Are You Not Getting Those Blog Views?

As bloggers we do without fail rely on readers visiting our sites otherwise would it not be more worthwhile writing our thoughts for only our eyes to read? This is even truer in the case of professional bloggers and those bloggers who are actively aiming to reach those sorts of crazy levels in the blogging world. The truth is without readers we wouldn't even be considered for many of the opportunities that come with professional blogging and to blog without brand and PR help could become a very expensive hobby.

Even if you don't accept products to review, sponsored posts, affiliate links or other similar monetising programmes it's still nice to know that you have those opportunities if you should need them. I know I would rather test a product and give a genuine review rather than blog about a product I had never seen nor touched. As you can guess I do on occasion personally accept certain products for consideration, but they are just that - for consideration. I personally don't attend events as I'm just simply too busy and I don't work with affiliates because my mind boggles at the simplest of things, affiliates just confuse the heck out of me.

Seeing your numbers rise can be a huge reward, you know you're contributing to something that others have taken the time to read, time out of their own lives and for me that's pretty huge. So why do some blogs find that their numbers just aren't rising and people seem to have stopped reading their blog?

Here are my top ten suggestions on why you're not getting those views.

1. Layout: Adjust your widths. It's a complete bugbear of mine when you see a blog that has buttons, ads and custom sections that DON'T fit into their template width. The same goes for pictures that fall out with the post edges, adjust those picture sizes guys!

Also consider your colour, theme and blog style. Do you have lots of colours? Varied fonts or excessively girly, curly or swirly fonts? These can be confusing too. Stick to a few colours to make your blog look less busy.

2. No visible subscription or contact details: People forget things plain and simple, remembering to return to your blog however to check if you have posted can be the last thing on their mind. Most readers like to subscribe so they don't have to keep on returning offering a few methods will make it easier for them. Email subscription and Bloglovin are what I use; these two options send your readers your posts by email which is really convenient for all around.

3. Ad’s: Irrelevant ads can make your blog look desperate as can excessive amounts. Adding ad bar's at the top and bottoms with ads at the sides and 'some' add them to their blog post space is simply too much. Readers are visiting to read great content and to take some 'me' time out of their hectic lives, the last thing they want is to be bombarded with ads. If you are monetising with ads pick ones that YOU love and you know your readers will benefit from.

Maybe you blogged about your favourite company, why not add a similar company as an ad button. Changing your ad buttons regularly will keep it fresh and your readers will realise you're choosing them to benefit them rather than dupe them into clicking or purchasing.

4. Your writing sucks: I know this is so harsh and apologies as I don't really like being so blunt however, readers won't be so kind and sucky writing that's uninspiring, shows no personality or has no unique style or voice isn't going to draw in readers. Here's an example:

*This is Nails Inc. polish in floral garden; it costs £5 and is great for using in your French polishes. The polish applies nicely and comes in two sizes, it's really cute.


*Kate Middleton recently rocked the polka dot dress when announcing Prince George's arrival to the nation. Some say she wore it to commemorate the late Diana who also donned a similar dress after having William. If you're still feeling cray-cray over the Royal Birth and want to get in on this polka dot action Nails Inc. Floral Garden is the way to go. White polka dots go with every base colour - Fact. Similarly White nail polish makes a great base to give your sheer polishes some oomph. It does come in two sizes so you can keep one at home and pop one in your makeup bag for when you're out and about.

See how the second option describes why I'm blogging about said Nails Inc. polish, it also gives the readers some imaginative suggestions without sounding as though I'm trying to push sales on them.

5. Your blog is too busy:  Adverts, favourite blogger lists, links, affiliate buttons, advertiser buttons, follow me buttons and post archives and tag can make your blog super busy and confusing. Organising your buttons and layout so that only the important buttons are visible will make your blog more of a delight to visit.  Try keeping your social media buttons up the top along with your main methods of subscribing (mine are Bloglovin and email RSS)

Do you really need that whacking great list of 'tags', why not just add a search option? Restrict your advertisers to the area below eye-level and ensure your posts are in the middle at eye-level.

