June 2013 || Empties

I can't believe I didn't publish this in time, it feels like the weeks are just flying by now don't you think? can you believe that's June come to an end all ready. I've been trying to use up everything I have including the duller boring products. Believe me I do huff and sigh like a little girl when it comes to using them up. 

I noticed I used a lot of body washes and that may have been due to the gorgeous sunshine we had *sigh* I hope it comes back one day as I'm all ready bored of this rain and crap weather. 

I promise though that next month's empties will be brighter, more exciting and just better. 

Nourishing Simple Body Wash: It's boring I know. We tend to buy these standard washes so the kiddies and hubster can use them too. I do like the Simple body washes as they're great for shaving with, this is the white creamy 'nourishing' version. 

Refreshing Simple Body Wash: This is the refreshing version and looks clear in the packaging. I prefer this version to the nourishing one. 

Dentinox Shampoo: While waiting for my Nioxin to arrive from Amazon I ran out of shampoo. I didn't want to use normal branded shampoo because my hair needed a little less chemical TLC. Looking through the cupboards I found this Dentinox Cradle Cap shampoo. We use this on the boys as it's gentle but effectively cleans. It also gorgeous - exactly like fresh pressed roses. 

Right Guard Xtreme Invisible Deodorant: I doubt I will ever use another brand now that I've used this. Most claim to last 24 hours and leave no white marks, they tend to lie! I'm always dealing with minor white marks BUT this does not leave any white marks. Believe me I've tried to make it leave white marks and It just won't. You can see the test pictures over on my Instagram

Palmolive Men's 2 in 1 Body and Hair Wash: Nope dislike this. Dislike the scent, the lather and the results. This wash again was a last minute use up because I hate things being wasted. It leaves me feeling dry and gross, hubster likes it though but what does he know *rolls eyes*

Sanctuary Spa 30 Day Thermal Trans-Formation : This is a two part mask. The first sachet is a serum which you apply all over your face. You then add the second cream sachet over the top and your whole face (or where you applied the initial serum) starts to get warm. My skin felt super soft and clean after using this. I love it and will be purchasing this in the full size. 

Naked Butter: I adore this. I'm so gutted it's done and need to get down to Boots sharpish. This has a balmy-silky feeling on the skin and keeps my tootsies feeling soft for at least half a day. Most creams and butters last a few hours max for me. 

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara: I forgot I had this and wanted to use it up before it expired. This is a dark brown mascara and is ideal for natural day wear, lengthening your lashes without clumping. Will I buy it again? Probably not. Although it works really well I'm too much of a brand jumper to stick around. 

2 X L' Somme Institute Double Defense Step 5: This is a lightweight, waterproof lotion with SPF 30+ that offers protection while moisturising. 

2 X L'Somme Institute Nourishing Cleanser Step 1: Non foaming cleanser. Cleanses without irritation or drying. I would purchase this but it's so damned expensive. 

2 X L'Somme Institute Transport Step 2: Not sure why it's called 'transport' but this is basically an exfoliator. Like all of the L'Somme Institute products I would buy them in a heart beat but their a tad out of my price range. 

2 X L'Somme Institute Serum Step 3: A stabilised form of Vitamin C that works to improve elasticity and smooth fine lines. There is more than enough in 1 sample to do a few days worth of applications. 

2 X L'Somme Institute A-Bomb Step 4: The A-Bomb is the anti-ageing moisturiser. It's quite liquid but feels lovely and soft on the skin. 

Kids Anti-bac Hand Foam: I am a tad OCD when it comes to bugs so hand wash in our household is a must. With my sons being quite young I always opt for these type of ones. This smells like summer berries and is easy to apply. I find most anti-bac hand washes, gels and lotions smell too alcoholic. 

What empties did you have this month? 

Shine Like A Diamond With Redken

Redken announced the launch of their Diamond Oil haircare line. Launching in May in the US, Redken UK on Twitter announced that we would be hearing more about the launch this side of the pond very soon. 

The collections latest innovations aim to restore shine, vibrancy and health while making damaged hair three times stronger and twice as shiny. I'm loving these statements because my hair is weak, dull and the bane of my life. The line is especially suited to those with damaged hair, frizzy ends or hair that is lack lustre but, it's also a fantastic way to maintain healthy long hair so really is a do all kind of hair care line. 

