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Essential Wellingtons

10 years ago plastic shoes were a big no-no. Wellington boots were usually seen in the 
school playground with children ecstatically jumping into puddles, or farmers clearing out 
stables and collecting hay. Fast forward to 2013 and wellies are now a top selling key 
fashion trend.

When Kate Moss was seen wearing her pair of Hunters at Creamfields with her then 
boyfriend Pete Doherty, the fashionistas and retailers went wild for ‘festival chic’. Worn 
with a pair of hotpants and cropped tops, this fashion trend became as popular as the 
headline acts.

Do not underestimate the black plastic boot, as they now come in a range of different 
colours and prints, knees boots, ankle boots, wedge heeled, kitten heeled and even plat 
formed heeled.

Retail stores like Cloggs UK are not only selling wellies as essential footwear in snow and 
rainy weather, they are making them the essential footwear for the summer seasons and 
festival weekenders. 

Written by @zerio

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