Ebay Wishlist

Ebay Wishlist

Another month calls for another Ebay Wishlist. I love finding treasures over on Ebay and I especially love when they are low cost, I tend to head straight for the buy it now as purchasing from sellers rather than stores can at times lead to stress. 

When you search for the buy it now products you tend to either find a lot of basic crap or weird and wonderful gadgets. I won't lie I have purchased a few just to check them out, at 99p I figured they would either work out to be genius or at least give hubster a chuckle when he sees me trying them out.

So my top ten picks for this month are as follows from left to right: 

1. Eyeshadow Palette - 120 fantastic colours, priced super low at around £6 including p&p this maybe worth a try. I purchased a china palette before from here and the eyeshadows actually really good. 

2. Makeup Brushes - I've tried some pretty dire brushes. You can do so much when you have good tools but to be honest I I grudge paying for them. I think those bad brushes really mentally scarred me and I just keep thinking that expensive brushes are never going to be worth it. However, these brushes are super soft, silky and do not shed! win-win right. 

3. Makeup Bag - How cute. Grown up but cute, at 99p I'm thinking I may pick up a couple. One for the little things like accessories like brushes, eyeliners, pencils and sharpeners and the other for eyeshadows, blush etc. 

4. Nail Art Studs - Love these studs. I purchased the gold square studs, I'm just waiting on them coming. Again these are only 99p for 100 of your favourite design. 

5. Girl Shaped Lipbalm - Fruity lipbalm is one of those products you can never have enough of. I don't know if these will be any good but if they're not at least they will look cute on display. They would also make great gifts and stocking fillers for teens too. 

6. Folding Pocket Comb - Handy to pop in your bag or to get your back-comb on. This looks as though it's made by Anna Sui also although it's not. 

7. Assorted Nail Decorations - More nail decorations, this wheel has pearls, flowers, fruits and glitzy bits. You can decorate anything with these from nails, shoes, bags, headbands, clothing and journals; the list really goes on and on. 

8. Neon Nail File Block - It's a visual thing. I love the colours - I'm a sucker for pretty colours.

9. Pencil Shaped Lipbalm - Another visual product but I can totally see me applying this down the town and the grannies looking at me funny, as though I'm drawing on my lips -muahaha. 

10. Fluorescent Nail Polish - Oh the colours. Which would you go for? The lilac is screaming my name right now and at only 99p, this product could be terrible or it could be absolutely ah-mazing. You know me always searching for that dirt cheap wonder product. 

What do you think of the list guys? have you purchased any of these products over on Ebay? 


  1. I bought some of the brushes, they're so, so soft and very good quality for the price :) Raspberrykiss xo

    1. They are aren't they Shannon. I love them although the lure of Eco-tools is pulling me in. I just grudge the prices.

      Elyse x


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