The formula contains Redken's new shine complex. What the hecks a shine complex you might ask? The shine complex is a fancy term for their special blend of silicone free oils. This blend features natural apricot, coriander oils and camelina. Camelina contains a heap of linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, up to ten times more than vegetable oils so it really is a great fatty acid and ingredient for the hair. Camelina oil is also soothing and especially suited to sensitive scalps and skin types. If you have psoriasis, dandruff or eczema then you can be safe in the knowledge that these products will care for your skin and scalp.  

The camelina and apricot oils fill the gaps in the intra-cellular layers of the hair maximising shine, smoothness and strength, while increasing flexibility which reduces split ends and broken hair.

The coriander oil forms a protective barrier on the hair surface, locking out humidity and harmful elements, reducing or eliminating that frustrating mid afternoon frizz many of us bear witness too. The collection itself is made up of a shine Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Facets oil intensive treatment and two silicone-free oils. 

There are two variations of Diamond Oil. This is the Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense. It's a concentrated leave-in hair oil especially suitable for hair that is courser or more damaged than standard hair. The glass bottle and unique dropper help to dispense the rich, nourishing oil one drop at a time, either before shampooing, drying or after styling to smooth the hair. 

This is the Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine hair oil - standard variation. This is also a concentrated leave-in hair oil product and is suitable for all hair types.  Again this uses the innovative dropper system. I'm fond of the dropper idea, I have in the past went to use my hair oils only to spill them all over my outfits or floor. Oil is really a beggar to get out of fabrics believe me, been there, done that got the oil stained t-shirt. 

Having used hair care oils in the past most good ones do not leave your hair looking greasy or heavy. Redken wanted to make sure that their blend of oils did the same. The oils are suppose to be lightweight but still packing a huge hidden punch against damaged hair and follicles. 

With these products not yet being released in the U.K officially it's hard to say what they will cost. I am really just guessing but I think the oils will cost £25-£28. I will be sure to keep you all updated though. 

Have you used hair oils? which is your favourite?

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Miners LuXe Lips Glosses

Miners will be launching five new Luxe Lips creme glosses. I'm not 100% sure when they are due to be released but it should be possibly in the next month or so. So what's Luxe' about them? 

Can you see this picture? Look at that colour saturation. Normally glosses in their packaging show some sort of translucency but these don't at all. The pigmentation in these cream glosses is simply outstanding especially with Miners being a low cost brand. Personally I have yet to find another range of glosses that offer this amount of colour and a range of glosses that applies so easily in one swatch at their price. 

These five cream glosses will cost £3.99. I would have expected this product to have cost at least three times the price in a blind test. Although the packaging is high end, no flimsy crackable plastics here - it's the colour pigmentation that does it for me, the range of colours also are suitable for all skin tones, cosmetics preferences and ages.  

Here's a quick swatch of the colours. These swatches have been swiped only once, they haven't been re-applied or loaded up excessively either...

Duchess  / Beauty Queen / Uptown Girl / It Girl / Material Girl

Kapow! The colour's amazing right? The shades vary from corals, nudes, pink and all the way to the vibrant carmine pinky reds. I'm not sure which is my favourite. 

The colours are: 

*Material Girl: This is the super bright carmine tone. Equal amounts of red and pink with a hint of fuchsia for good measures. 

*It Girl: This is the girly pink bubblegum shade. Its so pretty and I think this will be the best seller of the bunch. 

*Duchess : A vibrant redish orange based shade. 

*Beauty Queen: This is the nude of the bunch. It verges on a nude-mauve tone but it's so effortless and ideal for daytime natural wear. 

*Uptown Girl: This is the orange shade that all of the MAC Morange fans should definitely try out. 

See what I mean about there being a colour to suit everyone. Hubster asked me today which was my favourite, I couldn't answer it. It's like opening you're wardrobe and being forced to choose. These Luxe lip glosses are my lip wardrobe equivalent. The nudes fab for those natural effortless days, the orange is great for the weekend, the rest are just fab for any time of the day. 

Could you choose a favourite? They will be available on www.minerscosmetics.co.uk when they launch. 

Perfect Festival Style.

Festival Fashion

Glastonbury's on right now and I'm sitting home. Rather than feeling poop about it I decided to do some perfect, festival outfit styling on the couch with some music ambiance *smiles* in the background. 