6. Captchas and security measures:  Register to comment, activate your account, copy these captchas, what's X add X? These measures can put readers off engaging with your blog. If it continually happens then those readers may stop visiting because they know they cannot engage and finally think 'What's the point.' I'd advise turning off captchas if you can. I know on Blogger you can on the security section. Still not sure? Why not start a month’s trial without any captchas and see if it starts to pick up.

7. You don't engage yourself: Not replying to comments can feel like a slap in the face to some readers. I know we all make mistakes and forget but doing it to urgent comments or every comment is just plain rude. Try to aim for replying to all comments if you can, of course those that just say 'follow me' or are advertising don't need responses all of the time.

8. Photography: Humans are visual creatures. Try to aim for at least one picture or photograph in each post. You could try taking your own photo's but try to ensure they are clear, light and close enough to see the actual product or swatch.  If you're not confident with photography you can always use Pixlr or Pic Monkey to alter them beforehand. 

Also if you're using someone else's pictures or pictures from the official site always link them to the original source, give credit to the right people and never steal photos.

9. Posting: Do you only post product, events or service reviews? Do you write exceptionally long posts or simple short posts, maybe you only copy and paste press releases or you don't include photographs. These are all reasons why readers may stop visiting your blog. Find your own voice and never just copy press releases word for word. Keep your posts on point and tell us a little bit more. I try to use - Who, what, why, where, how rules when writing my posts.

Another biggie is not posting regularly or posting regularly then disappearing for months just to return with a 'oops sorry I've been away, my bad I must try to blog more.' Readers will stop relying on your posts and head somewhere else.

10. Bad spelling: You must spell check. I admit I am terrible at punctuation having left school too early punctuation is something I'm still learning. I rely on spell check, it there are red lines underneath it means your words are spelled incorrectly. If you're not confident with spelling or punctuation why not type your post into Word and copy and paste it over?

Remember once you post something it will always remain on the net. You're posts are a reflection of yourself so always put everything you have into it as you never know who might eventually read your blog. 

Bear in mind my views are just that, personal views. I would advise asking some blogger friends or social media friends to honestly give you some feedback. Keep in mind that all feedbacks good feedback.

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RapidShield Eyelash Daily Conditioner

I had been debating for a while whether to purchase this product, while I was testing out Nioxin to be exact. I'd got it into my head that caring for the lashes, just as I was doing for my hair with Nioxin might be the way to actually get them to grow; to strengthen them and hopefully make them fuller. 

I really have tried everything in the past from dying my eyelashes to wearing extensions and faux lashes. I tend to feel uncomfortable, like I've got a huge hideous spot and everyone's staring at me when I wear faux anything. Faux eyelashes (with the exception of the Lauren's Way daytime lashes) feel heavy and leave me looking like a drag queen due to my natural lashes being so short and sparse so I figured the best option would be to give them the TLC they are clearly craving. 

RapidShield is a brush on product which is so simple to use. If you can apply mascara then you can apply this correctly too.  It comes in a similar packaging as a typical mascara does and has the same brush concept, the difference being is that the gel product is clear rather than a black liquid. 

The directions state that you simply brush this one 1-2 times every day on your upper and lower lashes. It works as a lash conditioner and research found that 96% of users had visible differences within 2 weeks. 

Here's the product, you can see how straightforward it is. The product contains Hexatein 3 Complex which is the ingredient that will protect and nourish those lashes back to health. You can wear this under mascara or even over, I've found this is an excellent base coat and when you apply your mascara coat over it lashes look more defined. 

I have been using this daily but for just under a week so I don't really want to advise if this works or doesn't yet. I will report back with progress reports  next week and then weekly from there on. I'll also be reporting on the RapidLash formula also but separately. 

You can get this over on Boots website HERE and other retailers but it's Boots I tend to go to. 

