Beauty UK Launches Grit-FX

I'll start by saying I haven't tried this range but I so want too. I adore liquid sand textural polishes and have yet to meet one I didn't like. The problem with these textural polishes is that the colour range seems to be so small - Reds, greys and dark tones seem to be the normal pantones for textured polish. 

I recently heard that Beauty UK would be launching their 'Grit-FX' polish as of July. I'm not sure when in July however. The range is made up of six vibrant colours and to be completely honest I am so excited that there is a nude textured polish - So excited, it's really quite sad isn't it.

The collection is described as being themed on UK districts, clubs and people. Straight away this seems quite blase, the UK districts reminds me too much of Nails Inc and the clubs and people??? I have no words. 

There are a few other gripes with the marketing of these that irk me, the theme is one as it doesn't have a strong theme and the polish colours and names just don't seem to fit what's in the bottles either. For example Printworks - You would imagine it to be the slate grey wouldn't you? Also this polish is definitely teal and not the advertised turquoise. However, the polishes themselves seem to be reasonably priced and the colour choice is innovative.  

However, the colours available are:

Fabric :  Baby Pink - Girly pink
Shoreditch: Blue  - I would describe this more of a Royal Blue. 
Bird Cage: Bright Pink - This is similar to a bubblegum pink. 
PrintworksTurquoise - Definitely more of a teal than a turquoise. 
Kensington: Nude - This is the lightest shade but looks quite shimmery in the bottle. I'd have loved this to have had no metallic or shimmer. 
Banksy: Slate Grey

They are each priced at £3.49 and are available either on their website HERE or in your local Superdrug's. Because I know liquid sand polishes tend to last longer on the nail than normal lacquers, I really want to try these out. At that low price I really have nothing to lose, worst case scenario is it peels within 24-48 days - Best case scenario is that they turn out ah-mazing! (and then I go buy the whole lot which maybe isn't so ah-mazing after all). 

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