Charles Clinkard's are holding a blogger competition at the moment and this is the perfect way to scratch my festival itch while doing some imaginary online shopping. If you're a blogger you can find the deets on the competition HERE

I may not be trudging the soggy muddy fields but if I was, I'd be wearing these navy adjustable Hunter boots from Charles Clinkard. I do love the coloured versions but there's just something about navy that screams classy - as classy as wellies can be that is, when you're getting muddy do it with Hunter. 

I love dresses. I would wear one every single day if I could and the only thing that's stopped me is the thought of people talking. I live in a small town, I would get strange looks. I may just decided to do it, turn it in to a blogger challenge at some point possibly after the summer. Getting back on track I would describe my personality and ultimately my style as being eclectic and bohemian. I love the just chucked together look of boho, the mish-mash of colours, textures and prints are what attract me - Boho never looks too done and just seems to transfer throughout each season easily. I like easy fashions and I like fashion that isn't wasted after a month or two.  

I opted for this t-shirt styled a-line dress from River Island because it is so cute, the primary colours work amazingly with the navy Hunter boots and although it's very 'pretty' it's not too girly. With this type of dress you can really take it from day to night  - sunshine to rain. Teaming it with plimsolls or skyscraper heels in the sun and chunky tights and boots in the rain. 

When your getting your festival on you really want to pack lightly, stay comfortable and just have fun. The accessories where kept minimal, the tassel across-the-body bag is great for keeping your personals items safe and your hands free for a beer or two. The dainty floral crown ties in with the boho style and the nail varnish is a simple way to tie your look together without having to continually re-apply.  In the evening you could wrap up with a tassel kimono from H&M's or a slouchy knit cardigan. 

So if you're at Glastonbury or plan to head over there I hope you have a ton of fun. What's your festival style guys? 

You can visit Charles Clinkard's HERE

How To Care For Your Skin : Teens To Sixty

As we get older our skincare needs change. As a young girl I was very much aware of how to care for ageing skin and I remember buying my first 'anti-ageing' product at around 16 years old. It was a Garnier roll eye cream product from Superdrugs that I purchased, ironically it was also for the 'innovative' roller ball packaging which was a new concept at that time. 

At that time my family thought I was crazy but the way I saw it was the earlier I started the less vigorous the treatment would be as I got older- nipping the problem in the bud. Now that I'm older I am so-so glad I did start early. 

I started to notice fine lines early around my eyes, of course when you're younger everything seems much more dramatic doesn't it? A spot looks like a mountain, a fine line looks like a deep ravine doesn't it. 

Of course as you age or go through some health changes it can speed up the ageing process. Hormones play a major part in keeping the skin youthful so the best method of keeping your face looking healthy is to treat it internally with a healthy diet. Beauty and skincare do play a part also, knowing what product types to use and when should help you. I know I wished I had this info when I was young, it really would have saved me a heap of time and money. 

Keep in mind that everyone is different. I know I am young but my skin personally is 'older' I am currently going through the menopause so of course I have to treat my skin as though it was about twenty years older. While I discuss the options you may be far more suited to the regime of someone older, this is not something to be ashamed of guys - you have to work with what you have plus it's good to mix things up a bit. 

When you're in your teens your hormones are going wild and you have a bundle of collagen and elastin to keep things plump and firm. It's rare to have wrinkles during this period in your life so anti-ageing products really aren't needed.

Diet is the key here, eating right and drinking plenty of water to flush out those toxins. A proper skincare routine is a good way to get used to caring for your skin and it goes without saying a SPF moisturiser or suntan lotion should be used daily. 

Menstruation starts about now and testosterone causes an increase of sebum. Sebum is the oily substance that makes your skin greasy and unusual sebum production can lead to pimples, boils, black and white heads as well as excessive shine. 

-SPF product. I know getting a teen to apply suntan lotion is like pulling teeth. Purchasing a SPF based moisturiser will tackle the excessive sebum production while offering protection against harmful UV rays. 

-Spot treatment. I cannot recommend Witch Doctor products enough. They got me through my acne-pimple days and mine were pretty bad at one point. Tea-tree are also another great product and work in the same way as Witch Doctor (Contains Witch Hazel so any Witch Hazel based product will work). Regular application is needed however to stop the spread of infection. 