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DermaCo Soothing Revival Balm

I was recently introduced to the DermaCo brand so decided to try out the Soothing Revival Balm. The range contains four products that aim to improve the appearance of your skin while nurturing it by using only pure ingredients. DermaCo is also a British company which is a big thumbs up in my opinion. Shop local people, help the economy. 

The company uses formulations that use the special properties of pure, natural ingredients using plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils. DermaCo products will never contain damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes, or synthetic colours; nor are they tested on animals.

You've all read about my latest skin care woes so I figured some further hydration was a good way to start and my Soothing Revival Balm arrived a few days back, take a peek at it...

The soothing Revival Balm is housed in a super luxurious tube packaging which is heavier than most standard skincare packaging. Those silver sections at the base and at the top are actual metal, it just screams luxury. The actual product is described as being a balm however, it actually applies like a facial lotion or moisturiser and the unusual part is that although it applies like a moisturiser it actually then turns balm-like on the skin - balmy, soft and velvety. 

It can be used on all skin types from sensitive, stressed, oily to combination. With rose and bergamot essential oils this balm aims to relieve irritation and reduce inflammation. It has a delicate fragrance which smells more rose like than herbal it reminds me of the classic vintage perfumes which I adore - very shabby chic. 

You can also purchase the Revitalising Toner, Cleanser and Collagen Cream. Prices vary from £29.99 to £46.99 The Soothing Revival Balm comes in a large 100ml size which will last months with daily use. You can check out the range over on the DermaCo website HERE. 

New Artdeco Mascara Collection

Artdeco are a premium brand cosmetic company and are the company that own my ultimate favourite mascara - All in One Mascara. 

They recently announced the launch of their new mascara range and I am so frickin excited by this. I'm hoping that they meet or even exceed the complete awesomeness of the classic All in One non-waterproof formula. The new range includes a product to tackle every desired effect by releasing five new products. 

♥ The All in One Mascara (£14.50) is a long lasting formula for volume and styling, it features two lash brushes and carnauba wax to nourish lashes while maintaining flexibility. 

 Volume Sensation Mascara (£15.00) creates volume and length with a soft, oversized volume brush.

 Angel Eyes Mascara (£15.00) lasts for ten hours, it features a thinner tip to reach short lashes and a wider brush to emphasise the corner of the eyes. 

 All in One Mascara (£16.00) this is the waterproof formula which is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 

 Lash Growth Activator (£16.00) is a night repair balm designed to strengthen lashes from the inside, it's a mineral oil-free, lanolin-free and perfume-free formula. 

As much as I'm in love with my Artdeco mascara I still feel the need urge to try these out, especially the Volume Sensation Mascar and Lash Growth Activator. Are there any that stand out to you? 

You can check these at selected Debenhams stores and Debenhams online HERE as well as Beauty Bay HERE

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New Brand : OFF DUTEE

I recently came across an awesome new brand called OFF ♥ DUTEE. The brand was created by two friends who worked in the fashion industry. The brand's aim is to give wearers a chic laid back off duty style that is normally seen by the fashion models backstage. 

The collection takes inspiration from the duo's friendship over the years, this is completely inspiring because I know I could describe many of my friendships by using cheeky quotes. You will definitely find plenty of tongue-in-cheek quotes on their luxurious oversized tees and tank tops but the brand also offer a swimwear and underwear collection. 

I am a huge fan of comfortable stylish clothing and find I tend to revert to these types of clothing for my off duty (no pun intended) style . As much as dressing down is fun and easy you have to change it up sometimes or it all becomes a tad 'blah' - it's all about balance baby. I love dressing down and I know Hubster thinks I look sexier when I'm wearing oversized tees and ladies boxer shorts, I also love to styling up casual clothing by teaming key seasonal pieces with classic lounge wear garments such as  these five pieces. 

To dress them up you could team these with a faux denim dungaree dress and some booties or you could team this gorgeous soft Queen B tee with some super black skinny jeans and some sky high wedges. The resulting style would be a simple but stand out look that would suit all body types and shapes. 

