Vintage Nails : Tutorial

How To: Vintage Nails

The vintage and shabby chic movement is still going strong and why wouldn't it. If you love Cath Kidston then you so need to get this tutorial on the go. Adapted from the many vintage inspired nail tutorials out there. 

Here's how to get your vintage on....

1. Choose your vintage toned polishes and apply 2 coats of your base colour (blue was used in this image). I recommend baby pink, mint and blue with highlights of white and light grey. 

Using a white fine liner or nail art brush dipped in polish, hold the brush flat and draw straight lines down the nail - Most fine liners are made out of acrylic paint so you can easily remove the design if you're not happy. 

2. Using a dotting tool to create your roses, apply 2 dots of colour (pink and red as shown in this image) with a dot of white in the middle. Quickly swirl the dots together. You can also use a toothpick, end of a teeny make up brush or the end of an uncooked spaghetti strand. 

3. Using a little bit of colour dip your dotting tool into the white and then the green paint at the same time. Paint leave-shapes on the side of the roses. 

4. Keep adding leaves until you're happy with the design. 

5. Finish with a topcoat. 

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