-Gentle Cleanser. Young skins don't need any harsh chemical based products. A gentle cleanser such as Liz Earle products are ideal. Now I know that many mothers and teens will disagree with spending any real money on teen skins - I personally feel it's at this age you should really start spending the money on products to start caring for your skin naturally and gently saving you many years of even more expensive products to repair damage caused by cheap products. 

-Lip Balm. Lip balm is one of those products you can use at any age. The lips simply don't have the ability to hydrate themselves so we need to do it for them. 

During your twenties your collagen and elastin are still pretty plump and firm, fine lines do start to appear around the eyes in some where as others may not notice them until the later part of their twenties going on thirties. Although visibly there isn't a huge change, the skincare routine does need to start getting more serious. 

-Anti-ageing Face Cream. There is a huge range to choose from all I will say is shop around. Find what type you prefer and use it regularly. Of course products that contain SPF are the better option. 

-Exfoliator. Exoliators help shed old skin cells and de-plug pores. It's not good to use one daily but every two to three days is fine. If you have combination skin be sure to apply a spot treatment soon after to stop the exoliator spreading the infection and spots around your face. 

-Eye Cream. Cream, lotions or balms. It's good to get in to the habit of applying eye cream now before you're forced to apply it. The skin around the eye area is very delicate and can be damaged easily so applying a cream will help keep the elastin in the skin more elastic. 

-Masks. Because the skin can be pretty erratic at this point masks can be a great way of temporary helping any issues. If you're dry opt for a nourishing mask, if you're spotty and breakout any detoxing masks should help sooth your skin. I absolutely love Glamglow masks-they're pricey BUT are amazing plain and simple. You can purchase a sample size too for those emergency skincare moments. 

-Cleanser. Again there are so many to choose from. If you have combination skin I would say go for a clay based product to suck out the nasties and clean your skin gently. If you have sensitive skins opt for a more plant based cream cleanser. 

Superficial wrinkles may be visible at this point in your life and your skin may have either started to settle from a combination type to normal or from normal to dry. Keeping your skin hydrated at this point is key as the elastin and collagen start to decrease. 

-Anti-Ageing Face Cream. Again shop around and ensure it's SPF based. You may want to consider more of a creamier product rather than a simple lotion. 

-Exfoliator. I would start to decrease your exoliation to once a week. The skin starts to become more prone to damage as it ages and tough scrubby exfoliators can cause damage. Opt for a smaller scrub such as Bliss's cleansers as they have micro scrubby bits in them. 

- Cleanser. Use a cleanser daily to ensure your face is nice and clean. There are so many to choose from as well as so many brands. Don't feel you need to stick to just one brand either. 

- Toner. Toner's work in a similar way to astringents as they re-tighten the skin after washing. I would say this is an optional product and I do personally use a toner but it tends to be a natural one such as rosewater or floral hydrosols.

-Leave on AHA.  An AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid product actually smooths the appearance of the skin and helps with discolouration. I absolutely adore Etat Pur's Citric Acid AHA and have blogged about it HERE

-Eye Cream. As before you should now be used to using a daily eye cream. I would start upping your application to one in the morning and one at night. Doctor Silver's orders. 

-Skin Oils/Serums. Optional of course depending on where you feel your skin's at. If you are starting to get worried about those fine lines I say opt for a facial oil. If you still have combination skin I still urge you to use the oils as it will decrease your sebum production. 


At fourty you should have a well established skincare routine. The products will remain the same as they where at thirty but you want to swap some items around. 

-Facial Oil/Serums. You want to be using either of these products now daily. Apply them after cleansing and toning but before putting on your moisturiser. 

-Anti-Ageing Day Cream. You may find your skin has become dryer. Your day cream may now need upgrading to a thicker cream rather than a thin lotion. 

-Night Cream. Night creams normally contain higher levels of active ingredients and work to hydrate and nourish your skin while you sleep. Ageing skin requires a higher level of nourishment so a good night cream is ideal at this point. 

-Eye Cream. Again just use as before. 

-Gentle Cleanser. With the skin becoming thinner, tough scrubby cleansers maybe too harsh and cause more damage than good. Again I fully recommend the Bliss cleanser. It's so gentle but so effective and is ideal for any age. 

-Eye Cream. Make sure this is thicker or is specifically aimed at deeper wrinkles. Venom based products are amazing. I can fully vouch for Aldi's venom products as well as low cost brands sold at B and M's. 