Tank tops can scare some people,  if you find you're self-conscious about being top heavy or have dislike showing the tops of your arms you can team this vest top with some short-shorts and a key kimono piece, adding some tassel jewellery will give you a modern boho look that is so bang on trend right now. 

Similarly this peace heart print tank screams boho doesn't it? You could completely take this down the boho route with a maxi skirt and a chunky knit crochet cardigan or waistcoat or you could go in the opposite direction by teaming this with a crazy monochrome graphic print skirt and some neon accessories. 
Neon's won't be leaving anytime soon I promise you that. If you don't want to fork out for expensive neon pieces but still want to stay on trend this neon yellow crop top is the way to go. I know what you're thinking - It isn't warm enough or you don't want to show your stomach, I totally agree with you that's why crop tops are great pieces to layer. Try popping your crop top over a maxi dress or even over a classic vest top with some simply jeans. Rolled up boyfriend fit jeans or straight legs look amazing teamed with some strappy heels; try adding a simple envelope clutch to finish your look. 
Fringing and pom-poms are the best way to bring your style up to date. This yes fringed crop top would look amazing with bright accessories. Try sewing some bright bejewelled sequins onto a simply clutch while add some hanging pom-poms to the zip to really bring this top alive. 

Again this top can be layered easily over most bodycon dresses but it looks especially amazing with strappy maxi dresses and sandals. You could take this from day to evening with a sheer kimono or rock it out with a fitted leather jacket. 

What I'm loving about this brand is the sheer amount of versatility in each piece. I'm not someone who tends to show a lot of skin but I know I could totally rock these pieces out. I currently have my eye on their maxi dress as well as the 'Snow Balls' oversized tee. I mean Snow balls! *teehee* it makes me smile, what can I say. 

You can take a look at their current collections by visiting the OFF ♥ DUTEE website HERE

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What The | 10 Unusual Japanese Beauty Products

I adore quirky Japanese products and cosmetics I really do regardless of how well they perform. It makes me wonder what goes through their minds and secondly, I find it so amazing that people really believe that these are the way forward. 

I do purchase these unusual gadgets and products I'll put my hands up no questions asked. I tend to get them from Ebay and although some seem daft, some do actually amaze me as they really do work. However, that still doesn't take the crazy out of half of the cray-zee assed gadgets. 

Take a peek... 

This facial lift gadget looks like a lightbulb gone wrong. Basically, you pop it in your mouth for a few minutes every day and it vibrates. The vibrations are supposed to tone up your face leaving you looking youthful and rejuvenated. 

Let's get sweaty. Apparently, that's exactly what you will do with the newest Japanese craze - Fermented Sawdust baths. Made of naturally fermented sawdust and oat bran, these 'baths' will make you sweat as much as you would do while running a two-hour marathon. 

Apparently, it helps to boost the immune system, relieves constipation (hopefully not while you're there) and improves circulation.  I can see the benefits in this but isn't there another way to get these benefits? 

The Rhythm Slim Toner aims to tighten the chin and neck area within three minutes per day. You simply jam this thing under your neck and move it up and down. The resistance is what tightens everything up. 

You could really do this with a softish ball saving you $137! It's apparently a big seller in Japan. 
Have issues with your lady lumps? You can eat those woes away with the F-Cup Cookies. These cookies apparently contain Pueraria Mirifica which is a herb that's suppose to boost your boobies. 

They have mixed reviews. I'm not sure if those who have seen the benefits are just feeling a placebo effect or, are getting bigger boobies from the weight they'll gain from eating boxes each week? 

Crazy right? I mean not only is the manufacturer of this face slimming dummy getting rich but I'm pretty sure they're laughing behind everyone's backs. Apparently, you pop this in your mouth for three minutes (what's with the three minutes for each of these gadgets) while doing your vowel exercises (which are the best types of facial exercises anyway). 

Simply over-pronouncing A-E-I-O-U can reach twelve facial muscles. I don't get why you need to wear a silly dummy to do so, these also cost $80!  

The nose shaper lifts the tip of your nose while 'apparently' straightening it up. You simply clip this on and it vibrates. 

