave my hair looking limp, dull and pathetic. With no time to re-wash it I tend to go for the tied back bun look. The product in question was the Dr Bronner's castille rose soap. I've been trying to get through all of the ways it can be used, washing your face and washing your hair is a big no-no! I have spots and my hair feels like it was dipped in a bucket of starch and then dried with a hairdryer. 

At this moment in time I am still feeling like death warmed up so this post will be short (sorry) but I hope everyone is having an amazing bank holiday weekend. 

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