Menopause can cause your skin to suddenly turn crazy. Remember those spots and pimples you had as a teen? they can come back. Pigmentation is a regular occurrence also at this age and combination skin becomes rife. Making some minor adjustments to your routine can help you get yourself through. 

You still want to be using the same products as before. Don't skimp on the moisturising as it will lead to you sebum levels to over produce. If you're using a fan to cool yourself down mid hot sweat you will need to make sure you're hydrated. 

-Spot Treatment. Witch Hazel or tea-tree as before guys. Apply directly to your spots and pimples before applying your facial oils and moisturisers. 

-Mask. Clay based masks again or you can make your own. Mix up some avocado, natural yoghurt and some fresh lemon and apply directly for at least 15 minutes. This moisturises while balancing your skin naturally.

-Cooling Face Spray. Prior to going through the menopause I believed these face sprays were pointless. You can purchase them at most high street stores and they spray a delicate mist of cooling liquid. You can make your own but the spray won't be as fine. 

Sixties Plus
You're in your sixties now so menopausal skin complaints should have eased at this point. You want to get back to the routine you used in your fifties. Make sure you're eating healthy and drinking enough fluids at this point to keep your skin glowing. 

I would recommend a SPF factor 50+ for your delicate skin and to keep cancer at bay. You're skin is more prone to basal cell cancers at this point so apply that SPF as though it's going out of fashion. 

Which Awards || Lush Is Number One

Lush Is Number One.

Lush was established 18 years ago in Poole and has really pioneered a change in the way we think about bath and body products. If you have never visited a Lush store then you must go visit. They offer a range of toiletries and cosmetics, all made fresh and using the best ingredients. Delights available are goodies such as soaps, fizzy bath ballistics, solid shampoos and conditioners, bath melts and shower jellies - I'm partial to their grass range as it's just so fresh and yummy (well as yummy as a scented shower gel or fragrance can get).

Chances are you've past a Lush at some point or another, you can normally tell that there is a store nearby before you can even see it. The fragrance tends to float around shopping centres making them smell like a soapy, patchouli olfactory delights.

 Lush have taken eco-friendly to another level and are super strict when it comes to supporting Fair Trade, Community initiatives and ensuring that their products are never tested on animals, normally when you purchase products they will come with minimal packaging or the more preferred option of being 'naked'.  You can normally read about their recent endeavours via their newspaper the Lush Times (available in-store or postal).

Which? Magazine surveyed over eleven thousand people regarding the Lush shops they had visited over the previous six months. Lush scored an incredible 82% based on customer satisfaction and the likelihood that they would recommend the stores to their friends. This result meant that Lush won the award for 'Best Toiletries and Cosmetics Retailer' for a third year.

The director of Lush Paul Wheatley commented by saying: '' We focus on the freshest product, innovation and excellent customer service and are grateful and proud that our customers have awarded us the top spot for the third consecutive year for doing what we love. We would like to thank all of our staff for their enthusiasm and hard work"

I've always found Lush stores to be incredibly Zen like. The staffs always seem happy, chilled and full of helpful advice; they also seem to be incredibly child friendly and love to get my sons involved in fizzing some bath bombs or playing with the window props. Most other stores look at you funny as soon as you walk in with children, checking they aren't being 'too loud', bumping in to anything or touching anything. We have been asked to quieten our sons before or take them outside when in fact they were only talking. Albeit all 3 were excitedly talking at the same time but it definitely caused a huge cause of the mummy hulk. Mummy hulk is not good thing to cause let me tell you.

Well done Lush, let's hope you continue to get top results and win the awards for the next few years. Have you ever shopped in Lush guys? If so, what's your favourite product?

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Zooey Deschanel's Style

A Girl After My Own Heart

Ah, Zooey Deschanel she's such a sweetheart right. She's the kind of girl that everyone wants to secretly be or the kind of girl that people just don't get. I think she's fab, I really do. She's just so unique, her personality is very much like mine in the sense of being quite kooky and different, sort of like a twenties girl stuck in the modern age. She also just seems to be so comfortable in her own skin and rarely ever relies on sexing it up. 

Zooey's style seems to be more of a modern take on vintage. Skirts and dresses cut to a lady-like length, A-line and custom made dresses-sometimes both custom and A-line and cute but colourful cardigans. Zooey's style is very similar to her on screen persona Jess Faraday who she plays on the hit show New Girl and although the description of her style sounds dismal - she does it really well. 