There really are no words.  

This crazy toothed gadget is a head massager. You simply pop it over your head and move it about OR you could just do it with your own hands or get your loved one to very nicely do so. 

The Beau Bust Roller uses electronic muscle stimulation to increase breast tissue. You can apparently even use it in the bath. I'm not sure I know anyone who's brave enough to do that in the bath - Do you? Apparently rolling this on your boobs and surrounding areas will increase your breast size, if only it was that easy. 

Japanese Gals magic face spoon is supposed to keep your face looking glowing, youthful and healthy. Simply rub this spoon about your face and those germanium (not a spelling error) balls will work their magic. So it's really just a fancy face roller... huh. 

And the worst offender and I seriously mean this the WORST ever product has to be this last product. 

Ugh, this just made me so mad for some reason. Basically, this 'Pinky Queen' cream is marketed for lightening the skin, but what skin? your blooming nipples and areola. Because having anything like natural [human] coloured nipples is out of the question. 

Seriously sucky marketing and product. If this product was made by a woman she seriously needs a hefty bitch slap and equally, if it was a man well, let's not get into that. 

Cray-Cray set of gadgets and beauty tools, isn't it? What do you think's the worst offender? 

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The Body Shop : 21 Years of Body Butter


The Body Shop gave birth to their famous body butters way back in 1992. This year it celebrates its 21st birthday. Over the years the company added more fragrances and ranges to keep up with consumers such as the Shea, Cocoa Butter, Strawberry and more recently the Deluxe Chocomania 

Apparently there is one body butter sold every two seconds. That's no surprise as this stuff is the nuts. It's really gorgeous to use all over the body  to soften and care for your skin, while leaving you feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Those that are fragrances such as the Peach, Sweet Lemon and Mango smell true rather than chemical laden leaving you with a delicate scent all day long.  

So it's their 21st birthday. As a way to celebrate The Body Shop are offering everyone the chance to purchase any body butter for half price for a limited time that's £6.50 *yay* 

Which one (or two) are you going to go for?  Sweet Lemon, Shea butter, Mango, Peach or my favourites Hemp and Aloe Butter? 

You can shop the butters over on The Body Shop website HERE

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Benefit They're Real Booster Set Launching Soon

Benefit's They're Real mascara is amazing it really is. I'll have a proper review for you soon but if you type They're Real into Google you will find a ton of genuine blogger reviews and swatches. 

I'm not sure exactly why it works so much better than other brands. I feel like I've tried so many mascara's over the years and none compare to this one and Artdeco's mascara. The brush on this is different, the bristles are rubbery and further spaced out - Maybe it's that? Or maybe it's the mascara itself, it does feel more liquid and looks darker than other brands. 

Either way what ever makes it so awesome is irrelevant, the main point to consider is that it works exceptionally. Benefit have recently announced that they will be launching the They're Real Booster Set. 

The set contains a They're Real Mascara and a They're Real deluxe mini which will be priced at £19.50, total bargain isn't it. Available from August 3rd at Benefit counters and on their website HERE
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Etail & Shopcade Competition

Shopcade recently joined the etailPR blogger network as the newest brand. You all know how much I love Shopcade and beauty so I simply had to enter this exciting competition they're holding. 

The competition ends on August 11th 2013 and there's a summer beauty goodie bag worth £150 up for grabs. I decided to get my window shopping on over on Shopcade and created a wishlist so to speak, showing what I would spend £150 on. The items I did choose where items I've been coveting for a while so this list came pretty easily.  

At the moment I have a huge crush on lipsticks and natural/nude nail polishes. I knew straight away that I would be searching for those and that my list would mostly be made of pinks and purple shades. Damn those purple shades, I can still see plums and purples being huge in AW13. 

If you haven't heard of Shopcade before it's basically a social shopping site where you can share awesome products, collate lists of items you would like to purchase while making new friends and earning cashback on purchases. You can find out more about the site HERE or you can take a peek at my profile HERE to get the gist of things. 

