OOTD: Give Me Peace

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday and I had a ton of things to do. What's a girl to do.... chuck on your old trusty and get to it that's what. I wanted to layer up because this weather has some real PMS and in case the sun decided to show it's face I could take off each layer ooh la la. 

Also apologies for the poor quality photography my husband is terrible. I will be giving him a full tutorial asap so bear with me. I feel that this outfit has a real Rita Ora style as I did wear my H&M denim jacket and beanie (as the rain fuzzed up my hair do which is clearly show in this picture). Funny thing is I don't particularly like Rita's grunge style... hmmm, how the heck did I end up wearing it? 

What did you guys wear today? 


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