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Nip + Man was created in May 2013 due to there being a surge in the amount of purchases of beauty products from men. Men spend around £2k a year on skincare and beauty products which increases for those living in large cities such as London and Edinburgh. 

Nip + Fab decided to jump on this bandwagon and really cater to their male customers. Did you know that 40% of customers who purchase Nip + Fab Tummy Fix were male, it was these statistics that lead to the creation of Nip + Man. 

This range is marketed towards men aged 24 to 45 year old. A man who shops at Abercrombie & Fitch and reads magazines such as GQ. A man's man who really wants to look good and take care of his appearance. 

The Nip + Man range consists of 12 products.  Most men won't use all of these but it's still nice to know that a company cares enough to make a specific man based range. It seems most companies that do offer man ranges offer the same products time and time again where as Nip + Man's range offer products that target specific problem areas, such as the pecs, abs and biceps. 

* The Bicep Fix : £12.95. This is an enhancing gel that is suppose to help define the arm area while improving skin tone. 

*The Pec Fix : £16.95. This is also a skin enhancer acts fast to improve the tone, texture and smooth the appearance of your pectoral skin. Giving the wearer a contoured appearance. 

*The Ab Fix : £19.95. Another toning product that is said to tighten the abdominal area while re-texturise the skin. 

*Power Workout Fix : £9.95. This is a warming serum that helps to relax and de-stress the body and muscles. Excellent as a post workout product or an early morning get up and go product. 

*Manotox : £19.95. This contains some hefty high powered products. Liftonin to minimise fine lines and Gransil and sea minerals to smooth and revitalise the skin. This isn't available in the US though. 

*Daily Power Moisturiser : £5.95. This contains caffeine and jojoba oil to regenerate, hydrate and brighten your complexion. 

*The Modern Man Kit : £14.99. This gift set contains three products to scrub, moisturise and treat your skin after shaving. 

*Scrubbing Facial Wash : £5.95. Containing caffeine and papaya this deep cleaning facial wash gently scrubs and exfoliates dead skin away leaving you with a healthy complexion. 

*Turbo Face Wash : £5.95. Black Quinoa and caffeine will quickly pep up your tired skin while leaving you feeling clean and fresh.

*Body Fix Kit : £39.95. This ones a winner in my eyes. It contains Ab Fix, Pec Fix and Bicep Fix so you can really get your targeted skincare regime started.  

*After Shave Power Lotion : £5.95. Calms skin irritation and razor burn while healing your skin. 

*Scrub + Smooth Kit : £22.95. Another winner but this time it contains two products. This is the kit I would personally go for as you are saving £2.95 by purchasing together. The products are Manotox and Scrubbing facial wash. 

Nip + Man is available online HERE or exclusively at Boots.   

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