OPI DS Raw Granite Polishes

We've had liquid sand, neons, shimmers, beaded, leathers and now granite polish. Due to be released in September these two polishes will be priced at £15 each. The colours are simply beautiful don't you think? 

The polishes have a matte textured finish but also have the glitz of the crushed diamond-dust which gives these polishes their granite-like look. The polish on the left is DS Pewter which is a deep silver metallic gunmetal shade; the polish on the right is DS Lapis and this is a deep sapphire shade both with matte finishes. 

I'm majorly excited and full of wonder about these polishes why? I adore the liquid sands so I'm guessing if you love those then you'll love these; I'm also wondering how gross the matte finish will be? I'm not particularly into matte finishes and I'd love to know just how matte these going to be? 

As normal these will be available over on the OPI website HERE, as well as other good OPI stockists. I do plan to get my hands on the DS Lapis come hell or high water as it looks like a fab crimbo/New Year shade. I will definitely update you with swatches when I get my mitts on it lovelies. 

What do you make of these 'granite' finishes? 

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