Money Can't Buy You Style.

Money Can't Buy You...

It's the miss-conception that it's money that allows a lady to become stylish. Celebrities have a ton of the green stuff and always look (well nearly) so put together their hair immaculate, their nails all pristine and their dresses are usually major designers; vintage; pre-releases or straight from the catwalks. 

Surely it must be their huge salary that allows them to become the fashion icons that they are. I totally disagree the reason why? is staring you in the face. 

Take a look at the ten items of clothing above. Think about 'if you would wear those', 'If you would wear them and actually look chic' and also 'how much would YOU pay for those items'. 

The items are: 


  • Lanvin Silk Dress - This is the dress with the naked body print across it. 
  • Moschino Cheap & Chic - This is the gold lame ruffle dress. 
  • Pinko Dress - This is the stretch crepe and pvc sectional dress. 
  • Alice & Olivia - Maisie ruched metallic dress. 
  • Major Minor - Two-tone handkerchief dress. 
  • Current/Elliott - Patchwork print jeans. 
  • 75 Faubourg Mid-Rise Jeans - These are the pink toned metallic skinny jeans. 
  • Earth Couture - Mint loose trousers with skirt overlapping. 
  • Michael Kors - Sequinned baggy jersey trousers. 
  • Ugg Australia - Sequinned ankle boots. 
Did you decide that you would wear these? What did you price most items at? Did you expect the most expensive item to be the Uggs or Michael Kors? 

These items range in price from £30 for the Earth Couture mint trousers upwards to £700 for that naked body print dress. Everything on average is around the £200-£300 mark... this goes to show that money does not in fact buy you style. 

I'd love to hear about your ideas on what makes someone 'fashionable' would you pay this sort of money for these types of pieces? 

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  1. fantastic collection of stuff looks really stylish thanks for posting
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