What's In My Handbag || 2013

This is my first ever 'what's in my bag' post. I tend to carry about a lot of random bits and bobs, this started after I became a mum and eventually became a normal trait. You will see what I mean as you read my contents. 

This bag is my favourite hand bag. It's by H&M and it's the perfect size and slouchy-ness for day to day wear. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or handbag too which is great and it has small sections of leopard print on the sides which is cute rather than garish. 

Inside my bag you will find: 

Hand Cream - I tend to pop in a small travel sized or sample sized hand cream in my bag. They take up less room and by popping it in your bag it allows you to test out all of those samples quickly and easily. The current one I have is Nivea. 

Lip balm - Rosebud Perfume Co lip balms are my favourite by far. They are so soft, moisturising and yummy and are all mint based. This one is 'bramble berry mint' They resemble jelly and flavour is delicate with a fresh twist of mint which leaves me with a kiss worthy pout. 

Lipstick - My lipsticks tend to vary depending on where I'm going and what season it is. I currently have Revlon's 'Candy Pink'  in my bag. 

Multi-Use Makeup - MUA's mosaic blusher in English rose is perfect for my skin tone. Although it's a blusher I do tend to use it all over. This one looks patch worked and contains mattes and shimmery sections. The tones range from pinks to peach and lilacs and at £2.50 it's absolutely fantastic. 

Mascara - Artdeco's 'All In One' mascara is simply the best mascara I have ever used. Quite a bold statement I know, but I have yet to find one that beats the results I get with this product. I carry shade black 01 in my handbag and at home. 

Illuminating Powder - MUA again. This only costs £3 and is perfect in so many ways. You can add this to your cheeks, brow bone, Cupid's bow, decolletage, eyes or even nose to define and brighten the skin. For example you can simply pop some on your cupids brow for a perky pout, on the brow bone or in the corners of your eyes for a wide awake look. 

Large & Small Makeup Brushes - These sizes are great all rounders. Applying eyeliners, brow powders, blusher and foundations. I don't like to carry a lot of beauty products in my bag so carrying these two opposite sizes is exactly what I need to get me through the day's touch ups. 

Perfume - The perfume I carry varies, similarly like my hand cream I tend to carry smaller sized pocket perfumes and even samples. I am currently using Burberry Body which is a really grown up sensual fragrance , this is nearly finished though so watch out for it on an empties post soon. 

Mints - I either carry mouth spray, Tic Tacs or chewing gum to keep my mouth minty fresh. 

Glasses - Both my reading and sunglasses are regulars. My readings glasses are from Specspost and my sunglasses are from New Look. 

Painkillers - I suffer from terrible migraines so painkillers are a must have, there is nothing worse than sitting in meetings with a pounding migraine. 

Plasters - For those pesky blisters, paper cuts and other boo-boos. 

Crystals - I love crystals and use them a lot. Typically to try and balance my life, create luck or to help improve my health. They are also really soothing to just play with when I'm in stressful situations. I have rose quarts, clear quartz, moonstone, sodalite and obsidian in my bag at the moment.  

Purse - I love this jelly coin purse. The rain never gets inside and it's easy to squeeze into small pockets too. 

Coffee - I always keep a sachet of Nescafe 3 in 1 in my bag. It tastes so yummy and makes the perfect cuppa. Great for when my fatigue starts to rear it's ugly head. 

Organiser - This is my new Filofax organiser. Filofax held a competition called 'Cover Story'. This flamingo design was the winner and was designed by Rebecca Mountain. 

I've always been a huge Filofax fan and I remember my first one was a tiny plain black one which was then upgraded to a pink Cancer charity version. I unfortunately lost that organiser and I have to say my week became utter turmoil. 

This flamingo pocket organiser is the replacement to my lost Filofax and is apart of the 2013 collection. It comes in two colours - either dark blue or this sage green, both have the screen printed flamingo's on the cover. Like all other Filofax products this can be customised with inserts to really suit your needs and so you don't have to replace the whole organiser each year. Remember guys a Filofax is for life and not just for Christmas. 

What's in your handbag guys? 

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