Although she does wear a heap of feminine outfits she also isn't afraid of bold colours and pattern. It's these qualities that make her style current. She likes to team her outfits with ballet flats or boots and emphasises her best body feature, which is her waist with an array of cute waist cinching belts. 

I wanted to focus mainly on her daytime style. She does get out clothing from online stores as well as high street brands. Her nightwear however is to die for. Bedazzled gowns made with luxury fabrics. These pieces however are a little bit more expensive and are deserving of their own separate post. 

I blogged about this collection HERE when it was released way back in April. H&M decided to create a conscious collection using recyclable materials - this dress was one of the top sellers. This is just so pretty and I debated on so many occasions whether I should purchase this or not, I decided against it only because I don't have anywhere to wear it.  

The blush tones of this suit Zooey's English rose complexion really well, I can't see what she wears on her feet but I'm 'hoping' it's some super high heel rather than a ballet flat. 

I dislike this outfit so much but, it's true Zooey style probably not at the right time however. This A-line striped Dolce & Gabbana skirt seems wasted with the full black ensemble. I'd have loved to have even just seen a delicate top, some legs, bold bangles or even some coloured pumps or heels. Just something to give this skirt some more depth and to tie it all together really. 

As much as I dislike the outfit I do like that she stayed true to herself. You're wondering how she stayed true to herself right? Most celebrities feel the need to dress up to every events. Some over-dress and find themselves on the worst dressed lists time and time again, as much as this is dull and boring Zooey didn't feel the need to put on something that wasn't 'her'. She opted for the ladylike, comfortable and feminine outfit that didn't demand the attention of everyone. You go girl! 

L-O-V-E this dress so much! I am a huge fan of clashing colours and this Kate Spade dress does it oh-so well. It's the 'Normandy Colorblock dress' and it's just so exotic and feminine that I need it. I NEED IT I tell you! Once again notice where the hemline sits. It shows just the right amount of legs, the right amount of chest and cinches in her teeny waist giving her awesome curves. 

The famous Modcloth Matryoshka dress. I remember clicking 'love' over on Modcloth when this was only being considered via 'be the buyer' over on their site. I love how playful it is with the cute doll print and the blue stops it from becoming child like. I would personally wear this especially with some white kitten heels and some cute earrings. 

I actually watched this episode of New Girl which is what lead to the light bulb idea of this post. The skirt section of the dress is just crying to be twirled round, right? 

Another Modcloth favourite. This maxi dress was designed by Lauren Moffatt for Modcloth, Zooey loves Modcloth most probably because they really do offer quirky dresses to suit all shapes. Some stores offer pretty dresses but the hemline sits too high, the chest area sits too low or there tends to do too much see-through. Not Modcloth, their dress shapes tend to verge almost of vintage styled dresses of the twenties to the fifties. 

The easiest way to get Zooey's quirky style is to go for bold colour. Don't be afraid of kooky patterns but do them minimally and don't feel as though you must rely on your 'sexy'. Ladylike is getting more and more popular and it's a trend I don't see dying out anytime soon. Lengthen those hemlines, wear flats and don't be scared to bedazzle the hell out of your accessories. Loose curls, sexy lashes and accessories such as waist cinching belts will only make your looser outfits more tailored. 

If you're considering those polka dots, stripes, strawberry, apple or Matryoshka prints I say hell yeah! go for it. Get some fun into your wardrobe and your life. If you're unsure then think 'What would Zooey do?' Chances are she'd say go for it! so put those lazy lounge wear outfits away and get comfortable in your ladylike style. 

Real Men...

...Nip + Man 

Nip + Man was created in May 2013 due to there being a surge in the amount of purchases of beauty products from men. Men spend around £2k a year on skincare and beauty products which increases for those living in large cities such as London and Edinburgh. 

Nip + Fab decided to jump on this bandwagon and really cater to their male customers. Did you know that 40% of customers who purchase Nip + Fab Tummy Fix were male, it was these statistics that lead to the creation of Nip + Man. 

This range is marketed towards men aged 24 to 45 year old. A man who shops at Abercrombie & Fitch and reads magazines such as GQ. A man's man who really wants to look good and take care of his appearance. 

