Percy & Reed's Shine and Fragrance Spray

I've only really ever tried Percy & Reed's shampoo and conditioners but I adore them, they leave my hair soft and manageable and far outweigh many of their counterparts. Their latest product launches on October the first and is an excellent innovative-dual-purpose product. 

Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray was created to give your hair a glossy look in the same way typical shine sprays do; it's the fragrance aspect that leaves me intrigued. Apparently the fragrance was inspired by the countryside and flower gardens and this is what the scent will well, smell like. 

I like a good floral but I've heard the fragrance is a bit too delicate for some people that have tried this ahead of it's release (lucky beggars), personally I think a nice fresh delicate scent is the ideal way to go for something like a hair scent. What do you think? Would you specifically buy a product that offered you a nice scent and glossy locks or, would you just buy your usual hair shine spray? 

Once released you can pick it up from the Percy & Reed website HERE or over on QVC for £18 HERE

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