Dress: H&M   Shoes: Next  Handbag: H&M Accessories:H&M/Gina Stewart Cox  Hat: H&M

Yesterday it was so lovely and hot that it called for a dress. Not that I need any reason to pop on a dress, I would actually live in dresses and I remember (before the winter's got so bad) I use to wish that the Government would ban women wearing trousers (like in the olden days) just so I could go on a dress shopping spree and not look like the crazy 365 dress wearing girl. 

Ah, I was young what can I say. Now I would totally end up rebelling and calling for trousers to be worn if that happened but you can understand my utter love for the humble dress. For me the dress is an effortless way to looking good. With trousers being an average 32 inch leg my 29 inch legs struggle to fit. 

So yesterday's sun made me happy and so did my new H&M snake print dress. I love the small details on this such as the cross stitch embroidery around the chest. I love the over-sized folded sleeves and the multi-length hems, I love how it's roomy enough to let me bloat (sigh and let loose) and it's just so awesome! 

It can be teamed with leggings and huge heels, bare legged and kitten heels like I'm wearing and also teamed with a kimono, hair feathers and flats for that full on boho style (so need to do that).  I also just purchased this monochrome handbag from H&M (can you tell I'm a H&M addict) it's white on one side and black on the other- It's also a cute circle pouffe shape and comes with a clip on shoulder strap. The hat also has a pop of colour with a cute turquoise chiffon ribbon-although you can't see it in this image. 

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing?

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