Vera Wang Resort 2014

Vera Wang Resort 2014

Vera Wang has to be the queen of dresses. She rarely gets it wrong and this resort collection is no exception. Normally Vera's dresses are works of sheer opulence and femininity. For this resort collection the decoration has been scaled down in favour of sophistication. 

The hems are longer but the fabrics are feminine and classy. Ultra-cropped sweaters, tunics and vests in the prettiest mattes, sequins and sheer materials all stop each item from becoming too saintly or too hussy like. 

Romance mixed with power are words that come to mind, when looking at this collection. There is definite masculine qualities such as the Bermuda shorts, tailored vests and pinstripe but these are balanced with the feminine fabrics such as the delicate web patterns, honeycomb laces and icy pink. 

Dislike's Vera Wang Resort

Although there was so many gorgeous pieces to choose from for my 'top picks' above - I am not a huge fan of the sheer items. It just feels too lazy in my opinion, I'm not entirely sure how to describe my reasoning other than it feels 'done'.  

The rest of the resort makes us more than enough however and if money was no object I would be all over it. 

What's your opinion of the Vera Wang resort? 

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