The Nip + Man range consists of 12 products.  Most men won't use all of these but it's still nice to know that a company cares enough to make a specific man based range. It seems most companies that do offer man ranges offer the same products time and time again where as Nip + Man's range offer products that target specific problem areas, such as the pecs, abs and biceps. 

* The Bicep Fix : £12.95. This is an enhancing gel that is suppose to help define the arm area while improving skin tone. 

*The Pec Fix : £16.95. This is also a skin enhancer acts fast to improve the tone, texture and smooth the appearance of your pectoral skin. Giving the wearer a contoured appearance. 

*The Ab Fix : £19.95. Another toning product that is said to tighten the abdominal area while re-texturise the skin. 

*Power Workout Fix : £9.95. This is a warming serum that helps to relax and de-stress the body and muscles. Excellent as a post workout product or an early morning get up and go product. 

*Manotox : £19.95. This contains some hefty high powered products. Liftonin to minimise fine lines and Gransil and sea minerals to smooth and revitalise the skin. This isn't available in the US though. 

*Daily Power Moisturiser : £5.95. This contains caffeine and jojoba oil to regenerate, hydrate and brighten your complexion. 

*The Modern Man Kit : £14.99. This gift set contains three products to scrub, moisturise and treat your skin after shaving. 

*Scrubbing Facial Wash : £5.95. Containing caffeine and papaya this deep cleaning facial wash gently scrubs and exfoliates dead skin away leaving you with a healthy complexion. 

*Turbo Face Wash : £5.95. Black Quinoa and caffeine will quickly pep up your tired skin while leaving you feeling clean and fresh.

*Body Fix Kit : £39.95. This ones a winner in my eyes. It contains Ab Fix, Pec Fix and Bicep Fix so you can really get your targeted skincare regime started.  

*After Shave Power Lotion : £5.95. Calms skin irritation and razor burn while healing your skin. 

*Scrub + Smooth Kit : £22.95. Another winner but this time it contains two products. This is the kit I would personally go for as you are saving £2.95 by purchasing together. The products are Manotox and Scrubbing facial wash. 

Nip + Man is available online HERE or exclusively at Boots.   

Quiz Outfit Wishlist


PVC Biker Jacket £49.99
Feather Necklace £4.50
Bangles £13.00
Beige Caged Flats £24.99
Green & Blue Tie Dye Split Dress £24.99

Quiz recently moved into our local shopping centre but due to high costs (greedy shopping centre) there have been more and more shops closing, unfortunately Quiz was one of those shops. Our local shopping centre effectively has become a ghost town and because of that I rely on online shopping more and more. 

I always found Quiz to be a bit hit or miss a few years back but over the last 12 months their collections have become more fluid and relevant. They hit each seasons style with products that suit all body shapes and their sizing is generally correct - unlike some high street brands that leave you having to size up ( I'm looking at you Topshop). 

Having a look at their current wares over on Quiz Clothing I knew that the items above would be getting popped straight on to my wishlist. Classic shapes in stylish materials and patterns, I know these can easily be mixed up and taken in to Autumn. 

You know how much I love to 'ying-yang' my clothing, mixing feminine products such as the dainty sandals with diamante accessories with the more masculine products such as the faux leather jacket and tie-dye effect maxi dress. Ying-yanging your clothing always leads to a balanced style. It always means you can mix the items with other pre-purchased wardrobe staples and normally the masculine items can be transferred into future seasons. 

This outfit would also look awesome with some ballet flats and a denim jacket rocking that faux double-denim look and would equally look rocker chic by adding some studded booties and some rough rock pendants and multi length chain necklaces. An up-do would leave you looking chic and as for your face and nails- anything goes. Vamp it up or leave your makeup au-naturale and dewy. 

What do you think of this look guys? Is tie-dye something you rock or plan to rock? 

You can visit Quiz by clicking HERE

Nioxin 4 Weeks In

Nioxin create products that benefit those with thinning hair or hair loss.  After the birth of each of my sons I did go through some hair loss. With each pregnancy and birth it seemed to get worse. After I had my second son I had visible hair loss mainly around the back of my hair and around the ear section.  I felt absolutely gutted, I was fearful of loosing my hair and I literally tried everything to try and combat the hair loss. 

It's normal for women to loose hair after having a baby. Around three months or so post birth the body seems to shed itself of excess weight, hormones and hair. Maybe it's the disruption and the lack of sleep that comes around that point that seems to worsen it - I'm not entirely sure. All I know is that my hair was coming out in clumps-daily. 

