Christmas Countdown Posts

I wanted to post quickly to give you the rundown of what to expect over on Sweet Elyse Blog in the Christmas rundown. 

Christmas Countdown: These will consist of posts at LEAST once a week, they will start be titled like this 'Christmas: title of product etc' so you can tell that it's just not a random post. The Christmas gift guide will cover products for men, women and children as well as some creative suggestions. I do plan to cover a range of prices from thrifty, offers to the more exuberant. 

Organisation: Again this will be at least once a week and will be headed Organise/Organisational/Prep. These post will cover a range of tips and tricks to make sure you stay level-headed in your home, life and the seasonal countdown. 

Fashion: Another topic that will be covered each week, more so in the run down. These posts will include new labels, particular products and how to wear certain styles. You may see a lot of party wear, you may see info on designers past and present. Regardless of what's posted you can be sure that it's items I genuinely adore, intrigue me or items I would wear or want to try. 

Beauty posts will as normal come daily. I do try and post at least 3 posts every day and this won't change. If you're just heading to my blog as a reader I like to give you options. I personally enjoy nothing more than drinking in a blog and to do so you really need a choice of posts, don't you? 

I'm also happy for blog series suggestions, post suggestions and such like. You can email me them on or tweet them to @sweetelyseuk Remember there is no right or wrong answer so don't be shy lovelies. 

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  1. Ooh, this sounds like a good idea! Can't wait to see the posts :)

    Love, Lou xx


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