Included in my wishlist is: 

* Taylor Swift's Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume 
* Guerlain Meteorites Pearls 
* MAC Lipstick in Peach Blossom
* MAC Lipstick in Saint Germain
* Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Rose Tweed
* Dior Nail Glow Polish
* YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in Fuchsia in Rage or Violet Incognito. 
* Illamasqua Pastel Shades Polish in lilac. 

These eight items just make me so happy. I would literally have the biggest grin if I owned these and I do plan to someday. Even those these are premium brands it just goes to show you can get a decent amount for £150. 

You can take a peek at my wishlist and Shopcade by clicking over HERE. Why not enter yourself for a chance to win also?  

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Beach Wedding Dress

Beach Wedding Dresses
The long awaited wedding invitation arrives on the doormat, opened with anticipated excitement, the date is in the diary, but the location is abroad! Initially you’d be thinking sun, sea, sand and romantic settings, but then a dark cloud looms, then the big question is…what to wear?!

Attending a wedding abroad sounds idyllic, but there are many women who struggle to find ‘the wow dress’ designed to keep you looking ‘wow’ under the blaring heat. Never mind waterproof mascara, your list of essentials needs to include blotting powder, gallons of hairspray and ultra super dry deodorant.

Toiletries aside, the biggest challenge all women face is finding the perfect dress. Light fabrics can mean you don’t feel dressed up enough, whereas lots of bling and heavy embellishments can lead to attracting more heat and sweltering in embarrassing places.
When looking for a beach wedding dress, look for statement prints on fine fabric. This takes the attention away from a dress looking see-through and cheap. Bandeau dresses are more comfortable than corseted dresses, and for ladies who want to show off their d├ęcolletage, a halter-neck dress gives a great cleavage and neck line.

Keep accessories delicate but mix and match colours and textures. Wear footwear with a platform heel to keep ankles sturdy for walks along the sandy beaches and hitting the dance floor in the evening.

By @zerio 

*Sponsored Post

July Empties

Another month gone by and I find that as each month passes I never fail to start these empties posts the same way. Chances are I'll start August's empties post with 'another month gone by' *haha* Apologies it's a flaw, I'll work on it. 

July has seen us get scorching sun, torrential rain and an awesome thunder and lightening storm. A new Prince was born and a Kardashian had a baby. It's also been the month where I've had very little time to myself, with the middle of the summer holidays hitting (In Scotland) my sons have either been driving me up the wall or round the bend. 

I love the little dudes though more than life itself so any free time has been spent at their beck and call rather than beautifying myself. I've noticed a huge difference in this month alone and to be honest it scares me. I've noticed that my skin has completely changed, my under eye area looks darker and uneven and my pigmentation marks have spread and are darker. 

I've also noticed that I've got a sudden surge in freckles and some are turning into moles. It scares me, I notice my skin ageing and there's little I can do about it...or can I? 

From here on I intend to get my body and skin healthy. With poor health comes all the associated crap that comes with it and I intend to slow that down or at least do my darned hardest to slow it down. I promise that next month's empties post will be significantly more exciting. 

This month I used: 

Antibacterial Hand Gel : This month I used a ton of antibacterial hand gel, after all it's the summer holibobs and I'm taking action on those pesky germs that are out to try and ruin it for us. So far-so good. It's just the £1 hand gel from ASDA's but I've found it's alcoholic yes but it doesn't dry out your hands like other brands do. I also use this on my hands but then swipe it on the toilet handle, taps and light switch, you know just to take some extra protection. 

Right Guard Xtreme Invisible Deodorant : Okies these are both mens deodorants. I swiftly changed to the Right Guard Xtreme brand after testing it out, you can find that review HERE. I ordered my shopping from ASDA's twice this month and on both occasions they sent me the mens rather than the ladies #fail While it worked in the same way it just didn't really compare to the ladies version. Even hubster preferred the ladies which actually has a unisex fragrance to it. 

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Body Wash : I ADORE this body wash, it smells utterly gorgeous and feminine and if it was a perfume I'd buy it for sure. It lathers nicely and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. Love-love-love it. 