Eventually it eased off and re-grew but it was a seriously scary moment, a moment of vanity yes I know but when you have completely lost your figure and a sense of who you 'are' it seems you want to hold on to what you do have at that given moment. 

After my third son my health declined. I won't get in to the ins and outs but hormones have definitely played a major part. My hair still comes out in clumps and you can clearly see my scalp. It's scary for sure which is why I wanted to test out Nioxin. 

I didn't receive this for free or a a PR product I wanted to make that clear from the get-go. I actually purchased this from Amazon as they seem to have the best prices. This kit is the system 4 kit, made for visibly thinning, chemically treated - fine hair. It retails at £28.99 but I did get mine for around £20 including postage. 

The kit includes three product - Cleanser (Shampoo), scalp revitaliser (Conditioner) and a scalp Treatment. There are so many comments over on their site and Facebook about how you actually use these products which is crazy as you basically use these the same as your would your normal shampoo, condition and treatment products. If you are using these or any hair care treatments what I will say is to be sure to leave it on for around 3 minutes - this is just so it has time to get in to the hair and work it's magic. 

In the first week I really didn't expect to see any difference. I did though. I noticed that less hair would fall, normally when I brushed my hair or moved it around and even when I washed it, I would have clumps of hair-visible clumps. This gradually reduced with daily washing to around 3 hairs falling maximum. I was on a high all ready. 

Week Two, I noticed my hair seemed more fuller and bouncy. Midway through the week I did have more hair falling than in the first week. I was starting to think it was no longer working but wanted to persevere so I could really give you a good review. 

Week Three, it seems that my week two hair fall might have been due to a being ill. Week three has started and ended with no extra falling hair. My hair is definitely fuller feeling and more healthy, I had hoped I could go from daily washing to washing ever two to three days but I've not sadly. With fly-away hair my roots do tend to get oily quickly, hence the daily washing. 

Week Four was pretty much the same as week three. I've heard some say to give the kit at least two months. I still have product left so I will keep working my way through it, I may give it a break to see if my hair reverts back to falling like it use to. If it does then I'd definitely recommend Nioxin. I'm not entirely sure it it's the Nioxin or a placebo effect? It smells minty and herbal and maybe, just maybe it's the minty tingle that's doing it? Maybe it's due to it being a gentle more natural product and my hair is no longer being stripped with nasty chemicals? 

I have definitely had less hair falling out, my hair is definitely healthier and it's definitely feeling thicker than normal. Is it worth the £20-£29 per month? I'm not 100% sure... yet! 

I do have a gripe however with the hair treatment, it leaves my hair 'crispy' it literally has to be put on right before drying and styling or it feels gross. There are so many reviews saying the same thing so Nioxin, if you read this please change the formulation of the treatment. 

Have you tried Nioxin? What were your opinions? You can purchase Nioxin from their website HERE. Most good salons also now sell Nioxin and of course you can get yours like I did from Amazon HERE

Boss Jour Pour Femme : Launching Soon

Boss Parfums introduces Boss Jour Pour Femme. 

Boss Jour Pour Femme has been created to reflect three female facets: light, inspiration and elegance. 

The fragrance is made up of top notes of lime and grapefruit blossom with a floral middle of white blossoms, freesia, honeysuckle and lily-of-the-valley. Bottom notes include birch and amber. 

It's described as being the perfect wedding fragrance. If you love fresh delicate florals then  this will be ideal for you. I personally am not too sure of how this is going to smell, I'm thinking it maybe too delicate for my nose but the birch note has me intrigued. 

You can get the Eau de Parfum in three sizes.  30 ml, 50 ml and 75 mls. Prices range from £35 for the smaller size up to £63 for the larger 75 ml size. The pricing seems to be on par with other brands, I'm so glad they haven't over-hyped the price like some other brands are doing this year. 

Boss have also added a shower gel and deodorant to enable you to layer the fragrance up, I'm a big fan of layering and with this being a delicate fragrance, the shower gel will probably layer extremely well. I'm not completely sold on a fragranced deodorant unless it's an actual body spray deodorant rather than roll on.  

Available exclusively at Boots from June 26th 2013 and then nationwide from August 2013. 

You can visit the Boss website HERE or Boots HERE when launched.