Welcome // Mr Silver [Fox] AKA Hubster

Introducing Hubster!

Sweet Elyse is a fashion and beauty blog. As much as I love to blog about the latest styles, designers and products I thought it would be a good move to bring in some male perspective. Not that we all dress for men but, some do and certain choices we make can put guys [or girls] off. It is nice to know what the male population think about certain fashions, styles and mannerisms isn't it so we can change them or do them more [to bug them]. 

So I would like to welcome my husband aka hubster, link or the silver fox. Here is a little interview with him so you guys can get to know this sexy silver fox. 

Here's his Q and A...

1. How would you describe your grooming routing? Again simple and functional. I did use to use everything unashamedly. Now I find shaving, moisturising and the random tweezing of a stray hair here and there sufficient. I would dye my hair as I have a lot of grey [and have had so since I was 17] but Elyse loves my silver fox hair so I keep it for her. 

2. Can you describe your style? Simple, stylish and functional. I like to be fashionable but not so much I verge on the metro-sexual boundary. Again I think this comes to age, when I was younger I was all about the metro-sexual style but now as a dad and professional it just doesn't work. 

3. What brands do you like? I'm definitely a high street guy. Shops such as Next, River Island, Topman and ASOS generally have everything I need. I did use to be a big designer brand shopper but over the years I found many of them weren't worth the cost. 

4. What are some of your favourite films? Transformers, Batman series, Fast and the Furious, Fired Up, Avengers and Days of Thunder. I tend to like cars with a superhero, car or conspiracy theme. 

5. What songs will we find on your playlist? I don't bother too much about music to be honest, I tend to be really busy during the day and at night so prefer films. If I had to choose it probably would be Will.I.AM or the Live lounge mash-ups. 

6. Favourite colour/s? Red or blue. Probably the more primary toned colours rather than the pastel tones. 

7. Why should Sweet Elyse readers listen to your advice? I've always been open to new styles and beauty movements, as a husband of 10 years I've seen it all done before. I like to think I know how women work and I understand how style affects each body type. I would like to think that my advice is honest, non-judgmental and reliable. 

8. How long have you been married? We have been married for nearly 10 years but together for 11-12 years. Don't be fooled by our youthful faces we are both much older than we look. 

9. What styles or types of beauty and style do you like to see on a woman? I don't have a set style, I think woman can look equally beautiful with their leisure wear and hair pulled back as they can do wearing a dress and heels. For me personally I think a woman looks beautiful when she's confident, polished and clean.  

10. Which designers collections do you currently like for men or women? Chloe is always a great option for women, their collections are always so romantic, functional and feminine. Mary Katrantzou also is one that has really stood out for me this year, I really like her bold graphic prints. Kate Spade is also another who stands out, her collection is cut to suit most female shapes but it's pepped up with the bold colours and patterns. I know Elyse is dying for some Kate Spade also. 

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