Nivea Powerfruit Refresh Body Wash : I purchased this one after the Pearl & Beauty and while it smells fresh and works just as well I seriously preferred the Pearl & Beauty body wash. 

Lush Magnaminty Mask : Meh, I've purchased this before years ago and loved it but now that I've tried so many wonderful products this just doesn't hold my interest. It's fresh and smells like a herbal-minty mud and while it cleans it doesn't visibly show any improvements. 

Dr Organic Cream : Like fresh cloves snuggled up in a buttery cream. I adore this so much I don't even have words to describe it. Once applied this cream lasts literally all day. It doesn't leave me feeling greasy or uncomfortable. It is one of the best creams I've used to tell the truth. 

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Fragrance : This is a fruity based floral scent that has that usual Lacoste edge to it. It's very much in keeping with the rest of the Lacoste feminine fragrances and while it's lovely it really doesn't stand out enough to purchase full size. 

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb : Iconic yes stand out no. It's a gorgeous fragrance don't get me wrong however I'm a fragrance snob, I want to feel something when I wear a fragrance I need it to work with me not against me and unfortunately Flowerbomb works against my body chemistry. 

Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance : It's a gorgeous scent especially for daywear. It's unobtrusive and delicate and most definitely feminine. I found it didn't have a huge amount of lasting power with it completely disappearing around the three hour mark. 

Nioxin (4) Shampoo & Conditioner : I've reviewed this twice. Once at four weeks HERE and my overall impression was reviewed HERE

L'Oreal Preference Conditioner : I had this lying in my beauty stock as I had forgotten about it. I absolutely love those conditioning treatments you get in hair dye packs. You can now buy them singly at Boots. 

Oral B Pro-Expert Toothpaste : Strange I know but it was the first time I'd used this particular toothpaste. This is a blue paste and it works so well, it leaves you feeling clean and smooth all day and keeps your breath minty fresh. Love it. 

What empties did you have this month? 
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Lucky Bay by Le Soft Perfume

I first posted about these Le Soft Perfumes with the Emballe Moi review (HERE). These pretty fragrance sticks are from the Le Petit Fou collection which is made up of ten different fragrance sticks.  I adore these fragrance sticks and I do plan to own them all hopefully sooner rather than later. 

When you compare them to other branded versions such as the solid perfumes by Lush, these blow other brands out of the water. Why? because they don't stain your clothing or skin like other brands do, the fragrance also doesn't fade away within the hour and the actual scents are out of this world. 

While they are small they are just so powerful and when applied to certain pulse points these little babies last all day. I personally apply these to my inner wrists and elbows, backs of my knees, neck and decolletage. 

I'm also completely sold on the packaging. Any other packaging magpie's out there will totally get where I'm coming from. These come in a pretty box, the actual solid fragrance is housed inside a tube which you twist up and twist back down. However if you're big on recycling you may not like the excessive amount of packaging. 

Take a peek...

Made from the finest ingredients they don't sting your skin or leave you with redness or irritation like some alcohol based spray perfumes do. The fragrance sticks are made from varied butters such as Shea butter, Monoi, Tamanu and Mango butter and have been dermatologically tested. 

Lucky Bay is made with moisturising Monoi oil. The fragrance can be described as a confident mix of woods and florals (for me personally) -  It's definitely one that can be worn by both men and women and includes citrus top notes of Tangerine and Lemon which give way to a warm, floral heart that conjures the scent of warm skin, sunscreen and a clean sea breeze. Base notes of Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Amber then linger long into the small hours. It's described as being the equivalent of watching the sun set. 

This description is so true and you begin to understand it once you smell the actual fragrance. It definitely has that romantic, warming, sexiness to it which is just the way I like my fragrances to be - Feminine but raw and dirty (Mind out of the gutter peoples). 

The perfumes in this range all cost £19 and will last for a long time, so far it's only Cult Beauty in the U.K that offer them as far as I'm aware. You can check these out over on their website HERE.
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